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A Regret I Can Never Atone For

April 11, 2014


It is here in that moment that my Atheism is finally put to the test. Put on trial. I’m staring at the light, directly above the ambulance. Here and now, if there ever was a moment to have a spiritual revelation or reevaluation of religion, this was the time. I was ready to cast my nonbelief aside. I was desperate for it. I wanted to see a hint, a sign, a glimmer.. a glimpse – anything. I really wanted to be wrong in that moment. I was ready to grab onto anything, but i needed to see it. In this, my darkest hour.. i was looking for a miracle and proof that this wasn’t the end. I was looking for hope to atone.

A few hours earlier, April 10, 2008

I look up the staircase and see my bother sitting beside his computer and yell up to him “I’ll be back before 9.. we’ll get in a couple rounds of Hold’m when i get back. You know how much i love taking your funny money!”

Hrah hrah hrah, he snarked. My brother was great at Texas Holdem. I sucked. He knew it and i knew it. I was full of false bravado and not much else. He had been looking forward to this since i had been kept busy during the week working overtime for the struggling company i was working for. The 2008 economic collapse had not yet kicked in.. but i was already a victim of it’s red flags. And friends rarely dropped by to see him, tho i think it was at his request. He didn’t want people to see him as a cancer patient, he wanted people to see him when he was cured and all big bad and sexy.

With my pledge set, i took my fiance’s hand and we left for the dinner party she had booked us for.

As far as dinner parties go, this one wasn’t bad. I knew the hosts as friends, not simply acquaintances of my fiance. That being said, i’m not a fan of dinner parties at all. Call it a vestige of my introversion. I can suffer them with a smile, but i suffer nonetheless. I dull the pain with booze. Suffice it to say, i really didn’t want to be here tonight, i really wanted to be playing poker with my brother. But i had already promised my fiance that we would go do this, even tho it was brought up last minute. You know.. me being a nice guy and all, wanted to make sure i carried a good record of ‘Happy wife, happy life” into the marriage before it started.

We arrived at the destination. I finish parking my car in the school parking lot across the street from my friends place. Just before i get out of the car, my fiance brings up my brother. Specifically the very likely chance or possibility that he might end up either to sick to attend, or even die before the wedding. I simply look down at my feet and acknowledge that reality, tho it’s not something i wanted to dwell. He’d make it.

We enter the place, shoot the shit, chat it up while our host grabbed dinner. We ate. The women talked and me and my friend ended up looking over his computer. He always managed to get virus’s or issues on his laptop and me being the resident geek squad meant every dinner invite always carried the ulterior motive of tech support. A quick download of Malware Bytes later, he was on his way to recovery.

Evening was upon us and i gazed at my watch. “HOLY SHIT” i said in my head.. the time was 8:30. The highway wouldn’t be busy at this time but it was still a good 20 minutes from my mothers. My fiance was actively talking about something or other with my friends wife.

“10 minutes” i said in my head. I sat on the couch and looked at my watch again. “10 minutes and you’ll be off”.

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Gatekeeping For Dummies

January 21, 2014


Writing about why assholes always win, [comments added by moi]

“6. You’ll [ Hypergamous Woman you] go out of your way to get respect, love or liking from them [ The Alpha Male] – because doing so is a real coup [ 5 Minutes of Alpha ] compared to getting the not-so-special respect, love and liking from a giver [ AFC / Beta-Gamma-Delta-Omega ] who gives it to everyone. “

Without much effort and changing 3 words i could rewrite that to say:

“6. You’ll [ The Man with Options] go out of your way to get validation, intimacy(sex) and respect from them [ Low N, High Self Esteem, High Quality, Hot Wife Material you’d Commit to ]  – because doing so is a real coup [ Woman with plethora of suitors/opportunity of handing out sex but granting it only to you]  compared to getting the not-so-special validation, intimacy(sex) and respect from a giver  [ Slut /  Whore ] who gives it to everyone. “

And just as a Woman will fight hard to keep an Alpha’s love whilst recoiling in horror to entertain the idea of entangling in a relationship with those who give of themselves too freely, so too will Men fight hard to keep a discerning Lady on their arm who can can be revered rather than mocked for being the town bike.

A woman wants to look into the eyes of her man and see someone that every woman would want to spend the rest of her life with, and he chose her above all others (the Twilight Principle), ignoring all his options and to commit to a lifetime with her.

A man wants to look into the eyes of his woman, and see someone that every man wanted to dump their baby butter inside of, and she chose him above all others, ignoring the easy ability of her to have sex with anyone and to allow sex between only them to happen.

All girls can get meaningless/casual sex (by giving it away easily), what they desire is the commitment of an alpha, the highest form of validation a woman can get, him committing all his energy, resources and desire upon her and her alone.

All guys can get meaningless/platonic/ljbf relationships (by giving it away easily), what they desire is a romantic/sexual relationship with an attractive woman, the highest for of validation a man can get, her granting only him above all other suitors her intimacy, lust and approval of his and only his genetic material, thus lineage.

Here end’th the lesson.

The rest of the list is a good read too. While reading it – remember.. Alpha fux / Beta bux.

For more on Gatekeeping i suggest you read:

Hold the line. Guard your Gate


Keep Spoon Feeding Them Shit

January 14, 2014

M3 takes the form of Elmo sometimes… feel free to share my Photoshop goodness.

A woman’s GPA has never helped her in intersexual competition between her sisters and instilling attraction in mates.

Women compete with other women attempting to lure the best quality mates. And the really astute ones now what bait is best – regardless of what tripe social justice warriors and educated retards with letters after their names try to tell you.

Brains is a nice to have, but it won’t make us fall in love with you or make our cocks get hard. A high GPA on a beast like Lindy West is the same as a Beta herb who’s chock full of ‘nice’ qualities yet completely undesired by women because he generates no attraction. Those qualities only contain ‘value‘ when the person is interested in you. The ‘NiceGuys’ who think the loyalty, ability to provide & provision, dependability, treating females as equals, shoulder to cry on, white knighting, etc… are qualities which women SHOULD value! Yet women would rather sleep with the man who’s a jerk and polar opposite of that – because those men DO generate attraction.. and if that women can get any one of those ‘nice’ traits out of the jerk… then all of a sudden that trait has immense value!

A socially awkward geek can offer women a lifetime of loyalty, honesty and provisioning up the whazoo. And she will reject it. Those traits are worthless to her coming from an inferior SMV specimen. Internally she recoils in disgust at the thought, the thought of inferior seed gestating for 9 months.

I got into a pissing match with a feministy woman on Facebook not long ago. She was getting angry that men would rather get involved with dumb bimbos and awful gold diggers rather than with good, intelligent women. I had to remind her that she was conflating sex with relationships. A man will fuck those types of women because they have assets which arouse them. Doesn’t mean they want them forever. But let’s switch it up on her for a second and ask her the following:

  1. Do you find the hard bodies of Magic Mike attractive? Do they get you wet?
  2. Do you find the cockiness and confidence of Magic Mike arousing?
  3. Can you envision having sex with him?
  4. Would you fuck him right now?
  5. Now let me tell you he sells drugs to children.
  6. Now let me tell you he kicks small puppies for fun.
  7. Now let me tell you he blows all his money up his nose in coke.
  8. Does any of the last 3 items change how his rock hard body makes your body feel? Does it change how you react to his cocky swagger?
  9. Knowing everything you know, and the option of sex was on the table, a one night stand that did not involve you having to deal with any of those other facts in a long protracted relationship… would you still fuck him?

My guess is most women would. If there is no long term relationship at stake and just instant gratification.. what woman wouldn’t?

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Do You Feel Lucky Punk? Well… Do Ya?

December 21, 2013

ED: Side note. I’m thoroughly pissed off because i already had this post done up and ready to send, but because my wordpress phone app didn’t have the new security 2 step authentication enabled, it only saved it to local drafts. When i finished the process, my local drafts got wiped. Stupid fucking app.

OK, from my memory.

Protip: If you ever find yourself telling yourself you are so lucky to be with your partner, you might as well pack it in, tag it and bag it. What you are admitting to is that you don’t deserve the relationship you have. You aren’t good enough for it. You haven’t earned it. You haven’t worked for it and are probably being used for something. Your relationship is terminal and running on borrowed time.

You are inherently telegraphing that your SMV balance is woefully tipped in her favor and that she holds all the power in the relationship and that you are simply just grateful that she is MERCIFULLY putting up with your pathetic self.

The only person in a relationship that should be “FEELING” lucky about anything is the woman. Now i know that might piss some femmies off, because you know.. Vagina. They would loathe the idea that they have to be the ones to feel ‘lucky’.. that it should be instead guys who should feel so lucky to be partnered with them, their big Wymins studies brains, their bigger Michelin Man physiques, or their biggest personalities! But trust me here. If women want to be happy, and if a relationship is to survive.. it is SHE who must FEEL lucky.

Without her feeling that, the relationship will not matter. The golden rule of all relationships – It is not how you (the man) feel that is important, it is how the woman feels.* Of course, game gives you an edge/advantage in that you know both how to instill and create this feeling within her, it also eliminates the one-i-tus that could potentially trap you into being a slave to keep a shitty relationship. Rather it lets you assert yourself authoritatively to either correct the problem or NEXT her if it’s not worth the effort.

[*This only pertains to ‘normal’ LTR relationships with fairly mentally stable women. Emotionally broken/daddy’s issues girls who gravitate towards abusive bad boys don’t fit this mold because the bad boy doesn’t care how the woman feels yet she persists on sticking to him like a fly to shit. For her, she always feels like the lucky one. She’s so lucky to have a guy who cares. She can tell how much he cares by the amount of force in his punches lol! Only a guy who cares that much will set her straight and put her in her place lolzlzozlzo. 2nd protip: if you’re looking for a real relationship, avoid these broken birds like the plague]

A woman MUST feel lucky in her relationship in order to look up to and respect her man. She has to feel lucky in having attained you to satiate her hypergamy. She must believe that she has snagged a man above other men, a man that all the other girls wanted. She has to feel that she hooked a man above her station to satiate her feminine need to challenge other women in the Olympics of Inter-sexual competition.

She has to believe she’s lucky to have eeked the GOLD MEDAL in those Olympics from all the other ‘adversaries’.

I’ll say it again. The only person who should ever consider themselves ‘lucky’ to be with someone in a relationship should be the female. It can’t work the other way around. It would be folly and destined for disaster.

You as a guy can feel happy and great about your choice of companion or love interest. You can feel proud and secure in the fact that you did all that was necessary to instill in a woman you desired, a sexy, smart, adorable, bang-able, high SMV cutie the feeling of wanting to claim you for herself. And if she’s exceptionally beautiful, bangable, and makes you the king of your castle, looks up to you and respects you.. and you’re ugly as fuck… well shit. You got some seriously tight game son. You might even admit to yourself that you landed yourself someone way outside your pay grade that you normally wouldn’t have. You might almost say you punched well above your weight and got lucky.. except you didn’t.. because you’re not… you EARNED IT.

YOU, as a guy should NEVER feel lucky to be with the woman you are with.  The second you enter the “I’m so lucky!” zone a countdown begins. A countdown to disintigration.

Whether it be 20 years, 20 months, 20 weeks, 20 days, 20 hours, 20 fucking minutes or heaven help you…

20 seconds!

Jamaican bride dumps new husband 20 MINUTES after arriving in the UK… and guess who paid for her £5k visa

‘Of course I was pinching myself over how lucky I’d been to end up with such a beautiful young woman. But the relationship was getting better over time so I wasn’t suspecting any kind of sting operation.’


She Exists

December 10, 2013

Just found this now and creating this post from my phone. So I’ll keep it short.

She exists. She actually exists. The woman we in the sphere are always talking about. The stereotype. Right there in the mainstream media.

Everything we warn beta men about. Hypergamy. Cock carousel rider. Spinster material. Alpha fucks/beta bux. The hamster rationalising. The solipsism. The delusion. The wall.

I sure hope Yohami swings by to leave a comment about this woman.

I like her closing quote about her happy husband enjoying his sloppy seconds while she yearns for her 5 minutes of alpha. You can practically hear her writing up their future frivorse with her words:

“He’s imperfect, but I love him”

What are your thoughts?


As If I Needed An Example of Unconstructive Anger

December 6, 2013


As if it right on que, Vox over at AlphaGame delivers a perfect example of my observation that women, when presented with the reality of how things actually work – they lose their shit.

Can you imagine how much laughter women would engage in if Omega’s swamped the forums chastising women for not seeing their online video gaming and socially awkward behavior as attractive, going so far as to blast all women for not finding their World of Warcraft sexually desirable by stating:

“The truth is that all the men that are ”pissed off” are just very saddened by the level of female stupidity.”

Quote adapted from Luka’s quote on AlphaGame

You hear that women! To those of you who scream “YOU CAN’T NEGOTIATE DESIRE” i say PAH! You can and you WILL if you know what’s good for you. You like confident, dominant, alpha men that make your blood race and you’re lower lips wet between your hips? You stupid bitch.. you should be going after those lanky, pimply faced nerds playing D&D in their mothers basement!

Please go over and read his post Short-haired humor.

Then if you have to, re-read Where Anger Leads.

Off The Cuff’s advice twisted to fit what feminism asks of society:

There are two components of Feminist though: getting women to first *abandon* reality and to impose their preconceived notions of how things should work, and then, shaming men into accepting that worldview.

The former drives the latter.


The Smell of Fear

December 4, 2013

Doubt and Fear Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Dramatic Storm Clouds and Sky.

“Fear will keep the local systems in line. Fear of this battle station.”
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin
The Tarkin Doctrine

Fear is what keeps people in line. It’s why abusers do what they do. The person with power asserts it over the one who has none. I just had a conversation with a guy on facebook who’s wife want’s ‘some space’. She’s asserting her power over a man who is too terrified of the prospect of losing her. He would take any type of abuse in order to hold on. I told him “Why would she respect you when it’s obvious you don’t have any respect for yourself?” Hopefully he takes my advise and tells her they are separating. If she accepts easily, he gets his answer that it was over long ago. If she reconsiders and starts pleading or negotiating, at least he gets to discuss from his feet and not from his knees.

But there is another kind of abuse done out of fear. The ones perpetuated by those with the most to lose in a situation, and an inability to control the circumstances around them.

The Wall.

The wall is something most women have to look forward to and deal with. Always have, always will. Tho back in the day, it was mitigated by a whole host of factors before feminism came sweeping in with such bullshit tropes as people being attracted to others minds over physical markers of beauty and health.

Sheer projection. Women always crafted attraction of men based on how men behave, how well read they are, how intelligent they are, savvy and suave.. masters of their interactions. Personality is 80% of attraction wrt to what attracts women to men. This does not hold in reverse for men.

So as i was saying, back in the day, women avoided the perils of the wall by doing a number of mitigating things. We called this period ‘Patriarchy’ … lol. No, but we did call it Pre-Feminism. A period where mothers and grandmothers taught their daughters the reality of how to behave and what to do with the best of intentions to make sure they secured the best possible life for them and the overall growing family.

  1. They married at the height of their SMV to secure the best man possible.
  2. They were taught to seek out good quality provider and protector men, and warned not to succumb to the wiles of cads who would not stay and leave them to bear children in poverty.
  3. They were taught not to be a slut or a whore as it would lower her value in the eyes of prospective bachelors
  4. They gave men of 1-2 points less SMV a valid shot at courtship to show their true quality and potential growth vectors
  5. They were told that men would ‘grow’ into their higher value as they aged and became more wise and knowledgeable.
  6. They knew as they aged and got older, their own looks would fade while their husbands SMV would rise, thus balancing out the initial SMV disparity
  7. They knew by seeing their parents that loving bonds formed early in life when at their most attractive peak carried on in loving memories by the husband for the wife of his youth.

Alimony was created to help keep women who made that great sacrifice early on (their youth and fertility, their help to raise the family, their support of the husband in his career advancement.. all at the cost of her own future should he leave) to keep her from being penalized for putting all her eggs in a shitty basket. A penalty bestowed upon a man who took a woman gift of youth and traded it up after years of dutiful service and support of the husband.

That was then.. this is now. A time now when women are encouraged to slut around with zero apparent repercussions in a culture that gorges on pretty lies. Hypergamy gone wild. Female mating interests and selection altered by the pill. Daddy government to provide, no need for men. Jobs and income creating independence from men, higher education and status, driving hypergamic expectations beyond the stratosphere. All driven by feminism. Driven away from the divine knowledge of the women of yesterday.. driven into madness.

Feminism told them many wrong things that have now turned many women into fearful creatures that will lash out in all directions because of that fear.

I present to you Melanie Sykes


I will give credit where credit is due. At 43, she looks very good at her age.

“They say time is the fire in which we burn. Right now, Captain, my time is running out.”

Dr. Soran
ST: Generations

But she’s not 23.

And she knows it.

And she’s frightened.

Her time is running out, especially when juxtaposed next to her 23 year old lover-boy toy. He will soon reach a moment where his SMV drastically rises beyond what it already is, while hers will begin to plummet rapidly. And she has no control over any of it as she begins to conceptualize a life without power and a life after her 5 minutes of Alpha.

The horses are about to flee the barn, never to return.

She’s 43 and about to hit a wall  (a wall that has been postponed miraculously through genetics, personal trainers, and her media/celebrity elevated position)  that no amount of botox, oil of olay or surgery will prevent from her from hitting. She’s ridden on her looks as far as she could take that train ride. For all intents and purposes, she’s been enjoying the company of a 23 year old male gigolo, an alpha stallion.. a true euphemism for riding the cock carousel.

She knows that moment is coming. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

And the kicker?

They’re married, it will be interesting to see if alimony works in reverse and he gets his payday! It’s equality right? How much could he possibly make compared to her? The possibility of a Frivorce, leaving her for someone younger, and collecting her cash and prizes, and leaving her to begin entertaining either extremely old men she can’t stomach, or continue being a pump and dump to the stars who will enjoy a night with her, but will look towards younger starlets to wife up.

Fear. The one in the relationship that has the most to lose fears the most. Insecurity breeds fear.

It’ s easy to conceive of a million arguments that could have precipitated the reason why she ended up assaulting him. Billy from RoK says it’s by calling her a Slut, and i’d rightly agree. But another vector is to be the proverbial mirror, and remind a woman of the deep dark truth, as a mirror would.. that without a lifetime of memories to put ‘wife goggles’ on a man.. an old aged woman is just that. Old. And aged. And all the men she would like to settle down with, will all be looking 5 to 10 years beneath her.

If only she had a mother of patriarchy to guide her.

She had the entire first half of her life having all the power. Now she will watch as it begins to slip away. Is It Fair? Evolution seems to think so.

Now i might be picking on an extreme case of age disparity but it still amounts to the same principle in action. Everything that can be said about her relationship with her boytoy can be overlaid on some of the current Sex and the City couplings out there.

Today women are setting themselves up for disaster. Age and SMV disparity of epic proportions leave women in fear of their insecurity that they will be left for someone younger as they will already be in advanced age entering the ‘commitment zone/marriage’. They will also be making enough for alimony to now be claimed by men.

Welcome to the future.

This is a feminist future and nightmare.

But don’t worry, there is still hope for the older single ladies HERE and HERE. Should be able to squeeze a few more years of getting pumped and dumped out of those.


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