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A Regret I Can Never Atone For

April 11, 2014


It is here in that moment that my Atheism is finally put to the test. Put on trial. I’m staring at the light, directly above the ambulance. Here and now, if there ever was a moment to have a spiritual revelation or reevaluation of religion, this was the time. I was ready to cast my nonbelief aside. I was desperate for it. I wanted to see a hint, a sign, a glimmer.. a glimpse – anything. I really wanted to be wrong in that moment. I was ready to grab onto anything, but i needed to see it. In this, my darkest hour.. i was looking for a miracle and proof that this wasn’t the end. I was looking for hope to atone.

A few hours earlier, April 10, 2008

I look up the staircase and see my bother sitting beside his computer and yell up to him “I’ll be back before 9.. we’ll get in a couple rounds of Hold’m when i get back. You know how much i love taking your funny money!”

Hrah hrah hrah, he snarked. My brother was great at Texas Holdem. I sucked. He knew it and i knew it. I was full of false bravado and not much else. He had been looking forward to this since i had been kept busy during the week working overtime for the struggling company i was working for. The 2008 economic collapse had not yet kicked in.. but i was already a victim of it’s red flags. And friends rarely dropped by to see him, tho i think it was at his request. He didn’t want people to see him as a cancer patient, he wanted people to see him when he was cured and all big bad and sexy.

With my pledge set, i took my fiance’s hand and we left for the dinner party she had booked us for.

As far as dinner parties go, this one wasn’t bad. I knew the hosts as friends, not simply acquaintances of my fiance. That being said, i’m not a fan of dinner parties at all. Call it a vestige of my introversion. I can suffer them with a smile, but i suffer nonetheless. I dull the pain with booze. Suffice it to say, i really didn’t want to be here tonight, i really wanted to be playing poker with my brother. But i had already promised my fiance that we would go do this, even tho it was brought up last minute. You know.. me being a nice guy and all, wanted to make sure i carried a good record of ‘Happy wife, happy life” into the marriage before it started.

We arrived at the destination. I finish parking my car in the school parking lot across the street from my friends place. Just before i get out of the car, my fiance brings up my brother. Specifically the very likely chance or possibility that he might end up either to sick to attend, or even die before the wedding. I simply look down at my feet and acknowledge that reality, tho it’s not something i wanted to dwell. He’d make it.

We enter the place, shoot the shit, chat it up while our host grabbed dinner. We ate. The women talked and me and my friend ended up looking over his computer. He always managed to get virus’s or issues on his laptop and me being the resident geek squad meant every dinner invite always carried the ulterior motive of tech support. A quick download of Malware Bytes later, he was on his way to recovery.

Evening was upon us and i gazed at my watch. “HOLY SHIT” i said in my head.. the time was 8:30. The highway wouldn’t be busy at this time but it was still a good 20 minutes from my mothers. My fiance was actively talking about something or other with my friends wife.

“10 minutes” i said in my head. I sat on the couch and looked at my watch again. “10 minutes and you’ll be off”.

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Keep Spoon Feeding Them Shit

January 14, 2014

M3 takes the form of Elmo sometimes… feel free to share my Photoshop goodness.

A woman’s GPA has never helped her in intersexual competition between her sisters and instilling attraction in mates.

Women compete with other women attempting to lure the best quality mates. And the really astute ones now what bait is best – regardless of what tripe social justice warriors and educated retards with letters after their names try to tell you.

Brains is a nice to have, but it won’t make us fall in love with you or make our cocks get hard. A high GPA on a beast like Lindy West is the same as a Beta herb who’s chock full of ‘nice’ qualities yet completely undesired by women because he generates no attraction. Those qualities only contain ‘value‘ when the person is interested in you. The ‘NiceGuys’ who think the loyalty, ability to provide & provision, dependability, treating females as equals, shoulder to cry on, white knighting, etc… are qualities which women SHOULD value! Yet women would rather sleep with the man who’s a jerk and polar opposite of that – because those men DO generate attraction.. and if that women can get any one of those ‘nice’ traits out of the jerk… then all of a sudden that trait has immense value!

A socially awkward geek can offer women a lifetime of loyalty, honesty and provisioning up the whazoo. And she will reject it. Those traits are worthless to her coming from an inferior SMV specimen. Internally she recoils in disgust at the thought, the thought of inferior seed gestating for 9 months.

I got into a pissing match with a feministy woman on Facebook not long ago. She was getting angry that men would rather get involved with dumb bimbos and awful gold diggers rather than with good, intelligent women. I had to remind her that she was conflating sex with relationships. A man will fuck those types of women because they have assets which arouse them. Doesn’t mean they want them forever. But let’s switch it up on her for a second and ask her the following:

  1. Do you find the hard bodies of Magic Mike attractive? Do they get you wet?
  2. Do you find the cockiness and confidence of Magic Mike arousing?
  3. Can you envision having sex with him?
  4. Would you fuck him right now?
  5. Now let me tell you he sells drugs to children.
  6. Now let me tell you he kicks small puppies for fun.
  7. Now let me tell you he blows all his money up his nose in coke.
  8. Does any of the last 3 items change how his rock hard body makes your body feel? Does it change how you react to his cocky swagger?
  9. Knowing everything you know, and the option of sex was on the table, a one night stand that did not involve you having to deal with any of those other facts in a long protracted relationship… would you still fuck him?

My guess is most women would. If there is no long term relationship at stake and just instant gratification.. what woman wouldn’t?

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Confidence is like “Magic” to Women

November 21, 2013


They don’t really care to know how the illusion is created, they just want to be excited by the trick!

“Fake it till you make it” – Or so the saying goes around these parts. I’ve already written about Confidence once, but i though i’d expand on it and how i believe women ‘experience‘ this thing men exude.

You see,

  • Most people can’t step into the Octagon with a world champion MMA fighter and simply say “I’m confident i can take that motherfucker down!” – You’re face will end up looking like the bloody steak in the meat section of your local supermarket.
  • Most people can’t  walk into a dōjō and simply say “Yo, you and you’re silly little black-belt are going down right here, right now bitch!” – Chances are, a doctor will be putting a cast on you somewhere.
  • Most people can’t  walk onto an military firing range and dare the master marksman “I’ll bet you my house i can hit that target 1.5 kilometers away before you do!” – You’ll be crying while packing your bags and taping up the boxes for the movers.
    soldiers army military sniper 1440x900 wallpaper_www.wallfox_net_81

You simply cannot be a novice and expect to beat masters with years of practice under their belt with simple platitudes of ‘just be more confident’. That’s kind of like throwing a never touched water neophyte into a raging torrent of fast moving water and saying stupid shit like “Just tread water!” or “Move your arms dammit!” or “Don’t breathe while under the water!!!”

Now, you can get lucky once in a while, so fake it till you make it has merit, but the true goal is to become proficient until you can replicate victory over and over successfully, by knowing you have the ability to cash the cheques your ego is writing!

That is where true confidence stems from. Natural confidence comes from external sources of validation and receptivity. It’s no secret that many good looking people exude natural confidence simply because people are more receptive and accepting of them (just ask Ted Bundy), more forgiving of faults or misdeeds by the beautiful people. It’s why we go “Awwwwww” when the cute little dog is taking a shit on the carpet and chewing on your shoes and biting your hand when you put it in the food bowl.. but you squish a creepy spider under your shoe without remorse, even tho it does the environment good by eating the pesky blood sucking mosquitoes! Spiders be creepy yo.


Once again, i’ve gone off track. Naturals are confident because they’re used to society being agreeable with them from the starting gate. Everyone else from average on down has to work for and succeed at things to build on confidence. We all know this is true.


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If ABC and 20/20 Were a Print Publication…

October 21, 2013


That’s pretty much my feeling on their journalistic integrity on the matter.

Matt Forney covers every aspect of this in depth HERE

I would be reticent to mention this will be the second time i bring up Reagan and the revocation of ‘the fairness doctrine’ and the Supreme Courts ruling that ‘NEWS’ outlets are not required to tell factually accurate or truthful stories. I raised this during the run up to the Iraq war when FAUX newz was selling us drones of death and Saddams links to Al-Quada. If the news isn’t required to balance stories or give a shit about the truth, and everyone is in a race to the bottom for ratings instead of accuracy.. well..

you end up with the National Enquirer mindset. Pump out pure bullshit.. the American consumer will buy anything.

As if you didn’t hear me complain about that already

*image created by me, M3. Feel free to use.


Link Love Friday

August 16, 2013

Slow day. I have posts coming, but fack.. so lazy.

Without further adoooo:


The Archetypal Modern Woman


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Comedians were the original Redpill dispensers

July 2, 2013

This guys just a walking Pharmaceutical of crimson pills

I give the manosphere credit for putting me on the path to understanding, knowledge, encouragement, education and interaction long enough to digest and internalize it.

But it was there all along in the form of comedy.

I guess comedy offered up too much plausible deniability. How else can you explain women laughing at jokes in a club that they’d hammer you with their purse with for in real life.

The hamster brain goes to sleep during comedy hour.

Notice how men can for a brief moment in time, rally around Chris Rock and cheer on his truth where individually any man from that crowd making the same point in a club, on the street, in his place of work, etc.. would be destroyed by the hamster, white knight mangina brigade.

Comedians always had the answers. Most of us just watched and laughed at the truth for that brief moment because it was safe to do so.

The sphere has turned that moment into a something much longer.


ps. notice there has never been a funny feminist? why? because all good comedy is based on underlying unspoken truths, taboo or otherwise.

When was the last time you knew a feminist who spoke the truth?

And there’s your answer 🙂

Honorable mentions go to Seth MacFarlane of “Family Guy” episodes:

I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar


The Giggity Wife


Just Four Guys i’d like you to meet

June 29, 2013

Back in the good old days when i frequented HUS, there was a great collection of male input speaking a vast amount of wisdom and truth. Things would get contentious and some of us remember the history that went down after that. Some voices left, others carried on.

Recently i was made aware of a new blog featuring 4 guys who are passionate about getting facts out and cutting through the noise and the bullshit.

I write to entertain mostly. If you pick up a nugget of wisdom through my own life experiences then hot diggity dog.

But these guys write with purpose and poise, back everything they say with facts, evidence, studies and so forth.. and present it in a non-combative, non confrontational manner, a skill i sorely lack 😉

The reason i find a site like this important is that while we both fight the same fight, theirs has the truest potential for resonating with the outside world and making a difference where it counts. I guess you could say i’m already preaching to the choir a bit, and my inflammatory rhetoric will entertain those already sucking on redpill, but will be hard pressed to win converts, tho a few of you fine ladies who call yourself readers of M3 are the pinnacle of womanhood 😉 hehe. But any woman just coming across this site still full of her own solipsistic point of view, still unaware of her own hypergamous nature, still being cajoled by the feminine imperative and still being sold a world view of Princess behavior from the ignorant and professional victimhood from the Femcuntista.. well chances are they will bolt through the door relatively quickly.

But it’s hard to bolt when your being told in a calm, rational, non combative manner actual facts and statistics.

When i made the post Turning Point to show people that more and more men were consciously waking up and through the power of the internet, able to see other men starting to stand up and assert their facts, not be hamfisted or shamed or guilted into hiding under a rock for having or espousing these views, i saw the future. A future i wrote about in my About Me page when i first started my blog:

Who I am is not important. I’m just another voice. Just one more twig that can be broken.

But if you collect a large volume of twigs and combine them, the resulting mass becomes nigh unbreakable.

I lend my voice to the manosphere to add one more twig to the growing movement that allows us as men to make it known that our interests matter, what we feel matters, what we say matters and that we have a right, the human right to go about our own way to pursue a life of freedom and happiness as we see fit.

The reason the internet was so important was that it allowed us to collect our individual voices and support each other. With each additional voice of support behind us, no longer did we feel intimidated to shut up and be quite when we felt the need to challenge a feminist trope or lie. We didn’t have to fear an onslaught of female herdlike commentary using the fear of exclusion from society as a means to control the narrative. In the past you could have 50 women and 50 men in one room, and have one women say a blatant lie and the other 49 would just agree, even tho all 50 men knew it was bullshit, if one had the temerity to stand up and call it.. none of the other men would back him up for fear of women’s punishing wrath, woman scorned and all. Don’t rock the boat, let the women peddle their lies, as long as we’re getting sex.

The internet changed the rules. The internet is what will kill feminism. Count on it.

And that’s where JustFourGuys comes in. Where it would be easy to use my rhetoric against me and call me a raving misogynist (even tho we all know i’m not 😛) you’d be hard pressed to read over their site and find even a hint of it. It’s actually funny watching a thread like this one where HanSolo debated an obvious feminist troll and every rational thinking person on the planet without brain damage will see that the only person who carries hate for someone based on gender is the person he’s debating. And by clearly and calmly using evidence and statistics and facts, he rallies others around him and lets the feminazi skywaverly hang herself on her own vicious stupidity, arrogance and ignorance.

End of shameless plug. Go check them out.

Han Solo brings a scientific and logical rigor that combines data analysis with seeking the root causes of the phenomena we see, plus lots of personal experience in dating women. He has the perspective of being highly restricted in sexual behavior back when he was highly religious–a voluntary virgin until a rather late age–and then going to the “dark side” of casual sex. However, all is not lost and he eventually wants to marry and have children. He grew up in the middle class but has also worked in the upper middle-class world of consulting and amongst Nobel laureate scientists.

Obsidian brings years of blogging and a wealth of knowledge from the realms of evolutionary psychology, along with street-level experience of game, relationships and the black community in the US, often seen as a harbinger of what may befall the rest of society if current trends continue.

Ted offers his logical analysis of how to be both successful and unsuccessful in marriage and choosing a wife and how things are like in the middle and lower-middle class world that often gets ignored by the elites. Ted cannot fathom ever engaging in casual sex–he likes to think of himself as a grumpy old young bastard but we all know he’s a good guy–and is a devoted family man.

Morpheus has a sharp mind and offers keen insights into the sociosexual world we’re in. He loves to seek out logically consistent and deep explanations. He also offers important knowledge about fitness and finance that the common man can apply.


Women Against Feminism