A teenage girl’s best weapon against slut-culture? Her dad.

January 22, 2013

Not sure how many of you have read Judgy Bitch but while i’ve got some high traffic spikes happening i thought i’d introduce you guys. She’s awesome, and today’s piece about the importance of fathers in the development of their daughters is a moving and necessary piece in the face of feminism’s constant prattle about the non-necessity of men.



The Daily Mail has been running a series about the very real cultural threats that make becoming a young woman with sense and morals and manners so bloody difficult. The last article in the series today is well worth a read, because it’s about the importance of a father to a young girl just blossoming into womanhood, and that is so often left out of the debate.

I’m not one for “trigger warnings”, since I figure calling myself JudgyBitch is a pretty big indication that I might be “judgy” and quite possible “bitchy”, but in this case I do want to warn readers that the author of this article is critical of fathers who are absent, but neglects to mention the fact that most fathers who are absent have been removed forcefully from their daughter’s lives by family courts that tend to award custody to female parents with little to…

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  1. The person most likely to deprive a teenage girl of that weapon? Her mom.

  2. I resent the notion that not everyone should learn to tie a bowline knot. This knot is simple to tie once learned, and might literally save your life some day just as that father was trying to demonstrate.

    Very good points made outside of that.

  3. Wish I had a male parental unit worth talking about. It constantly amazes me that I have TWO, and I can’t make myself love either one.

    If you have a father who IS a real parent to you, who has never harmed you in any way…please, call him this week and tell him how much you care. You have no idea how lucky you are.

  4. I have a wonderful dad, but he didn’t do much to teach me not to be a slut. Maybe because he looked at me and didn’t think I could do it anyway (mostly true), but he didn’t protest when I said I was going to try sex with a guy at 15 (didn’t do it though).

    Perhaps his presence is enough to prevent daughters from turning into sluts.

  5. TIme and time again in religious texts, social institutions, in every single culture on the planet, society called on having strong parents who disciplined daughters and taught them the importance of being chaste. Feminism degraded this notion saying it came out of bigotry and “patriarchy”. What feminists missed is that these rules weren’t to oppress the women, it was to protect them.

    I can go to a party at my uni on friday or saturday, get laid and never call that woman again. Thanks to feminism it is legal and socially acceptable.

    But you have to realize the mother is complicit in this sh!t. She decided that terrible father was a man worth marrying. She decided she would carry his baby. She didn’t screen enough to make sure he was marriage material. It’s funny when studies come out explaining exactly how important the father is in raising children, feminist are the first to point out the shortcomings of the men. Willfully ignoring they are marrying these men, giving them sexual access.

  6. Even before my dad was kicked out of the house he was not the head of the house. If I had kids I’d make sure to be aware of other families’ dynamics before allowing kidsto spend time at other kids houses.

    I also agree everyone should know a bowline knot. Between that and a square knot you have two quick, easy knots that can solve almost any problem

  7. “I can go to a party at my uni on friday or saturday, get laid and never call that woman again.”

    Really? Its that easy for a man to get laid?

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