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Sphere Exercises and Challenges to keep you Sharp!

October 30, 2012

So it’s a slow day an your bored out of you tree, twiddling your thumbs. What oh what is there to do?

Keep you mind sharp that’s what son!

I’ve devised a series of exercises for you to do on slow, grey, miserable days to keep you from getting cabin fever. Some are easy, some are advanced. Some are X-treme and not for the faint of heart! Let’s see which one’s you can do!

1. Create a Plenty of Fish account. Use an unfamiliar fashion magazine model for the photos (don’t use uber professional pics, and try and find more than one, maybe a set) and come up with some happy mysterious vibe profile that covers just the bare basics but leaves plenty for intrigue and imagination. Or if lazy, use one of these. Do a search for women 35+ and over who are looking for someone to ‘settle down’ with, who are ‘tired of the bar scene’, who’ve ‘been there done that’, who are ‘tired of the games’. Try and target the ones that really want children. Send them a quick message like “Hi, you look nice! I have a question. Is having children something you want really soon or would you wait to make sure you and your partner click?”. Wait for a response if any. However they choose to respond, just reply with the following video link and a big BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!. We need to start making this an unsafe pond for ego vampires to swim in. It’s time to bring the lightning to the pond and make the fish go belly up. I want to see a 5000% uptick in articles like this.

You can also delay the torment before flipping the switch and throw them a feeler question first just to see the hamster at work. Read the rest of this entry ?


Women’s True Nature – One Night Only

October 30, 2012

[prologue-hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween, what with the Storm and all. It’s crazy hearing about a building coming down (wtf?) in New York and some poor woman getting killed in a parking lot in my town due to flying debris. The randomness of life is difficult to ponder sometimes.]

[edit 2. just reading now, it’s worse than i first thought. Monster storm leaves U.S. East Coast crippled; 30 dead]


The one night per year we get to witness the feral behavior unrestrained, what it would be all year long without social mores, stigma’s and rules.

Feminism is the promise of Halloween for those other 364 days of the year.

Enjoy the gallery. (There’s a lot of pics, prepare to waste a lot of time)



Sorry CNN, you can’t flush this shit down the memory hole.

October 25, 2012

Google calls the removal of information from the internet ‘chilling effect‘.

CNN had an interesting post it took down and caused an uproar.

I tried to save it via Google cache but was unsuccessful. Thankfully someone at Heartise found a mirror.

Let’s make sure to keep the flames hot to keep it from chillin. I’m sure CNN won’t mind, since it no longer officially exists on their site, unless they can show that it actually does exist, they really don’t own it.

Reprinted without permission 🙂

Study looks at voting and hormones

voting voter
A woman votes in the New Hampshire primary at Bedford High School on January 10, 2012 in Bedford, New Hampshire.
Photographer: (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
Copyright Getty Images
  • By: Elizabeth Landau, CNN

While the campaigns eagerly pursue female voters, there’s something that may raise the chances for both presidential candidates that’s totally out of their control: women’s ovulation cycles. Read the rest of this entry ?


Ladies – It’s what you do, not what you say.

October 25, 2012

Coworker sent this to me in an instant message. I LOL’d.

There’s a reason meme’s like this thrive.


On Cheating

October 23, 2012

Super quick post.

Here’s a Shine article called 12 Surprising Facts About Cheating [link]

I’m only going to address a few of these very quickly and let you guys ponder the rest. Let me say that i do not endorse cheating in any way shape or form, it’s for cowards. End it and move on.

Having said that.. let me tackle a few of these 12 points.

Fact #1: Most men are still in love with their wives when they cheat.

Who knew? Doug1 was right when he long made the contention on HUS that when a man seeks out another woman, he can still be in love with the wife/s.o. and is just having sex for the sake of sex (slaking lust), not for emotional bonding, partnership, intimacy or pair bonding of any kind. Women are unable to do so. When a woman cheats, she is firmly DONE with the husband, in her mind, heart and soul. Push casual sex while single aside for a moment, when a woman has sex outside of her committed relationship with a man, that poor shlep will NEVER be number #1 in her eyes ever again. She may even still have some feelings for him, but it is doomed from that moment onward.

My friend who consoled me after my marriage ended told me:

“Men have many rooms in their heart which can be occupied by many women at the same time, but only one gets to live in the penthouse with you. Women only have 1 room in their heart, and if they find someone else to occupy it, your shit is out in the streets and you are never getting back in.

This corroborates all my anecdotal experiences.

Next we have a 3 part answer to one question really..

Fact #7: A wife often knows her husband’s cheating.
Fact #8: A couple will never work it out when the husband is in the midst of an affair.
Fact #9: Affairs can often fix a marriage.

This one should be self evident to anyone who lives in the sphere AND understand that this only applies to ALPHA men. Do you think any of these ‘facts’ would be raised if the man were a beta shmuck? Hell no. If poor lonely Beta getting sex only once a year accidentally found game or actually hit it off enough with someone to have an affair with, none of this would apply. He’d be served divorce papers faster than the Flash. A wife will only know of her husbands cheating (and tolerate it) if he is supremely alpha and she can accept the harem. They will never work it out whilst he is having the affair, but she is the one who will actively try and ‘make it work’. And an affair can ONLY fix a marriage if the man has options to leave and has used the affair as as the ultimate dread “look what i can do” tactic to keep a woman in line.

If he was beta, he’d be reading a notice on the front door with the locks changed to his house and a warrant out for his arrest for ‘abuse’.

Fact #12: The wife’s not to blame if her husband cheats on her.

Very true. As i said i don’t approve of cheating and would rather honesty prevail. Just terminate the relationship and move on. However, this one holds a key phrase in here that reminds me very much of what Dalrock has been musing about often as of late. Here’s the passage:

“Realize this: If your husband is unfaithful, it’s not your fault, no matter what people say. “When a man cheats, he’s making a conscious choice to do it,” says Dr. Brosh. “The idea of being pushed into the arms of another woman is an expression, not a reality.

The next time i read about a poor Christian (or secular) woman being ‘driven’ into the arms of another man for him failing to live up to some romantasized unrealistic and unreachable romcom romance drama flaming heart-throb sweep her off her feet continual courtship dancing former carousel riding saved slut cum wife…


… shoot me.


A Feminist World Abhors A Wild Child

October 22, 2012

Listen to this song.

I listen to this song almost daily (my mp3 selection in my car is limited because i have such a disdain for most music) because it takes my back to my childhood, with my brother guiding me through my hard rock upbringing. I never consciously listened to the words then, it was just loud spandex and fireworks.. totally cool.

Today, it sounds like the anthem of an alpha.

Listen to to the song. This isn’t some beta-chump Backstreet Boy garbage and crap about how being “without you all I’m going to be is incomplete” nonsense.

These are not supplicating, defeatist, tingle destroying, needy (or creepy) attitudes. No this is about being in touch with your inner animal nature, your TRUE male nature. Being a creature of love that sure as hell can’t be tamed, that you don’t profess and give your love away meaninglessly, but that you make her come to you and love you, desperate to tame you.

As i was listening to it this morning i recalled what Manning Up Smart posted last night about hypergamy, in which he stated [emphasis mine]:

“Hypergamy… While our limbic system may be our base biological driver when it comes to sex drive, we needn’t be controlled by it, but if we are unaware of it, or how it plays out in our lives, we are very much at it’s mercy…. Hear that ladies??? That means YOU TOO!!! Just as a man can control his biological sexual nature to be monogamous, so to can a woman control her hypergamous nature of selecting douchebags and deadbeats, that trigger her hypergamous desires, but not her social desires of a compatible, loving and supporting mate.”

He has a great point. That most women (western/feminist) have long since lost their ability and self control and freely accept going wild and feral as a natural state of being female, fuck the rules, fuck the consequences and fuck all the hotties!

But what point is it in asking women to reign in their hypergamy when the flip side of the equation.. men controlling biological sexual nature to be monogamous.. doesn’t really exist anymore. Read the rest of this entry ?


This shouldn’t really be news, but…

October 19, 2012

In a feminist world teaching that women don’t need men, starting back in the day with that horse Murphy Brown, worshiping heroic single moms who who threw the men/fathers out of their kids lives, or want to play the empowered single woman who wants it all…


Relationship with Dad Affects Teens’ Sexual Behavior

Fathers’ attitudes toward teen sex and the emotional closeness of their relationship with their teen have a sizeable influence on their teens’ sexual behaviors, separate from the influence of moms, a new review of studies suggests.

I’ve met many daddy’s issue girls that validated this theory eons ago.

Previous studies have linked positive parent-teen relationships with teens’ sexual behaviors. For example, researchers have shown that parents who monitor and discipline their teens and communicate with them reduce the risk of their teens being involved in sexually risky behaviors.

You don’t say.

However, most studies have focused on the influence of mothers on teens’ behaviors.

Because only mommies count.

“The lack of focus on fathers represents a critical missed opportunity to improve the sexual and reproductive health of teens,” Guilamo-Ramos said.

Pass it on: Fathers’ attitudes toward teen sex have a big influence on teenage sexual behavior.

To little, too late.

Enjoy the decline.