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Date Down

January 29, 2013

Super quick post.

There’s a current meme developing in the comment section on both The Rational Male and The Private Man where the female commenters are basically going to this argument:

If you want a relationship, stop shooting for the stars and stop punching above your weight. Date down, start choosing plump 4’s and 5’s.

Now most of the male commenters like Deti and FuriousFerret have done amazing counter arguments but i would simply like to say this.

If you’re saying all my problems are because i’m shooting too high and i should date down.. while i’m at my physical best, absolute peak, tip top, and getting better..

..why aren’t women ‘dating down’ and choosing betas/deltas/gammas/omega shlubs at the height of their power when they’re young?


Is OKC fucking with my mind?

June 24, 2012

Seriously. Like WTF? Am i on hallucinogenics?

Ok.. so i’m trying this shit again.. because my best friend told me i shouldn’t have any issue putting myself out there to look for a little fun now that i dropped all that toxic nonsense behind. LJBF my candy ass. So i nail up a profile that i think is vague and aloof enough, but containing enough words and subtle innuendo’s for the smarter ones to catch onto. Still i should be interacting on the streets and in the pubs, approach style like the sphere says i should. Yet i take the plunge into this morass just out of moribund curiosity to see if anything would be different that the last time when i was pathetically beta with a pathetic beta profile verklempt with all manner of inane professions of looking for ‘the one‘. Boy did my esteem take a hit way back when on Plenty of Attention Whor… Fish.

Are you the ‘One’?

So hows it going?

Well it’s still a shit show to be sure.

Whereas now i actually have had conversations with some of the women at a ratio of 10 sends to 1 reply, which certainly beat my previous ratio of 100 sends to 0 replies, there still seems to be an ongoing pattern and as of late.. something smells ‘fishy’ and we’re not talking about the plenty of variety here.

A great majority of the conversations are quick quips of back n forth minimalistic one liners loaded with humor, touch of innuendo and flirtation. They go about 5 messages long before i take it towards grabbing a drink and meeting at a venue. Then it’s poof, they vanish.. or flake .. or come up with an excuse as to why they can’t. I feel like i’m just feeding ego’s… even tho i’m not actually complimenting them unless it’s really subtle and not overt.

I’m actually having a great convo with what seems like an either really hilarious married chick, or a homicidal crazy, kill me with a shovel and bury me with it to type of woman. Flip a coin it’ll go either way. If this blog goes silent anytime soon, you’ll know.

But on at least 2 occasions.. the girl i started talking to because her pictures where hot.. all of a sudden 3 conversations in i go back to check her profile and it’s like SWEET HOLY MOTHER OF GOD pour some hand sanitizer into my eyes and burn down the fucking internet! WTF HAPPENED?

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