About Me

I used to go by the name MuffManMike.. now it is just M3 for short.

Who I am is not important. I’m just another voice. Just one more twig that can be broken.

But if you collect a large volume of twigs and combine them, the resulting mass becomes nigh unbreakable.

I lend my voice to the manosphere to add one more twig to the growing movement that allows us as men to make it known that our interests matter, what we feel matters, what we say matters and that we have a right, the human right to go about our own way to pursue a life of freedom and happiness as we see fit.


Some randoms about me.

That dog in my banner image is my baby girl, the only child of mine. Shared custody with my exwife.

Despite my rants, i don’t hate my exwife. Our marriage was a disaster in retrospect. She was convinced to believe that was her life’s mission to get married without thinking beyond life after the honeymoon, and i was too much beta the longer it went. I don’t fault her for losing the attraction. I just can’t forgive her for giving up on me and not sticking to her vows. The phrase ‘how do you like me now‘ should be very poignant. In fact if it wasn’t for her making my life unbearable to the point of requiring us to split, i would never have discovered the sphere, game, evo.psych and redpill wisdom. Why i might still be stuck inside the Matrix trudging along.

That quote in the banner image is from the 1984 movie version of DUNE, not the novelization. I always preferred the shortened version. I will sometimes recite it in my head when i’m prepping for a new adventure or challenge.

I’m a photographer, hobbyist mostly but i have branched out into doing a trial run on portrait photography and wedding photography with the goal of saving enough money to buy some serious gear and go all in to a business down the road.

I love Photoshop, visual effects and compositing. I have done green screen video effects in the past.

I rent, considering the cost of home ownership i can live an easy lifestyle in a one bedroom and pay out over my lifetime less then the cost of a standard mortgage. Freedom to move anytime, no paying hundreds of thousands in interest to usurious leaches, and staying out of the commercial consume/debt lifestyle.

I love my country but i’m not a nationalist. I love socialized medicine. I don’t understand why the U.S. fights it.

I live in Toronto, tho i find the city a cesspool of pretension, over inflated ego’s, entitled night club women and pussy beggars.

Great skyline but it’s still full of shit.

I am a devout Atheist. I don’t impugn others for believing in spirits, voodoo, Thor or the Mars orbiting tea cup. I just ask that you not try to convert me nor waste your time telling me that i’m going to hell. I already know that.

I have no ambition to run for public or political office, hence no need to keep myself shrouded in anonymity. I won’t put out my full name tho, don’t need to start witch hunts or invading other peoples lives. Eventually someone will recognize me in the street. I stand by what i write on this blog. I won’t be an anonymous armchair quarterback wearing a Guy Fawkes mask.

My thoughts and ideas will stand or fall on their own merits. My mind is not set in stone. If you can logically argue your point to invalidate mine, i will accept it until i find something to refute it.



  1. Wow….and you’re hot.

  2. I’ve been meaning to mention that I’m an atheist, too. It’s always nice to meet another one.

  3. A pleasure likewise!

    I admire you forthrightness regarding it. I can only imagine in Texas it’s not very popular to be seen as an Atheist.. much less quite a large swath of the US (unless you’re on the coastline). Up here it’s no biggie. Hey look over here.. i’m an atheist (waving arms).. and in other news, the sun rose again today.

    I had a post penned regarding my leaving the faith.. but i backburned it. Maybe it’s time to revisit it and save it from draft hell.

  4. You do know Texas. It is very religious here, with a church on every block. People put crosses in their yards with “He is Risen” on them. Our neighbors are Pentecostals, who play with snakes and speak in tongues.

    Oh, I blend.

  5. “Snakes… why did it have to be snakes! I hate snakes!” – Indy

    Blend well. I will pray for you 😉

  6. Angels form a hedge of protection around me, but so sorry, not around you.

  7. […] a penis.. well then great! Please look to the right pane of my blog under Pages and click on the Contact Me link and send me your time availability. I have red wine and a box of condoms […]

  8. hey man, just found your blog, looks good. love the fear quote.

  9. Hi, nice to come across a blog like yours. I am an incel, and I am blogging about it too.

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  12. whats your email? you can email me at amateurblogger@live.com laters

  13. Amen….Good to see another Toronto boy tearing it up….


  14. I like this dude.
    He’s Red Pill, but still his own man. That’s the key. I can tell just by reading some of the material here.

    Hey M3, if you ever want to guest blog on my site, critique my approach feel free, man.

    PS. I never expected someone to claim that Toronto was “full of shit” or “a cesspool of pretention”. I thought it was like the rest of Canada: friendly, calm and forward-thinking. I really need to travel.

  15. Fellow Torontonian here,


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