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Is it Fair?

January 21, 2013


Don’t shoot me, i’m just the messenger…

So i had a back and forth comment session with my friend Audi (the audacious amateur blogger) and it something occurred to me.

I’m conflicted.

See, i’ll share a little secret. I like her (shhhhh)

At it’s core lies this problem. She’s worried about spherian mentality about “The Wall” and “The Number” and natural consequences of actions. Part of my latent beta wants to don the suit of plate mail, climb the white horse and protect her as my conditioning under the the rules of GirlWorld commands me to. And another part of me, that itchy burning area of my rectum where the RedPill currently resides is telling me fuck it.. actions have consequences, take it like a man. Derrrrp.

This is a case of going before the judge and pleading that you didn’t know that pissing into the town square water fountain was a crime because there were no warning signs posted.. to which the judge harrumphs “IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE” and slams the gavel down and chucks a hefty leather-bound book at you.

She has/had the same problem i did some 18 years ago… it’s called Naivete.


adjective \nä-ˈēv, nī-\

1: marked by unaffected simplicity :artlessingenuous
2a: deficient in worldly wisdom or informed judgment; especially:credulous
b : not previously subjected to experimentation or a particular experimental situation <made the test with naive rats>;

Is it harsh to be judged and convicted for things done when you were simply following what you thought was the properly laid out doctrine to follow? Yes, yes it is. Especially if the rules you followed were crafted by a society that began an experiment to see if human behavior was indeed a social construct through conditioning and behavioral modification instead of something deeper and more innate… primal. And if it were the latter that was found to be the truth, could leeway be given to avoid the consequences of those actions done under sincere misguidance?

It’s something i wrestle with, because as a decent guy and human being, i wouldn’t want to see what i feel is an obvious good but naive kid who simply followed the path that was allowed for by this current society (a society i do wish to see at the bottom of Davey Jones locker btw) having to accept the consequences and punishment of our now evolved and well informed spherian understanding of a woman’s N and the cruelty of The Wall.

Yet one need only read this (which you probably already have) to realize that i myself, and untold countless millions of others have indeed already paid the loftiest price for being naive. The judges are still at it to this very day with the public trials of NiceGuys™ in the street, listening to the mobs yelling for the Jezebel executioner to throw the level and pull the floor out from under the condemned for their naive nature.

Is it fair that one side is made to suffer full consequences while the other gets a reprieve solely due to gender and timing?

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Confessions of a Reformed InCel

November 17, 2012

[EDIT: with so much new traffic, i thought i’d give the Sphere some advertising. ]


[EDIT 2: For anyone new coming here from The Daily Dot, Reddit, Ask Men or anywhere else. Once you are finished reading this piece (due to the interest since the Elliot Rogers murders) and you get all your feathers ruffled about the ‘feelings’ section, please head over HERE for understanding the proper context lest you get your panties in a bunch. If you assume the language was written as intent rather than contextualizing what would be required to have women stripped of their natural biological advantage of being noticed solely for the fact they are female – then i can’t help you or you comprehension skills. peace the fuck out]


November 17, 2012. enough is enough. i warned y’all it might get depressing. here goes. don’t worry, it ends well. i think.


In honor of my 10,000th view.. i’m going to publish what i consider the hardest post i’ve ever written. But it needs to be written, for i may be an extreme, i know i’m not alone. This isn’t written for the PUA or the Alpha or the Pussy Slayer™. This is written for you, the one without hope..  to know there is hope and you can get better.

Thanks for the hits guys! Snapshot taken 07/09/12 at 2:33 pm after 3 weeks on the interwebz.

[actually no.. i’ve crossed 50k. that’s how long i’ve been holding onto this draft, terrified of letting it go. but i saw a comment today that finally let me pull the trigger.]

It is so Very hard to hit that PUBLISH button.

Writing this post is a source of *shame* for me. It’s been sitting in my drafts for about 2 weeks [edit: 5+ months actually]

But at this point in my life having endured what i have, it does not trouble me putting it out in the sphere. I am sure i am not alone in this and that this post will actually help someone out there. Some of you may relate. Women hopefully may finally understand where my anger and cynicism stems from.

So i’ve decided to unleash it. [about time?]

Firstly, before you continue, please go read THIS POST. [Edit Apr.30,2014: Due to the explosion of traffic from AskMen, I have noticed this post is no longer available, so i will instead invite you to go read THIS POST instead ] No offense to the author, my past wasn’t her fault.. but it struck the usual nerve with me. You need to read posts like this to let the feeling of inequality fill you up.

Welcome back..

When i read it or stories like it, these are the THINGS I FEEL (and yes, i know ‘feelings’ are the domain of a woman)

  • When i hear a woman tell me that she’s gone through a dry spell and not had sex in over X weeks/ months.. i feel like putting my fist through her face.
  • When i hear a woman tell me that she feels ugly or unloved or unwanted because her partner hasn’t touched her in over 6 months, i feel like laughing loudly 3 inches from her face.
  • When i hear a woman tell me that she just picked up a random guy for a night of fun because she was lonely, i feel like i’m glad i don’t own a gun.
  • When i hear a woman tell me that i shouldn’t feel bad about having gone without for so long, after all it’s only just sex, i feel like disfiguring her face with a scalpel.

Nature’s cruel joke and cosmic irony in one. I as a man, biologically driven365 days a year to ejaculate and produce sperm as often as possible, and having the drive and desire to want it every waning moment, who is villified for this natural urge and made to feel ashamed of my sexuality, control it and subdue it to conform to the feminine imperative… have to listen to women, who in their solipsism cannot fathom the ordeal of what i’m about to write about, women who biologically ovulate and desire sex rather infrequently compared to men, talk about, no celebrate their sexuality, their urges and desires.. and lament their short dry spells as if the world were coming to an end. They can never understand what a power differential there is in these urges.

Women can say they love sex just as much as men. I would call BS. Until there is a glut of male prostitutes, male escorts, male rub n tugs for female patrons, a demand for male sex workers and strippers i’ll say nay. Unless they’re all having alpha sex on the side perhaps? Or will touching themselves to 50 shades suffice? At least mommy porn is culturally acceptable. Women DO NOT need sex like men do.. otherwise the sphere would not exist.

Anyways.. back to my pitiful former life.

I have no pictures of myself from a time period stretching from high school to my late 20’s, save for some randoms others might have taken of me. I have no memories or recollections of my time in high school. I have no stories of parties, girlfriends or wild flings. It’s a time period i wiped from my mind, much like PTSD. The only way i can recall it is if i sit down and think really hard about it. I rarely do because i don’t like feeling like shit for the hell of it.

I was that beta/omega/zeta. I let myself get LJBF‘ed on multiple occasions being that ‘nice guy’ that male hating cunt Amanda Marcotte despises. I  played by the rules as handed down to me by the feminine authorities on what women would look for and appreciate in a man. I was asked to believe what they said, not what they did. ‘Just be yourself‘ (your nice beta supplicating self) was the golden code.

So here it is… my Incel Hell.

This is where you will stay for the next 12 years. Enjoy your stay.

<deep breath>

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Demise of Civilization. A feature, not a bug?

November 13, 2012

Clearing out some drafts with updates.


Time and again i am told that female nature (hypergamy) is a feature and not a bug. A way for women to get the best genes possible from the strongest mates, yada yada…

Then i think about this meme again.

And i think to myself that whatever the features original intent, is suffering from a mechanical defect and in need of warranty repair.

We all know hypergamy is about fitness testing the man to see if he passes the muster. He may be a great physical specimen but if he’s a bore or clueless.. he’s DOA in terms of getting to second base. Every PUA will tell you looks only gets your foot in the door, it’s your game to lose after that. These tests evolved for a reason and it was an evolutionary success.

We replicate this model in other parts of life because it’s a proven model with a good track record.

Making people have to pass a series of tests to prove they knew the rules of the road and could drive a vehicle so they don’t kill people is a feature, not a bug. It’s intended to weed out the bad drivers and keep them from getting onto the road we all share. It’s meant to keep the bad drivers from killing the good ones.

This still holds true today, at least it’s intent, although in practice, this isn’t holding water very well.

When you can ‘pay off’ an instructor to overlook whether or not you’re worthy of driving, you defeat the system. I want you to hold that thought in the back of your mind.

The same goes for a job application. It used to be required that you knew something about the job, were qualified, that your education related to, and that you were not a security risk to that job. No one would consider hiring an ex-con who was jailed on numerous occasions for multiple weapons violations and armed robberies for a position as an armed guard for a Bank or Security company simply because he has great qualifications for handling and accuracy with a firearm.

I’d make a great Security Guard.. i know how robbers think, and I’m good with guns! But would you trust me with your money?

Yet this is what we have today with the SMP. What used to be a quality screening mechanism (feature) has now decided to go on the fritz and is in fact acting ‘buggy’… like Windows ME. Nobody can look at women’s reactions to game and say they are following the feature properly. It’s like they didn’t read the instructions and just opened the box, plugged it in and turned it on expecting to know how to operate the gizmo right out of the box (sorry dear, only techheads and people who grew up with Transformers can do this. Who didn’t have a Transformer they couldn’t transform without aid of instructions?).

As the role of beta provider falls ever increasingly to the government and daycare, women feel free to exclude these types from their short term mating strategies Read the rest of this entry ?


This video will make Femenists kill themselves

October 10, 2012

..or at least it should. LOL.

You’ll remember feminists and women’s groups going apeshit over the depiction of domestic violence on the cover of Vogue?

Not a super huge fan of PINK but i give her cred, i found her music more substantive and evocative than other pop fluff lamers of the early 2K era like Spears and Aguilera.

And this video seems adds to the growing mountain of evidence my beta brain was unwilling to accept back in the day. Aggression=great sex. I’m sure many panties getting moist from watching the rough-housing between these two. Labia’s are turning 50 shades of red as we speak.

Great choke slam at 1:54 in the video. The Undertaker is no doubt impressed!

Anyways.. i await the wrath of the femmes to come down hard upon PINK’s head for this one.

Oh yeah.. ***trigger warning***. Oh wait.. was i too late?

My 2 cents on the message of the video. It’s worth getting burned trying over and over again to contain the fire of an Alpha. Somehow i can’t imagine this video applying to her lamenting the struggles trying to stick together with an extinguished beta who can’t even muster up the kinetic energy to give her minor heat discomfort, much less anything near 1st degree burns.

Better to be immolated in Alpha fires than live with beta.

Funny how the heart can be deceiving
More than just a couple times
Why do we fall in love so easy
Even when it’s not right

Where there is desire
There is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame
Someone’s bound to get burned
But just because it burns
Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die
You’ve gotta get up and try try try


I shall be back to resume normal posting operations shortly. I’m still in lazy mode but some things have caught my attention that need to be addressed.


Toronto. A city under seige. SMP related?

August 17, 2012

I know the big story rocking the continent is the Batman/Joker mass shooting at the theater in Colorado.

[edit: it’s not the big story anymore. i started writing this back on 07/29 but dropped it on the burner.. until Deti came out and snapped me back into it with this precient comment on The Private Man’s blog here ]

But i just wanted to point out my own city is facing a turn for the worse.

Toronto the good.

That’s what it used to be called. Not so much any more. Gotham would be more apt.

You gotta understand.. Toronto even 10 years ago was hailed as the friendliest city in North America. It was the big city with a small community feel. I can’t pin it down when it happened, but it’s gone and it’s not coming back. Not since 2005, ‘The summer of the gun’ as it was called, have we seen an uptick in gun crime. While actual gun assaults are at their lowest right now, the brazen use of them out in the open in public venues where we never saw them before is quite startling.

Now i KNOW there is more to crime than just any one statistic, more than one cause, that it’s not black n white, or broken down to one simple element. Rather it’s a confluence of many problems stemming from race, poverty, societal mores and stigmas, education, parental guidance, peer pressure, etc…

But i’m just going to pick on simply the sex aspect to see how it ‘contributes’ to and exasperates the problem.

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When Study Conclusions go HORIBLY wrong

August 11, 2012

From the ‘Are you fucking kidding me files‘.

Stressed men are more attracted to heavier women, says study

Click me if you’re feeling stressed

Ok.. i know it seems like i’m beating a dead horse here (a very big one)… but i can’t help it.. this shit seems to follow me in my Yahoo feed. It stalks me like a predator. I’m trying to mind my own business and stay away from commenting about fat issues. I want to live and let live. I have no problem with fat people in general. It’s that i just kinda flip my lid every time some kind of authority comes out to the media and keeps telling trying to SPOON FEED BULLSHIT DOWN MY GULLET!

Let the games begin.

A new British study, published in the journal PLoS One, found that stress levels influence attraction — and that stressed men prefer plumper women.

This should be ecstatic fucking news. The plumpers (their word not mine) can nag and hee and haw their men ad nauseam to ensure their man is sufficiently stressed out enough to want to be around them even moreso! The perfect symbiotic cycle! And we’re not talking about the kind a fish doesn’t require.

Forty-one heterosexual men underwent stress-inducing exercises and were then asked to rate the attractiveness of women in photographs whose bodies ranged in size from emaciated to obese. A control group of 40 men not under stress were asked to do the same, CTV News reports.

The researchers found that the stressed men rated the women with a “significantly heavier female body size as maximally attractive,” and heavier bodies more attractive in general, compared to the control group which picked slimmer women.

One can only assume stress has the same intoxication properties of alcohol to be creating such an anomaly. Either that, or when a man is sufficiently stressed to the point where he suffers from temporary erectile dysfunction.. he is ashamed to be around the thin women and feels secure around women for which his flaccid penis would be the normal state. I dunno.. i’m just grasping at straws and making shit up as i go along. Apparently that’s how you produce studies like this anyways.

Scientific American points out that scientists have long believed that attractiveness is “really just our way of interpreting how good a person will be as a mate.” People identify cues associated with health, well-being and fertility. In some cultures, thin means healthy. In others, it means you’re starving.

Yes. Culture. If you are thin – in AFRICA, it means your are starving. If you are thin – in North America, it means you have a normal BMI.

Welcome to Thin, North America.
Population.. approx 25%

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Everything wrong about your attitude in 1 photo

August 10, 2012

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