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Another man bites the dust, but don’t forget to mention about women too.

August 29, 2012

Caught this on Global TV last night. I can’t embed the video so go to the link below and watch the clip.

See if you can spot the part that made me kinda spit a little beer out of my mouth. I’ll wait.

Click to go to video

Didn’t hear it? I’ll give you a clue. It happens at the 47 second mark when the constable is talking.

Did you notice the only female in this report is the reporter narrating?

Here’s the Toronto Sun report with a picture slideshow of the scene. Notice anything?

Some Canadian stats:

A recent 131-page report titled A Roadmap to Men’s Health, produced by a medical team from SFU, UBC and Vancouver General Hospital, found that men are the victims of more than 97 per cent of all Canadian workplace deaths. (article)

A insurance report entitled Jobs that can kill: Workplace fatalities in Canada by gender:

There were 1,097 Canadians killed at their place of work in 2005 according to a recent study by the Centre for the Study of Living Standards. When we take a look at who these people are, the gender trend is clear; the average rate of workplace deaths in Canada in 2005 was 30 times higher for men than women. In other words, 97 per cent of the people killed on the job were men. In actual numbers, of the 1097 reported workplace deaths in 2005, 1069 were male workers while the remaining 28 were female workers. The study also reports, the rate of workplace death is rising for men and falling for women. (article)

Some U.S. stats supplied by the beautiful Carolina in her smashing article Do Any Women Work at the Dirty, Difficult and Dangerous Jobs that Men Do? Any Women At All?

  • “In 2006, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Stats, 5,396 men and 444 women were killed on the job. Women were only 7.5% of on-the-job fatalities.”
  • “And, btw, the 412 rescue workers who were killed in the 9/11 attacks were…all men.”
  • 99% of coal miners are men.*
  • 99% of garbage collectors are men.*
  • 100% of deep sea fishermen are men.
  • 100% of electrical power line installers are men.
  • 100% of roughnecks (work the oil drill) are men.
  • 99% of auto repair mechanics are men.*
  • 99% of roofers are men.*
  • 100% of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics are men.
  • 98% of metal fabricators are men.
  • 97% of aircraft maintenance and service technicians are men.
  • 95.5% of firefighters are men
  • 92% of construction workers are men.
  • 88% of patrol officers are men.

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Taking a break

August 22, 2012

Just an uber quick update.

I have a lot of stuff i felt like talking about and have started writing, but it’s in limbo. It’s in my draft folder in fragments of unintelligible gibberish refusing to congeal. Consider it writers block. I need to step back for a moment.

I also have a lot of reading to do and with a full time job, blogging will have to become what it was always supposed to be. A hobby.

I took Yohami up on his suggestion and ‘acquired’ MindOS by David DeAngelo & Dr Paul Dobransky. I want to study this thing in depth and uninterrupted. Ever since high school i’ve had an issue with studying. I hear and see things, understand them but cannot do recall later on. Or i’ll read the same passage over 8 or 9 times before getting frustrated that i can’t get the information to sink in.

So a little meditation is in order before i get into this.

Then we will talk.

Lastly, i want to turn my blog a little away from my angry snark and pissing over the past. Besides, i think the sphere has got women’s irrationality covered extremely well that i don’t need to be adding too much to it. Things like this over at GHOST NATION:

A woman tells the truth about shit tests.

Although everything she says is accurate and true, i can’t help but think that this is the thinking of a child that really needs to be beaten out of her.

I’d rather chronical a journey of my dreams, hopes and fears. Whether i succeed or fail, get on the horse or stay off, detailing where i came from, where i’m going and what i’ve learned. Discuss about the trials i overcame, why i was so beta to begin with, my lost youth, my Renaissance with strippers, and my approaches today and tomorrow.

So just because i will be very sparse for the next little while.. does not mean i’m dead. I’m just formatting the noodle and prepping for a new OS.

Oh, and i fight crime in my spare time. Didn’t you know?

I’m Batman.


Toronto. A city under seige. SMP related?

August 17, 2012

I know the big story rocking the continent is the Batman/Joker mass shooting at the theater in Colorado.

[edit: it’s not the big story anymore. i started writing this back on 07/29 but dropped it on the burner.. until Deti came out and snapped me back into it with this precient comment on The Private Man’s blog here ]

But i just wanted to point out my own city is facing a turn for the worse.

Toronto the good.

That’s what it used to be called. Not so much any more. Gotham would be more apt.

You gotta understand.. Toronto even 10 years ago was hailed as the friendliest city in North America. It was the big city with a small community feel. I can’t pin it down when it happened, but it’s gone and it’s not coming back. Not since 2005, ‘The summer of the gun’ as it was called, have we seen an uptick in gun crime. While actual gun assaults are at their lowest right now, the brazen use of them out in the open in public venues where we never saw them before is quite startling.

Now i KNOW there is more to crime than just any one statistic, more than one cause, that it’s not black n white, or broken down to one simple element. Rather it’s a confluence of many problems stemming from race, poverty, societal mores and stigmas, education, parental guidance, peer pressure, etc…

But i’m just going to pick on simply the sex aspect to see how it ‘contributes’ to and exasperates the problem.

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The Double Standard that won’t die

August 16, 2012

Sorry Kristen.

You were the gatekeeper of ultimate responsibility. (and also makes you wonder whether women really value commitment anyways)

Hypergamy takes another one down.

From TMZ

Our sources tell us … Kristen can’t believe the public isn’t painting Rupert Sanders as the bad guy.  She’s grousing that he’s 19 years her senior and was “in a position of power over her” … being a director of a movie she had just shot and presumably someone she was going to work with again.

Yes, a position of power indeed. I’ll bet the snowflake just sat there and made no attempt to not flirt, not escalate, not actively seduce the rich and powerful director. Nope, she was probably one step away from being sexually violated undre duress, possibly raped no doubt.

We’re told Kristen fears her career may be irreparably damaged — something she believes she doesn’t deserve as a 22-year-old single woman who made a stupid mistake.

Don’t worry Kristen. Rupert will most likely get his when his wife is through with him. Those are his consequences to deal with. But you’re learning a wonderful lesson yourself about responsibility. Take it all in Kristen. Take it all it!

Just be thankful you’re only facing the media over your cheating on Robert. Imagine you had to face the court of preteen girls who have love crush’s for him, his loyal Twihards who would want your head on a pole for making him cry. Intrasexual competition would have you drawn and quartered and your head planted on a street lamp for all to see. You attained what all the little theater bound moisties only dream of, and you spit on it. I’m sure the boppers are very happy he’s a single man again so they can touch their sex holes while staring at him lovingly adorned on their bedroom walls, a poster of perfection.

Be thankful you don’t have to answer to them.


Game and the Rise of the Kwisatz Haderach

August 16, 2012

So, some time ago i decided to be a smartass and tell the world i was reading ‘the Game’. It was on my Assbook, my TUMBLR, this blog, on a billboard downtown and on OKCupid.

Well, maybe not the billboard.

In any case, one day one of the women i politely asked to chat with in a non cut&paste manner previewed my profile before responding and noticed that i had written in ‘The Most Private Thing I’m Willing To Admit’ box was that i was currently reading the book. Here’s the extremely quick chat we had.

Preconceptions and an inability to argue beyond emotional hysterics. This is where conversations go to die.

I have another post in the works about a trend i’m noticing online, and how women talk in the real world as well. About how they’re ‘tired of the games’ or ‘guys are assholes’. It’s the Chicks Dig Jerks syndrome of course.

And they’re starting to blame it on ‘Game’ because it is starting to go mainstream. Fuck, i even saw an episode of Criminal Minds not too long ago where they were investigating someone who was running ‘Pick Up’ training, and the killer took one of his courses on the dark arts. Of course the actor they chose looked like a sleezeball and slimey (had to get your digs in MSM) but it shows that Game and PickUp are becoming part of the mainstream narrative. More and more women are becoming aware that men are learning and reading about how to seduce women and are becoming frightened by the thought.

You’d think women would love the chance to have MOAR alpha men to choose from to satiate their hypergamous sexholes need for top dog sausage.


Almost paradoxically, the more alpha’s that enter the system, in the minds of women.. DILUTE the prize of becoming the prize pig to an alpha. What is the victory in shackling one down when they’re a dime a dozen? It’s like currency. Flooding the economy with more printed money and what do you get? People buying bread with wheel-barrels full of paper. Women don’t want to wheel around dump trucks full of useless kindling.

BUT WAIT, it gets even better!

Women are starting to also catch on to the fact that PUA’s, while maybe not having been naturals, seem indistinguishable. Yes the bad ones have certain tells, but the good PUA’s.. you don’t know it until they’re asking you kindly to leave their flat while throwing your clothes out the door and saying thanks for the lay. Another one for the pump and dump files. They are scared of ceding control, of losing the ability to make t-shirts that say ‘I have the pussy, I make the rules’.

Others who won’t bother to become hardcore PUA’s will still nonetheless learn how to react with dignity and not to be a pussy beggar, thus ending the free ride of so many entitled mooching whores. These men will not bend or yield as they force women to qualify to them and reject outright the batshit crazy, the entitled princess, the narcissist attention whore, the beta-orbiter collector. As was pointed out to me by both my brother and Leap of Beta, even learning to withhold the act of surrender-commitment is a huge game-changer IF enough men learn this concept and enforce it.

The point i’m driving at is that women want to paint Game as some evil entity and that your association to it in ANY WAY marks you as a villainous user of women (as if that isn’t just female imperative with gender reversal). What they fail to grasp is that Game isn’t moral, it’s amoral. Game itself is unaware AND indifferent to questions of right or wrong. It doesn’t care! (like Hypergamy)

Over at Dalrocks, guest blogger Cane Caldo touches upon the symbiotic and inverse relationship of Game/Hypergamy on his post Cypher’s Dilemma.

What is Game? Here’s the definition, as I understand it:

Game is the applied science of attraction, most commonly expressed as the art of seduction. It’s based on the supposed evolutionary psychology of human; with a special emphasis on exploiting the condition of hypergamy.

Hypergamy is a philosophy of the condition of women that says, whenever possible, any given woman will choose to mate with the male in her vicinity that is exhibiting the most, and most dominant, sexual traits. Those sexual traits, themselves, are Game.

It’s a really good read, but it devolves into moralizing about why Game is bad/wrong/not necessary for Christians. To each their own, but i think he’s missing a key point that Dalrock got. It’s not game that’s evil.. it’s how the practitioner decides to use Game.

Maybe this graphic will help.

Everything pictured here can kill. EVERYTHING.

Game is a Tool.

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Link Love

August 12, 2012

Deciding to share since I’m ready to crash and have nothing of interest to write and my beer is almost done.

Dalrock, the only Christian man i listen to with reverence speaks about ‘having it all’ and the future of marriage in the internet age.

The Private Man speaks to the power at play wrt ‘gatekeeping’ for the gender imperatives, female/sex and male/commitment, Apex fallacy and Dating 2.0.

A brilliant piece by Heartiste regarding a nation losing it’s mind about why sex differences mean something, and why it should matter to you.

Stingray discusses about ‘Being Nice’ and it’s ramificatiosn, along with drive behind why men were taught and adopted it as male morality was beneath women’s inherent goodness.

Leap of Beta chronicles a tale of hypergamy gone apeshit and validates that Christian girls can often make the Devil blush.

Stoner with a Boner confirms my realization that in this fucked up world, it’s only criminal when a man does it and guys can’t be victims, because well, you know.. we got dicks.

Married Man Athol enumerates the credentials of a ‘Redpill Woman’ and makes me wish real Redpill Women would wear t-shirts that point out that awareness or used a code similar to Reddit’s “The Narwhal bacons at midnight’.

Your link love endeth here.

And just for shit’s n giggles.. going back to my post about Sexbots, it appears Progressive Insurance has crafted a commercial that deftly shows that teh wymmins™ have much to be afraid of when the onslaught of robotic vagina’s begin arriving en masse from the land of the rising sun. Intersexual competition? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Good night all!


When Study Conclusions go HORIBLY wrong

August 11, 2012

From the ‘Are you fucking kidding me files‘.

Stressed men are more attracted to heavier women, says study

Click me if you’re feeling stressed

Ok.. i know it seems like i’m beating a dead horse here (a very big one)… but i can’t help it.. this shit seems to follow me in my Yahoo feed. It stalks me like a predator. I’m trying to mind my own business and stay away from commenting about fat issues. I want to live and let live. I have no problem with fat people in general. It’s that i just kinda flip my lid every time some kind of authority comes out to the media and keeps telling trying to SPOON FEED BULLSHIT DOWN MY GULLET!

Let the games begin.

A new British study, published in the journal PLoS One, found that stress levels influence attraction — and that stressed men prefer plumper women.

This should be ecstatic fucking news. The plumpers (their word not mine) can nag and hee and haw their men ad nauseam to ensure their man is sufficiently stressed out enough to want to be around them even moreso! The perfect symbiotic cycle! And we’re not talking about the kind a fish doesn’t require.

Forty-one heterosexual men underwent stress-inducing exercises and were then asked to rate the attractiveness of women in photographs whose bodies ranged in size from emaciated to obese. A control group of 40 men not under stress were asked to do the same, CTV News reports.

The researchers found that the stressed men rated the women with a “significantly heavier female body size as maximally attractive,” and heavier bodies more attractive in general, compared to the control group which picked slimmer women.

One can only assume stress has the same intoxication properties of alcohol to be creating such an anomaly. Either that, or when a man is sufficiently stressed to the point where he suffers from temporary erectile dysfunction.. he is ashamed to be around the thin women and feels secure around women for which his flaccid penis would be the normal state. I dunno.. i’m just grasping at straws and making shit up as i go along. Apparently that’s how you produce studies like this anyways.

Scientific American points out that scientists have long believed that attractiveness is “really just our way of interpreting how good a person will be as a mate.” People identify cues associated with health, well-being and fertility. In some cultures, thin means healthy. In others, it means you’re starving.

Yes. Culture. If you are thin – in AFRICA, it means your are starving. If you are thin – in North America, it means you have a normal BMI.

Welcome to Thin, North America.
Population.. approx 25%

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