George Lucas understands women

August 7, 2012

(h/t Mr. Plinkett)

Check this out..

I was just over at beautiful Carolina’s most awesome blog Stakedintheheart.com catching up on a couple days worth of blog reading when i came across her crazy cat lady post here.

Go over there to get a whole lot more insight than you’ll get here. I only provide entertainment  🙂

In it she marvels at the lists women use as criteria to cull the male herd of prospective suitors.. without giving thought to what said women would have to bring to the table in return for nailing every enumerated item. Admittedly the list for men is not so high (as revealed in the video below) but aside from being attractive, we only ask for women to be pleasant, complementary and to add value to our life, not to be a drain on it.

After reading her post, i recalled a pair of moments in RedLetterMedia’s reviews of Attack of the Clones and thought it would be fun to share and compare for yourselves.

You can watch the whole clip, but starting at 7:20 –  9:22 is Mr. Plinkett describing the Man’s list vs. Woman’s list in today’s dating world using Star Wars of course LOL.

But sooooo true.

And here he points out many facets of game.. what actions are alpha and what makes you a creepy pathetic beta. From start to 8:24.

Yes sir.. George Lucas wins the award for understanding women!


  1. The end of the first video made me lol so hard.

  2. Carolina keeps it real from a chic’s viewpoint.

    Never had I met a female who was anti-feminist like she is.

  3. I watched the vid where Anakin is “courting” Padme. That was FRICKIN’ HILARIOUS!!!! Those comments that guy made and the giant Xs “inappropriate comment” or “creepy look.” Priceless!

    One problem I had with the film was that Anakin sacrifices himself for Padme, because he supposedly loves her that much. But, we never see why he had that great love for her. It’s like they met, had a couple lukewarm scenes …and they’re married. Huh?

  4. Oh, thank you Kenny, that’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me.

  5. about me.

  6. […] like fucking up on grammar “you’re vs. your” or personality traits like “must be aggressive and know what he wants and goes after it, but is sweet and caring and sensitive a…“, thus weeding out the 99% who weren’t gifted with the ability to join the Psi Corps. […]

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