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Just Four Guys i’d like you to meet

June 29, 2013

Back in the good old days when i frequented HUS, there was a great collection of male input speaking a vast amount of wisdom and truth. Things would get contentious and some of us remember the history that went down after that. Some voices left, others carried on.

Recently i was made aware of a new blog featuring 4 guys who are passionate about getting facts out and cutting through the noise and the bullshit.

I write to entertain mostly. If you pick up a nugget of wisdom through my own life experiences then hot diggity dog.

But these guys write with purpose and poise, back everything they say with facts, evidence, studies and so forth.. and present it in a non-combative, non confrontational manner, a skill i sorely lack ūüėČ

The reason i find a site like this important is that while we both fight the same fight, theirs has the truest potential for resonating with the outside world and making a difference where it counts. I guess you could say i’m already preaching to the choir a bit, and my inflammatory rhetoric will entertain those already sucking on redpill, but will be hard pressed to win converts, tho a few of you fine ladies who call yourself readers of M3 are the pinnacle of womanhood ūüėČ hehe. But any woman just coming across this site still full of her own solipsistic point of view, still unaware of her own hypergamous nature, still being cajoled by the feminine imperative and still being sold a world view of Princess behavior from the ignorant and professional victimhood from the Femcuntista.. well chances are they will bolt through the door relatively quickly.

But it’s hard to bolt when your being told in a calm, rational, non combative manner actual facts and statistics.

When i made the post Turning Point to show people that more and more men were consciously waking up and through the power of the internet, able to see other men starting to stand up and assert their facts, not be hamfisted or shamed or guilted into hiding under a rock for having or espousing these views, i saw the future. A future i wrote about in my About Me page when i first started my blog:

Who I am is not important. I’m just another voice. Just one more twig that can be broken.

But if you collect a large volume of twigs and combine them, the resulting mass becomes nigh unbreakable.

I lend my voice to the manosphere to add one more twig to the growing movement that allows us as men to make it known that our interests matter, what we feel matters, what we say matters and that we have a right, the human right to go about our own way to pursue a life of freedom and happiness as we see fit.

The reason the internet was so important was that it allowed us to collect our individual voices and support each other. With each additional voice of support behind us, no longer did we feel intimidated to shut up and be quite when we felt the need to challenge a feminist trope or lie. We didn’t have to fear an onslaught of female herdlike commentary using the fear of exclusion from society as a means to control the narrative. In the past you could have 50 women and 50 men in one room, and have one women say a blatant lie and the other 49 would just agree, even tho all 50 men knew it was bullshit, if one had the temerity to stand up and call it.. none of the other men would back him up for fear of women’s punishing wrath, woman scorned and all. Don’t rock the boat, let the women peddle their lies, as long as we’re getting sex.

The internet changed the rules. The internet is what will kill feminism. Count on it.

And that’s where JustFourGuys comes in. Where it would be easy to use my rhetoric against me and call me a raving misogynist (even tho we all know i’m not ūüėõ) you’d be hard pressed to read over their site and find even a hint of it. It’s actually funny watching a thread like this one where HanSolo debated an obvious feminist troll and every rational thinking person on the planet without brain damage will see that the only person who carries hate for someone based on gender is the person he’s debating. And by clearly and calmly using evidence and statistics and facts, he rallies others around him and lets the feminazi skywaverly hang herself on her own vicious stupidity, arrogance and ignorance.

End of shameless plug. Go check them out.

Han Solo¬†brings a scientific and logical rigor that combines data analysis with seeking the root causes of the phenomena we see, plus lots of personal experience in dating women. He has the perspective of being highly restricted in sexual behavior back when he was highly religious‚Äďa voluntary virgin until a rather late age‚Äďand then going to the ‚Äúdark side‚ÄĚ of casual sex. However, all is not lost and he eventually wants to marry and have children. He grew up in the middle class but has also worked in the upper middle-class world of consulting and amongst Nobel laureate scientists.

Obsidian brings years of blogging and a wealth of knowledge from the realms of evolutionary psychology, along with street-level experience of game, relationships and the black community in the US, often seen as a harbinger of what may befall the rest of society if current trends continue.

Ted¬†offers his logical analysis of how to be both successful and unsuccessful in marriage and choosing a wife and how things are like in the middle and lower-middle class world that often gets ignored by the elites. Ted cannot fathom ever engaging in casual sex‚Äďhe likes to think of himself as a grumpy¬†old¬†young bastard but we all know he‚Äôs a good guy‚Äďand is a devoted family man.

Morpheus has a sharp mind and offers keen insights into the sociosexual world we’re in. He loves to seek out logically consistent and deep explanations. He also offers important knowledge about fitness and finance that the common man can apply.


Women Against Feminism


A Non-sensical Question deserves a Non-sensical Answer

June 17, 2013

In the absence of an available logical male presenter to answer the blatantly stupid question being posed using the same old lies and feminist tropes regarding the wage gap myth.. this answer by Miss Utah will have to suffice!

Way to go UTAH!


Reproductive Slavery

June 13, 2013

Not my words..


From the Article

Now don’t get me wrong here.. i have no issue with Plan B. I have no moral opposition to it on any religious grounds (hold up hand… Atheist!). Might it encourage promiscuity? Who knows.. i see it as no different than regular birth control that’s already available for kids. It’s just another option.

But here’s the real reason why this caught my eye. Slavery is an apt term. We educate kids about using birth control because duh duh duh.. kids being kids, will find a way to have sex. They are biologically programmed to do it. We might use knowledge, education or boogeyman scare tactics to dissuade them from having sex.. but it will happen.

The pill was created as a means to not make women become mothers before they were ready, before their time.

So i have no moral disagreement with Plan B.

I want to know where is the male version of Plan B.

I want to know where men go to avoid being slaves of reproduction.

And i want to hear something other then.. “Keep it in your pants”. Because i will punch you in the fucking face if you do.

The article frames it as it’s shown in the photo above, i have taken the liberty to modify it as how it’s actually intended to be interpreted by them:

“If a young girl is sexually active, whether by choice or not, she should not be denied reproductive rights. She should be allowed to make timely reproductive decisions about her own body within the dictates of her religious and moral codes.

To deny young adolescents GIRLS ONLY access to medically necessary and proven care is essentially reproductive slavery.”

We don’t want to make girls slaves to the responsibilities of their own choices to have sex.

But men who chose to have sex and accidentally knock a girl up…


It’s a lifetime of child support for you, now get cracking SLAVE!



The light at the end of the tunnel. Reproductive equality.


Once more with feeling re: Abortion


I don’t think women care that much about mens concerns


My stance on Fat Shaming

June 10, 2013

A lot has been said about the fat girl who posed with the slim built guy in protest of Abercrobie&Fitch.

I’m going to keep this short.

No one should be made to feel horrible or ashamed for how they look. No one. I don’t shame anyone for being fat in and of itself.

I have a problem with hypocrites tho, those who pretend to take a stand of sorts, which is standing for inequality and doing the easy thing.. not the hard thing.

No one can claim to deign what is and isn’t attractive to another human being. This is the lesson of the manosphere. Attraction just is. You being angry because a guy doesn’t find you sexually appealing because you are fat is no different than you not being attracted to the guy who lives in his moms basement at the age of 35 while playing WoW on Xbox and Dungeons and Dragons on the weekend.

I am saying this because i have never gone out of my way to intentionally harm someone else’s esteem, especially those who know their esteem is already low. It’s like kicking¬† lame horse.

There was a time when i was kicked. For both being fat, and for being the beta unattractive loser unworthy of a relationship.

So i get it.

I also keep stressing i know many people in real life, who are ‘big’.. who are the nicest people you would meet. Perhaps humility and humble come from adversity, and never having had the silver spoon in the mouth. Just a theory.



Here’s my problem with the whole Militant Baker protest.

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Online Dating – Toronto PoF Edition

June 4, 2013

Private Man’s post over here reminded me of one such incident i had a while back that was post worthy, but i never got around to. I also had a very insightful chat with a very good woman who i had mischaracterized in one of my posts called TOXIC WATERS. She actually emailed me and asked me to redact her info [And i obliged. Turns out she’s very much a girl like Stingray and just happened to write one silly line i grabbed onto while looking for¬†monsters¬†to kill the night i made that post. She got caught in my net.]

With that behind us.. welcome to Online Dating in Toronto!

What it felt like around here for a while.

Kill it with Fire!

Keep in mind:

  1. This took place a few months ago, before i found my girl
  2. I was punching well “below” my weight here (explain in a second)
  3. I bit my tongue and went above and beyond a gentlemanly response.

I had a telephone chat with Danny during and around the Christmas break and was telling him that i was intentionally punching below my weight.. more as an experiment and less as a means of finding someone. I wanted to see the dysfunction of the SMP for myself by actively courting the lesser averages to the dregs of the SMP to see whether they knew their own correct value.

Aside from most women not even responding (thus telling me they are either inundated with emails, simply there for ego validation, extremely skewed in their belief they can hold out for Brad Pitt.. or fake profiles) I did get a few responses that told me everything i needed to know about today’s dating scene, online or otherwise that would guide my future fore into the world of courtship. A world where i would not court based on placating or jumping hoops, but effectively screening these same dregs away with a filter that would make Sir. HEPA proud.

And i consequently did that by writing the most up front, no nonsense, high word count, character limit profile of my life on PoF. One that had women actively soliciting me, more so just to tell me they appreciated a man who knows what he wants even if we weren’t compatible. It also helped me end up where i am today.

But on this one day (which i could accurately say was the majority of my days on PoF and OKC) i ran into women like this one.. who if they responded.. were trouble right from the start.

Perhaps they were burned once too often by alpha’s and pua’s that they were simply reacting instead of thinking? Perhaps.. guess they still have a ways to go before they learn how to build a better filter. This one certainly has much work left ahead of her:

Picture 14

Picture 15

So here i find this girl who has an ‘average‘ body type (which in online dating runs the gamut between the threshold of a cutey with just a small layer of baby fat over the belly and big dimples to the outer limits of swimming with the Manatees). I took a stab at this one who i garnered was below me in terms of SMV since:

  • She smokes / I don’t (except on holidays derp)
  • She’s getting over the hill / i’m hitting my prime
  • She’s average body type / i’m p90x styels
  • She’s got high school / i’ve got some business college cred
  • She’s 5’1 and i’m towering over her at 5’11 so her average is spread out over a smaller frame, and she gets her requirement of a tall man met as well

In the SMV sweepstakes, i’m blowing this girl out of the water, yet here i am basically scuttling my own Battleship by sinking it in order to meet her (or creating an artificial reef for her to lay waste to school’s of plankton). Objectively speaking this can’t be denied.

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