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RedPill Room Interview – Ask Away

March 27, 2013

Just letting people know that i’ve agreed to do an ask all session with Morpheus over at the Reddit Redpillschool. Date and time as follows:

When Thu Mar 28, 2013 10am – 11am Eastern Time

Now, while i’m still in mind recovery and had a good chat with good egg Danny about the direction i want to take in life and how my blog will follow, you can still feel free to ask whatever it is you cats will ask. I’ve been told to expect some heavy trolling as well so i’m bringing Sting with me. After watching the Hobbit in 3d last night, i might just bring Orcrist and Glamdring too 😉

And below is a timeline of how my life unfolded so you have some understanding of how i became who i was and how my environment shaped who i was and how it sealed my fate until i discovered the redpill and the world of the ‘sphere’. It may answer some of your questions in advance, or create new ones.


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I’m Not Dead

March 15, 2013
What it felt like around here for a while.

What it felt like around here for a while.

I will apologize for the lack of posting. I was amused by the comments of aloofness attributed to it. Sadly no.

This was entirely and purely me dealing with my mental health by myself. I don’t do therapists (unless they’re cute) and i don’t do drugs. No Zoloft for me fuck you very much. But i recognized within me when suicidal thoughts just start popping up in your head that it’s time to back away and deal with them first and foremost.

I will be back, i’m not shuttering the blog, and worst case scenario, the blog will always be up for the collective wisdom of the ages to accumulate.

On top of all that, my workload and responsibilities at work have increased, meaning that i have little if any time to do anything to the blog during that time, and with more focus on workouts and pet projects, i find myself with less time in front of the computer as well. Lastly, while i was in my funk, it would have been hypocritical for me to write anything to preach to you guys that i wasn’t able to practice myself.

I’ll be back to more regular posts, i promise. I’m just not sure exactly when. As i said, my first project is a video project for the blog with the new gear i bought to snap me out of my doldrums and put me on a productive path. I hope you all will enjoy it when i get it up.

In the meantime, stay frosty and thanks for all the written comments and supportive messages. They were appreciated. And a big high five to Anna who kept checking in to make sure i wasn’t planning any swan dives. Too cute 🙂



ps-and to that fuckwad shitface asshole cheeseeating surrendermonkey hateful imbecil person who emailed me regarding my incel post.. username ‘jim’.. don’t think i haven’t forgotten you. i’m going to be directly responding to you in that video like a tree-ent giving a curb stomp a troll like you deserves! 🙂