An apology of sorts.. and other stuff that happened yesterday…

May 1, 2014

Firstly the apology, of sorts.


During my post about my brothers passing without me upholding my word to him.. i wrote this into the post:

In a way I view the redpill to the blue masses as atheism to theism.”

This may have pushed some buttons, as John Doe was quick to point out:

Yeah, I have a problem with you comparing Christians to blue pillers while claiming atheists are red pillers.”

You can read his full comment here. What i wrote wasn’t meant to be an attack on Christians, but simply how i see things from my perspective as an Atheist. He has his own view which he qualified in his comment as well. Nevertheless, my point still stands. Had John Doe been born in Saudi Arabia to Muslim parents.. his faith in God would be nil, and he would be here extolling the virtues of Allah instead. My point was that only by sheer luck of who you are born to and where dictates your odds of believing in ‘faith’.  He continues:

Red pill is about truth, observing truth, not falling for a line of crap. Seeing how intricate life is, how mathematical the universe is, how it is run by a set of laws that are irreversible, makes me think how could any person be so blind as to think this all came about by chance, that life somehow evolved from non-life. How could anybody be so stupid, so blind? How could anybody be so stupid about women, too? I once was blind, but now I see. About women, and about Christ.

The red pill is indeed about observing truth, which is why Heartiste is always extolling the virtues of ❤ SCIENCE ❤ as he beats feminists over the head with OBSERVABLE, REPRODUCIBLE and VERIFIABLE studies and results in the physical realm of nature, biology and psychology. Everything he writes works right up until he talks about Christ, and as such implied, God. As an Atheist the burden is not on me to prove or disprove the existence of God or the powers of Christ entity any more so than i would be required to do the same for the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. I cannot say that God doesn’t exist. Tho i can say there is no evidence great enough to show that i should surrender myself to the edicts of any particular religious God either. I’m a Dawkins atheist.. which is really a 9.5 out of 10 agnostic. I can’t claim to know God doesn’t exist.. but the evidence points that he doesn’t.

Here’s a simple test. I swear at God at least once a day. I call him my choice vulgarity of the day which means i’m using both a curse word AND the Lord’s name in vain. 2 strikes just to make sure for full effect. To this day i have not been hit by lightning, burst into flame, seen my family struck down by a flash flood or simply drop dead of simultaneous heart attacks. I am in fairly good standing health and moderately well off. At no point in the last few years that i’ve been doing this has there been a wrath or ruin or plague visited upon my city or my home. No floods. No pestilence. No famine. No mass die off of first born sons anywhere in my vicinity.

Well it appears i cannot reproduce the effects that led to this, this or this.. so the scientific method may not apply as it seems God is touchy about when he decides to summon suffering upon the human race but for the actions of a minor few.

The burden lies on you to show he exists, that your religion is the correct religion (out of all, including the 5,000+ versions of Christianity alone – I’M LOOKING AT YOU WESTBORO BAPTIST, and Mormons too!) and that you have evidence that would survive a court of law to prove his existence. Video evidence of him descending from the heavens and speaking to thousands at Madison Square Gardens is a good start. A 2,000+ year old ‘he said she said’ just doesn’t cut it for me.

Does God listen to prayers? Does he answer them?
Those tools who believe in hustlers like Robert Tilton or Peter Popoff certainly do. They send these fucks money for snot rags and holy oil hoping for Jesus to answer their calls for a few extra dollars to pay for their bills. And sure enough a few will say their prayers were answered. Guess God was too busy answering their prayers for money to fix their car to save those 3,000 people on 9/11. Guess they didn’t pray hard enough. Oh.. so God doesn’t answer prayers you say? Those hucksters aren’t real Christians you say? Is this where i say NACALT? Either he answers prayers and is a selective and cruel fuck, or he doesn’t and you’re all wasting your breath. Take your pick. If i had to choose, it would be the latter. I’d hate to think my mom prayed for months on end to have my brothers cancer go away only to endure what she did that night i wrote about but hey… at least some  downtrodden shmoe in the bible belt got a mysterious check for a few grand from mystery relatives they didn’t know about all because they prayed really really hard to some jackass on the TV.


My stance is not a religion or a belief system as some like to call it. It is simply an ‘absence’ of faith and the disbelief in the claims made by organized religion due to lack of evidence AND strong evidence to show that mythologies of resurrections, virgin births and Christ like entities exist long before  the time of Jesus, and that a book written years after said events happened – which have been revised dozens of times and had it’s words translated and transcribed dozens of times over (unlike the Koran which must be read in the original Aramaic or such) to make it palatable to the current enlightened society.. i think i have solid ground to stand on to say that from where i’m sitting, there isn’t much evidence to prove to me a God figure exists. At least not the one of Abrahamic faiths who can intervene or gives a shit about what i do in my bedroom or gave me this inquisitive brain that critically thinks so much it questions the creator itself! Talk about building a defective product eh.

I’m deadly serious. There are many debates by Christopher Hitchens online that you can watch where one need only replace the word theism/religion with feminism and the speech he makes keeps it’s substance and impact.  The belief in the unsubstantiated, unprovable, unreplicable, unsubstantiated. Being told things you have to accept by an authority you cannot question, and are told to put your critical thinking on hold. Both feminism and religion break the laws of physics/biology/natural law. Religion relies on miracles, and stories of a man who can walk on water, rise from the dead and levitate, things science tells us can’t happen. Feminism tells us we are constructs, socially engineered, empty shells only with different genitalia, without gender and assigned roles by an evil patriarchy that wants to keep the old white man order running (albeit has done a shitty job maintaining it’s power for all white men).

To anyone sitting on the sidelines, not having been indoctrinated in either Religion or Feminism – would simply start laughing at the prospect. No one has seen anyone come back from being 3 days dead, no one but David Blaine or Chris Angel can float, walk on water or perform miracles (yet they aren’t considered the second coming eh?). In short, no one in the age of digital camera’s has seen the laws of physics defied. God chose a poor time and an illiterate and ignorant group of hermetically sealed people to do all his magical stuff to instead of those of us in the age of Youtube who would have documented his work for an age. (Tho if you had absolute proof, that would ruin all the fun of taking it on FAITH, right?) So to is it with Feminism. Everyone of it’s claims about the genders which sought to go against nature, evolution and biology.. get’s raped again and again and again. Every assertion. Every theory. Every thing feminism has tried to prove. OBLITERATED!

If we never challenged religion, it’s teaching, or interpretation – we’d still be treating you with leeches for diseases instead of antibiotics. Oh and don’t think about doing any travel, you’ll fall off the edge of the earth. And the sun orbits the earth, etc…

If we never challenged feminism, it’s teaching, or multiple interpretations – we’d still be told that Sexual Dimorphism is a myth, that girls generally only hate maths and sciences because they’re not exposed to them, and that the world would be a better place if run by women! And the pay gap. And 1 in 4. And rape culture. And on and on. No critical thought required… It’s all in the book of Jizzabel 9:6-9.

Ye tho i walk through the valley of the shadow of sluttery – i shall fear no rape. If i doth engage in drunken sex with an equally drunken man, i am a liberated young woman – not to be called harlot. He who i doth ride while under the spell of the devil ‘Budweiser’ is a carnal beast, even while he is barely conscious, his penis doth still rise to enter me. I shall enjoy it with abandon as is my right as a woman, free to enjoy promiscuity! My clothes and demeanor and touching of his genitals and slurred speech of ‘Yer soooo hawt’ do not signal sexuality in any way. He is a rapist who has engaged with me, a drunken whore without agency. Come morning, my regret will stir a cause to action, to have the beast punished for not having been of sound mind to prevent me from riding atop of him and sparing me thy rod! And altho equal in every way, i will get bigger and stronger men to punish this brute.

Feminism appeals to the masses as a divine authority on what society ought to do wrt ALL WOMEN at all times, about all things. It is absolute and it is tyrannical, not to be questioned with a critical mind. You aren’t allowed to rewrite scripture. You aren’t allowed to interpret it, others do that for you, from the Pope on down. Science allows you to question everything. Scientists are proven wrong daily and they welcome it, welcome public scrutiny, welcome peer review, welcome being proved wrong in order to further knowledge. This was the link i tried to make by saying Feminism and Religious Theism are similar. I will skip Christians and point the finger straight at the Koran.. it claims to be the final word, the final truth no less! ISLAM IS THE SOLUTION they say. You cannot question it, you cannot deviate from it. You are beholden to it and everything written in it, no matter how irrational or contradictory. Sound familiar? Feminism.

Question Islam.. infidel! Question Feminism.. misogynist!
Trash the Koran.. wage Jihad!  Trash Feminism.. the wrath of the kitten commandos and ManBoobz are unleashed!
Try to leave Islam once you’ve outgrown it? Apostasy and death!
Try to leave Feminism because you realize it’s full of shit? You’re a woman hating rapist neckbeard loser who needs to die for the safety of all women everywhere!

YOU may believe in your faith and i’ll commend you for it. My job as an atheist is to test your faith to the breaking point. If you still have it, you’ve done your job. Just remember tho, we make fun of feminists when we present them with evidence of how things actually work and they huff and puff and continue to claim what they say is actually ‘THE TRUTH’. I guess it belies the question.. if  Religion was Truth.. you wouldn’t need Game. You woulnd’t need the sphere for answers right? I mean isn’t that the crux of the whole GBFM/Dalrock/Christian sphere infighting or was i just asleep at the switch?

So now to that apology. IF i offended you.. i am sorry. It wasn’t my intent to piss you off, it just seems that my questioning Religions natural contradictions seems to be taken as an attack on the individual believer. It’s like you can’t separate the two. You can’t question Religion’s glaring problems without the faithful taking personal insult (sounds like NAWALT doesn’t it). We are all brothers of Red Pill truth to be sure, on this we can all agree. We have Red Pill truth precisely because PUA scientists went forth and conducted experiments that produced observable, reproducible results which ended up being called ‘GAME’ which the sphere has adopted as evolutionary truths the likes of which Rollo, Heartiste and Just4Guys preach upon. What was meant to clearly demonstrate the similarities of indoctrination methods of Feminism and Theistic religions was not intended to insult, rather to inform. If i failed in that manner.. i am sorry. I have tons of respect for the Christian portion of the sphere – as much concrete wisdom has come forth from the likes of Dalrock and Sunshine Mary and so forth. Whether that wisdom is divine – or a man made religion that simply evolved as a means to subvert well known toxic human behaviors is irrelevant. Just that you accept the truth of human behavior and interactions based on the facts is a good enough commonality to fight the good fight against the lies of feminism and the social justice warriors attempting to help Western civilization commit suicide.

But don’t you think he’d put Thou Shalt Not Murder up at #1, perhaps say something about Slavery being kinda bad and add Thous Shalt Not Be Hypergamous on the list of the most important things MAN should know from the most powerful entity ever? I mean come’n.. if he didn’t want other Gods before him, why doesn’t he pre-program that in and be done with it. He’s omniscient for fuck sakes!

Ok i’m just horsing around now. Seriously. IF i offended you.. i’m sorry. I bust your balls just because i can, it’s what i do. If it’s any consolation.. i’m 100% with Dawkins, most Christians are benign and at least you folk (and the Jews) don’t care if someone leaves the faith and goes on their separate way. You guys don’t have Apostasy. That shit is just downright cold!

The end of that clip is wonderful where the guy ends up saying “What is the difference between what happens in an Islamic country and Great Britain?”

Good question there. Hmmm… things that make you go hmmmmm.

I hope you found this both amusing and informative slag of feminism. If you’re Christian, had a laugh, heard everything i said, still have your faith and are not offended.. to you brother or sister i say Let us break bread together 🙂 If not, well.. you can’t please all people all the time. If you want to make fun of Steven Hawking go ahead.. i won’t take offence.

Moving on.

Well, at the very least, i can say my Incel post certainly has helped start a conversation among some out there in the real world beyond the Redpill Reddit. Shit just went slightly viral.


76,518 @ 11:50 pm


This doesn’t happen to me everyday. Quite frankly i don’t know what to make of it. i have nearly got 1/6th of all my traffic in 1 fucking day.

A strange and slightly horrifying prospect when you realize holy shit.. your words are out there. i even saw my blog on a facebook post, for the first time.. ever. That is surreal. I have refrained from editing or pulling anything. My words stand and i take nothing back. I added some noted edits but i think most people fail to realize at what point in time that post was written. They still think i’m that same person who wrote it. Oh well.

I find there are usually only two reactions to this post. Either you can relate and it deeply resonates with you, or you cannot relate and you despise it. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground often. It happens, but it’s rare.

One of my pet peeves with that post is that those who read it and have a bad reaction to it (usually uppity femtards) insinuate the remarks about cutting or disfiguring are things i ACTUALLY WANT TO DO AND AM CAPABLE OF DOING.

I’ve never raised my hand towards a woman (never had cause either), been in a fight only once using my fists, and generally feel sympathy for the insects i kill. Yet the images in my mind caused by feelings of injustice and wanting the articulate the only way i know how the trauma that would be required for solipsism to be circumvented.. is construed as the precise reason for my dating problems of yesteryear. Chicken or the egg. I say the trauma caused the feelings, they say the feelings were always there, creating the trauma. Hmmmm.

Perhaps this riddle can be solved with a joke. And before i begin, here’s what i wrote in my Incel post that typically sends most femtards off the handle:

When i read it or stories like it, these are the THINGS I FEEL (and yes, i know ‘feelings’ are the domain of a woman)

  • When i hear a woman tell me that she’s gone through a dry spell and not had sex in over X weeks/ months.. i feel like putting my fist through her face.
  • When i hear a woman tell me that she feels ugly or unloved or unwanted because her partner hasn’t touched her in over 6 months, i feel like laughing loudly 3 inches from her face.
  • When i hear a woman tell me that she just picked up a random guy for a night of fun because she was lonely, i feel like i’m glad i don’t own a gun.
  • When i hear a woman tell me that i shouldn’t feel bad about having gone without for so long, after all it’s only just sex, i feel like disfiguring her face with a scalpel.

So one day, me and John McCain go to a bar.

We talk about politics, his failed bid for President, how i didn’t vote for him because i’m a Canadian, but still wouldn’t have because he chose Palin the tardicon to run with him. Obama certainly turned out to be horrible, but still better than her finger on the nuke button the way she talks about Iran. That woman is an idiot i tell McCain.. he laughs and agrees.

All of a sudden, Justin Beiber comes on.

(OVer a billion views?… are you fucking kidding me??? I hate this planet)

As the speakers in the bar are belting out Baby Baby ohhhh.. i turn to McCain and say:




Ok, get inside John’s head for a moment if you will and try to imagine how much he’s holding back from verbally mutilating me for that ignorant comment. Would he be justified in giving me the evil eye and imagine shoving needles up my fingernails while i’m shackled to a board with water poured up my nose whilst having my toenails pulled off and having my teeth and gums worked on by someone who does not work for the American Dental association? Could you not hear deep inside his head the words “You silly stupid little fuck, you have NO FUCKING CLUE what torture is! 5 minutes in a room with some tools and you’ll be begging to hear hours of Justin Beiber you dumb shit!”

But all the while he’d be sitting there with a pained smile on his face having a beer and politely telling me that maybe there are worse things out there than Beiber music.

So was McCain always a man-hating torture happy prick who got outted for displaying his true nature.. or did the trauma he suffered put the idea of torturing me in his head so that i might better reflect on my own ignorance of what it actually means to suffer torture? Chicken or the egg?

Well that in sum is the reaction i described that these femtards fail to identify. They continually conflate my angry emotions with capability to raise the specter that i’m ‘DANGEROUS’ for having those thoughts.

What a load of horseshit. Most women are more dangerous because when they ‘feel’ something, because they usually act upon it.. whether it’s kicking a man in the balls, or cheating on a beta because the alpha fuck just felt so right, or leaving a man after years of marriage because they feel unhaaaaaaaapy. Yeah, when it comes to the danger of feelings… women tend to hold the gold medals of consistency and acting on their feelings.

That’s all i want to say on that.

[EDIT: Since i’ve linked this to the Confessions post, i thought i would add this point as well since it was brought it to my attention that the HUSsies were trying to portray my post as something akin to promoting violence because of the imagery i chose to utilize. Here is my response ]

Once again the female mind contorts what is read into what it wants to see to suit it’s narrative, in this case the angry white incel who writes about his intent to go out and carve up women’s faces like Halloween jack-o-lanterns.

“That’s how I felt about M3’s incel post. He writes about wanting to carve up a woman’s face with a scalpel because for years he didn’t get any sex.”

Incapable of understanding the difference between irrational rage vs. empathy and walking in the shoes of a mans lived experience she is. Those feelings i wrote about were never about assaulting a woman for revenge for my lack of success with women. It was always about the describing the only way a woman could EVER put herself in a mans shoes and know what it felt like to be invisible to the opposite sex – by metaphorically taking away her beauty, her sexual attraction, her female display, what makes her instantly noticeable to the opposite sex (and female privilege of being chased due to biological imperatives, sexual options, sexual power), highlighted so effectively by the scene from Se7en.

[Somerset enters from the bathroom, looks at the murder display]
William Somerset: You see what he did?
David Mills: Sliced her up…and he bandaged her.
William Somerset: Call for help and you’ll live. But you’ll be disfigured. Or you can put yourself out of your own misery.
David Mills: Come on!
Dr. O’Neill: He cut off her nose…
William Somerset: …to spite her face. 

The movie illustrated that she would rather die than live life being invisible, shunned, romantically rejected by men.
Just like a great many men are today by women. A position a majority of women CANNOT even begin to comprehend! From their birth onward they have the attention of every male they come across and it never stops, onward into puberty, never understanding the constant attention she derives is entirely based on a biological drive that pushes men to want to ultimately mate with women, and do anything and everything within societies prescribed rigors to get there. And women will remain clueless, feign ignorance or abuse, utilize and capitalize on it once they understand it.
For the luck and good graces of simply being born female, your odds of being seen as invisible to the male sex only comes about if you are either disfigured to the point you no longer look like a woman, or you lack so much willpower and self control to keep yourself in enough shape to hold the figure of a woman.

When a woman is put into the same position as a man because her gift of being recognizably female is taken away – THEN she understands (and can empathize, step into the shoes) of a male incel.

It has absolutely nothing to do with actually punching a woman sleeping beside you out of anger because shes a reflection of your low SMV. It had everything to do with painting a mental image of what a woman would have to endure to finally understand the male experience of what it’s like to be invisible to the opposite sex, which incidentally is the reason (and the difference between me and) fanatical muslims throw acid in the face of women – so that the lose all sexual power inherent to their female beauty and sexuality and are no longer desired by men, effectively becoming ‘invisible’ to men. The difference between me and them is i don’t throw acid to make my point – just mental imagery.

The only reason most acid attack victims don’t kill themselves is because they likely have a great amount of self esteem and self worth inside to stay strong.
Today’s narcissitic, selfie shooting, attention whoring, duckfaced pouty lipped, falsey lashes, how many likes can i get on facebook status sluts would take the road travelled by the girl from Se7en and down the bottle of pills because they are simply empty shells who require all the external validation their broken self esteem requires to live for another day. Take it away and make them live their lives as invisible to men as most men are to them, and they’ll go over the cliff like a herd of lemmings.
Female solipsism at it’s finest.

The hussies aren’t too bright.


Last but not least, tho i’m not coming back to blogging on a regular basis, i do intend to work backwards on my notes/drafts one at a time so as not to get sidetracked. Unless i feel absolutely necessary to write about something current, all my efforts will focus solely on clearing out my drafts one post at a time. They may no longer be relevant or be connected to anything being discussed in the hear and now. Some might be rewritten entirely and will be done in such a fashion where i just write whats in my head, meaning there won’t be any logical connections or symmetry to my posts. I’m not looking for literary awards for writing, i just want to get that shit off my plate, and with the amount of notes and drafts i’ve made, there will be cross-posted-duplication. Shit happens.

And once i’ve cleared it out, i’m going to hang it up. This has been only a hobby for me, one i find myself having less spare time to devote to. Besides, i sort of feel like a relic, the kids of the SMP today need guidance from people in the trenches today, not so far removed from whats going on. Anyways, that’s my ultimate goal, to finish what i have to say, create a top 25 post chart and say Adios!

I’ll always leave the blog up and never take back a word i said. I ain’t the same angry grump when i started this blog, that hate is long gone.. too much sex i suppose, so much that i’m kind of tired of it actually (1st word problem i know) i don’t feel any of those angry things now. But i did, and i know there are countless others every day that do to the first time they read that post. 2 years i took, and what a journey it was.


  1. I guess it belies the question.. if Religion was Truth.. you wouldn’t need Game. You woulnd’t need the sphere for answers right? I mean isn’t that the crux of the whole GBFM/Dalrock/Christian sphere infighting or was i just asleep at the switch?

    Correct. There is a lot of in-fighting within the Christian manosphere on game vs anti-game. I side on the anti-game. One need only look to Jesus, a highly charasmatic leader, who Christians are told by the Scriptures to emulate. Though I think — like Keoni — that the study of human nature through various lenses including game may be useful in some instances as a praxeology.

    Regardless, I’m amused. Congrats on the traffic. Your post was one of the ones that helped me find my way into the ‘sphere. For that thank you.

  2. Even if your posts are “old” I know I’ll enjoy reading them. You’re a pretty awesome guy, all in all, and though we don’t agree on certain things like hypergamy or egalitarian relationships…well, I’ll be sad to see you go. At the same time, I guess it’ll be a good sadness because it means you’ve worked through most of what was eating you, and now you can move on with whomever and whatever you want in your life.

    As for the atheist “insult” you mention, I have to admit I smirked a bit. You know I’m 30 years old this year…been Wiccan since I was 13, and never went back to Christianity after that. Where I live, I get to hear from Christians a few times a month how I’m “too nice to be a heathen” or “wow, I never would have thought someone like you wasn’t a believer!” and it got old years ago. Just earlier this week I had a 60-something year old guy follow my car (which has a Darwin fish and a bumper sticker saying Gods Bless America) into a gas station just so he could drive by slowly, give me a look of hatred/disdain, a middle finger salute, and inform me I was a “devil’s whore” before driving away.

    I know a lot of Christians aren’t like that (NACALT?)…certainly my friends aren’t…but I no longer believe that *most* of them aren’t like that. Much like a MGTOW has seen, heard, and experienced too much of the bad behavior of women, I’ve had likewise from Christians. I would never stoop to the level of intolerance I’ve grown to shrug off when these things happen, but it’s always a bit ironic when I hear of a Christian getting bent out of shape for a relatively inoffensive remark that simply speaks to the viewpoint of the non-believing author. I guess that’s why atheists/agnostics and Pagans tend to get along, eh?

    Btw, I think your pretty right on about the rest of your post. However, it’s midnight where I am and I have work tomorrow at 9am, so…Have a good night, M3. 🙂

  3. @ Deep Strength

    Thank you for the praise and the comment, And for taking the post in good spirit. I am glad to hear that something I wrote helped set in motion your journey into the sphere and all the knowledge contained the within. I wish you nothing but the best on that journey.

    Godspeed 😉

  4. One more feminist theory immolated on the alter of Science!


  5. Fux that guy. That was a great post and if all he can take away from that is his “feels are hurt” because you insulted his invisible friend, you owe him nothing but mockery.
    Fux Jesus. Fux Muhammed. Fux all gods, angels and demons. More importantly fux the people who push them.

  6. @ Trent Max

    While I appreciate your candor, I think your fervor is unnecessary and uncalled for. I don’t care if people want to believe, so long as I’m not evangelized to or have my life altered by law or legislation requiring me to accept any faith.

    My mother carries the faith. Misguided in my eyes, but she is the most beloved person to everyone who knows her. I let her believe freely, she never questions or discourages my non belief. Harmony.

    Please try to at least be courteous to the group here, John Doe and other theists did not attack me, they voiced an opinion, which they are entitled to. Try not to start a fire where there is none. We should all hold ourselves to a higher standard than the type of vermin Tarnished Sophia spoke of in her comment.

  7. Before you pop off, can you take a moment to address the atheism that is a cult?

  8. @ tteclod

    you mean Atheism+ ?

  9. Out of your depth on this post and come off like some smarmy high school kid who thinks that a few minutes googling shit has made him an expert on world religions.
    When you find out what language the Quran was actually written in (not Aramaic), or do a little more checking on how the Bible actually was transmitted (hint: it wasn’t some 2000-year game of “Telephone”), then people might take your theological musings a little more seriously.
    For someone who extols the virtues of FACTS, you not only got yours wrong, but the majority of your post is a whiny complaint that, if God exists, you don’t like the way he runs the universe. Therefore, it’s not an issue of intellectual honesty, but of an angry disposition against the very concept of God (the same kind of anger you still show in your comments of what you would like to do to women who don’t “get it”). In other words, if the existence of God were demonstrated to you beyond a shadow of a doubt, you would still reject him
    That having been said, I would recommend that people watch debates, as you suggested. Not between Hitchens and silly televangelicals, but when serious scholars take him on:

    Thanks for the “apology,” though.

  10. Long lost…

    This was a quick and dirty. If I really wanted to go fill tilt this would have turned into a book, not a post.

    As I said, the butthurt I get from some of the faithful as tho it were personal is beyond me. I qualified that I cannot prove an all knowing deity doesn’t exist, but you certainly cannot prove your god if choice does exist by any scientific means. Christian science is right up there with feminist biology. Instead of attempting to deal with the contradictions I lined out, you go after the minutiae. Aramaic, Arabic, Newfie, woopdidoo. You addressed none of the substantive contradictions. Continue to dance on the periphery while ignoring the elephant in the room, it amuses me.

    If god exists, he’s done nothing to show he exists in the manner you claim he does.

    I had no intention of turning this post into a full fledged argument or debate about religion, it was an assault on the fraud that is feminism and how it’s propogated.. but If you’d like to take this debate up to assuage your wounded belief system, I’m game.

    You’re welcome.

  11. “As I said, the butthurt I get from some of the faithful as tho it were personal is beyond me:”

    It’s counterproductive and divisive. Red Pill thinking is nothing more than a description of the way the world is. Whether the differences between sexes is based in evolutionary psychology or of divine origin, it is something that we both can agree on. It’s your blog, but why grind this axe and unnecessarily annoy your readers? I don’t see Dalrock or Vox dedicating posts to bashing the unbelievers among their readership.

    “Instead of attempting to deal with the contradictions I lined out, you go after the minutiae. Aramaic,”

    What contradictions did you bring up? Your assertion that God has not struck you down after your daily “blasphemy test’ and therefore is imaginary? Your faulty logic that concludes 9/11 would not have happened if there were a God? I am not attempting to deal with it because it’s (a) weak, and (b) not worth it. As I said, your problem isn’t with any alleged contradictions, but rather with the implications of the concept of God.

    “If you’d like to take this debate up to assuage your wounded belief system, I’m game.”

    Dude, the only thing that is wounded here is your psyche. You were an incel. I get it. You hate feminism. Me, too. We both bought into Blue Pill lies for years. But if you are still fantasizing about putting your fist through the face of a woman or disfiguring her with a scalpel every time her hamster hops on the wheel, you have a lot of healing to do yourself.

  12. Thought I was the only one who did the double-barreled full-fat swearing.

  13. Yes, except I’d call it godlessness. Atheists generally arrive at that conclusion with regret that becomes joy for life. The godless reject the wisdom of religions and flock to atheist gatherings hoping for justifications for immorality. Such people seem to hate life and living. Most are also feminists, which accounts from some of that rejection of morality, but I don’t think that’s all of it. I was wondering if you, too, think that trend among us atheists is more than just feminism at work on the general culture.

  14. What? You’re going to tell ME to simmer down? Whatever, dude. You want to let John Doe (longlostfriend) shit on your blog post, that’s cool. People like him have been using guilt to manipulate others for millenia. Looks like its working on you so ill leave you to it.

  15. “What? You’re going to tell ME to simmer down?”

    No, i think i asked you to be courteous. You know.. civil?

    Jesus H. Christ

    Like i said, can’t please all people all the time. They can shit on my blog post as much as they wish and if they so choose, i don’t moderate comments. Period. They are entitled to hold a point of view, however misguided I might think it is. As long as it’s the realm of personal belief, it’s on them. Where i do take offence is on those who try to interject their belief system as the one to be adopted by all, such as titles like ‘Christian Nation’ or ‘Caliphate’ take your pick.

    All i asked was for you to be more courteous, was that so wrong?

    Try this, instead of engaging them with Fux this Fux that.. ask them if the faith they practice is the ‘REAL”(tm) Christianity. Then ask them how do they know? Then ask them if the Roman Catholic is wrong, and the Mormon, and the Adventist, and the Jehovah. Then ask if they were transported back in time to 500 years ago, if the way they practice their religion now would have been acceptable to those who practiced it back then, and if not why. What’s changed, the religious edicts or the society? If the faith was wrong about slavery then, what is it wrong about now? Ask if God can see into the future. If he’s omniscient then of course he can. He created time right? So if he knows whats going to happen, that means we don’t have free will right, our fates are set, our hands tied? And why didn’t he speak of quantum physics or the reality of the cosmos, or of chewing gum? Surely he’d have seen that? And ask why he gave absolutely vague, conflicting and ambiguous advice all throughout the bible, when he knew it would be up to botched interpretation? God is perfect, he should have left perfectly worded, always comprehensible, nothing to chance, nothing to interpretation advice and concepts that could not be mistaken or misinterpreted! Ask why a good man who never knew or believed in god goes to hell/or purgatory, but a vicious killer on death row who finds jesus and repents goes to heaven? Ask what happened to all the humaniod species before homosapian, and ever other human that died before Jesus’s time… And on and on and on.

    There are better ways to engage in dialogue than screaming obscenities at people Trent. I hope you hear my words and don’t come to resent me or think i gave you an admonishment. Let Christopher Hitchens be your role model… he even admitted that he was less interested in actually changing Theists minds during debates.. he just loved being in debates (and hearing the sound of his own voice). He enjoyed debating for debates sake. Let your reasoned words and not your obscenity laced rage be what lurkers read. You change minds with reason, you turn off when resort to the lowest form of language. Food for thought, don’t take it personally. Peace.

  16. Fine.

    And if you want to know what I have found to be the most effective challenge to religionists is asking them this question:

    “Suppose that in 40 years, medical science has ended human death–first by eliminating all disease by about 2025 and than making our bodies unaffected by trauma incidents by 2050–would that not invalidate all of your claims?”

    This is based on Ray Kurzweil’s projections and he has been very accurate in his predictions since his first book “The Age of Intelligent Machines” was published in 1989 describing how computing would move from main frames to the Internet. Many of his predictions were very controversial until they came to fruition and then the reaction was “Ho-hum. Saw that coming a mile away.” For example, he predicted a computer would beat the world chess champion by 2000. The chorus response was “No, computers don’t think like that.” But when it happened in 1999, it seemed like no big deal because everyone was experiencing the exponential acceleration in processing speed in real time.

    So, whether or not one believes it is possible for humans to transcend biology by 2050, by following the bread crumbs, one could imagine what it might be like if such were the case.

    And, if it is the case, most major religions’ primary claim of value is instantly nullified. That is, their primary “stock in trade” is offering “life after death.” It’s a claim that can never be tested or refuted (not that there is ever a rule of logic which requires disproving a zero) and relies solely on one human emotion: fear.

    Fear of death and what happens after is the sick leverage that religionists use to manipulate people into making “sacrifices” with those calling most loudly for sacrifice generally being the one’s collecting the sacrifices.

    So. what happens if this is eliminated? The religionists who maintain a shred of honesty will tell you it does invalidate their claims since salvation is dependent upon animals.

    I have found Jehovah’s Witnesses to be quite candid in this regard. I interviewed many in the subways in NYC over the course of a year and all said the same thing, “I don’t believe that will happen but, if it did, the Bible would be proven false.” Hari Krishnas have been pretty good in this regard as well. Protestant Christians tend to be more reticent but when pushed will admit same. Baptists are the worst and get angry and offended and several have said they would rather die. Not sure what’s up with that. I don’t know what Muslims think because I don’t talk to those things.

    But, the point is, when it comes right down up it, religions are nothing but death cults. Every other claim they make about life is based on that and it’s why they have succeeded in screwing up the world so spectacularly over the last 2000 years. If you go through life planning for death, you might as well already be there.

  17. Oops. Didn’t mean to say “it does invalidate their claims since salvation is dependent upon animals.”

    It was an editing error. Should read “it does invalidate their claims since salvation is dependent upon death.”

    Meant to change my description of Muslims from “things” to “animals.”

  18. Now that Trent, that was bloody awe inspiring! You see.. You actually educated me about a few things I did not even know about! This is the power of words, formulating arguments and engaging in debate. Knowledge is power. You impressed me greatly.

    Always remember, Hitch went into the Lions den and civilly and respectfully debated against 4 Theists at the same time at a Christian campus. He wasn’t speaking with thx intent of changing anyone’s mind in that room. He was speaking to everyone who would end up watching that debate online, people on the fence.

    The only time I seen Hitch fly off the handle was when people of faith had the audacity to claim he couldn’t be a moral individual without God. Or when he saw other theists providing moral cover for the worst aspects of Islam because to expose one of the Abrahamic faiths to criticism and ridicule would simultaneously expose the other 2. He got mad because no one wanted to tackle the elephant in the room, religion directly enabled and was hugely responsible for 9/11.

    And I agree completely on the fear of death aspect. It makes sense when you realise just when children begin to understand morality, And fear losing their parents, they are told after life stories to soothe their fear. Ill leave it here, I’m on my cell phone.

  19. “Things” was adequate. The mental picture of a defective automaton seemed more apt than that of a raving beast. Beasts may be tamed, but runaway machines are truly frightening.

  20. @tteclod Yes, in my more charitable moments I can give Protestant Christians a little room. At least they had the Reformation, which–though it was not founded as such (John Luther wanted MORE controls over human nature)–led to widespread questioning of dogmas and the breaking of the iron fist of the Roman Catholic Church. This was not the cause of the Enlightment. Rediscovery of Aristotlean Logic was the cause. But it never would have gone anywhere without some let up of the Catholic’s legacy of brutality.

    Islam gets no such consideration. They have never had anything close to a Reformation and I don’t believe they can. The first thing that would have to happen is getting rid of the core belief that the Koran is the verbatim word of god. They would be left with nothing but the ravings of a single lunatic (Muhammed) and the whole thing falls apart.

    The only moral thing to do is crush Islam utterly in the same way we crushed the Nazis. It is legal to be a Nazi in the US today but it is with the understanding that you are part of a movement that has been vanquished. If the West is to survive, we have to temporarily ban Islam, crush it completely and then move on into a brighter future. If not, they will crush us.

  21. M3
    Interesting post. Congrats on the fact that your Incel post still rocks after all this time. This means that the subject matter is timeless, genuine, and provoking.
    Here’s my 2 cents:
    You’re asking “ [Show me] Video evidence of him descending from the heavens and speaking to thousands at Madison Square Gardens is a good start.
    Here is one of the few captured evidence of a supernatural event that made me a believer in God. Most people will say this is a “UFO” and I don’t disagree. It is an Unidentified flying object after all. However, how should humans understand this event? From a technological perspective, this is Freaking Advanced technology. It’s a device that plays with the laws of physics like a child plays with play doh.
    But notice that this device could very well be correlated with the “star” that led the 3 wise men to the location of Christ’s birth.
    This video is evidence of an “Angel” from a Christian/religious perspective, and it is evidence of Advanced tech from a Atheist/non-religious Perspective.
    Let’s blend the two together because one doesn’t exclude the other. We could then say that Angelic beings ARE advanced tech. Going farther into this perspective we could very well say that Mary WAS INDEED inseminated with a sperm that came from a supernatural being/technology.
    With the advent of genetic manipulation, in vitro or other breeding techniques, this hypothesis becomes much more believable than before.
    So I’ll ask you this: I Just showed you evidence of Advanced tech, and you’re aware of genetic manipulation. Is a “breeded Jesus” feasible today ? Could another Advance tech come to a house and inseminate a virgin today, and breed a “special” kind of Human? Hell fucking yes!
    Of course this doesn’t prove God’s existence, but it definitely proves the narrative. If it’s advance tech that breeded Jesus, advanced tech probably rescuscitated him. WHO are you going to believe when the next “breeded Jesus” comes in your face showing you all the miracles he can pull ? Who will be behind this advanced tech/human? Christians know how to trust this “higher power”: We ask It if Jesus is the only begotten son of God” If it says yes, than it is an entity that submits to God and then proves God. If it says that Jesus was a man created by such or such entity, not the son of God, then we will call it a false prophet that will be trying to capture the soul of anybody who will adopt this new “god/jesus”. Still.. it will probably call Itself god or will be proselitizeing for a new religion. U will be stuck believing in a God either way.
    Second Point:
    [Why didn’t God include:]Thous Shalt Not Be Hypergamous on the list of the most important things Man should know from the most powerful entity ever?
    Answer, because he didn’t have to. The Story of Adam and Eve is THE redpill metaphor. The first “Game” or “Redpill” blog post in the World is the story of Adam’s fall in the garden of Eden.
    I suggest you read FreeNortherners posts on the subject. You probably already have.
    My last point is to answer Trent Max:
    –“it does invalidate their claims since salvation is dependent upon death.”
    Salvation is dependent on faith, not death. You can have all the immortality you want from Ray Kurzweil, but as soon as you’re looking to preserve your life longer, it’s because you are too attached to this world. The longer you live, the more you will have a hard time saying “I’m out!”
    I know there is other stuff that you are struggling in understanding the bible and all.. but let the seed of the UFO sink in. Deception was and still is all around us since a very long time. It will stay prevalent and accentuate with time. Who will you have faith in?

  22. A couple of observations:
    1) The lack of response to your blasphemy is only temporary and a sign of His patience with you. Sooner or later you will die, and like everyone else – without faith in Christ to cover you, you will experience the full measure of God’s Justice for all eternity. No ifs, ands, or buts.
    2) Even if “medicine” were to “eliminate death from natural causes,” that’s not immortality, because sooner or later something would happen to each person to end their life – be it an accident, murder, getting poisoned, suicide, etc. – and then they’ll meet their maker. It’s only a matter of time. And God, being as patient as He is infinite, has all the time in the Universe.
    3) Your “lack of evidence” is more because you’re not looking. Many people have tried to discredit Christianity, and wound up believers as a result. If you are truly a fact-based “red pill” and are willing to invest some time in researching the topic, I suggest http://www.amazon.ca/Evidence-Demands-Questions-Challenging-Christians/dp/0785243631 as a good place to start. The author used to be a skeptic just like you, so I expect you’ll like him. 🙂
    Beyond that, it’s your life to live and I wish you all the Lord’s blessings, and I hope He opens your eyes the way He’s opened your mothers.

  23. […] murders) and you get all your feathers ruffled about the 'feelings' section, please head over HERE for understanding the proper context lest you get your panties in a bunch. If you assume the […]

  24. The Bible is plagiarized mythology from various Indo-European cultures (Noahs flood is based on the Epic of Gilgamesh, the rebellion of the Angels against God is based on the rebellion of the Titans against Zeus etc). The New Testament is just re-written Buddhist scripture. If Christians can’t even understand these basic facts about the Bible, the book that they proclaim is the word of God, then I don’t much trust their ability to determine if God exists or not.

  25. Strange, I was told by many Christians that you aren’t supposed to be trying to find scientific proof for God, but instead have faith.

  26. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundation and probably the only falsifiable aspect of Christianity. If Jesus did not rise from the dead and there is proof then they are one step away from atheism.
    So the question is “How do you explain the empty tomb?”

  27. Emma – Scientific proof will not bring people to faith because that’s the not how faith works.However, science informs faith, and since faith and science are based on the truth, faith and science will agree.
    This doesn’t mean that man _scientists_ – and their theories – won’t agree on matters of faith.

  28. AAB – you’re funny, and clearly you’ve never read the New Testament, because then you’d know there’s no comparison between the NT and anything Buddha wrote.

  29. @ A Northern Observer,
    Check out the following three links to see that the Jesus and the Buddha are definitely comparable:

  30. Here is the real truth, the real red pill:

    Men are polyamorous and women are Hypergamous. Left to our natural instincts, women will flock to a tiny handful of alphas leaving the vast majority of men behind. These men will drop out of society, or wage war on society (and women will reward them for this). Meanwhile the remaining alphas and women will not have the time or other resources to build anything. Grass Huts if they are fortunate. This is how apes live, and this is the nasty, brutish short pre civilization humanity.

    See, humans are 3.5 million years old, but civilization is maybe 10 thousand years old. The bible seems to be six thousand years old. Humans are animals evolved from animalistic conditions, and we still have the instincts of animals.

    What allows civilization to be possible is socially enforced restrictions on Hypergamy and polyamory. Traditional Mairrage is the classic Roman answer, but other solutions existed: social castes, slavery, or arraigned Mairrage also worked.

    But each of these solutions screwed over people in society. A traditionally married woman can’t ride the cock carousel. A traditionally married man couldn’t sleep with all of the women he wants to. A beta male probably benefited the most from the increased availability of women, but beta makes were required to also do the lion’s share of the work.

    Religion is essentially the series of stories that society tells people to get them to accept restrictions on Hypergamy and polyamory. It’s a blue pill sure, but a necessary blue pill. No blue pill, mud huts and endless war.

    I find that a lot of atheists define religion as organized religion, in a way that allows them to avoid answering questions.

    A lot of atheists are religious. Religion is just the values that your society holds and that you teach your offspring. Example: many atheists will religiously believe, against all evidence to the contrary, of the equality of men and women, or against the existence of racial differences. Disbelief in a sky god and non church attendance doesn’t mean you aren’t religious.

    So, go easy on the Various Xtians. It’s a blue pill, but they built and run nice functioning societies that are great places to live. All societies require some sort of religion as a prerequisite for civilization, even if not necessarily organized religion. Accept the red pill that nihilistic atheism is not an alternative if you don’t want endless war and mud huts. The track record of Christianity is pretty good, and deserves to be compared against the alternatives.

  31. You may not have been struck by lightning, but you had 12 years of Incel and are haunted by the night of your brother’s death.
    Isn’t that worse? God exists outside of time, and the punishments for your sins need not occur chronologically after them.

  32. I feel like we are brothers after having read that. The best post from you that I’ve read. Profound and candid and real. (Stop doing that! Look out for #1! You can’t rectify a nature without the forces of evolution. You are not gawd either. I can suppose you write for yourself and not a miracle. Don’t need to publish everything. This is not a civilized social environment.) We are taught that burying the mere conception of unpleasant truths is a virtue. Wrong. It’s a man’s world, not a nice guy’s world, and so the West falls (to the elite patriarchy) for that reason.

    The bird is most riled when you have all but defeated its raison d’etre. Reactive vitriol is always confirmation that you are close to bull’s-eye in reality. Now I understand the wording concerning you that I read elsewhere. I can guess what the top 3 of your top 25 posts will be.

  33. That Jesus poster takes the negative (literal) view of “myth”. Myths were never intended to be interpreted literally. Think of mythos as ethos. In that sense yes, a person can be a Christian and accept evolution.
    Instead of thinking “Christ”, think Christ Consciousness.

  34. I have always found it ironic that those who promote atheism – the non belief that is indeed a belief – point to the atrocities committed by Christians and other religions to justify their own rejection of a higher power. All the while steadfastly ignoring that as a component of Marxism and Communism atheism led to the murder of millions of individuals within Communist nations.
    I also find it ironic that red pillers claim to have a high regard for “TRUTH” as opposed to blue pillers. Even as they deliberately ignore the reality of male on male violence that they can no longer comprehend the evil far too many men commit against other men unless of course it is properly framed as proxy violence on behalf of a woman.
    When it comes to accusing others of intellectual dishonesty Red Pillers need to clean their own houses and tend to their own gardens first before seeking to remaking our society in their image lest they fail as badly as the feminists.

  35. Great post… best ive read today

    check this out https://biggerbaddergentleman.wordpress.com/

  36. @DaPoet
    Well it is idiology and countries/classes interests which are murderous.

    French revolution, russian “communist” revolution, german “nazi” revolution, english revolution, american civil war, arab revolution : each time a new ideology apear, it ends in blood bath. You blame the ideologie (Marxism), some blame other kind of ideologies (religion specificly) or greed (civil wars, french revolution).

    I’d rather blame human nature.

    Anyway, does anyone know where M3 has gone?

  37. Last I read he’d gotten tired of blogging and went on “blogging holiday”

  38. I agree God is awesome, I like the fact he invented science for us to learn from, I am a big fan of math myself (I have over 3000 hours of experience doing math problems in my undergraduate education which I am very proud of), true Jesus makes the high low and the low high, all these people in church are incredibly blessed to be taught truth from the bible and be brought to there knees with science, that even church going people can be humble despite their faith and obedience. I am so glad God immediately would beat my butt if I swore at him, God knows I like attention, whether he is kicking my butt, or blessing me makes no difference, I am just glad he cares enough to love me. I post out of context because I like sounding like I am crazy as a loon, I feel it sad when people are serious, whether people are serious athiests or a serously religious people, I love both types of people and I also know how frustrated athiests(chill out at my post btw) get at religious people, and it is bizarre why religious folk would even think of getting frustrated at athiests if they truly follow God.

  39. Idk what kind of justification for that “islam” is. Go by the actions of the Prophet rather than some bullshit interpretation by sum fucktard who thinks such killing is justifiable.
    ^^ these are all common known Hadiths”(sayings of Muhammad )
    Take a hint
    Get educated.

  40. dude you still alive ?!?!?

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