I just slayed a Vampire with my +7 wooden crossbow

June 16, 2012

Me – 1. Vampire – 0.

Glad i had enough holy water and garlic to win this round. Had to pull out the heavy cross for the final boss battle. This vampire was a combination of ALL 4 vampire types.

One hell of a battle, but i leveled up over 9000 and killed it to death!

Her.. her powerlevel is over 9000. sheesh.

My Vampire Boss had a name – LJBF!

The Emotional Vampire Survival Guide: Emotional Freedom in Action


Vampire #1: The Narcissist
Vampire #2: The Victim
Vampire #3: The Controller
Vampire #4: The Splitter or Borderline Personality


  1. […] table than pretty looks and a vagina, else they just get a pump n dump. The ability to not blink when i destroyed my final toxic LJBFzone relationship with an emotional vampire who expected all the benefits of relationship without returning what i […]

  2. I know that pain all too well, the me from over a year ago to now is a totally different man, all because I woke up. Seeing your pain reminds me how much I was in.

  3. So you found a solution you could live with? Or made peace with?

  4. Ha, so EK used to be Sword, huh?
    Interesting how names change and evolve on teh interwebs. 🙂

  5. Hmmm, i had no idea?

    With great personal growth comes a new identity. Perhaps he simply took on a new name for his new self?

  6. Seems like it. Or more likely, he took a more fitting name when he started blogging rather than just commenting. But yeah…that’s his avatar.

  7. My first thought after peeking at the linked website:

    Hypothetically, what if “gaining a few pounds” is being steadily denied? A few plus another few plus yet another few… you know the drill. Several years down you wonder – how did you marry this monstrosity? Should I be hurtful verbally in order to prevent her hurting herself physically with extra poundage?

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