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  1. […] a penis.. well then great! Please look to the right pane of my blog under Pages and click on the Contact Me link and send me your time availability. I have red wine and a box of condoms […]

  2. Hi M3, Sorry I messed up on your name. I’m not sure if you got my previous message. So here goes…
    Hi Guys,
    I’m 62, divorced twice, feel pathetic/bitter sometimes (I’m going to try to not to repeat that too many times or I’d need therapy to improve my self-esteem haha.), had/have significant health problems. I’ll try to spare you the gruesome details unless necessary except that divorce rape is real and I can tell you first hand it can be horrific. I own my own house and car and have no debt and pay my taxes. So nobody reading this is supporting me.
    Reasons for writing this:
    Some of you guys are generous with your time and helped me a lot.
    Validating RP
    A warning
    I grew up when BP grabbed its choke hold– in every form of media, women’s lib, replacement of values and changing family dynamics. Pedestalizing, one-itis, and women have a right to change their minds but men don’t…. Crap! I’m not going to make an excuse for myself but I do want to tell you that RP is a natural result of virulent intentional lies and distortions. So if people here are feeling bitter or angry– I understand.
    That being said I do have a few benefits that you don’t. I was raised and grew up around WW2 combat vets that came home, went to work, didn’t complain, married one woman and raised families. I’m not one of them but it was good to see them while I was growing up. Those guys were RP’ed by combat. A shit test would be to them a no-brainer pop quiz. They didn’t have to adopt a James Bond persona or be a PUA. They were not all heroes but they were real. (However there is something to be said for free love and bra-burning. haha)
    Next I will respond to what some of you are thinking– what difference does it make for me, it’s too late. You’re wrong. (I’m easy on the eyes. haha) What I’m getting at is that RP works on many levels. I’m a beginner but I’m learning I don’t have to waste my money buying a chick a drink because she flirts with me. I won’t be divorce raped again and I protect myseIf. I’m dressing well and working out. There are lots of undeniable benefits even for an oldie.
    Shit tests come in many forms. You can be shit tested by men, women, dogs, babies and falling tree limbs. (I’m still working on passing the last one. lol) There is incalculable value in developing a strong frame. Having an I don’t give a fuck attitude comes in handy a lot. Knowing why women and men act the way we do is very important. I could mention much more but the point is that even if you’re old, feel useless, are a one-legged single parent lesbian, RP will increase your quality of life/happiness.
    Warning– not knowing RP, and preferably getting good at it, will hurt you! Trust me on that one. You can be hurt in ways you can’t imagine including unconscious scarring. I’m trying to tell you RP is hard to swallow but if you don’t you are setting yourself up for failure. The idea of ‘game’ may be lost on me because of my limited SMV. There’s plenty of RP that may not be applicable to you. But do not throw out the baby with the bathwater.
    You may not believe me, but I can tell you there is plenty of BP that is intentionally and insidiously poisonous. I’m talking about downright evil! There are those that would tell you to cut your penis off and some people would do it– especially if bribery were involved.
    That’s something I like about RP. There is a lot of it that is prophylactic (not in the way most of you are thinking haha) It can point you in the right direction to avoid future pitfalls. The bottom line is called awareness! Even an old fart will gain from wisdom/awareness.
    I want to thank the generous folks that have helped others along the RP path, including myself. Most of you have done it out of the goodness of your heart. By the way, I am trying to be less bitter, forgive and forget, stop with the woulda/coulda/shoulda… but it’s very tough. To the ones who know and teach…

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