How to keep a man happy

June 16, 2012

Athol is a genius.

To quote [emphasis mine] :

“Husbands [edit: or partners in general] are not that hard to manage. All you have to do is feed them, make sure you basically contribute to the creation of the home and family life, and act like you really enjoy doing things involving their penis. Seriously, that’s about it. It’s really kind of rare that guys walk away from that sort of deal for a 22-year-old that, (1) can’t put a meal on the table without a cell phone, (2) does not understand the difference between a credit card and a debit card because they both say VISA, and (3) apparently only knows one sexual position called “starfish”.

I was having this conversation with a friend on the roof of my building yesterday, discussing about the sort of barter like system the sexes work on to get their interests/needs met. Women want the platonic/emotional/relationship needs met. Men want their intimacy/sexual/spiritual needs met. Been that way since the dawn of time. Most days men want to hang out with men, deal with men, share men’s interests because they’re men, and vice versa for women (gossip, clothes shopping, bitching about men, etc.)  The only reason men and women come together are for pair bonding/sex/procreation. Outside of that, there isn’t much men and women really do to want to be in each others company unless each is willing to reciprocate in giving what needs have to be met or fulfilled by the other.

Leap of Beta made a great comment somewhere out there in the internet; but for the love of me, i just can’t find it. Something to do with today’s women simply being so not worth hanging out with as their interests border on the banal from completely irrelevant to insanely asinine. Think of Snookie. If he reads this i hope he can dig it up and repost it. When i read his post i instantly thought of the movie Se7en, where they’re reading the journal of the serial killer as he talks about his experience on a subway where he had to deal with a man on a subway who engaged him in incessant small talk.

On the subway today, a man came up to me to start a conversation. He made small talk, a lonely man talking about the weather and other things. I tried to be pleasant and accommodating, but my head began to hurt from his banality. I almost didn’t notice it had happened, but I suddenly threw up all over him. He was not pleased, and I couldn’t stop laughing.” – Se7en

Now i could be wrong… but this is how i feel when i think of talking to many of the club going women nowadays, much less most women because i know there is an expectation to have to cowtow to them if i want access to their lady bits.

But how many men enjoy sitting in the chairs at the mall while their women go shopping for lady clothes? (actually i do.. as long as i get to help pick out what they wear and veto hideous things i don’t want to see on her) How many men bend their interests or conform to enjoy things they otherwise wouldn’t simply to be around women? Men usually end up making tons of sacrifices in order to be gifted with the ability to bask in the company of a lady.

This is how LJBF can rear it’s ugly head. Men will go to great lengths to prove their worth and change their character (with no onus on the female to bend likewise) just for a shot at hanging around in hopes that he’ll get to slip it in eventually. It’s the time honored courtship behavior of a man showing his ‘quality‘ in order to win young fair maidens heart. In return the female should be expected to act the part of the female and offer the most basic of reciprocal actions to validate his actions and investment in her in order to keep him around. Without it, it becomes a full blown case of LJBF-itus. Those actions at bare minimum are akin to what Athol described above.

Men want respect, affection, adoration and sexual validation. It’s our nature to want these things and we’re not wrong for wanting them. We were told to bend and conform to the female imperative with the goal of, the reward of being granted sexual access. It’s why we do the whole romance thing, listen to you drone about things we care nothing for, share in interests we would never have cared to take interest in. And this is why LJBF is so soul-sucking and life destroying. Because it fills all the platonic/emotional/relationship needs of the female (surrogate boyfriend/tampon) without reciprocating the basic needs of the male and why i have declared vendetta against all LJBF and why this whole blog will be devoted on how to destroy it every chance i get. I lived in that hell, i don’t want any of you to ever have to face it alone without recourse. You deserve better than to have the best of you taken and abused by creatures who care not for your suffering or worse yet, delight in it behind your back.

Men will stick around with women if they put out the most basic efforts as Athol described above. If you are filling all the needs of a woman in your life but aren’t receiving this at bare minimum, you NEXT her.

Sorry Boromir. I did.


And the sun came up the next day and it was fucking glorious.

And now i don’t have this issue any more. As MGTOW, i have my own interests and desires and instead of bending to match, they must now prove themselves to match and be compatible with my own. There is no more power of the ‘V’, the pussy doesn’t make the rules, old world courtship is dead. Congratulations feminism! You got what you wanted, and end to chivalry, from me anyways. But if you want egalitarianism back.. start fucking listening to Athol and start acting like women again.


  1. Hey, just saw this. Thanks for the link man!

    Friendzoning, as you say, is soul sucking. Its horrible. I pretty much have learned to avoid it like the plague. If I want someone to hang out with, I’ll find a guy. They’re more knowledgable, on average, than women on current politics, events, and other areas of real depth. They can keep up mentally and physically.

    Women’s general interests extend to pop culture, fashion, and feel good politics where there’s not discussion of how their ‘nice’ ideas really fuck over a bunch of other people.

    So why deal with that ontop of being an emotional tampon? Find a man to hang out with.

    I’d be happy to dig up a comment. Any idea where it was originally made or the context? I’m guessing at HUS, but have no idea which thread it was.

  2. My brain thinks it was on the Rational Male, but i went through his latest posts looking for it and couldn’t find it. But you’re above comment is very similar and should fit the bill nicely!

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