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July 31, 2012

I know I said I’m going on break, but that starts Thursday. This post was just too epic not to share. Great post from a great lady! Enjoy.

Staked in the Heart

In August a new reality show is premiering on Lifetime: The Network for WomenIt’s about a small town where they take out all the women to see how the men do in their absence. It’s called “The Week The Women Went.” The producers are calling it the greatest social experiment.

I expect we’ll see bumbling men floundering with child care. They will be flustered by potty training and unable to handle cooking Hamburger Helper, their houses will look like bombs exploded in them. At the end of the week, no doubt the men will be begging their wives back, thankful they returned to rescue them.

Since this is on a network purporting to be “for” women, you notice they aren’t doing a show where all the men are pulled out to see how the women fared without them.

Now that would be a great social experiment.

It’s not a…

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She’s not dead after all. What a shame.

July 31, 2012

Best of luck to you Femitheist you drama mama.

When you do die for real.. not one fuck shall be given or tear shed. You cried wolf. Now i’ll sit back and watch you get devoured when there are actually wolves.

Do yourself a favor.. get lobotomized. Until then, go fuck yourself and your twisted thoughts.

As Stephen Colbert would say (and by virtue of you virtual demise) you are Dead to Me.

Feel free to share this new meme.


MGTOW gives me freedom to choose what’s right for me.

July 31, 2012

Really quick post.

I felt depressed today. It’s been a while since i been with anyone, no need to put a number on it (and any woman who tells me they haven’t had it in X weeks and feels ‘frustrated’…


I don’t count the episode with my ex-busted-friendzone. Tho a bit of fooling around, it didn’t amount to shit nor ended up going where i wanted it to go. But it was for the best.

A coworker of mine picked up a hot polish yoga instructor over the weekend. Saw the pics.. damn. Just added to my frustration. I want to be able to do what he does.. what most of you apparently can do. Approach, open, jibberjab, neg, deflect, tease, etc.. without so much as batting an eyelash. I’ve read all your blogs. I’m reading ‘The Game’. I hear the advice…

Roosh, Heartiste, Rollo, Yohami, Badger, Dogsquat, Leap, Athol, Vox, FFY, Danny, Dange/Play, Dalrock, and on and on… and i’ve read so much i have no clue what it is i’m looking for any more or what can save me?

PUA bangs? Stable life with a partner? A wingman? Treat’m like sluts and go for the kill early.. we don’t marry sluts. But then i’ll never find one to bunker down with? How could i? If they give it up on date 1.. slut. If she holds out for several dates because she’s looking for something more, i’m a chump, i have to assume she would bang David Beckham in a ONS or it’s what she did early in life. If she’s chaste, then im a fool because she’ll expect me to be a utility/pack mule serving her female interests from a bygone dead era of chivalry. If she wants marriage, i’m fucked because marriage 2.0 dictates i’m an idiot for signing that paper again. All roads lead off a cliff.

But let’s not get ahead of myself..

I’m not anywhere close to being game ready yet. I don’t have the gift of gab or the patience to deal with the types of girls my coworker (or most of the PUA crowd) deals with. I’ve come to not trust hypergamous women, so even tho i understand the nature of the beast, i can’t respect it. It’s the 21st century. Biology can’t be used as a justification for stupid choices. If i can seduce you by being a douche, i cannot respect you enough to let you stay the night when we’re done. It’s my limbo. I still feel like i’m looking for something more.. tho that’s probably the latent beta in me talking. I envy Rollo after reading his post about his marriage. He says he lucked out in how it happened, but that’s so much of life.. pure luck. I don’t know whether gaming chicks and trying to go for 50 bangs in a year is going to fix my inner demons.. the ones that want me to make up for a good chunk of my prior incel life, to make up for what i missed out on OR look for one of those mystical unicorns that i know exist. (Girlwriteswhat is proof).

People tell me i look good. That’s great and all, but we all know it might only get one foot in the door, and im cursed with working in the downtown core, so i see nothing but chiseled Hollywood man-jaw American Dad types all around me that girls salivate over so whatever anyone thinks of me, my surroundings actually create self esteem issues. I’m surrounded by beautiful people.

It doesn’t help that i’m dull and quite introverted. I can talk and be social.. i’m sure there is video evidence of that somewhere. It just drains me. And it feels like a nightmare trying to be social with the group i want to be sexually attractive to, the 22-27 crowd.. the only crowd i’d give a chance to try for children with if they stuck around for a couple of years to earn my trust. As much as i can relate better to the 30’s crowd of women, i won’t entertain any idea of giving them the shot for their baby rabies. So again i’m in limbo.

I need the manosphere to give me a good kick in the ass. Go out to a bar, drop a shot to warm up, and use a couple of openers and get shot down and just let the warmth of rejection flow over me until it becomes just another opportunity to open. I need to get over my fear of women, stop treating them.. no revering them as the prize. I am the prize.. i just need to fucking feel it first. Wish i had a wingman or a mentor to guide me ala Mystery. Anyone in Toronto up for some sargin’?

As Cypher said.. everyone falls the first time. I need to fall. I need to own my own banner. I need to face my fear and let it pass through me, then i will not fear the mind killer.

But with all this running through my head, i did the one thing for myself that felt right.

I got on my bike, the bike i bought four years ago when i was out of shape. The one i bought with the purpose of getting into shape. The one i left to rust in my garage for four years throughout my marriage. The one i recently had my friend take in for a tune up along with his bike. Tonight i got on that bike, and we rode out into the night.. close to an hour of just riding and chatting with the wind at our backs. No one to answer to, but yourself.

I plan to go on a lot more of these sojourns to clear my mind. I can, at any time, i’m bound to no one but myself.

That’s the freedom of MGTOW that i cherish.


Guess it wasn’t a really quick post afterall. Funny how that always happens.


Remember when dying while having sex was the dream?

July 29, 2012

MGTOW Hardcore edition. Heavy emphasis on the ‘going’ part.

Thanks to the modern SMP, a lot of men have found other ways to die doing things.

Looks like many women have made life so unbearable for some guys its online video games as the preferred method of death rather than a heart attack through strenuous vaginal pumping.

But what a way to go huh?

This is a growing trend.. i kid you not. It’s not an epidemic. YET.

The wiki also lists possible causes, but this snippet jumped out at me immediately.

Some theorists focus on presumed built-in reward systems of the games to explain their potentially addictive nature.[58][59]

Gee, i wonder why i often see this theme played out on all the blogs i see. Reward based system. Much like a dog and clicker training for a treat.

Yes, all men are dogs. The ladies were actually right for a change 😉

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A quick thought on Krista Jane Heflin

July 26, 2012

I didn’t know her. I found her blog about 2 months ago (before i started bloggin) and spent a grand total of 1 hour on her site with my mouth agape reading what i thought was either the ramblings of a complete idiot and mentally deranged person (any RadFem fits this profile) OR reading what must have been OBVIOUS SATIRE of feminism to show just where it’s ultimate endgame of female supremacy goes.

I didn’t believe a human being could actually write that kind of shit, so obviously it must have been a parody.. and that’s what i always thought.

Until today. Matt Forney launched into a devastating screed on her today wishing her a happy stay in hell. This was where i first learned of her apparent suicide. A Voice for Men has also put up a story regarding her apparent suicide. For now i’m going to treat this as true, although i have a nagging feeling that there is not enough linkage to a real source to verify this is the case and would hate to see this turn into the biggest pity party stunt ever devised. At that point i really would wish her dead.

So for now this online obituary will have to suffice.

As i said.. before started blogging and had a wordpress account, i wanted to leave comments on her site telling her what a great job she was doing in the comedy business, but couldn’t be bothered to create an account so i didn’t.

But from everything i read, i knew it was 50/50 that either she meant every word of it and was a psychotic mentally ill and unstable female Satan incarnate or a clever girl. It appears to be the former.

I’m not one to piss or dance on someone’s grave, no matter how mad they made me. Her psychosis and mental issues are obviously instrumental to her raves and rants. You can blame a sane person for doing something stupid but you can’t blame a crazy person for being crazy. Yes you must still hold them accountable, just like the Batman Cinema shooter. But there’s no point in asking for the reasons why. Why doesn’t matter. There was no reason. Crazy is crazy. His shooting rampage was crazy, her written words were crazy.

In the end if she is dead, i hope she finds what she was looking for on the other side. If her “final” post is any indication, at least she understood that the problems of her life existed within her alone and that no one else was to blame for them. I feel pity for her, and i take this final farewell column as a refutation of all the RadFem garbage she wrote about.

Refuting her past and radical feminist ideology is the only way forward towards redemption.

RIP Krista.. NOT!


UPDATE: yup, hoax. Little attention whore faked her suicide, and had help from willing accomplices or dupes. She’s beyond batshit crazy. I won’t shed one tear no matter what manner of death she succumbs to. She’s dead to me.


Too Drunk To Consent?

July 23, 2012

Well Mizz Marcotte.. in a world where all men are rapists and all women are snowflakes, this video makes me confused? Can you explain this for me Amanda? Can you explain this to me SLUTWALK? Can you explain to me why she’s so pissed off with the guy for doing the right thing? And of course if all of that were on video and they did take her back and do her as she asked, and the next morning she had second thoughts and cried rape.. would this video help? Or hurt? Special snowflakes indeed, needing protection from themselves. Questions.. questions that need answers!

Danger & Play

Relatedly: What is rape?

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July 23, 2012

I believe it was Deti who said that when a young woman bonds with a man/marry’s a man, the longer they spend time together, as they grow old the man will always view his wife as the young woman that he holds in his memories. When she ages, all he see’s is the beautiful woman he’s always known. It makes so much sense when coupled with this post. Young women would be wise to understand this to remove the fear of aging and what their hubby’s will think once they hit the wall.

Random Xpat Rantings

Samseau: As a woman ages…

…her beauty declines.
…her personality declines.
…her interest in sex declines.
…her genital functionality (such producing lots of moisture around the pussy) declines.
…her hormones declines.

In short, everything that makes a woman, a woman, declines with age. Older women are less fun to be around, have more hangups about their life and are full of regrets, usually have mad baggage from old relationships, and are insecure with their old, ugly aging bodies.

I don’t try to bang women over 30 unless she throws herself at me, which is less likely than a 21-year old throwing herself at me, since 21 year olds are still in their peak and are therefore more horny.

If this male perspective eclipses the matriarch-centric notion of women maturing into more attractive and interesting people, it will have an effect on the sexual marketplace.

Women would be forced to settle…

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