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Game and the Rise of the Kwisatz Haderach

August 16, 2012

So, some time ago i decided to be a smartass and tell the world i was reading ‘the Game’. It was on my Assbook, my TUMBLR, this blog, on a billboard downtown and on OKCupid.

Well, maybe not the billboard.

In any case, one day one of the women i politely asked to chat with in a non cut&paste manner previewed my profile before responding and noticed that i had written in ‘The Most Private Thing I’m Willing To Admit’ box was that i was currently reading the book. Here’s the extremely quick chat we had.

Preconceptions and an inability to argue beyond emotional hysterics. This is where conversations go to die.

I have another post in the works about a trend i’m noticing online, and how women talk in the real world as well. About how they’re ‘tired of the games’ or ‘guys are assholes’. It’s the Chicks Dig Jerks syndrome of course.

And they’re starting to blame it on ‘Game’ because it is starting to go mainstream. Fuck, i even saw an episode of Criminal Minds not too long ago where they were investigating someone who was running ‘Pick Up’ training, and the killer took one of his courses on the dark arts. Of course the actor they chose looked like a sleezeball and slimey (had to get your digs in MSM) but it shows that Game and PickUp are becoming part of the mainstream narrative. More and more women are becoming aware that men are learning and reading about how to seduce women and are becoming frightened by the thought.

You’d think women would love the chance to have MOAR alpha men to choose from to satiate their hypergamous sexholes need for top dog sausage.


Almost paradoxically, the more alpha’s that enter the system, in the minds of women.. DILUTE the prize of becoming the prize pig to an alpha. What is the victory in shackling one down when they’re a dime a dozen? It’s like currency. Flooding the economy with more printed money and what do you get? People buying bread with wheel-barrels full of paper. Women don’t want to wheel around dump trucks full of useless kindling.

BUT WAIT, it gets even better!

Women are starting to also catch on to the fact that PUA’s, while maybe not having been naturals, seem indistinguishable. Yes the bad ones have certain tells, but the good PUA’s.. you don’t know it until they’re asking you kindly to leave their flat while throwing your clothes out the door and saying thanks for the lay. Another one for the pump and dump files. They are scared of ceding control, of losing the ability to make t-shirts that say ‘I have the pussy, I make the rules’.

Others who won’t bother to become hardcore PUA’s will still nonetheless learn how to react with dignity and not to be a pussy beggar, thus ending the free ride of so many entitled mooching whores. These men will not bend or yield as they force women to qualify to them and reject outright the batshit crazy, the entitled princess, the narcissist attention whore, the beta-orbiter collector. As was pointed out to me by both my brother and Leap of Beta, even learning to withhold the act of surrender-commitment is a huge game-changer IF enough men learn this concept and enforce it.

The point i’m driving at is that women want to paint Game as some evil entity and that your association to it in ANY WAY marks you as a villainous user of women (as if that isn’t just female imperative with gender reversal). What they fail to grasp is that Game isn’t moral, it’s amoral. Game itself is unaware AND indifferent to questions of right or wrong. It doesn’t care! (like Hypergamy)

Over at Dalrocks, guest blogger Cane Caldo touches upon the symbiotic and inverse relationship of Game/Hypergamy on his post Cypher’s Dilemma.

What is Game? Here’s the definition, as I understand it:

Game is the applied science of attraction, most commonly expressed as the art of seduction. It’s based on the supposed evolutionary psychology of human; with a special emphasis on exploiting the condition of hypergamy.

Hypergamy is a philosophy of the condition of women that says, whenever possible, any given woman will choose to mate with the male in her vicinity that is exhibiting the most, and most dominant, sexual traits. Those sexual traits, themselves, are Game.

It’s a really good read, but it devolves into moralizing about why Game is bad/wrong/not necessary for Christians. To each their own, but i think he’s missing a key point that Dalrock got. It’s not game that’s evil.. it’s how the practitioner decides to use Game.

Maybe this graphic will help.

Everything pictured here can kill. EVERYTHING.

Game is a Tool.

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Cows to be led to slaughter as a euphamism for the current SMP

July 6, 2012

When you see children playing on a playground.. do you look at the two sexes and think “wow, these boys must absolutely HATE women. Look how they play together, laugh with each other, tell each other jokes and smile. The hate is just palpable!

Yeah i thought so.

[Edit: Even tho i started writing this a few days ago, I just caught a comment from Esau at HUS which mirrors the thought of this post. It’s here if you want to see it, it’s insightful.]

People aren’t born with an innate hatred towards others. They need to be either taught, or experience something that shapes their worldview. It’s the essence of our growth. Left to our own devices on an individual level, we would all most likely end up like Brooke Shields and whatshisname in the Blue Lagoon. (mmmmm Brooke Shields)

But of course once you get a whole shitload of people with an agenda harping at you, teaching you and telling you what you should feel and how you should react and what you should do about it.. regardless of what you really feel.. well, there’s a movie that describes that effect quite well too.


My spellchecker knows what it is.


I have a red wavy line running under it right now.

Both are real, but i imagine how they are reached often by two completely divergent paths. One is through educated hate and indoctrination in college and university study classes and groupthink. One is through life experiences of emotional trauma and upheaval when the pretty lies shatter and rain down like a thousand cutting daggers, where ultimately the matrix experiences a system crash.

I’ll let you take a moment to figure which points to which.

My brother coined the phrase ‘Woman are cows and good for only one thing, to be led to slaughter.‘ I’ll get to that more in a moment.

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A quick thought on women who are emotionally broken..

June 20, 2012

It’s like 4,000,000,000,000 degrees here in Toronto. I think my teeth are melting. But onto the topic.

Yoda is a great and wise teacher. He’s got his speech ass backwards but his hearts in the right place. Anger does lead to the dark side. You take only what you carry with you. I don’t want to carry my hate any longer.

Sometimes in my anger i forget things.

I forget that sometimes people don’t have the luxury of choosing who their parents are and how they grow up.

While i am not required to spend my time, patience or energy on someone who wants nothing to do with me and it is not my purpose in life to fix another persons mental state (that’s what therapists are for), nor am i to suffer their presence especially if that person thinks they are absolutely perfect as they are.. i can still empathize with the fact that their lot in life is what it is because of forces beyond their control.

I still hold out hope that everyone in them has the ability to change for the better if they want it bad enough. But it’s not for me to make them drink the water, or even drag them to the water. I can only point to the water and hope they’re thirsty enough to make the trek.

I wish the best to my exwife, but that is as far as i will ever take it. Rest is up to her.

I wish the best for my former LJB-de-friendzoned-friend, but that is where it ends. Rest is up to her.

Good god why do i fall for the damaged ones. Do i have a fucking savior complex?

Thankfully due to inner game i can honestly look myself in the mirror and say “Not any more.”


I imagine a huge swath of children from the feminist induced divorce culture generation have been affected by this. The myriad of “Daddy Issue” girls prevelant in today’s society, and all the problems they bring to the table may be directly related to absentee father’s due to divorce, or beta fathers indoctrinated in the horror of reversed gender roles, trying to become their daughters “best friend” rather than a strong, yet caring role model to guide them.

The video below seems to explain a lot and as worth watching. While i wash my hands of damaged women and will actively screen them out in the process of finding a sane compatriot to accompany on the remainder of my life’s journey, i will not hate them for who they are. Instead i will pity them for what they became.


side note. my PC keeps rebooting in this heat and i’m being forced to use my company macbook. I am now contemplating getting a mac. I guess the reason we’re experiencing this horrendous heat wave is because hell has indeed froze over and all the exothermic energy has materialized here. I’ve got a cold beer shoved down my crotch. ahhhhhhh.