The Revenge of the Few Extra Pounders

July 15, 2012

Regular reader ‘Stormy’ sent me one of those ‘funny’ ecards that float around the interwebz every now and again along with a stirring question.

“WTF all the fat chicks keep reposting this.”

Good question Stormy. I already answered for you but i’ll delve in deeper as to the why.. and also why it’s so horribly ineffective as ‘a joke’.

Firstly, it’s important to understand possible motive. It boils itself down to a self defense mechanism. The angry victim wants to strike back. There was a time many moons ago when i was not in shape, or popular. I had my own cohort of tormenters ready to pick on me. If you’re being constantly harassed, it’s easier to create a fault in your tormenter and focus on it, rather than look inward and see whether your harasser has a valid point, albeit presenting that point very poorly. And even then, your harasser is just that.. and individual, not a society or class of people. Sometimes people forget this.


Because it’s simply an easier way of dehumanizing their real or perceived abusers. The only way you feel better is by finding or creating out of thin air, something wrong about who you think is holding you down, projecting it over everyone who fits that type per-emptively and making fun of them to build yourself up as being morally, ethically or genuinely superior, especially by adding in the God bit at the end of it. I mean, if God is on your side, how could you possibly be in the wrong? God had to divvy between awesome looks and awesome personality, so it must suck to be a hottie when the big girls have all that awesomeness unto themselves.

But where this one fails horribly is this… i have never found a girl to be hysterical. Funny yes, but not hysterical. If they laughed at my jokes, then they were awesome. Brilliant? I’ve met girls much smarter than me. I like smart girls. I think it’s a great bonus if i could talk about philosophy or current events and not worry about them forgetting to change the oil in the car or put a peanut butter sandwich in the Bluray player. Smarts are great, oversmart not so much. Brilliance is in the eye of the beholder and if played poorly, it becomes a negative trait in the blink of an eye. BUT it was never was my primary interest for wanting to hookup with a woman. I’m a LOOKS first, ask questions late type of guy.

So that slogan really doesn’t do anything, ANYTHING to help their cause and only reaffirms that size 2 women are the type to be around. The careful wordplay tries to make it sound like an insult, like size 2 women are stupid and unsociable. If only the land whales posting these slogan cards actually understood gender properly. This is intrasexual competition at it’s finest. They know that in the looks department they are woefully handicapped in the mate selection department. They’re basically holding the door while the pretty ones get first dibs. They’re pissed. So instead of either:

a)accepting their place and coming to terms with it

b)getting to the gym, eating right and working the weight off

they instead choose option…

c) because it’s the easiest route to take. And option C is the hallmark of the feminist movement. Don’t take responsibility for your own actions, blame others for how they think, tell them why it’s wrong to think that way, and target your perceived oppressors with poorly constructed shaming and ridicule in an effort to get them to realize it’s what’s on the inside that counts…

The inside of an angry fat feminist is like a Twinkie. I’ll let Egon explain.

Well, let’s say this Twinkie represents the normal amount of psychokinetic[feminist] energy in the New York area.   According to this morning’s PKE[feminist shaming level] sample, the current level in the city would be a Twinkie 35 feet long weighing approximately six hundred pounds.

Too bad they’re showing exactly what’s on the inside, and i’m not talking about the happy meal they’ve ingested. I’m talking about the dark poison that runs through their souls, needing to castigate young, hot, thin girls as being ANOREXIC SLUTS that throw up to remain thin just so they can slut it up with many cocks. I call this the lowest form of shaming behavior possible because i guaren-dammm-teeee you this is PURE projection. If the big girls managed to lose weight and look hot, you bet your ass they’d be the first ones lining up at the bar sizing up which dick they’d take home now that they have a choice in the matter. But since they are unwilling to aspire or work toward that goal, they have to attack that which they would love to be with a moral absolutism, trying to convince anyone who will listen that the thin girls should stop being BULIMIC WHORES and put on a few pounds and embrace their awesome personalities instead of trying to look good for ‘boys’. Then when all the weight is evenly distributed, all the girls will be even odds.. tho most guys will be watching their dicks wilt by then.

By taking out their frustrations and ire with a sweeping generalization that skinny chicks are lame social bores, and saying thank God there are human manatees out there to pick up the slack for their stupid svelte sisters.. not only are they trying to shoot their problem tormenting fly with a fist full of buckshot, they also show themselves to be people worthy of my scorn.


  1. I sound so articulate. lol.

  2. What about the pretty fat girls who gets just as much cock as others and just wishes everyone would get along and play nice?

  3. Whilst I wont dispute that they may be getting cock, I doubt it the quality or calibre of cock they want. Nevertheless, the ones who crank out these ecard tropes are mainly girls who hate competing against skinny girls because guys as a rule naturally love fertile female forms.

    [edit] if you are happy with who you are and are enjoying life then great, it’s as it should. i have quite known and been friends with big girls in the past. they’re great people and wonderful socially, but they don’t attract me sexually. to each their own. point is, i don’t enjoy ecards or feminists telling me im wrong for not being attracted to big women. Women throughout time have known men are visual creatures, women weren’t lied to by men about what they find attractive, women deluded themselves for the most part. Men did not delude themselves.. they were LIED to by feminists who shamed, ridiculed and demanded that masculinity be treated like a disease and to become more like women, only to find out they are repulsed by feminine men and then discard these beta creations they conspired to concoct. Two different sets of circumstances. I’m just putting this out there pre-emptively in case anyone starts complaining about big women=beta men in the SMP and beta men shouldn’t whine.

  4. You know, I think most people who eat too much do so because of underlying mental issues. If you are happy with who you are, it is relatively easy to stop eating when you are full. If you aren’t, you eat extra as self-medication (or turn to something else like alcohul, drugs, etc.)

    It would be interesting to see if body acceptance messages actually lead women (and men) to get less fat.

  5. I accept that sometimes there is a possible vicious cycle effect – i’m fat because i eat, i eat because i’m fat. Using food to alleviate depression while adding onto what depresses you in the first place.

    Body acceptance won’t help them get less fat. Shaming doesn’t work well either. But there’s no doubt treating them with kid gloves and giving platitudes about being accepted for whats on the inside will not help. They need to be told honestly and firmly to either accept being fat and all the natural consequences that come with, or that they need to practice self control over what one puts into their mouth, and to put in some effort into losing that weight.

    It’s amazing how fast mental issues ‘disappear’ once you take responsibility for your own lot and work to correct it.

  6. Any woman can get sex if she’s willing to act slutty, initiate flirting with guys, and go for it. She might get turned down by some, but she’ll get laid by the end of the night if she goes to a bar and keeps flirting with people as they keep seeing her through more and more beer goggles.

    Its being able to get that same guy to sleep with you a second time or actually commit to a relationship with you that makes a difference. Not every girl can do that, and you have to be a woman of quality to be able to get it from any man of quality.

    To get the man you want a woman should do two things. Work on how good she looks, and lower her standards. Doing those two things will lead you to a partner.

  7. M3, “It’s amazing how fast…” is dead on. Stop blaming others for your shortcomings if you yourself caused them.

    I was on the fatter side until 18. Around the second half of high school I started thinking that I should lose a few pounds, so I cut out the sodas, cut back on the desserts and the fried foods, and began walking more often. It didn’t take too mich more than that. those Oreos didn’t come calling that much when “You don’t want to be chubby forever rang my head.” I dropped around 30 pounds by graduation. More weight less and healthier eating followed.

    I’ve heard that same line on the card plenty of times from big women. It’s as if they think that a bigger body = bigger and better brains and they want to shame men for desiring someone smaller (or even average) at the same time. It’s sickening. It is not wrong to state a preference, especially a biologically driven one.

    I dated one bigger girl who used to wax rhapsodic about her raw vegan days as a rugby player because she was thinner and ate better. When she would say that stuff, all I could think of was *bloody do something about it–nothing’s stopping you except your love of junk food.* I probably should’ve spoken up more than I did because those stories were annoying.

    *The link’s to the Manoshere blog. My main blog about living in Korea is here: http://gangwondispatches.blogspot.com

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