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Keep Spoon Feeding Them Shit

January 14, 2014

M3 takes the form of Elmo sometimes… feel free to share my Photoshop goodness.

A woman’s GPA has never helped her in intersexual competition between her sisters and instilling attraction in mates.

Women compete with other women attempting to lure the best quality mates. And the really astute ones now what bait is best – regardless of what tripe social justice warriors and educated retards with letters after their names try to tell you.

Brains is a nice to have, but it won’t make us fall in love with you or make our cocks get hard. A high GPA on a beast like Lindy West is the same as a Beta herb who’s chock full of ‘nice’ qualities yet completely undesired by women because he generates no attraction. Those qualities only contain ‘value‘ when the person is interested in you. The ‘NiceGuys’ who think the loyalty, ability to provide & provision, dependability, treating females as equals, shoulder to cry on, white knighting, etc… are qualities which women SHOULD value! Yet women would rather sleep with the man who’s a jerk and polar opposite of that – because those men DO generate attraction.. and if that women can get any one of those ‘nice’ traits out of the jerk… then all of a sudden that trait has immense value!

A socially awkward geek can offer women a lifetime of loyalty, honesty and provisioning up the whazoo. And she will reject it. Those traits are worthless to her coming from an inferior SMV specimen. Internally she recoils in disgust at the thought, the thought of inferior seed gestating for 9 months.

I got into a pissing match with a feministy woman on Facebook not long ago. She was getting angry that men would rather get involved with dumb bimbos and awful gold diggers rather than with good, intelligent women. I had to remind her that she was conflating sex with relationships. A man will fuck those types of women because they have assets which arouse them. Doesn’t mean they want them forever. But let’s switch it up on her for a second and ask her the following:

  1. Do you find the hard bodies of Magic Mike attractive? Do they get you wet?
  2. Do you find the cockiness and confidence of Magic Mike arousing?
  3. Can you envision having sex with him?
  4. Would you fuck him right now?
  5. Now let me tell you he sells drugs to children.
  6. Now let me tell you he kicks small puppies for fun.
  7. Now let me tell you he blows all his money up his nose in coke.
  8. Does any of the last 3 items change how his rock hard body makes your body feel? Does it change how you react to his cocky swagger?
  9. Knowing everything you know, and the option of sex was on the table, a one night stand that did not involve you having to deal with any of those other facts in a long protracted relationship… would you still fuck him?

My guess is most women would. If there is no long term relationship at stake and just instant gratification.. what woman wouldn’t?

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Gauntlet Cast. You Throw Down. Now back your shit up.

July 31, 2013

Picture 12

Got called a misogynist at work yesterday.. bit my fucking tongue really hard in an effort not to lose my job. Got called that by someone who knows my views regarding evo.psych, my philosophy of MGTOW, my hatred of feminism and everything it teaches women, from being irresponsible little children with no agency, to blaming all men for the worlds ill because of white privilege and holding women back, and for enabling a generation of women to ignore basic human biological reality and gorge like little piggies at the trough of sluttiny.

Because i have an opinion that actions have consequences and repercussions AND that men have the right to act in their own best interests rather than societies (read gynocrosity).. this equates that i have a deep hatred, mistrust and dislike of all women solely because they have a vagina.

Yes, i had an urge to kill yesterday. I had an urge to kill, not because she was a woman.. but because she showed such stupidity on an epic scale it boggles the mind.

And i have a serious skin allergy to stupid.

But i’m glad i held back. Instead of letting someone’s pure fucking ignorance and retardation set me off, i plan to use this to prove something concrete.

And i’m going to use this blog as a starting point.

To any and all fucking lurkers who pass by and think that i am a misogynist and wish to voice your concerns.. this is your chance. Have at it. Leave me a comment down below, this is your moment, and here’s the kicker.


Why am i misogynist?

Prove that i hate all women.

Prove that i hate women because they are women.

Prove that i want to oppress women and put them back in the kitchen.

Prove that i wish to take away their rights and access to abortion.

Prove that i sincerely hate my girlfriend.

My mother.

My best friends 6 year old daughter.

Stingray. Carolina. Judgey Bitch. SSM. TarnishedSophia. And all the other redpill women of the sphere.

Hell, even try proving i hate my ex wife simply for the fact that she’s a woman.

Misogyny /mɪˈsɒɪni/ is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women.


Show me i dislike women or girls. I love them. I HATE stupid fucking feminists.

Show me i discriminate sexually? I discriminate against stupid fucking feminists.

Show me where i denigrate women for being women? I denigrate stupid actions by stupid people where actions have consequences.

Show me where i condone violence against women? I condone violence against NO PERSON. I DO CONDONE a right to self defense, by either gender in the case of immediate assault.

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Dating Profile Catastrophe of the Week

September 7, 2012

Brace for impact

Following hot on the heels of my last post i thought i’d create a weekly feature, and will continue until i can no longer stomach it.

This weekly feature will bring to you and IMMORTALIZE for all time the very best of the best of the WORST that Dating 2.0 has to offer.

Let’s meet this weeks offender.


Now before i begin, let me clearly state that i am extremely sensitive to the nature of cancer, as my family had endured it through the loss of my brother. This is in NO WAY an attack upon the person having endured cancer and undergone treatment. More power to her to successfully beat the menace. I fully wish her the best in killing that dreaded disease.


With that prologue out of the way, i’d like you all to view this first and foremost as a form of Chemotherapy to kill another nasty scourge from her system. Chemo into the heart of her hamster. To kill it and stop it in it’s tracks, in the hopes that once her hamster dies.. she may actually find someone who might help be the chicken soup for her soul as she battles the physical battle. Her hamster needs to die. This post is the radiation. I only hope the dosage is sufficient!

What’s in a name?

Well in this case, everything. It gives up the goose and tells the whole story right on the cover of the book. To my gentle reader, let me introduce you to:


Tagline: U think u have it in u to sweep me off of my feet

[we haven’t even started reading the profile and already we can see princess mentality. it’s your job dear reader to set her hamster afire and win fair maidens heart in a Disneyesque fantasy. be prepared my fellow utility.. for it is SHE, not you that is the prize in question]

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Why oh why should i bother to try for an LTR?

July 20, 2012

I just had a very interesting time exchanging with Cooper, Rich.Aubrey and Susan over at HUS stemming from a comment Cooper made in the thread Misery in the Friend Zone.

It was a comment so absolutely touching as it hit on all the latent beta in me that yearns to FEEL like there must be something more in this SMP than a simple algorithm or chess like strategy of using evolutionary excuses to justify certain behaviors while still asking for civilized action and chivalrous attitudes in an era that clearly shows they have outlived their usefulness. Without the ability to put the genie back in the bottle, can we ever get to a point where ‘love‘ actually means something tangible and concrete, rather than a ‘feeling’ that burns out as fast as it starts and becomes as dark and cold as the remnants of a Sun the burns out and dies?

Not to scale

But it all started in another thread that took on a life of it’s own..  regarding the Sexual Selection Theory.

After having read (and agreed with) Ted D[link], Esco[link] and MikeC’s[link] revulsion towards woman’s attitudes (or films portrayal of, take your pick, life imitating art imitating life i suppose) regarding a newly wedded woman’s ability to rationalize sleeping with an apex alpha that is not her husband in the following terms [off of Susan’s comment in response to user Passer_By; emphasis mine]

Susan Walsh July 19, 2012 at 9:59 am

@Passer By

“Do you think most would have said no to Elvis or Paul backstage if one of them invited one of those girls home (and they weren’t worried about pregnancy or dad finding out)?”

There’s a great scene in Woody Allen’s new movie To Rome With Love. By chance, a newlywed woman meets a movie star on the street while he’s filming, and he asks her to lunch then brings her to his hotel room. She goes into the bathroom, looks in the mirror and says this to herself:

“If you sleep with him, you will regret it for the rest of your life. If you don’t sleep with him you will regret it for the rest of your life. Regret either way, might as well sleep with him.”

I think that is a very accurate representation of the female thought process in a situation like that.

I’ll give you a couple minutes to digest that one for a moment.



Sunk in yet?



Betrothed. Wedded Bliss. Hot Alpha walks by. MY LIFE IS OVER, I WILL REGRET THIS FOREVER!

I just slept with the BEEB and we love each other and he’s so much better than you and i want a divorce because i’d regret not quitting you and let go of my hair you’re hurting me, help, POLICE im being assaulted!!!

Please kill me.

Ted followed it up all those exchanges with a killer line here:

Isn’t the whole point of wearing a wedding ring to remind you about this, and to tell everyone else you are off limits?

I was recently at a wedding to a friend of mine. It was at a Baptist church, not a Roman Catholic like i went through. It was similar but there were notable exceptions. The vows sounded a little different. Plus the Pastor(not Priest) was VERY explicit about the meaning behind the rings each partner gives the other, about the commitment it symbolized, about it being there to REMIND you that you are now connected, one flesh. He used a word, I believe it was troth but i can’t recall, that connoted the very essence of commitment. I heard the word commitment so many times, and their service was half the length of the one i went through. They take their shit seriously with regards to FUCKING COMMITMENT!!!

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1 in 3 would give up sex for food? I call BS

July 8, 2012

And of course.. i’m right.

The banner headline of this story is about as full of shit as can be. One need only get to the 3rd paragraph to see the fine print:

“…a collaborative effort by and — 39 per cent of women said they’d choose food over sex, while only 16 per cent of single men would sacrifice sex for food.”

I won’t even get into the 16 percent figure for men. I cannot believe in that statement. They’re either morbidly obese and have given up all hope, gay or have been drinking too much water laced with Bisphenol A.

So let’s look specifically at the female side of the equation. 39%.


4 out of 10 women view sex in such a lackluster way that they would choose to eat a fucking piece of fat inducing chocolate rather than enjoy sex.

I have no clue if this study is a reflection of women across the globe or simply North America. But by god, i have to assume at the moment this disease is confined to the shores of North America which is why the whole notion of expatting to find women who enjoy having sex with men more than eating a tub of Häagen-Dazs is gaining traction.

Not tonight dear.. pass me the Twinkies.

From the article:

Why is sex so easily sacrificed — if only theoretically?

“People often say things like they’d pick money or sleep or food over sex,” sex therapist Ian Kerner “I think this shows that people take sex for granted, or that they’re not enjoying sex enough to really value it appropriately.”

Perhaps if women actually dated men who wanted to please them vs. just use them for a quick in and out pump n dump, they wouldn’t be so quick to put off sex for an AERO bar to feel the sensation of chocolate bubbles melting rather than the sensation of a mind altering orgasm.

And it gets worse..

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Meet your modern empowered liberated woman. Thank you Feminism!

July 3, 2012

I can see why the banks were so quick to fuck average people over.

I can see why the 1% want to keep getting wealthier.

They don’t want to share feminism’s greatest achievement with the rest of society.

Feminism obliterated the shackles of sexual promiscuity and shaming. It empowered women to not only work hard to be able to earn any job they wanted (you know, plumber, sanitation, oil rigs, garbage woman, construction, etc..) but they also  empowered them to work hard on their backs and embrace the idea that accepting money from a man as ‘a private donation’ isn’t really prostitution.. it’s just a ‘gift‘. That’s how escorts advertise. You’re paying for their ‘time’. Uh huh.


You know, i don’t know what’s worse. I really don’t.

These blood sucking leaches at the top who will fuck their own mothers over to squeeze an extra buck of profit, usually over the backs of hard working people, just so they can shove it into the panties of some tight little whore.. OR the whores that drive these spineless cockless motherfucking assholes to actually succumb to the power of the V and PAY these skanks? I mean a girls gotta eat right? And cash in while the body still has the goods…

[Full disclosure: I was once that cockless motherfucker. Back in my wasted incel youth, i had tons of disposable cash and took lots of strippers for dances. Lowest point of my life really. But i never paid for sex. The strippers i nailed gave it without expecting coin.]

Whenever i think of guys with that attitude i picture this:

Oh, you have a vagina and a tight body? Here, let me dump tons of cash all over you because it’s easier for me that way.

My brother had many great nuggets of wisdom he shared over the course of his life. One was about the entitlement attitude of women who get by on their looks alone. He hated this city for it, the pussy beggars who inflate the ego’s of shitty women who don’t deserve to breathe the same air i do. He nailed it succinctly for me one day and said:

These fucking whores.. think they’re all that. If guys had one ounce of brains in them, they’d keep their dicks and their wallets in their pants. Then what? How these dumb bitches going to fend for themselves? If every guy in this piece of shit city had even a scrap of dignity, and told these bitches to go to hell, you watch how fast they start crying a different tune. They’d be itching at the chance to gobble your cock for a sandwich and bus fare instead of thinking they’re worth $1000 a night. Dignity.. this city’s lacking it.

I loved his vernacular.

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Another one for the IDWTLOTPA files

July 3, 2012

For anyone asking IDWTLOTPA stands for

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. It gets it’s own category.

Just scoped this story over at Heartiste from one of the anonymous commenters. Had to take a break from my workout to put this up. It just makes me seethe.

‘I’ve fallen in love with man who beat my boyfriend to death’: Victim’s girlfriend admits she’s been writing to killer in jail

[edit: link fixed]

Seriously.. is there any way to get the killer of her boyfriend and this girl in a secluded area for a couple of days…

..perhaps her body will turn up in a river somewhere?