What’s good for the goose

June 16, 2012

Rollo Tomassi has an excellent post up entitled Double Standards regarding the phenomenon of women who complain about a double standard only when it isn’t applied to them. It is a fascinating piece to which i really wanted to add my own insight on the picture in the post just speaks volumes. Do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven’t already.

The jest of it is that women cannot even begin to grasp how far the scales are tilted and unbalanced when it comes to applying a positive/negative connotation to an action based on gender. When it works against the female, they’re up in arms. When it works against the male, suck it up you loser, be a man, don’t complain, that’s how it’s always been, don’t fight it.

I created this faux logic function to show how it works.

INPUT value *; sleep with too many people;* where (n+3) > 20
INPUT value *; gender
IF woman then print  “slutbag whore”;
IF man then print  “James Bond”;
ELSE print “bisexual”

I have no knowledge of programming language so that would probably create a syntax error and crash the matrix, but i think you get my point. Women feel they are being judged unfairly for identical actions solely based on the variable of gender. On the surface you may agree! So what if we simply replace the action in the line of code and see what the Hypocritatron6000 comes up with?

INPUT value *; likes to sleep with people younger than them;* where (a) -5:-15
INPUT value *; gender
IF woman then print  “empowered sexually aggressive, sex & the city Samantha, possible couger”;
IF man then print  “deviant, possible pedophile, objectifying”;
ELSE print “incarcerated”



The beauty of that list is that it is UNDENIABLE. When confronted with all the social advantages afforded to women in terms of what is accepted and what is not tolerated in the application of double standards.. women come up ahead by fucking miles and miles! It’s not even a race… men have pulled up lame right out of the gate.

So for women to harp over not being judged like a man the one time it doesn’t work in their favor is just the final infantile screech of a baby who simply has to have it all her way.

Fortunately nature will never let that double standard die. It’s been hard wired into us and no amount of feminist banshee wailing or drivel about gender constructs or some other bullshit won’t change that. Women are the natural gatekeepers of sex, they have the final say on whether access is granted or not. For a man to get a notch requires effort. For a woman to spread her legs wantonly to anyone requires none. And forever shall it be. If you can’t accept that, that’s your disability not mine.

Besides, in today’s day and age, with women holding ‘SLUTWALKS‘ and taking the word back and embracing their sluttiness, it seems to be a moot issue. While some stigma remains, the social conditioning to accept it via media and television has largely removed the social ramifications to it so perhaps they got what they have achieved victory. So now that women and men are judged the same way in regards to sexual partner counts and no more double standard exists there, perhaps we can now fight for EQUALITY <snicker> to have men judged by the same positive connotations that women receive for the actions on that list.

That way, when the influx of lifelike robotic women start being built in Japan, the kind that visually emote, have basic response patterns to vocal commands, smile and ask how your day was, and want to please you any way you like, any time you like without any preconditions whatsoever.. i will be judged as an ‘empowered, sexually liberated male” instead of a ‘misogynistic oppressor of womankind for objectifying women and making them further objectified by having to compete against objects of vastly superior quality‘ and for making women expendable and disposable to be used only for utility.


I remember hearing the same conversation take place when the dildo came out.

No wait… i didn’t.

Technology brings equality does it not?

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