Sexbots. Rise of the Boners!

July 19, 2012

Thanks to Leap of Beta for inadvertently coining the title of this post.

Skynet did not become self aware and start a nuclear war on August 4, 1997 because of Cyberdyne Systems as predicted in James Camerons first two Terminator films.

Skynet did not become self aware on July 25, 2004 due to the US military’s Cyber Research Systems Division taking control of all computers planet wide and starting a nuclear war as promised in T3: Rise of the Machines.

But the future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.

And oh what a fate we are making!

Ok.. so we’re not there yet.

I find the idea quite amusing.

After reading an awesome piece over at Heartiste today about how the current of free high quality porn is slowly erasing mens dependency on women, and how sexbots would completely remove it (thus creating the paradox of abundance mentality and turning every guy into an aloof alpha).. i got to thinking about something i wrote about a while back in a post about double standards.

When Heartiste drew the parallels between male and female equivalence of modern supernormal stimuli, it made me think once again about certain inequalities.

Most all supernormal stimuli for males is equated with negativity, reviled and loathed, things to be abhorred and shunned. The female version is accepted, rejoiced, embraced and exalted as wonderful past times.

Male = bad. Female = good.

Once again it is women who hold all the aces. The things that bring them happiness, are out in the open for all to see as they bask in their inanity and self absorption, dragging us along for the ride on the stupid train. How stupid? Heartiste answers that quibble resoundingly:

Answer: 50 Shades of Gray, tabloids, Facebook, OkCupid, pulp romance novels, pretty much everything on TV, high glycemic carbs.

All that garbage, out in the open, perfectly fine, ok, accepted.

Yet when a man wants to hit his super-dooper-kala-si-fric-normal stimuli by checking out some tantalizing female flesh, if he doesn’t have tight game, still in the blue pill world, stuck in a sexless marriage or given up all hope, he must either crawl into a dimly lit den with purple lights for fear of being recognized, or hide in the shadows while ordering porn online (or downloading it like a Pirate arrrrr) and do his business in the warm afterglow of a computer monitor. Remember, his stimuli is BAD.

Into the pr0n again eh’

So what would be the ultimate BAD stimuli? Well a woman that fucked and sucked on command, while giving you eyes and asking you to blow a load in her mouth, and then asked you how your day was, maybe even make you a sandwich? And she didn’t do it with a hint of anger, frustration or resentment. Each and every day, would look at you longingly and lovingly and do everything possible to make your day just a little brighter and happier than the last.

And hope you don’t have to reboot her after leaving her on for a week. Self cleaning model’s would be a luxury option.

Enter the Sexbot.

Now before you call me a misogynist, I want you to think about this next puzzle long and hard. What has feminism fought and striven for to allow women to do since it’s inception? I’m sure most of you have said ‘Be irresponsible blithering dolts” and i’d be hard pressed to argue that.. but no. What they wanted right out of the gate and have pretty much achieved through changes to laws, government involvement, wealth transfers, relaxing of standards, education, indoctrination and social attitudes is this…


It was the DE-facto battle cry of feminists since the dawn of feminism. It was never about equality.. it was about putting into place the ability to relegate men into a class of drones. Bastiat Blogger over at HUS mad a good comment and overall summation of the SMP in it’s current form and how the old contract was torn six ways from Sunday and now the rules of engagement are shoot at anything that moves. Feminism was instrumental in putting that contract into the paper shredder and gleefully clapping it’s hands when the confetti rained down upon them.

Feminism helped introduce a whole new host of opportunities and ideals for women to explore that simply would not have been possible or allowed to transpire under the old contract. Under the new contract, female sexual promiscuity was a virtue, employment and financial independence freed them from the shackles of having to ‘settle’ with a decent man who could provide for them. Why should they follow the old script and deal with having to service guys for sex in a trade off? They get their itch scratched only when THEY need it by the alpha of their choice and go on with living a ‘fabulous’ life. (until the clock kicks in and then they bitch about why dudes aren’t willing to marry them up like the prize petunias they are) They create a culture where the idea of empowering a woman to embrace her sexuality in all it’s forms leads only to utilize men to service them whenever they find convenient, at their schedule, under their time frame, by their rules.

Feminists are unabashed to use the term “Men are not entitled to my vagina whenever they see fit!” This went beyond mere dating, it crept into marriage with the advent of theory such as marital rape and continued down the line to “Intercourse is the pure, sterile, formal expression of men’s contempt for women“.

Which brings us to the ultimate symbol of feminism.

We don’t need men. We have facsimile’s of the only part we’re interested in.

There is probably no greater symbol for feminism than the synthetic cold simulacrum that is the male member that operates on two AAA batteries.

This is the pinnacle. The upper echelon. They made it to the top of Everest.

Not only did they achieve everything required to effectively remove the need of men from society as role models, fathers, providers, husbands, sexual partners.. they created a cultural shift that embraced.. no.. lionized the use of toys that had the appearance of and utility of the male penis. Men were figuratively castrated in a final blow.

You ever hear a woman who gets pissed off at a dude and says “You’re a loser that probably can’t get laid and goes home to masturbate!”. I’m willing to bet you have. Have you ever heard this in reverse? Have we ever heard about a woman being excoriated for using a facsimile of a male penis as being a loser? Au contraire, mon frère there is NO stigma now associated with a woman going off to her bedroom after a night of shooting down 500 guys in search of her Romeo, and because all that adulation got to her head (and her vag) she needs to release all that pent up anguish by using a tool of MALE objectification!

[edit: the line “You’re a loser that probably can’t get laid” also betrays another pretty lie. Losers (ie. those who don’t have sex, very little sex, low N count) are to be shunned and avoided. The obvious implication here is that women want to get with ‘Winners’ (ie. guys who get laid a lot, preselection, very high N count). Who was it that said women don’t want to get it on with ‘trashdicks’? I guess every feminist i’ve ever debated who belted that one out must be one raging skank who just loves getting pumped n dumped by high N count guys. I could be wrong.. but i don’t think so.]

Isn’t it funny how that goes. Women spent the last 45 years proving they don’t need men, closing up the taps to sexual access, and have the gall to question mens manhood on the inability to slay some poon and instead going home to rub one out. In today’s day and age, it’s almost preferable than having to deal with the voluminous amounts of batshit crazy that exists in the SMP today. Not to mention MGTOW and the Japanese Herbavores, there will be a clear market for these robo-humpin-slowmo-babes to be sold to.

There will be an obvious nashing and grinding of teeth by many a woman, but i would simply state that the men who are interested simply follow feminism’s lead and run the same script right back on them.

Whereby men will proudly proclaim they are liberated, empowered and not burdened to be slaves, utilities or pack mules to womens interests.

Whereby men will say ‘women are not entitled to our penis, our effort, our commitment, our hard work, our labor, our ingenuity.’

Whereby men will rightly say ‘THEY DON’T NEED A WOMAN!”

Ohhh yeah… I’LL BE BACK.. to HIT THAT!

Thank you feminism, for showing men the way! Welcome to a world without women. The future is what we make for ourselves.

And make them we shall. Considering how meticulous the Japanese are in making luxury cars, i’m pretty sure they’ll hit the hip-to-waist ratio dead on.

Mind the gap 😉


This won’t be for everyone. Some people will continue to be able to live, hookup, have normal lives, use game, whatever. But there is a certain pandora’s box quality to this type of scenario. Those who have given up, and those on the fence might toy with it (pardon the pun).. leaving feminists SEETHING that men can be autonomous, fully independent of women and usimg toys just like women have been to avoid having to placate the opposite sex. Remember, women en masse wanted liberation from owing men sex. Now men are starting to flip the script and telling women they want to be liberated from performing perfunctory tasks and menial labor like dealing with women’s shit just for access to sex. It’s a tit for tat battle that men didn’t start. Who knows how this will play out.. i certainly hope i’m around to watch it happen because i’m as curious as fuck.

Hell with all the disposable cash i’ll be swimming in i might even buy one. You know.. review it, see how it compares. If Blade Runner taught me anything.. Replicant’s can love too! heheh.

Tho it will be a lot harder to remove the stigma of this than women using dildo’s, primarily because of the double standard (the one women claims work against them).. but i have to figure, the Japanese are a cultural oddity and usually not much is considered ‘taboo’ for them. If these bots ever come to market, or any similar VR technology that could be utilized such as Microsoft Kinect.. and it thrives in Asia, i dare say it wouldn’t take more than a decade to see it start to take off in the western world. Of course i’m just guessing.. i’m not a statistician. I only play one on TV.

More reading if you’re curious





  1. There’s no way I could do it with a robot unless it could whimper and sniffle.

  2. Hilarious. Though I can’t decide if that first picture is either creepy or the framing/subject matter make me think someone put a woman’s head on a spike after he conquered her while she had the surprised, “Oh my god I like it rough” face on. Or maybe, “Holy shit, look at that huge dick I’m about to get”

    I have a response and thoughts coming. First a meeting at noon, then I’ll get around to it as I think its post length.

  3. The other side of the coin is that sexbots will entail less exploitation of women for prostitution, sex-slavery, etc.

  4. This is true.. but try explaining that to feminists who argued that porn would lead to mass rapes across the country.

  5. […] If you followed my comments from the last post on the legal minefields we menfolk face, there was some discussion between myself and M3 on porn and sex robots. I jokingly dubbed it the rise of the boners for machines, which he turned around and made into a hilarious post with the much simpler title, Sexbots: Rise of the Boners. […]

  6. Posted it. I think you’ll like it.

  7. http://wimminz.wordpress.com/2012/05/23/no-players-please-just-clueless-newbs/
    comment #2

  8. hmmm? ohh, sorry – I was too busy mass-raping to catch your last comment.

  9. […] just for shit’s n giggles.. going back to my post about Sexbots, it appears Progressive Insurance has crafted a commercial that deftly shows that teh wymmins™ […]

  10. Not really talking to women outside of work, I can’t speak to what their general culture is like (I’m a loner aspie working in tech), and having no interest in a mainstream romantic partner, I’m not into the gender war drama, but I got to this post because I’m a robosexual and I was researching how this ties into the ability of robots to appeal on a super-stimulatory level. I’m sure my opinion is biased due to my own desires, but I foresee advances in robot companions leading to improved relations between people, as they no longer feel the pressure of having to depend on each other to fulfill social needs. It’s an exciting time. My only concern is general techno-phobia standing in the way, and a good deal of that may very well come from the “but they’ll replace men/women!” camp, just as we’re currently seeing a lot of “they’ll take our jobs!” directed all around. What good is someone who can’t make their own job? Likewise, those who are scared of losing social status because of robot penis/vagina should also do some self-reflection on their value and priorities. Worrying so much about what the stereotypical member of the “other” gender is doing is rather silly when there are better things to busy oneself with, like robots.

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  14. If you want to know who will drive the sexbot and 3D Tactile Holographic sex industry of the future, just ask yourself who is driving the sex toy industry NOW. There’s your answer.

  15. bring on the femdroids, she’ll do everything modern woman can’t: be a quality woman.

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