There are still Unicorns out there.

July 6, 2012

I have a great female colleague at work.. one of those rare unicorns that ‘gets it‘.

She lent me this today. It’s her copy.

Hot desktop, beer, The Game. Time for an edumacation.

She read it so that she could see the player coming from a mile away. To her credit, she’s a really good girl and im glad she screens for players and cads. She’s a great person and is not one i would like to see used, so the more she has in her arsenal to keep from getting used, the better. There is actually video of her on a TV show called ‘Keys to the VIP’ where she absolutely shoots down and destroys and obvious pick up artist trying to get her number in a bar. It’s priceless to watch. She is a true gatekeeper. I’d have her on my soccer team any day!

She grew up in a family with a lot of brothers and men in general so she isn’t your typical entitled North American hamsterized chick. She’s knee deep in redpill and is trying to navigate a fucked up SMP just like me.

To her credit tho, she wants me to read it. Not to become a cad per say, but if that’s what it turns out makes me happy, then so be it. She simply wants me to become more confident and to understand the nature of women as it happens to be. She wants me to be successful. She wants me to learn the art, get out there, play the field, to put a couple wins under my belt, breed more confidence, rinse repeat. She knows the great guy that i am and the circumstances i came from, beta doormat and all. She thinks i deserve better than what i was dealt in the past.

She wants me to be happy.

How many women do you know that would willingly give you a copy of this book in order to help you become more attractive?

If she ever stumbles across this blog by accident, i want her to know i appreciate the gesture immensely.

You’re awesome C! You are worth the friendzone.

Just don’t get too drunk around me, i might start hitting on ya 😉 then it’s just trouble…


  1. A red pill woman is priceless for honest feedback. But I fail to understand the strategies a women like this might use in the SMP. The cad-screening strategy is sound, but until what point would this be useful without ruling out the good (undoubtedly beta) guys that will inevitable approach her? How can she tell if the perceptions a guy is creating in her of himself are the real deal or not? Isn’t it a bit messed up that women want to be approached for who they are while the most important factor we men consider for doing this is their physical appearance? On the other hand, I’m with you. I guess I’d also appreciate this sort of friendzone.

  2. It’s a good read. I would give it one read, wait a month, give it another. I just finished my second read on it with a list of additional reading material from books recommended within it.

    The second read I recommend for thinking about what you believe in the book and what you think Strauss might have edited to increase book sales to a world steeped in feminist culture. I definitely believe he heavily edited the whole story, the narration, and perspectives. I won’t ruin any of the specifics, but definitely keep an eye out. Don’t let the writer game you and AMOG you.

  3. It’s a pickle to be sure. Her strategy is markedly different than ours for sure. Some good guys will be screened, but if they’re following a PUA script, it’s the risk they run unless they show something other than cad qualities. As i said, she’s in the same mess guys are in, but she’s sticking to her guns to avoid getting used as much as possible and i commend her for it instead of succumbing to the east of getting laid and racking up a high N count. My male co-workers had a laugh with her when each and everyone of us told her that even tho we are her ‘friends’ we’ve all envisioned ‘tapping’ her. Her reaction of feigned shock was hilarious but deep down i’m sure she understands that men approach because of physicality first and foremost, and she just wants to make sure that there’s more to a guy than just his urge to stick it in her and move on. In fact, she’s a mirror for a lot of guys. How does a guy know a woman isn’t out to just use you and dump you for the next great alpha that comes along. How do you know if she’s a gold digger or divorce risk? You need screens and filters, trial n error. It’s no different for her. She wants a genuine LTR with a guy that can proceed to something greater. For that she has to filter out PUA’s and cads with the information and knowledge of whats going on in today’s SMP.

    I think if the right beta(greater beta with a touch o alpha) came along, and wasn’t punching above his weight looks wise, she’d pick up on it. At least that’s the hope. But i’m glad to have her in my corner. She’s not feeding off me like an emotional vampire i used to call ‘friend’.

  4. […] women of the sphere, all the fine ladies in HR office who offered me the Game book, the cute girls in customer service and sales, the sweet little admin assistants who think dominant […]

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