Everything wrong about your attitude in 1 photo

August 10, 2012

All right. Quick vote time. Leave a comment.

Left or Right?


  1. I prefer this version:

    But then, I have the yellow fever, BAD

  2. blind vote?

  3. 🙂

  4. Sorry, not quite sure i understand.

    Are you saying you went blind trying to vote because you stared to long at the picture on the left?

  5. My first thought is the old joke, “Which ever one has bigger boobs”.

    But yes, right. Are American women really that bad? That almost seems like parody

  6. Only if you ask them to talk over coffee while in an elevator.

  7. I’ve heard from lots of men that American woman are that bad.

    btw, the cat lady blogger responded to me on my open letter to her and accused me of cyber-bullying her. I corrected her.

  8. Do you know Stingray’s blog?


  9. No, I cant see the pics! = no pics on the post

  10. Actually having seen the pic’s YOHAMI it is entirely possible you have been driven selectively blind by the pic and blocked the trauma out which is why you can’t remember seeing them!

  11. haha

  12. I saw the response. Well said. I noticed the standard use of medical condition/sympathy ploy to try and make you feel bad. While unfortunate and regretable.. it in no way invalidates anything you wrote about the absurdity of her list, lack of open honest discussion, censored comments and flip flopping.

    Her hamster is terrified.

  13. I’ll try an alternative link and if that fails, ill download the pic and upload into WordPress.

    I wouldn’t want to deprive you of the opportunity to see it.

  14. Saw them on mozilla. I vote LEFT of course. Because I need a challenge. My life is too easy already.

  15. You sir, have either balls of steel, or secretly yearn for death.

    I tip my hat to you brave soul.

  16. Oh, you caught that. You’re very intelligent and insightful. Any woman who friend-zones you is a frickin’ idiot.

    I was pretty cold in my response to her. I was offended by her calling my posts cyber-bullying. Teens do that to each other and cause suicides. It’s very serious. That ticked me off, that and her accusing me of “attacking” her.

  17. But I was joking, of course.

  18. LOL.

    In case anyone is curious what the pun is about.


    And for the record, i side with Dawkins on the substance of the matter.

  19. I must inform you that your stereo-type is based on American women from the NORTH, and from big cities. There are still plenty of great women in America if you avoid the big cities and if you hang out in the south. Sure, exceptions exist, but generally people are much more friendly in the south, males and females. I’ve lived south of the Mason Dixon line since I was 20. Canadians from the country seem nice, too. Ok, they all have a chip on thier shoulders and wanna convince themselves how Canada is better than the USA in every way, but whatever.

  20. I am biased on Dawkins’ side because I agree with his entire philosophy. But, looking at it objectively, Dawkins has a point. She wasn’t being “harassed.” As a woman, I wouldn’t take it that way.

    Does she really live in fear of being raped? Come on.

    I lived in a co-ed dorm, was drunk off my ass a lot, roamed around in tight jeans and crop tops at night at a large college and surprise: I wasn’t ever raped! Not even close.

    Conclusion: Most men are not rapists. There’s no need to live in fear.

  21. True. That’s why my brother always went out to small towns and cities outside the metropolitan area. Girls aren’t so spoiled and ego inflated out there. Big cities breed special snowflakes like pond scum.

    Well, you guys have better health care.. but i don’t have to worry about going bankrupt if i go to the hospital for events beyond my control. So we’ll call it even 🙂

  22. […] Apparently these scientists, study people, hobo’s with shotguns and liberal art majors conducting these studies have not been talking to the manosphere. Most every blogger will tell you a woman’s personality is deathly important in terms of attractiveness. Need i point to my last post that nearly blinded poor Yohami? […]

  23. Confirmed. From Boston. Night game here is basically fending off bitchy women. I don’t know the last time I had an honest flirt. By the time we get to sex, I’m not sure I even care anymore, no matter how hot she was… I’m too busy re-evaluating why I’m doing this.

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