Female Solopsism in Moving Pictures

November 19, 2012

I know some dudes (Jersey Shore) can behave in a similar manner.. but this dirty bint aced it.


Hey, a poll for the hell of it because i just discovered polls.


  1. I have encountered a few delusional young women. I think it may be because the kids are now getting told how great they are when they are growing up, in a misguided attempt to boost self-esteem.

    There’s a tv program that is filmed in an apartment complex in Hollywood where wanna be stars live while trying to break into show biz. Cameras follow them on their journey through casting agents, auditions, etc. Talk about delusional. These young people are not particularly attractive, can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t act and yet they will refer to themselves as “Triple Threats”.

  2. You just beat me to the punch of my next post but you hit it dead on in terms of where the delusion stems from.

  3. Sweet. Jesus.

  4. I live in a small city in the midwest. The entitlement and delusion of some of the women here is off the charts. Most of the young women are overweight; yet strut around as if they are Victoria’s Secret models. They all believe they are God’s gift to men and are entitled to hot boyfriends.

    I’ve done some community theater in the past. That activity has a way of attracting the talented and not so talented. Some of the women needed to be told simply that they were not as good as they thought they were. They needed to be taken down a notch or three.

  5. I have a good relationship with my daughter. She’s 12 now. I notice, though, that while she has fragile feelings and is as subject to the drama queening like any other girl, she can also let her ego inflate to colossal proportions. The girl can cop an attitude like nobody’s business. She can snark with the best of them, sometimes right at me. I can see it — the eye rolls, the head circles, the hands on the hips, the aggressive in-your-face stance, the “talk to the hand” tone of voice. The “hawt boys” at school talking to her and attention from boys in general, her noticing boys looking at her, inflates that ego to hot air balloon size.

    I’ve noticed myself doing two things: one, doing a little gentle teasing; and two, angrily shutting down her mouthiness. The teasing is usually something like “well, Jake the hawt boy is looking at all of you girls, don’tcha think? And someimtes I have had to tell her in no uncertain terms to dial herslef back with me. “I am not one of your GFs. Do not take that nasty tone with me.”

  6. Makes me think a lot of these girls don’t have dads to do this for them. Girls like this Rachel in the video probably don’t have dads, and instead have spent their lives hearing other men who wanted to fuck them tell them how great/awesome/talented/beautiful they are.

  7. M3,

    I am British. Britain is full of girls like this.

    I wish I could say that this girl will grow out of it. Sadly, I know I can’t. She’s had years of self-delusion already.
    It would take a colossal event to re-educate her.

    And then it might be too late.
    Parenting failure, I would say…

  8. dude, you’re 30’s-late 40’s are gold. trust me.

  9. WTF is going on in Wales to produce a filthy cretin like that chick? God help her spawn if she ever reproduces. Same with the poor sap she sucks into her tarantula web.

  10. Must be Nigel Tufnel’s daughter.

  11. “Parenting failure, I would say‚Ķ”

    Not half. More like “Lack of Parenting” failure.

  12. Not just in Wales, mate. All over the UK.

  13. I obviously know very little about music, but I thought she sounded not too bad – as a singer – and her attitude confident as it was was only matched by the rudeness of Mr Cowell. Good on her, but I just wish they had not bleeped out what she said. An Interviewee is always at a disadvantage and she stood up for herself.

  14. May I add how difficult it is for the interviewee. Cowell leads with curt dismissive coments (whether he could so as well – who knows); his two groupees, like sheep, follow suit like and then the little shy unassertive guy takes up the baton. The young girl is not even intimidated by the large Neanderthal who manhandles her away. She said she could sing, and sing anything, and goes on to demonstrate that that is no idle boast, she asks for a Mik’ (which one assumes she is used to singing with) but undterred sings. Few people I know could have done as well never mind without going out-of-tune. She may be lazy and not quite as good as she thinks,but the whole point of the programme seems to me to belittle and insert .

  15. You appear to be mistaking delusion for confidence.

    When you go into an audition claiming to be better than Madonna..

    The reason she is not intimidated is because she is delusional AND she knows female priviledge entitles her to use all her Grrl Power Moxie to vent her delusional psychobabble on the judges (who got the job because they have a knack for knowing talent when they see it) because it did not jive with the world that exists ONLY inside her own mind.

    In that world she’s better than Madonna and should already have been a singer if it wasn’t for everyone being such a useless idiot and not realizing her gifts.

    Your defense of her is interesting if not amusing.

  16. The girl has no tact at all, no idea how to play the judges. You go in saying you’re better than Madonna and don’t pull it off then of course the judges are going to kiss you goodbye. If you go in with some modesty they might give you a chance. But the girl knows nothing about modesty, one look tells anyone that. She’ll get away with it because there will always be men thinking with their dicks, until her looks start to fade then it’s all over.

  17. I don’t know. I think the best part is the delusional Sharon Osbourne talking about the delusional grrl. Osbourne is a typical feminist wench who got lucky when she shagged ozzy.

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