When Study Conclusions go HORIBLY wrong

August 11, 2012

From the ‘Are you fucking kidding me files‘.

Stressed men are more attracted to heavier women, says study

Click me if you’re feeling stressed

Ok.. i know it seems like i’m beating a dead horse here (a very big one)… but i can’t help it.. this shit seems to follow me in my Yahoo feed. It stalks me like a predator. I’m trying to mind my own business and stay away from commenting about fat issues. I want to live and let live. I have no problem with fat people in general. It’s that i just kinda flip my lid every time some kind of authority comes out to the media and keeps telling trying to SPOON FEED BULLSHIT DOWN MY GULLET!

Let the games begin.

A new British study, published in the journal PLoS One, found that stress levels influence attraction — and that stressed men prefer plumper women.

This should be ecstatic fucking news. The plumpers (their word not mine) can nag and hee and haw their men ad nauseam to ensure their man is sufficiently stressed out enough to want to be around them even moreso! The perfect symbiotic cycle! And we’re not talking about the kind a fish doesn’t require.

Forty-one heterosexual men underwent stress-inducing exercises and were then asked to rate the attractiveness of women in photographs whose bodies ranged in size from emaciated to obese. A control group of 40 men not under stress were asked to do the same, CTV News reports.

The researchers found that the stressed men rated the women with a “significantly heavier female body size as maximally attractive,” and heavier bodies more attractive in general, compared to the control group which picked slimmer women.

One can only assume stress has the same intoxication properties of alcohol to be creating such an anomaly. Either that, or when a man is sufficiently stressed to the point where he suffers from temporary erectile dysfunction.. he is ashamed to be around the thin women and feels secure around women for which his flaccid penis would be the normal state. I dunno.. i’m just grasping at straws and making shit up as i go along. Apparently that’s how you produce studies like this anyways.

Scientific American points out that scientists have long believed that attractiveness is “really just our way of interpreting how good a person will be as a mate.” People identify cues associated with health, well-being and fertility. In some cultures, thin means healthy. In others, it means you’re starving.

Yes. Culture. If you are thin – in AFRICA, it means your are starving. If you are thin – in North America, it means you have a normal BMI.

Welcome to Thin, North America.
Population.. approx 25%

This “STUDY” just doesn’t know when to quit. It continues:

In times of stress and hardship, it makes sense for men to be attracted to women “better equipped to handle times of scarcity,” Scientific American continues.

And fat reserves make women “better equipped.”

I dunno. In times of scarcity, i don’t want to be around someone who will eat all my rationed provisioning in one sitting…

A primary function of adipose tissue is the storage of calories, which in turn suggests that body fat is a reliable predictor of food availability,” explain co-authors Viren Swami and Martin J. Tovée in their PLoS ONE paper. “In situations marked by resource uncertainty, therefore, individuals should come to idealise heavier individuals.”

A reliable predictor of food annihilation perhaps. Excuse me.. but in what fucking century are we living in? I understand that the damn zombie apocalypse is right around the corner and that some twisted broken form of evo.psych might be going on here… but what fucking food shortage and hunger lines are we currently enduring to make this theory even plausible at the current moment? This is such utter bunk and claptrap disguised as ‘study’ trying to pass off some sort of nefarious agenda or dead-end-hope wellwishing by those unwilling to curb their carb intake or hit a stair-master (pro tip. if you don’t have a stair master.. climb actual stairs)

Gratuitous joke because i couldn’t help myself.

Seriously.. this shit has got to stop. You are trying to connect dots that aren’t there and i don’t know what the end goal is this batshit study is trying for?

Essentially, from an evolutionary perspective, more weight is associated with better odds of survival.

“In contexts marked by prolonged stress as a result of resource deprivation, individuals may idealise larger body sizes because such body types are associated with better ability to handle environmental threat,” the researchers write.

Yes. Did you know Roman gladiators where actually more fat than muscle? I watched a documentary about this a long time ago. Apparently having more fat and blubber indeed offered better protection for vital organs, reduced blood loss through broken skin and actually acted as a ‘skin shield’. So i can see how evolutionarily it makes sense for men who could end up in difficult situations trying to hunt animals with claws and teeth and ability to rip, tear and pierce skin. I guess for women, it was so that if their man died while hunting, their fat stores could sustain them while they went without food, so they had time to hook up with another dude.

Mourning periods were quick when you had to find another utility boy to carry out the female imperative.

But back to our current time period. Man gets stressed because he’s stuck in traffic, his boss is an asshole and the food budget is blowing up. Stress triggers fight or flight. Brings adrenaline and anxiety. Congratulations.. you’re now Conan the Barbarian and the winter hasn’t let up, spring is off in the distance, no caribou on the plains and you haven’t caught scent of a wooly mammoth for months. It’s alright there soldier, go snuggle with your big gal pal because she’ll make you feel all better secure with her abundant fat reserves.

Welcome back to the 21st century

No no no. I am sorry. I told you all and i meant it when i said it.

I have no issue with fat people at all. None. It is every persons individual responsibility unto themselves to want to change. If they are happy with themselves as they currently are then great. I know many large, round, obese people who are absolutely awesome individuals and i wouldn’t impugn their character or worth, nor smear them as non-human or torture them by pointing at them and laughing HAW HAW and calling them Fatty Fat etc…

BUT DO NOT sit there and try to blow sunshine up my ass and tell me that this QUOTE UNQUOTE STUDY has anything to do with reality and isn’t simply some Joker-esque social experiment to twist/warp/distort perceptions under the guise of something scientific and then being able to use it as ammo to shame men later by using it as some kind of proof to back up your high horse over my intrinsic shallowness.

Imagine a study came out that said men actually don’t enjoy receiving blowjobs. It torpedo that fucking lunacy too.

Other studies support this, showing that hungrier and poorer men prefer larger women.

Right, guess that explains Walmart

I can’t take this seriously anymore. Fuck off.


Ok.. in all seriousness. The above rant is not an indictment against obese people. As i said, i really could care less how people want to live or conduct their lives. I’m not here to shame them or ask them to change. That comes from within.

No this rant was directed towards the author of the article; Nadine Bells of Shine On written for Yahoo. Her writing style here is trying to exaggerate something the study proved but on such a miniscule scale it is almost UN-noteworthy. Yet this article is written with ‘hope’ for ‘plumpers’ mentality. If you actually go to the study page itself (here) you will come across this graphic.

Click to Enlarge

Now, i’ve tried to read and completely understand all the formula, quadratic equations and math speak behind the study, and it’s beyond me. I’ve never been good at reading studies and comprehending them, i only pretend to on TV. Having said that, this graphic does give me some insight. Firstly, that the majority of the high numbers for the control group belong between fig. 3 and fig. 6. and the Stress groups belong to fig. 4 through fig. 7.

I’ve decided to give labels to these ‘figures’ to help you understand better.

Click for Reference

Figure 1Figure 2

Figure 3Figure 4

Normal Weight
Figure 5Figure 6

Figure 7Figure 8

Figure 9Figure 10

Seriously. I can’t read study language for shit, but i can extrapolate enough to know that this study decidedly shows the highest number to figures 4, 5 and 6, with a slight periphery judgement for fig. 7, the low end of overweight. And the killer is the Most physically attractive (ideal) numbers which hover around the 4 average, which is the high end of underweight.

Now unless someone can demonstrate that i am a complete moron (which may very well be the case) and show me i have read this studies chart woefully wrong, i fail to see how it’s findings substantiate a banner headline “Stressed men are more attracted to heavier women, says study”. As if that one weren’t bad enough, CTV NEWS put out an article (linked in the Shine-On article) with an even more egregious banner headline “Stressed men more attracted to plumper women, study finds”. You want to see the hope it offers to it’s readers?

Many men might say they’re most attracted to women who are svelte, icons of that so-called feminine ideal portrayed in magazines and other media.
But never fear, you ladies of more Rubenesque proportions: it seems a man’s body size preference can be somewhat fluid — and one of the factors that appears to affect it is stress.

I’m not making this shit up my fine Rubenesque readers. Ripped right from the article. The writer couldn’t have been more underhandedly condescending if he just came out and said ‘Yes you fat fucks, you too have a ‘slim’ pardon the pun chance of finding love providing you find a man whose sensibilities have been chemically altered due to stress and is seeing the world through ‘stress goggles‘. Perhaps it was because of that hidden attitude that this article actually answered what the previous article failed to answer (which i eloquently filled in.. remarkably they’re almost identical, perish the thought)

In the U.K., Canada and other western countries with abundantly available food, having a higher body mass suggests a person is not only less healthy, but also may belong to a lower socioeconomic group, because cheaper food tends to have a higher fat content, he said.

Contrast that with parts of rural South Africa, for instance, where food is generally less plentiful and there are periods of severe food shortages. In that kind of environment — which Tovee described as stressful — a heftier body type is a sign of physical well-being.

Yes. That whole culture thing i was dealing with earlier. At least this article had the balls to actually print it.

But there is one part of the study that baffles me. It’s when they write this:

Turning to the distaff side, he said women’s ideas of what makes a man attractive are somewhat more complex and harder to study. Where males focus on overall body mass, attractiveness for females includes such factors as personality and physique.

Apparently these scientists, study people, hobo’s with shotguns and liberal art majors conducting these studies have not been talking to the manosphere. Most every blogger will tell you a woman’s personality is deathly important in terms of attractiveness. Need i point to my last post that nearly blinded poor Yohami?

Time to wrap up, but i want to make one thing very clear.

I’m not here to crucify fat people or hold them up for public ridicule. If you’re obese and you made it this far, congratulations. If you agree with what i’ve said and can enjoy a little tongue and cheek self mockery without offense, then you are truly happy with yourself and i wish you a great and happy life as you are since you’re obviously in a good place. If you’re pissed by the time you get here, you have to look inside and realize it’s not me you’re pissed at, it’s yourself. It’s not for me to change or fix it for you. That’s for you to discover.

I’m here to call out misleading and misrepresented information and flat out bullshit being portrayed by the media in an effort to socially condition the public into believing something that is not true. If this is the last post i ever write on about it i will be happy. I’m tired of writing about it. But the fucking news feed will not stop force feeding me shit that is a lie through and through.

In the words of John Malcovich… STOP IT!


On a positive note.. it looks like there’s some good news on the Health front. Perhaps it’s part of the Tony Horton p90x revolution sweeping across the continent!


  1. I don’t buy this. If stress caused men to chubby chase, then thin women would never get a date. I mean seriously, when are men never under stress? They live very stressful lives.

    That’s why men don’t live as long as women. It’s not that women have estrogen that “protects” them from heart attacks. It’s that most women have zero stress, like my mother.

  2. If stress caused men to go for the heavyset.. Strip Clubs would go out of business.

    Thank you. Men are under stress every day. That stress starts from the prostate and bloated nutsack and works its way out to the rest of the body. 🙂

    I don’t know your mother other than what you wrote about her (fish bicycle poster). That was a tough read. I know it’s hard to denigrate a parent but damn.. she really had a damaged view of things. I’m glad you saw through it and ended up sane.

  3. I think the study is okay. The problem is that the public write-up distorts the findings. Basically it should say that in times of stress men prefer 125 pound women as ideal instead of 120 pound women. And it is reasonable to speculate that historically people were most stressed during times of food shortage. The more fat on the woman the less you have to worry about her starving.

    If you want to see the 10 pictures used, go to this pdf. (page 4)


    The original study shows that non-stressed participants find someone at image 3.9 most attractive. The attractive range is 3.3-6.2

    For stressed participants, someone at 4.4 is most attractive with an attractive range of 3.3 to 7.2

    So the truly fat (8 to 10) and the anorexic (1 to 2) are never seen as attractive.

    For me #4 is the obvious most attractive image. The slimmest woman that still has decent tits!

    Anyways the study seems to show that stress pushes the ideal from image 4 up about halfways to image 5.

    There is an impact, but it’s not saying that obese women are attractive in any circumstance.

  4. Good job on pulling up the study and the pictures.

    @ M3
    As far as the stress = lower standards thing – think evolutionary psychology. I know you’re deriding the caveman to now thing, but evolutionary wise it hasn’t been long enough for our hormones, chemicals, and hindbrains to catch up.

    So. Some examples of why the stress -might- (because I’m no expert) cause people to lower standards.

    First is the ones the list. That times of stress in evolutionary times were generally associated with lowered amounts of resources. So a woman able to live off the fat of her land for a bit while suckling your child would need less resources for you to find as a Master Caveman.

    Second is the subconscious knowledge that an attractive mate WILL BE MORE STRESSFUL than an unattractive one. So if you’re dealing with too much stress to cope with already, you want to avoid more. An attractive mate would mean more time/energy warding off potential cuckolding, dealing with higher hypergamy, and is associated with less matronly attitudes. When you’re stressed after failing at your mammoth hunt all day, you want to come lay your head down at the end of the day and not keep Crazy Cavelady Bitch in line.

    On a note of the study, your number six picture is about what their 7 or 8 looks like. They’re probably using the medical definition of overweight, which is easier to bump up into. Given that even in times of stress the RANGE only bumps up to include the slightly overweight of the first ‘overweight’ catagories, I can believe that. And if you look at the study’s lowest attractive figure and average attractive figure, they stay fairly flat. 3, for both stressed and unstressed, remains the smallest body the average is attracted to. If you round to an actual number instead of decimals, 4 continues to be the average that most are attracted to more than the others. All that changes is men’s standards for who they would sleep with, which bumps up to the 7 from the 6 in times of stress.

    Also, remember that just getting laid is a super stress release. Maybe the lowered standards are in line with wanting to just get a load off as it were.

  5. Stressed men are probably more likely to be looking for a quick shag ONS rather than relationships. Most of us have lower standards for that.

    Perhaps the study reflects that even under clinical, short term stress conditions.

    FWIW I’m with dejour. Out of a bunch of highly unflattering photos (with reason), no 4 is clearly the best.

  6. This reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw in the 90’s:

    Save the whales!
    Harpoon a fat chick.

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