The power of the ‘V’ has no power over you.

June 17, 2012

A word on vagina’s.. round 2.

Not to long ago i had an interesting conversation with a female friend (the LJBF vamp who is now relegated to a dim memory) about the power of the ‘V’.. the almighty vagina.

I already have a post earlier that discusses it here. Point # 3

But i wanted to expand upon it.

There is one immutable truth involved in fucking someone. If you’re good at it and know what you’re doing, and you have the ability to read a persons body, the stamina to last, to know just when you’re doing something good and amplifying, teasing, pleasing and making sure your partners needs are ultimately fulfilled in orgasmic fucking bliss.. then what you are offering is a fucking beautiful gift. A gift that costs NOTHING and offers everything.

Now, i’m not god’s gift to women (i still need to learn how to enjoy fucking aggressively as that seems to be all the rage now, never knew they wanted dominant hair pulling, ass bruising, choking, pushed against wall fucking) but i got most of the best parts of sex covered. I got lucky to learn my trade on strippers, and then finally perfected the craft in my now defunct marriage. I would suggest to anyone who might be unsure of their ability to fuck with pure confidence (and this is the only time i will ever suggest this) go to an escort and pay with the express purpose of having her educate you on being a good lover. It might be the best investment you ever make, because it WILL give you the power to overcome the bullshit axiom ‘I have the pussy so i make the rules

Also read this guy, he’ll set your shit straight about using their vags as blackmail weapons.  Buy his book!

If you truly believe that you posses an ability that is akin to a gift to bestowed upon a womans quivering mound, letting her feminine side take over and accept, no, yield and submit to your mighty pummeling, then the only requisite is that she accept it and enjoy it and want it from you.. then all is kosher.

IFFFFFFF… if she decides to put obstacles in the way, like duties, chores, obligations or blackmail in order to tap her vagina, then you must read it for what it really is.


She must want it willingly and voluntarily without per-conditions. If a woman says

Her: Why don’t you buy me a drink?
You: Umm no. Why? We just met.
Her: Well you won’t be getting any of this with that attitude!
You: Didn’t feel like fucking you anyways. Almost threw up in my mouth thinking about it.

Entitlement receives heavy neg. Simple yes? Let’s try another one.

Her: Here, take another shot, it’ll be fun!
You: I need to drive us back home alive, im not stupid.
Her: Well then, i guess you don’t want to play with me tonight *wink*
You: Yup. I guess you’ll either stumble home or die in a ditch. Happy trails.

Goading and showboating beget real consequences of actions. Are we learning yet? Let’s try one more.

Her: I really really want you so bad….
You: You have my complete attention.
Her: Just let me buy these pair of red heels ($500) and i’ll wear them to bed for you.
(ill admit this one would have me sweating but…)
You: You got other heels at home that will work fine, lets go.
Her: No! No heels, no love.
You: Great, i think there is a Star Wars marathon on Spike TV.  Starts in 15 minutes. Get in the car or you’re walking home.

Financial extortion requires immediate invalidation. And on and on.

See if a woman you are partnered with in a committed relationship tries to extort or blackmail or put any kind of condition on access to her vagina, she OBVIOUSLY does not really want it that bad, so tell her in no uncertain terms that you will honor her request to not give her the fucking of a lifetime. Better things to pursue like photography or basket weaving or twiddling your thumbs. She will soon come to realize the losing position she puts herself in. Not only does she not get what she tries to extract, but she misses out on some fucking hot sex too.

If a female stranger tries to put on preconditions or extort or make you jump through hoops in order to access her vagina, then she too does not want your gift. Further she doesn’t even know you and expects entitled performances for you to have ‘the privilege‘ of accessing her vag. If you know what you can do is golden, you can sit there, laugh and say “Wow.. how fucking stupid would i need to be to actually want to pleasure you?” The ultimate act you can do is laugh in the face of someone who feels they have all the power.

Do you think they would put a precondition on the chance to have David Beckham empty his balls between their goalposts? Not likely.

Face it. If she wants sex from you, she won’t put roadblocks in front of you. Then you are free to move heaven and earth in order to give her a mind shattering climax.

But she’s got to be worthy of it. And you got to have the power to overcome your natural desire to stick it in, because if you do from a position of weakness, she will forever know she can command, extract and extort whatever she needs from you just for the faint hope that you might actually get to see her naked. From there she’ll eventually despise you for being so weak.


And at the end of the day, you can hold your head high with some dignity. Pussy doesn’t make the rules, you do.


  1. Just like RooshV said: don’t be a pussy beggar.
    Some time ago I got skilled with and praised by a married girl, and that alone keeps my confidence high enough that I no longer avoid being bold.
    Now I solely think how I am going to make a girl pass out from pleasure, before and during the approach.

    Also, in Heartiste’s commandments of poon, there is one that tells you to fuck her well. For me it is simple: by earning her gratitude, you earn her heart.

  2. Freaking awesome. The ability to walk away from a woman has been conclusively shown to be a major aphrodesiac – it shows a combination of outcome independence, presumed preselection and self-control power. Lots of women are not accustomed to being turned down when they offer their sex and company to a man. I just don’t have the patience to play those games; no man should. Pussy-begging is difficult to watch.

    I’ve been very fortunate to have a hit a run of women lately who I can really blow away in the sack. They tell me how good it is and their body contortions show they aren’t lying. I’m not an expert in the bedroom, but I’m persistent, observant of what they like and don’t like, have good stamina and am willing to play a dominant role. I’ve come to believe that most women have not had really good sex, so if you can trip her wires you are automatically in the top handful of men she’s ever met in her life.

    It’s great for me, because I really do like pleasing a woman – a relic of my beta side – and I admit I don’t enjoy sex as much if she doesn’t enjoy it.

    Women (esp of the feminist streak) try to turn this around and make it a defect of “the male ego” that he needs to rock her world to feel good about himself, but how much of a bitch do you have to be to make a man trying to do you right into a bad thing?

  3. You’ve made an interesting point here Badge which i have just touched on in my next post. The want to please/beta relic observation.

    Most beta guys want to please, the need paradigm of putting someone elses needs before yours (even if it works against your interests like enduring LJBF hell) Top Alpha’s don’t need to, women just throw themselves on their dicks. Since most women and esp. those with a feminist bent despise the beta, they want to castigate that pleasing trait in a negative light just to convince themselves that the alpha pump n dump option is better than getting with an egotistical man who is only trying to ‘show off’ by giving her the fuck of a life time.

    Yes, only in their world does trying to please your partner and give her multiple orgasms a bad thing. It’s probably also why they’re so selfish with sex, disdain reciprocity and look towards self gratification instead of mutual pleasure. Like hooks up with like i suppose.

    Glad to see you stop by Badger!

  4. “Now I solely think how I am going to make a girl pass out from pleasure, before and during the approach. ”

    Love this. Cosign it. The trick is giving men the opportunity to learn and experience enough to gain that level of confidence. I swear I should move to Europe or Asia and start a goddamn Sex school for men. Once a guy believes he is better than most in the art of pleasure, the vagina must prove itself worthy of being pleasured.

    With great sexual power comes great responsibility to not reward entitled cunts.

  5. I’ve maybe seen enough porn already (Nacho Vidal is a great example of a dominating lovemaker) so my first time with a girl was awesome. I started slow… kissing her all over, breathing on her neck and biting her ears (that’s quite alpha, I guess). Caressing her legs, thighs, back and butt with my big hands. After some time, got to work her boobs under her clothes and later to brush between her legs with my knee (one time I could give her an orgasm that way, it was insane).

    That routine was just the beginning. Later, used my other knee to pull her other leg the other way, effectively opening her legs, while watching her right in the eye, so she knew I was getting serious. Later, fingering was introduced with heavy kissing.

    Most of the times we fucked, I lead the interaction, I slowly undress her, removing one piece of clothing every 5 minutes, nice and slow. She couldn’t help but to grab my tool, caressing it even under my trousers. Then, It lead to multiple positions and heavy fucking for around 2 hours. One of the most effective ones (apart from going inside deep from above) is to go from behind, and after some thrusts, strongly grab her shoulders and pull her towards you, effectively arching her back and making your tool rub directly on her g-spot. That drove her insane and gave her many orgasms.

    One day… I decided to have fun at her and did almost the same, just that I stopped every minute and moved like two feet away, looking at her smiling. I wanted her to do her part. Every time she got on top of me, hugged me strongly, kissed me, and lately she bit my neck and ears (licking included). That night was the most awesom-est sex we had ever.

    Protip: heat up a woman to a point of not return, and force her to make it up to you. It drives them crazy, turns them on in a way they can’t understand and in the end… will submit to your pummeling supremacy.

  6. […] in mind first and foremost following my own imperative, will only entertain relationships with women who qualify themselves to me by bringing more to the table than pretty looks and a vagina, else they just get a pump n dump. The ability to not blink when i destroyed my final toxic […]

  7. […] Sad? Yes… but i didn’t bring this on myself. Hence why it’s easier for me as MGMOW to be alone. Tougher when you’re a kid, easier when you’re in your prime years and not dependent upon the almighty pussy. It has no power over me. […]

  8. […] enjoy abundance, act like you do. Fake it till you make it. You don’t deserve to tolerate bullshit. There is no place for negativity in your […]

  9. 1. Why the HELL would anyone want shoes that cost more than $30? Seriously, if I’m buying something that is more than TWO of my car payments, it better be a medical expense, a veterinary expense or a hotel bill for a good vacation. Even my awesome 320GB Star Wars edition 360 was only $300!

    2. The girl in the second example didn’t sound like a tease…She sounded like she didn’t really want to have sex with the guy, and instead wanted him to get “whiskey dick” to let her off the hook.

    3. Just because one has a vagina, doesn’t mean that one should misuse it. Having a pussy instead of a cock means one thing: Multiple Orgasms.
    It does NOT mean, however, that you;
    A) make men jump through flaming laser headed shark hoops
    B) get to dictate every rule in the relationship
    C) get absolutely everything you want
    D) are able to constantly deny your mate any form of physical intimacy (unless there’s a medical condition)

    In my opinion, the words of Uncle Ben ring very true. “With great power comes great responsibility”. I have great power in the Sexual Market because I have a clit instead of a penis…it’s my responsibility to use that power wisely.

  10. […] See, it came to me as an epiphany when i was debating a feminist one day in person. As i spoke and looked her up and down, even tho she looked somewhat pleasant to the eyes (rare for a feminist i know) i realized that this is a woman who was so deeply ugly on the inside i could never be with her. At that very moment i couldn’t even imagine fucking her, she became that ugly to me. Knowing someone is so ideologically opposed to critical thinking is such a turn off. I’m sure i would appear the same way to her as well, so all’s well that ends well i guess. I would have no problem telling her we were never meant to be and walk away, since the Power of the V holds no sway over me. […]

  11. […] I’d rather filter, and end up with what i knew i wanted right from the start. No matter how long it takes (almost 2 yrs for me). I won’t entertain shit for a shot at pussy. […]

  12. You can sum everything up with one sentence.

    “Don’t put the pussy on a pedestal”

  13. […] helyen én állok, követem a saját elképzeléseimet, csak olyan kapcsolatokba bonyolódok, ahol a nők tesznek felém pozitív visszajelzéseket azzal, hogy többet tesznek le az asztalra, mint pu…, különben csak dugom és dobom. Képessé váltam szemrebbenés nélkül megszakítani az utolsó […]

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