Toxic Waters

September 6, 2012

[edit: May 28. 2013 – contacted by one of the women i linked to. I’ve disabled all the links, tho most were already dead. She engaged me in brief conversation, some of which i’ve taken to heart. Nevertheless, the post stays up, at least as a continuing lesson to the reality that men must face of constant solipsistic women who wouldn’t have one iota of a clue what men face in the digital arena of online dating, and how women can better improve their profiles by taking much of PrivateMan’s advice instead of feminist Grrrlpower advice.]

And the second angel poured out his vial on the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea.”

<< Revelation 16:3 >>

Something foul in the water

Something foul in the water

There is something wrong with the water.

I have heard stories about how pitiful the dating scene in Toronto is. Apparently it’s been talked about here, here and here. I mean.. when you make it onto Roosh’s forum, it’s bad.. very bad. As bad as Washington DC? I dunno.. but something is definitely most foul emanating off Lake Ontario.

I have tried online dating in the past, and still been trolling the waters as of late, but i’ve been dredging up nothing but toxic sludge from the bottom of the deep dank and dark places under the surface.

I’ve had more conversations with women from the U.S. than my own city. The ratio of messages to responses is a fucking joke.

I can count on my hands the number of returns i’ve gotten after the hundreds of messages i’ve put out. Some really well though out shit.. POOF.. nothing. So when you come across a profile that begs the guy to put more effort into writing something beyond a cut/paste routine.. you tend to want to tell this woman off in the kindest way possible. Okie dokey.

Part of me is seriously considering an expat move which would simply involve me obtaining a copy of Rosetta Stone language instruction for Polish so i can learn what i failed in my childhood. My own native language. A world of possibilities could open up with just this one act.

(side note, i came across a very cute polish lass at my best man’s sons birthday party. Mid to late 20’s, very sweet, and looked promising. Sadly she’ll be leaving back for Poland shortly. Hopefully i’ll get to meet her again before she goes back and i get to plant the idea *inception style* of her wanting to return to come back to me. Very interested in my photography, behooves me to try and go pro with it. Also, she knows my Polish blows donkey balls so if i got proficient at it.. i think she’d be impressed. Besides.. talking dirty in a language she understands better would make things so much more exciting. I need to be better than just understanding the language, i need to *think* it!)

Ok. so back to the computer version of fishing in the Dead Sea.

Oh, you want more than just ‘Hi whasup?’ even tho you probably got 500 bazillion emails and you’re going to delete mine right away even if i wrote out a message that rivaled War & Peace in terms of word count.. well alright here you go.. words upon words upon words. Not enough? Here.. perhaps a little blood to go along with it to show my sincerity! Not enough still? Take my life while you’re at it! You want my soul too?

There’s been a rash of posts coming out about dating scene stuff. Just got an email from the not so Private Man’s blog about women’s piss poor dating profiles and how to fix them. Here’s an excerpt:

It’s both humorous and sad to read so many female online dating profiles where women proudly shout their independence and tout their travel adventures and careers as selling points to a rich and fulfilling relationship. Worse, they use the codewords that reveal a bossy and domineering nature.

He goes on to discuss how some women have actually taken his advice and ran with it, creating good profiles. I’ll add all his linkage here too because i think it’s all wonderfully sound stuff.

Online Profiles Used By Bossy And Domineering Women

Helpful Hint For A Woman’s Online Dating Profile

A Dating Exercise For Women – Amazing Follow-Up

Hooking Up Smart – Choose Attraction

Heartiste even came up with a post about women who have caught on to the rise of game and how to respond to these game aware women,  tho one must wonder.. using the old maxim “The first step in avoiding a trap is knowing of the traps existence”.. how does one avoid something when it is the trap IS the very thing actively being sought?

Listen to Seafood! It knows your nature.

To the hypergamous woman who responds so dutifully to the charismatic charm, the dashing looks, the ability of a man to rise above other men in the room.. to these men of great ability who have done this time and again and honed their craft, who can choose ANY woman.. what hope do they have of snagging that man into commitment through sex alone without getting USED (because he can have from any of the women on his spinning plate roster)? They claim they don’t want games, or in reality, to be gamed. They want all the trappings of game without the risk. They want all the benefits of the apex predator but want assurance they won’t be bitten by the ferocious beast. They want a guarantee the Tiger comes with a shock collar only they have the trigger for.

So how to get around this?

I KNOW! They’ll simply ASK IN ADVANCE for these bad men to not be bad men by adding disclaimer text to their bloated pretentious pompous profiles to weed out these bad men. It’ll go something like this.

Standard Female Profile 101

First they’ll talk about how educated they are and where their careers are going. There’s nothing sexier and more requisite to a man than knowing just where and how a woman got educated and spent their most fertile years racking up thousands of dollars in student debt (of which i am painfully aware having paid off my exwifes debts virtually single handedly). And lord knows in those 10-15+ years of educating, a girl can get frightfully lonely from time to time. How many of those ‘got caught up in the moment’ and ‘i was vulnerable’ events will not make into the final tally that you are presented with, if you are even presented with one at all you filthy brute.. what business is it of yours to be asking anyways?

And make sure to always call yourself a ‘foodie’ or ‘a bit of a nerd’ (wear big glasses to achieve this trick)

I call bullshit! You’re not a nerd! You’re just an attention whore with a tight body wearing glasses! Tell me what takes place in a Klingon ‘Right of Ascension’ and THEN i’ll call you a nerd.

Then they’ll talk about all the traveling they’ve done, fill their profile pics with all their pictures from their spiritual journey to Mt. Kilimanjaro, Paris, Ibiza, Australia, New Zealand, all on patio cafe’s drinking fine food and beverages, rock climbing, the classic jump in midair against the beach shot. In the process they’ll be showing you the life they expect to continue to have with (and be financed by) you in a neverending life of living every day ‘in the moment’ or the new idiotic catch phrase sweeping this defunct nation… YOLO. And of course YOLO also states that everywhere outside your hometown falls under the Vegas rule, and all your travel hookups do not fall under your final number as well.

(YOLO also means don’t think about being fiscally responsible.. you’re only here once right? Who cares how much debt you rack up enjoying your life. That’s what Betaschmucks are for.)

Don’t forget to add in the obligatory “Make me laugh and i’m yours!” Basically stating “If you be my entertainment monkey and make me laugh non stop i’ll probably sleep with you no matter what your character or integrity”.

After that they’ll belt out a thousand contradictions and deal breakers they won’t accept from you like fucking up on grammar “you’re vs. your” or personality traits like “must be aggressive and know what he wants and goes after it, but is sweet and caring and sensitive and must know when to be either at the appropriate time“, thus weeding out the 99% who weren’t gifted with the ability to join the Psi Corps.

You see Captain.. what you have to understand is that when i bring by hand up to my head like this, I’m actually displaying the ‘to scale’ size of the “hamster” that occupies the Limbic system of the typical POF profile female brain.

Then they make sure to add one of these final tidbits to the profile to make sure those nefarious alphas who might have their own interests at play not take advantage of these women:






and of course the classic…


I present to you a SMALL token of what has floated belly up to the surface on the shores of my beloved cities waterfront: [all are dead, but you get the point]

I’m 33 and ready to start a family! Don’t ask what i’ve been doing with my life until now.. it’s irrelevant. Only message me if you’re ready to gimme the baby i want now!

A 38 year old seperated woman who still wants children after admitting to having fallen dupe for players ‘been there done that’. But you’re the lucky one to get this catch. I’m sure her extreme spontaneity had something to do with it.

A 31 year old party gal who lets her hypergamy shine through in her profile. Not only does she lambaste all men (because of her ability to have been ‘gamed’) but she puts the onus on MEN to prove her wrong.. when that’s not what she wants at all, she wants control over an alpha.

***** is a glorious piece of work. Her misandry runs wild. You’re nothing more than a fucking handbag to her. Probably a great pump n dump so have at her, IF she responds. I’m sure you need to look like David Beckham in order to get this ones attention.

Just FUCKING DELUSIONAL, a reminder of the the crazy cat lady Carolina wrote about

****** seems to be telegraphing the fact shes an idiot who can’t stop succumbing to the power of her hamsters will to blame all men for her poor screening

39 years old and you still are possible/open to the idea of having kids? Good luck with that one. I think you should give up lady.. looking for butterflies and going with the flow is what got you there in the first place.

Woman of undisclosed body type is BEGGING TO BE GAMED. what other conclusion can you think of when you see her what she’s looking for in a man, including the PS.


The common element with most POF women with these profiles seems to be they are all over 30 and have hit the wall and are desperate to find that one special sucker.. err… soulmate with whom they can ‘settle’ down with to pop out their last chance child before their ovary factories close down and get boarded up and outsourced to India. The younger under 30’s that bitch simply haven’t figured out their hamsters yet and are blinded by the 80/20 aura of invisibility to all the good guys they choose not to see.

And always beware of a woman who enjoys traveling TOO MUCH.. it betrays her inability to be content in life without major changes happening constantly. As dcd1985 writes in her profile:

I love adventure travel. For me, sitting at a resort drives me absolutely insane. I’d much rather go off the beaten path and find something new and exciting.

Sounds like an exciting and illicit affair indeed. If the word ‘passport’ comes up in the profile.. walk away. Leave them to finance their own trips or let’m shack up with Saudi oil barons.

The over 30’s are mounting up, and with each one that i scroll through and see any note of “wants children” makes me both laugh and weep. I will NOT be your last chance express, and it’s a tragedy you probably won’t be having kids as more men wise up to the the lamentation of da womyn.

As DETI would say.. why am i going to sacrifice so much to have a child with you and give you the best years of my life??? You weren’t around to give me the best years of yours.

You rode the carousel, had your fun, lived your life carefree, guilt free, and without responsibility. Now that i’m coming into my own.. why in the name of HOLY FUCKENSAUCE would i give up my right to enjoy that NOW (since it was stolen from me in my beta youth by following the beta script ingrained into me by blatant propagandizing about womens intent of commitment, inherent moral goodness, quicker/superior maturity and attraction triggers based on beta actions) by ‘manning up’ and becoming a beast of burden for you and your children, just so later on you can bitch to me about how unhappy you are, how i don’t do enough or make enough, how you miss your party days, how i’m never home enough to pay attention to your needs and am driving you into the arms of someone else, and how much you do and sacrifice in the raising of ‘my’ child (as if i was the one who did the begging and screaming and holding the relationship hostage to the need for creating offspring).

Fuck it to all of that.

Your fate should you fish in these waters…

And lets get some things straight here.

1. I had no problem trying to fulfill this role if the timing was right. It wasn’t, and became a critical factor in why my marriage tanked. I said we weren’t financially ready for kids. Which led to

2. It is women who are universally renowned for their biological clocks that began beating like the telltale heart. Men may aspire to have children, can envision being dads, even yearn for them. But it is women that drive the role of having babies and their clocks determine the fate of many a relationship. I know of 2 men who really wanted children of their own accord. The rest are a mix of ‘had kid for obligation/make wife happy’ and ‘it kinda happened unexpectedly’. I was given an ultimatum at the start of our courtship when i made it clear kids were not my priority. She knew my position for years, yet decided to hold our relationship hostage to a future event. I should have known there and then, it was not about love or respect, it was about someone giving her a kid before she reached an age where getting preggo can give you defective kids.

A lesson i have assimilated and am aware of.

No, if i want to ever consider getting hitched, having kids and getting off the marriagestrike.. it’ll be when i meet a cute, kind 25-27 year old Polish girl who’s family i can meet to determine what her background is like, her relationship with her father, how many boyfriends she’s had, if her sister has stories of her to share, and what her views on North American womyn and feminism are.

Then i would seriously reconsider if all the correct check marks were applied. Only if a woman demonstrates that she adds value to my life, allows me to fulfill the masculine frame by not trying to occupy it, not hating her own valuable feminine frame and treating it as disease, and works to complement, NOT COMPETE with me.. only then would i toy with the idea of marriage again. I don’t have an issue with the social contract.. providing both parties subscribe to it and are held to it.

But that’s fishing in a whole different pond. The European pond.

But Lake Ontario?

No.. these waters are toxic. It’s like the runoff from the reactor at the Pickering station has done it’s damage.  It’s affecting the quality of the catch.

ps… i wrote the Mt. Kilimanjaro thing in complete jest, oh how little did i know.

I think a little test may be in order. Recreate my profile in a few different cities and see which ones get more views and/or responses/inquiries. This will determine and confirm whether or not it’s the city or if i’m just butt fucking ugly 😉


  1. Great post.

    Plus the photo captions are top notch.

    Very well done.

  2. For kicks, I searched women 18-25. I’m going through them now.

    Every passably cute girl has a kid.

    The others are all dogs.

    None of them can write for shit.

    It’s depressing.

  3. I read those women’s profiles. I couldn’t believe it. I noticed a lot of women quoted platitudes. For some it was their entire profile: meaningless shit someone else wrote.

    And that quote from Marilyn? OMG!

    It’s clear to me reading these and from the Crazy Cat Lady lists that women just don’t know ANYTHING about men. Despite all the books written, all the talk shows, they don’t have an effing clue.

    I think I know what my next post is going to be about. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

  4. These POF profiles you linked to are something else. Every single one of them is either a career first girl or a current or former carousel rider.

    Men, read the codes in these profiles. Let’s look at what they’re really saying. *Breaks out Q36B Space Hamsterlator*:

    “Holy shit, I’m 36 years old and never thought I’d be putting up a profile on an online dating site. Oh well, Here goes nothing.

    “I’ve been working at my fabulous career in law/finance/banking/ education/ nursing. Truth is, I hate working. My job sucks. I actually have to DO things, get RESULTS, and FINISH TASKS at this job. And I actually have to do them correctly. This career thing sure ain’t as much fun as I thought it would be. My roommates are bitches, my parents are cramping my style, I’m going broke, I don’t have enough money to live on my own, and I hate my life. Please save me!

    “Here’s the real reason I’m here. I’ve had sex in various levels of commitment with, uh, a few men. Seventeen to be exact. Some were one night stands, some were STRs. I liked them all, they were fun and exciting, and they made me the person I am today. Man, I wish I could figure out why none of them wanted to marry me. They all seemed to like fucking me, at least for a little while. Oh well.

    “Thing is, I really need a sperm donor (sorry), I mean HUSBAND. Yeah. I need (sorry) I mean I WANT a husband. Yeah. That’s it. I want to get married. See, I can’t pull the hot guys like I used to. For some reason they just want to come on my back and then get up, put on their clothes and leave. I can’t even get them to buy me an Egg McMuffin the next morning, much less dinner or an evening out. So I need to try something else. Marriage should do it. I’ve heard it can be fun. So yeah. I wanna get married.

    “So here’s what you gotta do and be (Sorry) I mean, here’s what I am looking for.

    –be smoking hot, with washboard abs and great hair, at least six feet tall, and not over 40.
    –be really nice to me (but treat everyone else like shit, except my girlfriends)
    –make at least $100K per year
    –drive a car not more than 3 years old and not boring
    –own your own place (no roommates, no living with parents)
    –not have children
    –never expect anything of me other than for me to exist and be my awesomely awesome self
    –cuddle with me when I want, take me on dates when I want, and spend money on me when I want
    –MOST IMPORTANT: be a father to the child(ren) I want (You might or might not actually impregnate me and sire those children. You will if I want you to. If I don’t want you to impregnate me, I’ll find an alpha sperm donor to do it, I will cuckold you, and pass the child off as yours.)

    I WILL (For the applicant who meets every single one of the above criteria and all the others in my head that I won’t mention):
    –grace you with my presence, and bless you with my awesomely awesome awesomeness (for as long as I see fit, as long as it suits me, and as long as it serves my interests)
    –have sex with you, but only when I feel like it, and only when there is something in it for me

    I Look forward to hearing from you, Mr. Right!!”

  5. Deti,

    If your career isn’t in something involving creative writing, you need to change careers. You are good.

    Also, in case you didn’t see, I finally got around to writing that post about our conversation at Dalrock’s. Thanks again for that.

  6. Sting:
    I did see your post. I just didn’t comment on it because the post is about what you think, not what I think, and I don’t want to dominate the conversation at someone else’s blog (even though I do that to Dalrock all the time).

  7. Oh yeah, I forgot. She will also expect her perfect man to meet the approval of her girlfriends. In other words, he must be hot enough that her girlfriends will be jealous of her and will want to fuck him. But, he must not want to fuck her girlfriends under any circumstances, even if said girlfriends throw themselves at him.

  8. OMG!! Hilarious!!

  9. Holy Cow Deti, dominate away. I was hoping you would leave your thoughts on it. If you don’t care to, then that’s entirely different. But don’t worry about taking anything over. My whole point in blogging is to discuss and learn and hopefully teach something along the way. If I am wrong, I need to know. So don’t worry about dominating anything.

  10. Welcome to Toronto! The Mos Eisley of our planet.

  11. Thanks! I strive for maximum entertainment value!

  12. Great post.

    Btw, I messaged the first POF woman on my dummy POF account (i.e. the one I use when I want to browse anonymously – no picture) and wrote her the following message (violating all of her instructions):


    Nice profile. How’s it going. Are you DtF? 😉


    Lets see if I get a reply.

  13. LOL! Do keep me posted. I like your idea. I think it’s time start DTF trolling.

  14. At this rate, one of these girls could be the Greedo to my Han.

  15. […] Following hot on the heels of my last post i thought i’d create a weekly feature, and will continue until i can no longer stomach it. […]

  16. Oh, M3, after reading this I had another memory of a tip I read on internet dating. I think this was from the chateau, though it could have been a random game forum

    Instead of sending a “Real message” you send a joke one calling something of her appearance into question and that’s it. For example, on that nerd girl picture I would say:

    “Hey, I was just messing around with this account for shits and grins with my friend. We actually ran into yours and were intrigued by it. I bet him $20 dollars that your glasses aren’t real, but are just hipster wanna-be’s. So, tell me, do I owe him a drink few beers?”

    Then when she says no, they’re real, you offer to take her for a drink with the money you won ‘off her’. You get there and say you actually lost the money off another bet if she asks you to pay – that you and your friend bet on things like this all the time. or that he backed out and never paid, that asshole. You still love him though.

    Or if she gives an answer that you lost money, you invite her out for a consolation prize drink. Still don’t buy. NEVER BUY.

    It stands out, gets her thinking about her looks, negs her, and initiates a fun teasing vibe that you can continue on the date.

  17. I read that post (it was Heartiste) and tried it on a few profiles. 0 responses. Which again leads me to believe some profiles are ‘ghosts’.

    I hear you about the drinks. Had my very first ever ‘buy me a drink’ exchange a few weeks ago. I can’t tell if i handled it well or not but would wonder how you’d handle it, or tell me where i went wrong.. i’m pretty blunt in my annoyance.

    Her: HI
    Me: Oh hey, whats up?
    Her: Oh not much, just had to get out and unwind. You come here often?
    Me: No, first time in decades. Rarely get out of my cave. Fighting crime n stuff.
    Her: Ha. I guess you’re Batman.
    Me: Yup. Can you tell?
    Her: Not quite..
    Me: Good. Then my secrets safe.
    Her: You’re funny. Sooo.. would you like to buy me a drink?

    Me: Not even 2 minutes in and you want me to buy you a drink? Like REALLY?
    Me: Would you give me a blowjob in the bathroom?
    Her: What? Fuck no!
    Me: Then you just answered your own question luv.
    Her: What are you? Some kind of fucking asshole?
    Me: No, i’m Batman.
    Her: Piece of shit. FUCK YOU.
    Me: You’re not my type…

    Boy did i feel awkward yet satisfied, tho i think if i was more game adept it would have turned into something better. My loose mouth and short fuse (thank you manosphere rage). It was the cutesy eyelash batting that set me off. Power of the pussy and all.. oh buy me a drink because i have a vagina. I lost my composure, my frame. Wasn’t ready to land on the carrier at night. Crash n burn.

    What would Leap do?

  18. I really need to have a minimum manosphere detox of 48 hours before heading into social interactions. It’s cramping my style.

  19. Question:
    Was there any time delay in what she was saying between:

    “Me: Good. Then my secrets safe.
    Her: You’re funny. Sooo.. would you like to buy me a drink?”

    Either between what you said or any pauses in her speech?

    If so, that’s a bad start. Anytime you give a delay in the first couple minutes the conversation and interaction is going to get derailed from whatever you set it up as and go back to the usual “So what do you do?” type conversation where it’s mapped out, safe for her, and expensive for you.

    Otherwise, I’d go one of two ways as default. Either invite her to buy the first round and tell her you’ll get the second, or do the Roissy go-to answer of “What, do I look like an atm?”

    Or, go for the ultimate hamster shot – “Oh, well sure. I’m sorry I didn’t offer sooner. You looked like an empowered woman who values her independence.”

    I started to write more to that, but every time I did it got too complicated. Keep it that simple, or shorter if you can, say it with a smirk, and play with her. Give her hamster a quick slap with your cock and give her a chance to chase it. Her hitting you is a good reaction. If she keeps pushing, either go back to the first round of answers or run a disqualify “Sure, I don’t buy women I’m attracted to drinks, so I guess I can get you one.”

    Slap that hamster good. But don’t try and nuke it, which is what you did. It’ll just transform into some grotesque mutant ready to eat your face.

  20. Also – before going out I’ll do one of a few things. I’ll call someone and chat on the phone – anyone you’re not sexually attracted to, even my mom – just to get the juices flowing.

    Reading Bang is a good one, even if I don’t actually use any of Roosh’s material.

    Stay away from male blogging sites. Female ones haven’t hurt me before going out.

    Chat online on facebook works.

    Also some self help books on being assertive/healthy have gotten my brain going in good ways

    Really just anything that either has you talking without any sexual tension or reading on how to socialize in a healthy manner.

  21. No there wasn’t a delay or pause, which is a rarity. I am the master of the ‘uhhhh’ delay, pause, deathly silence. That’s why i felt it was a wasted opportunity, before my brain snapped, i was on a roll…

    Tho i have always gone with ‘So what do you do?’ as a means of allowing a girl to talk about herself which i don’t see as the death of the process. the death of the conversation was always when it was asked of me and i answered honestly and without passion. now i just bullshit and make stuff up, my primary go to is i’m an exotic male dancer and just run with it as far as i can go. i make sure i reek of bullshit when i vocalize it, but speak with such authority about it they cannot disprove me, even if they themselves work in the biz.

    The ATM roissy comment will antagonize most of the girls up here and turn them off, even if you do it with a smile and not rage. Toronto girls just don’t want to be challenged. This is where game has a flaw in certain markets and i find i get annoyed with the marketing of it online. ‘GET ANY GIRLS WITH THESE 3 SECRET TRICKS’ pft. Here in Toronto, you need to follow these 3 things in this order if you want Game to work.

    1. Look incredibly good. (over 6 ft, full head of hair unless MMA fighter, perfect teeth, physically fit, perfectly groomed)
    2. Have money/status (know the club owner/get through the line/have a clique)
    3. Have tight Game.

    Even if your game is rock solid, these girls are out for the freebies first and foremost. Bottle service? Chumps line up to buy women drinks here. Game lines that put any onus on the girl to pay will make her huff a snit and find the next chump. So unless you look like a heart throb and your smile dampens her panties right away, you pulling any Game lines here will have you going home early.

    David Beckham can get away with the ATM line here. Danny DeVito not so much.

    I am of course only referring to the club scene. I’m sure there is a better class of women i haven’t tapped into yet, but it’s not in clubs and this is where i need to develop my day game and hit on the girls who do not make club going the pivotal defining moment of their lives.

  22. Well shit. I don’t know then man.

    I hit up bars and pubs when I go out for a few reasons. One is that they’re close for good logistics – nearest club 45 min away, but there’s a dive 5 am bar a block away, and a good 4 am bar 15 min away. I usually go to the latter. I simply don’t have time/money to do the further travel and follow the logistics is king rule. Plus I like bars and pubs better.

    Sounds like your only real option is to test out the disqualifier at the end. “Sure, I only buy drinks for friends but don’t buy drinks for women I’m attracted to. So buying you one works.” Or something like that. It sets her up to chase you, checks off her entitlement box, and will also give you a great chance to screen her if she’s worth your time – much more valuable than the cost of a drink.

  23. Also, if you are going to buy her a drink, make her earn it. Play a guessing game about what kinds of drinks she likes – girly or “real drinks”. What kind of shots she likes, or beer. Give her shit no matter what the answer. “Oh lord, you’re a tequila girl!? You must be a wild partier. Last time I drank it I did _____ stupid thing.” or “Oh, whiskey huh? What big, dark hole in your soul are you filling with it?”

    Do this while the bartender is getting the drink. If she seems like a bitch…. Well, just take the drink and walk away with it when it comes. You paid for it, she didn’t earn it.

  24. […] a very insightful chat with a very good woman who i had mischaracterized in one of my posts called TOXIC WATERS. She actually emailed me and asked me to redact her info [And i obliged. Turns out she's very much […]

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