Comedians were the original Redpill dispensers

July 2, 2013

This guys just a walking Pharmaceutical of crimson pills

I give the manosphere credit for putting me on the path to understanding, knowledge, encouragement, education and interaction long enough to digest and internalize it.

But it was there all along in the form of comedy.

I guess comedy offered up too much plausible deniability. How else can you explain women laughing at jokes in a club that they’d hammer you with their purse with for in real life.

The hamster brain goes to sleep during comedy hour.

Notice how men can for a brief moment in time, rally around Chris Rock and cheer on his truth where individually any man from that crowd making the same point in a club, on the street, in his place of work, etc.. would be destroyed by the hamster, white knight mangina brigade.

Comedians always had the answers. Most of us just watched and laughed at the truth for that brief moment because it was safe to do so.

The sphere has turned that moment into a something much longer.


ps. notice there has never been a funny feminist? why? because all good comedy is based on underlying unspoken truths, taboo or otherwise.

When was the last time you knew a feminist who spoke the truth?

And there’s your answer 🙂

Honorable mentions go to Seth MacFarlane of “Family Guy” episodes:

I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar


The Giggity Wife


  1. in fact, I think stand up comics acclimated me towards understanding the truth about women. if it wasn’t for them, I’d probably be completely clueless today.

    eddie murphy did a gigantic bit about divorce. sam kinison’s act was practically folded around divorce and toxic women. really, I learned all of this years ago and just didn’t realize how important that knowledge would become.

  2. Have you seen this?

  3. In Rock’s last special “Shoot the messenger”, he had a great routine of how men cannot go backwards sexually, while women cannot go backwards in lifestyle. Once a man dates a woman who gives him a blowjob, he will never date another woman who would refuse. Once he dates a woman who wears fuck-me shoes in bed, he’ll expect the next woman to do the same.

    With women, it’s first dating a guy with his own car, then his own place, and the the first guy who pays for a vacation overseas. With each of these milestones, she will never consider a man who cannot deliver these creature comforts

  4. @ Ted

    Yes i have seen that and yes i can attest to the truth of it..

    ..will be shopping for bedroom heels for the misses this weekend.

  5. Bill Burr is great. So is Patrice O’Neal’s old stuff.

    Louis CK is so beta that he’s tough to identify with.

  6. @M3

    You sly dog!

  7. Patrice O’Neal delivers the goods. I found him through Danny’s site.

  8. check you out Mr. Bloor West Village guy.

  9. @ Protagonist

    Lard thunderin by Jaysus..

    Someone got some serious Hawkeye going on!

    Good eye.

  10. […] whoism3.wordpress.com […]

  11. Elephant in the room…Patrice O’Neal.

    Christopher Titus is another one to check out. Love is Evol especially.

  12. Watch this and you may reconsider your opinion of Louis CK.

  13. Patrice O’neal (RIP) was the man that put me on the path of the red-pill. and i just saw norton live. he’s also one of my favorite’s. though he’s VERY blue-pill.

    google “patrice o’neal women”. i’ve posted his material MANY times.

  14. “Louis CK is so beta that he’s tough to identify with.”

    I don’t know…for a guy that’s beta he seems to know what’s up when it comes to masculinity.

    By that I mean watch his show Louie. He acts beta and women respond realistically…not like in sitcoms.

  15. behold the genius.

  16. Heh. Louie is a genius. How many women do you see ever react to this type of speech on the telebox?

  17. Here is some Titus material.

  18. Louis CK is a beta, but his comedy is still on the money. He shows the pain of continuous rejection by women, and not even hot women. Most of the women he has pursued on his show are pretty ordinary, and the episode where his date rejects him after he fails to stand up to a bully was mesmerizing. He points out that as a woman, she ought to select a man who is not violent. All his actions are guided by the fact that he has 2 kids to look after, but the date did not care. She simply said, “My chemistry tells me that you’re a loser.”

    Titus is terrific too – “If your wife gets new breasts, and does not tell you about them, guess what? They’re not for you!” He also seems to have adjusted his dating behavior based on the fact that he has kids now.

    This shows how when women say they want a guy with a sense of humor, it’s nonsense. It’s said that comedians get into the stand-up business because they can’t sing the blues.

  19. Here is some more of Louie. Think approach anxiety.

  20. Excellent observation.

    I too have always been surprised how comedians like Chris Rock can dispense very bitter uncomfortable and politically incorrect truths regarding the sexual / relationship dynamics between men and women and everyone, including the pussy whipped beta mangina’s laugh at them because they know deep down how true they are.

    After years of being shouted down, brushed aside, shamed and ridiculed for my views (by both women and men) I know how important it is to have a voice in the mainstream.

  21. “Raw” by Eddie Murphy
    Anything by Bill Burr
    La Pelota de Letras by Andrés Lopez

  22. ‘I give the manosphere credit for putting me on the path to understanding, knowledge, encouragement, education and interaction long enough to digest and internalize it.’
    Me too man, me too

  23. I object!

    Bill Maher was never funny. 😉

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