Open Letter To An Unnamed Woman

December 13, 2012

A fellow Torontonian shows much more restraint and understanding than i would. If she pulled that on me, she’d probably be waking up this week.

Remarkable restraint in the face of pure hatred.. dare i say pure evil. Kudos to him. This woman needs to be outted publicly. Holy hell i can’t even believe she holds any educational position at a revered institution such as U of T. Personally, i think ‘womens studies’ should be dismantled. You might as well have the KKK tenure there teaching racial and cultural tolerance classes.

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Dear Ma’am,

I’m pretty sure that you know who I am, as we recently met informally at an event where Warren Farrell was speaking. Just in case it has slipped your mind, we have our own Youtube video.

If you are reading this, I’d like to start out by saying the following: while it is hard for me to believe that you want it, I want you to know that you have my forgiveness. I don’t doubt for one moment that you meant everything that you said to me that night. I have no doubt that you intended to be as hurtful as possible. I’m not giving you a pass by assuming that you were having a bad moment or that you were overcome by emotion and said something you didn’t mean.

I know you meant what you said and that you probably still do. But, I forgive you regardless. I’m…

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  1. Her name is Vanja Krajina

  2. What I see in this video is the degree to which this vile woman is supremely confident that a man will not visit violence upon a woman.

    This man is a good 6 inches taller than her, and he could easily pound her into submission. Could you walk up to a strange man who is significantly larger than you, and hurl such vile insults at him without the any fear of retaliation? I sure as heck couldn’t, yet this woman does exactly that without the slightest trepidation.

    This is a tacit acknolwedgement on her part that the vast majority of women have absolutely nothing to fear from the vast majority of men. Not only does she know this, but she knows it deep down in her bones.

  3. Thank you Alexa.

    You are indeed correct, i’d get my face mashed if i yelled such contextually insane things to someone more massive than i. It’s female privilege that allows this kind of presumption on her part. You can actually see the insanity in her eyes.

    After having spent 30+ years of my life being a white knight, beta orbiting, supportive, loving, husband and would be protector of women from harm.. if some strange women came up to me and started hurling accusations of me being a rape supporter.. would set me off the deep end.

    This guy showed a resolve i would not be able to match.

  4. I caught it over at AVfM. But thanks for the heads up.

  5. You know how victim’s group bitch about male/white/patriarchy privilege – we should make a female privilege meme.

    Make fun of it to the point of absurdity.

    What say you, M3?

  6. What a horrid woman. What’s the backstory on that? Why did she choose him to spew shit at? Or was it just whatever random dude happened to be lucky enough to be in the area?

  7. When I first saw that, I read it as Vajina Krajina.

  8. […] was reading M3′s blog post’s comments section and came across this comment by […]

  9. I would be heartily surprised if there wasn’t a meme for it already!

    I’ll have to check memegenerator and knowyourmeme later tonight. I got a date with a HOBBIT 😉

  10. This wretched creature that makes Gollum look like a saint is a (barf) “PROFESSOR” of women’s studies at University of Toronto.

    The backstory is he is a man with a penis who wanted to listen to a man speak about the plight of boys and men in today’s society earning 1/3 of the degrees, being 3/4ths of suicides and generally being neglected by society in matters of health, well being and matters of justice.

    For that, he became an instant EvilRapistMan™ and iRapist™ and RapeSupportingRapeyRaperRapist™

    You can read about all of these vicious femcunts at A Voice for Men.

    They’re doing a good job exposing these sick twisted psycotic man-hating cunts.

    [lol.. i had a comment button malfunction of biblical proportions. corrected.]

  11. OMG. That is ridiculous.

  12. Good luck on the date!

    I already found the memes!

    Newest post on my blog – thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I’m not sure why she picked me. I guess I happened to appear in her radar. I was talking to a police officer about getting into listen to Dr. Farrell’s lecture when she assaulted me.

    Best that I can tell, my crime was trying to hear the man out. I’d had not previous contact with the women. I hadn’t even made eye contact prior to what you see captured on video.

  14. the KKK is a perfect example of the kind of mindset that feminists exist in. they are female supremacists and anti-male hatemongers.

  15. How’d it go, big man?

  16. Can you imagine if the reverse happened? If a man were to walk up to a woman he didn’t know and just start berating her for no reason, calling her a “worthless cunt”.

    It would have made national news, and everyone would have been outraged at him.

  17. Good point, Alexa.

  18. Wow. That woman is off her rocker. I’m embarrassed for her.

  19. Comparably, other than Youtube and the Manosphere coverage, this incident has been more or less ignored. This isn’t a matter of sexism, in my opinion. Women watch the majority of TV and it is not going to sell commercial slots if we fail to give them news that either provides them righteous infuriation or information relevant to daily justification for poor behaviour. This will give them neither.

  20. ‘Gender studies’ = Feminist indoctrination.

    At my college, guys would be ‘brave’ taking a gender class. Often the guys would just be attacked all day every day for the crime of being male.

  21. Thanks for this post. I had no idea this shit went down so recently at U of T, and I live here! This speaks volumes about the double-standard in favour of women and against men that can, it seems, never be named. Indeed as other’s here have said, if the tables were turned and this was a male hate-monger intimidating women who were trying to attend a lecture by a feminist author, I guarantee it would have made the national news, the papers, gone viral on the interent and been the subject of a panel discussion a week later on TVO.

  22. Wow. Embarrassing as a woman to see another behave that way. I wrote a (in moderation) comment at the blog this originated from. I’m going to use the video on my own blog to show the ugly face of misplaced hatred.

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