No One Is Entitled To Commitment

January 14, 2013

Dovetails nicely into the ending of my previous post, The Crime of Being Nice ( https://whoism3.wordpress.com/2013/01/10/the-crime-of-being-nice/ ).. Heartiste does what he does best, performing the same wonderful switch as he did in his post about Everyman Needs A Harem of Women ( http://heartiste.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/every-man-needs-a-harem-of-women/ ) where he flipped a stupid CNN article in a gender swap.


  1. I miss Roissy.

    No homo.

  2. Love. It.

  3. I know Hearty’s article was a switcheroo with Hugo Schwyzer’s article. But in all seriousness, all men should learn and internalize the attitude of “You’re not entitled to commitment” toward women in general.

    If a man is interested in a woman, he is hard wired to show some form of commitment to her. He’s hard wired to spend time and effort in showing interest of some kind. Every act of deference and supplication, every response, to a woman he wants, is a form of investment and commitment.

    Every returned text, every phone call. “You’re not entitled to a return text. You’re not entitled to a phone call.”

    Every minute spent on the phone. “You’re not entitled to my time on the phone.”

    Every minute spent watching movies. “You’re not entitled to my time.”

    Every dinner date. “You’re not entitled to a free meal. You’re not entitled to free drinks. You’re not entitled to waste my time and money.”

    Every gift. “You’re not entitled to a gift — you’re not entitled to the thought that went into getting it, the effort spent finding it or the money spent purchasing it.”

    Long term relationship and marriage: “You will not take me for granted simply because I live here and I pay the bills. You’re not entitled to my commitment. You’re not entitled to my money. You’re not entitled to treat me however you want simply because you have the appellation “Mrs.” in front of your name.

    I will return the text or call if I believe it is worth my time and investment.

    I will talk to you on the phone if it is worth my time investment.

    I will take you on dates if I conclude it is worth my time and money.

    I will freely and liberally give gifts. But you are not ENTITLED to a gift.

    I will remain married to you as long as you are holding up your end of the bargain. All you have to do is be nice most of the time, stay here, and don’t sleep with anybody else. If you fail to meet the requirements of fidelity and steadfastness and kindness, the marriage will probably end.

  4. My favourite part was: “The plea to replace mockery with understanding is a familiar one; it’s what lies behind the calls to stop using the word “slut,” because women find it shaming… Besides the near-universal sense that they’ve been unjustly defrauded, the great commonality among these Great Girls is their contempt for men’s sexual interest. They rage about being “pump and dumped,” and complain about the hours spent fucking men without being given so much as a candlelit dinner in return for their investment.”

    As I wrote on Heartiste’s site, he’s spot on in terms of the role reversal affecting women who will rage against betas yet whinge and cry that they can’t get alphas attention for longer than the time of their erections… and still never understand why.

  5. I need to start compiling female profiles of ‘Good Girls’ and build that site over the weekend. Should be fun!

    Time to boot up ye’ole Photoshop and start crackin

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