Winning a Medal at the Special Olympics… for participation.

September 20, 2012


This video is priceless and absolutely worth a single solitary post unto itself.

(H/T to A♠ with his comment over at The Woman and the Dragon)


  1. Great video. LOL

  2. My pleasure, M3.

  3. Fantastico

  4. “Choosy spell” is especially observant. Any guy is a little bit of an exaggeration. But only a little one.

  5. a flash of honesty.

  6. Jesus. She was so focused on the ice cream on top that she didn’t slow down as she approached the wall.

  7. i’d rather fuck a cup of broken glass and bleach than her.

  8. LOL. you guys..

    For the record, i put her video up because i believe she’s doing satire properly and showing up entitled women and feminists.

    Whatever your opinion of her physically, she’s actually closer to a redpill woman in understanding how things actually are rather than how feminists want it to be. She does an effective job of putting MANY women down.

    If she lost a couple of pounds i’d do her. I’d love to know what kind of noises she’d make with the lisp. 😉

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