Power means walking away, not crawling

June 26, 2012

Quick post here, just ran my last encounter with the failed FWB through my head and realized what i did and why i’m proud of myself.


I did what her previous guy did not.

I walked away on my terms, for my interests and made no compromise.


When she first showed signs that she was calling it quits and that their relationship was toast, he ramped up his neediness, he put the texting into overdrive, he would call or drop by often to ‘talk’, to try and convince her they should still be together.

If you have to ‘convince‘ someone to be with you.. no surrender, no retreat…

No one should have to be convinced to want to be with the awesomeness that you are. If you have it all and nothing to prove, and she’s seen it all and still can’t come to the logical conclusion that you’re perfect…

I liked her. I would have loved to continue pursuing a FWB situation with her. Still wanted to treat her to things, take her out alpha style, nurture her girly side beta style, and get her flowers for the hell of it once in a blue moon omega style. But i wasn’t going to beg her or try to convince her that it was in her best interest to do so. Hell, she still hadn’t done enough to qualify to me that she was worth it, but i put the bait out there if she wanted to aspire to become more than who she was and become part of something greater.

She made her choice.

5 years ago i would have been devastated, made a threat to end our friendship, listen to her cry and try to guilt me into thinking im an asshole for ruining a deep forever friendship over something as simple and easy as sex. I’d have relented, gone beta-orbit mode, apologized, and accepted the terms of bondage, an unconditional surrender and continue to suffer in silence as she’d fuck another random hottie down the road while sucking up all her emotional needs off me like a parasitic worm. I’d spend all my time trying to convince her she should be with me.

What Game and the manosphere enabled me to do is free myself of the shackles. If only i had it 20 years ago.


I didn’t go beta-orbit mode level 9000.

Instead i went into Beast mode power level over 9000.


I told her to give me back my key.

I told her to take her stuff out of my fridge.

I told her we weren’t friends, and never would be unless she gave me what i needed in return, the simple and easy thing.

I told her i would never play 3rd wheel or surrogate boyfriend.

I told her i didn’t care how she felt about it.

I showed her the door.

And i did it all from a position of standing tall on my feet, and not sniveling and crawling on my knees.

And i haven’t seen her since.


And life’s been better since. No second guessing, no nagging doubts, no what if’s. I have a hyper focus towards getting out and meeting, seeing and exploring new people. With the aid of many great bloggers and commenters here, i evolve, with no toxic energy polluting my resolve.


And i have the manosphere to thank for giving me the knowledge that i never got from my father, my mother, authority figures or women. I want to thank you all for giving me the ability to live again.


  1. Had a similar situation ad yours. My fwb was “married” and it seemed that her husband not only didn’t care, but liked her to sleep with another man. There was.a moment when I felt things weren’t going to end well so I ended it. I’m proud of my decision now, sex was awesome but it was going to hurt me emotionally on the long run.

  2. Good call. Never invest so heavily in a person where they can destroy you in a heartbeat.. especially if she’s proven herself to be unworthy, a liability or a flight risk.

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  4. As much as you thank the manosphere, there are many more thanks for you. If it weren’t for me finding you, I would never have taken the RedPill. I am only 21, and would have been in beta hell for many years if not for your posting. Now I have a chance to really live and not be a shitty beta-orbiter.

    Good for you that you moved on on your terms. Once again, the sphere thanks you as well.

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