Players don’t target women. Women target players.

June 24, 2012

Just caught a comment from a Michael over at Hooking Up Smart.

The shit that is coming out of his mouth is just absolutely outstanding. This guy is redpill personified and I’m tempted to start cataloging him like others have cataloged Deti.

Where Deti speaks about the wisdom of actions and consequences, signs and portents, Michael is a truth-bearer laying out the current epidemic in unvarnished detail for all to see.

You can catch most of his comments in this thread here. But i direct you specifically to this point here among the many others.


Michael June 24, 2012 at 2:47 pm

Women who swear they will never ever fall for it again end up being targeted by the same players.

Women targeted by players? I see women being targeted by players like I see the numberless salesmen or come to my dad’s door to sell him the newest invention by some unknown Tesla(their words). My dad invites them in, puts a beer in front of the dudes and bulshits the sellers so much they end up leaving my dad’s house without any item sold, and hours wasted.

Aren’t women designed to distinguish the guys who want to play for free from the guys who are interested in building a family with them?

Can you explain how the most educated group of women the world has ever produced(western white women and black women), the women who grow up next to males all of their lives before going to high school and initiating the hookup culture with the Alpha males left this recess of experience of being near the males and seeing how they are, suddenly lose all of their INBORN capacity to distinguish cads from providers(here’s a tip; 6 feet tall or taller? Muscular build? Teeth sparkling like diamonds? Maybe he’s not a provider. If most women think that way, better stop stealing their older brother’s superman collection)?

I don’t understand how my grandmother who was raised by her mother because my great-grandfather died in the war knew what young men of Alpha capacity were about and instead of enjoying the fruits of her beauty, chose the dude who wasn’t as noticeably, but already had a paying job at the age of 14 and by age 20 was a senior in a well-off company?

Ok, this is getting long. Players don’t target women. Women target players. You don’t have to go into deep sea to fish when women crowd the shore to pick you, and then complain that there are no good men left or that I ”got played” by the player. Yes, and the dentist played me out of my cash because I was too lazy to brush after eating a bunch of sugar.

Bravo. You sir, are Epic!


  1. He’s good. Why is he wasting this at HUS?

  2. Probably doing his best to educate the lurkers. Are there any male lurkers at HUS tho?

  3. There was a healthy body of male commentors there before she started the banning wars. She’s probably going to ban Michael too, he better saves his stuff somewhere else.

  4. True. The fact that certain trolls like ‘Kathy’ or ‘Plain Jane’ etc.. continue to elude the ban hammer for obvious trolling with feminist gibberish, and guys get banned for interfering with ‘the mission’.. Michael’s probably on the short list for getting axed. Tho i did see Hollenhund back on, i was sure he bit the dust.

    Too many discussions there tho are back slapping and choir preaching. The fathers day/abortion one was a damn healthy debate which is good that it got out into the public discourse. Sorely needed, but a rarity now at HUS unless someone rattles the cage.

  5. Dont worry. Susan will run him off soon enough, if he keeps posting stuff like that.

  6. Yeah, I also expect him to get banned just like anyone else who speaks truth there and refuses to back down. Still, kudos to him for rubbing it in the face of the HUSsies.

  7. This is damn good.

    I’m getting tired of hearing the “where are all the good men” and “I can’t find a husband” memes. These women are not in hookup to find husbands. They are not hooking up to find love or to get a man to fall in love with them. They do it for the hot monkey sex with hot alpha men.

    These women could find beta providers to walk them down the aisle tomorrow — if that’s what they wanted. They don’t, because they don’t want beta providers.

  8. There does seem to be a real victim mentality among women who sleep around with cads.

    I consider it part and parcel of the woman’s own issues, she has one issue that causes her to seek the comfort of jerks and another that causes her to project the blame elsewhere.

    Some of it is retroactively re-framing the encounter to fit the fantasy “men pursue women” script – she can’t admit she chased him, she has to pretend he chased her.

    To be fair, some of these women are just going with the flow of their lives, hanging around with their gaggle of friends where cads do their thing and repeating the cycle of chasing the guy and getting pumped and dumped. But really, a stated lack of ability to change one’s environment and choices that just reinforces the sense of their own ignorance, and why we shouldn’t believe them when they tell us their version of the story.

  9. […] to the profile to make sure those nefarious alphas who might have their own interests at play not take advantage of these women: “NO […]

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