The Good that Women Can Do

November 5, 2013

My last few posts have been about goody goody girl and relationship stuff. I’m about to go back into the darker, harder hitting stuff about vapid woman, sluts, retarded feminists and entitled attitudes. So before i start launching the invective i thought i’d do a send off for all the great things that women can be and are capable of.

This is mainly a Thank You page to all the women who affect my life in a positive way whether they know it or not.


To the 2 paramedic EMT’s, both women, who tended to me while i was scaring the hell out of my workout partner with my heart rate dropping to danger territory syncope episode. Very professional, and pleasant. I immensely enjoyed having some mildly flirtatious moments with the one who took my blood sugar reading. Cute latina type. Even tho she had seen me crash from a BP of 75 down to 30 in a manner of a few seconds during my episode, i played the whole incident off as nothing more than a mild annoyance to me without a hint of danger. Like the black knight saying losing all 4 appendages was a mere flesh wound.

I’m sure it didn’t hurt that i was in my tight muscle shirt either.  I have never yet met a girl who didn’t at least appreciate muscles on a guy. Even the ones who like their guys with pudge or girth, give them an underwear model (or a poor man’s version of Jason Statham *cough cough*) and you will see the gleam in their eye for the split second they envision what sex might be like with you.

And Danny would be proud of the smiles and laughs i coaxed out of that EMS lady. I used his technique in the most stupid fashion possible.. i told her “Your necklace looks very lovely on you”.. and she looked down and looked back at me confused, i silently mouthed the words “Your. Steth.A.Scope” with a grin. She laughed out loud! As he’s fond of saying.. GAME EVERYONE. Keeps your skills sharp so you can bring the big guns to bear when it counts!

Two wonderful ladies in the healing profession using their greatest assets as women to bring care to me, a man. Smiling and bringing comfort in a way no man could. Why women would run away from this gift i haven’t a fucking clue.


To the wonderful crew of assistants at my Orthodontist’s office (and my regular dental hygienist). I am not lying when i tell you he (a man) is the only male there. His entire staff is female. I count about 15 staff there. 3 at reception. 1 administrator/supervisor. The rest are either primary care students or assistants/technicians. Each and every one is pleasant and a joy to be around. They joke around with me, swap stories, and most of all, continually encourage me as they see my progress. I can still recall how horrible i felt about my teeth, and having to show them, and have pictures taken of them. From day one they’ve been nothing but 100% supportive, and building up my confidence in my smile and the resolve to see it through.

Now i smile full beaming smiles.. even with all my hardware on. It’s something i will never take for granted again, this simple action of smiling means so much, especially to confidence. I now openly innocuously flirt with the girls where opportunity presents itself. I carry myself with pride and swagger when i go there, and they feed off it and build me up even more. These girls are absolute gold at what they do and if they take their skills for how they make their patients feel into their dating and relationships, they will have girl game nailed and wonderful odds at successfully finding great guys.

I recall one of feminism’s primary complaints was about how they railed against the concept of having to be the ones that constantly had to be nurturing or smiling or whatnot when the man came home from a hard days work. The answer is simple. They didn’t have to, but by doing so, the rewards would present themselves. When women understand that it’s not their job, career or intellect.. but rather how you present yourself as a woman and how you make a man feel like a man when around you, that is what makes a man want to stay committed to you. It’s not your accolades, it’s how you make him feel that matters.


To the female cardiologist, (who was much older than my image might indicate, as in grey hairs old) who showed a dedication to her profession by not leaving it in order to have children, or if she did have children, stuck it out in medicine, made a career out of it and gave back to the people what she got educated to do. Helping people. Unlike the crisis in the UK (and other areas) where female health practitioners abandon their medical calling after baby rabies kicks in and creates a massive vacuum of staff in healthcare that cannot be replaced, all while funded through equal opportunity and a continual push to have more females enter the profession. Talk about attrition. But onto my cardiologist. She who monitored me while i was on the treadmill, talked to me about my life, my exercise routine, the Maple Leafs. Who explained to me what was happening on the screen and guided me through the procedure.

A true professional and a credit to her profession. If more women followed her example and path, perhaps i wouldn’t be so grumpy about shit like this.


And i would be remiss to forget the great woman who prepped me for my nuclear medicine scans. I don’t like needles in my veins. I REALLY DISLIKE IV’s…. they make me ill and feel like throwing up. I was not aware of the fact i’d need to run the treadmill with one hanging out of me. She was beyond understanding. She gave me time, was understanding, talked to me about it and then finally gave me a good swift kick in the ass and told me not to worry about it even as i started turning whiter than white. She encouraged me, told me i had great veins (oh joy, most likely due to bicep curls) and that i was prepped before i even knew it. She even went out of her way to bandage a large arm wrap around my arm so i wouldn’t actually have to look at it. She then joked and ribbed me gently throughout the rest of the day during my tests. But not in a cruel way, but a compassionate way. She later told me she has the same problem, but only when it’s being performed on her.. she can perform it on others without issue. I simply can’t stand watching needles go into veins, mine or anyone else’s.

And i think she was Polish too, so we had some comradery going on. I never did get a chance to thank her, a different tech pulled my IV out.

There are many other great women out there that excel in their jobs and careers that are actual things to be proud of that i haven’t listed here, i’m not making this into a long post. But anywhere that women wish to work, put in full effort and perform just as well as men without artificial aid or moxie, and specifically jobs that harness the innate power of women’s nurturing, compassion and social interactions.. i say more power to them.  And not just in medicine, but in any role or profession. I’m not here to keep women in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant. If they are capable, and they understand what holding a career actually means in terms of future sacrifice to ‘having it all’ entails (delaying relationships/marriage/children/etc.) without crying about it then i welcome their contributions.

And finally, i just want to point out that on top of my GF being one of the kindest and lovable people i know (and the fact that she makes it too easy, and loves setting me up to gently tease her so she can feign shocked indignation with a smile on her face encouraging me to reel her back in with comforting words… a constant cycle of playful negging and super fun push pull that makes her laugh 24/7 and now i’m rambling…) is a delightful feminine personality that doesn’t play games, doesn’t do drama, and really wants to please the Alpha of her eye. I’d like to say she makes it seem too easy, but then again.. if i didn’t make the changes necessary to improve myself, i’d probably be singing a different tune. She’s certainly an anti-feminist, just the way i like. I leave feminists to choose from their orbiting simps and manginas. As i told my friend at work yesterday, i’d rather eat 300 gallons of mayonnaise than entertain a relationship with a feminist. Like attracts like, the masculine attracts the feminine and vice versa. Once you master your own masculinity, you get to choose the relationships.

So with all that out of the way, brace yourself, Winter is Coming.

Back to slagging feminists and fucktards galore.


  1. so make sure you’re wearing a tight muscle shirt first, or else you might as well be a roach under their shoe.

    what an achievement in human compassion.

  2. I cannot recall hearing of any emergency services letting someone die because they weren’t beautiful.

    Lol, way to miss the point. I was pointing out it doesn’t hurt the flirting process by being in shape.

    Don’t know why you’re being pissy about a natural biological reaction.. or am I to assume you get hard ons when looking at Andrea Dworkin or Lindy West?

    Oh you don’t? What an achievement in human compassion…

    If you want to rage on all women all the time, this isn’t your venue sir.

  3. Sounds like it’s going to be a rough winter. I’ll be sure to bundle up. 😉

    Seriously though, I still am not sure how much I want to identify with feminism, and I say this because I think you are the one that first inspired me to doubt. I still have some view that are on feminist grounds, but it’s just that no one seems to be able to agree on what it is or what it stands for, and I have had several people tell me I seem to be more of an egalitarian which to be honest I didn’t even know what it was until I kept being called one. I don’t know, but either way I am going to be reading these dark posts you speak of. And I’ll try not to be as annoying as I was last year.

  4. […] My last few posts have been about goody goody girl and relationship stuff. I’m about to go back into the darker, harder hitting stuff about vapid woman, sluts, retarded feminists and entitled attitudes.  […]

  5. Good post, M3. I think if some other manosphere bloggers had a bit of this from time to time, then the general public would be more accepting of the MRM. As it is, many people I’ve spoken to online who had never heard of MRAs, MGTOWs, or PUAs often do a quick Google search and end up reading something like “Why All Women Ever Are Evil And Stupid”. Obviously this turns away anyone who understands that NAWALT…in the same way I’m sickened by Feminist sites that try to claim AMALT.

    Women AND men can be evil, callous, materialistic, cold, greedy, sadistic and narcissistic.

    Women AND men can be nurturing, kind, generous, empathetic, honest, helpful, and hard working.

    As soon as more people realize this…that all humans can run the gambit of good and bad traits, and that we should judge individuals rather than make split second character decisions based on clitoris vs penis…I believe we will truly get somewhere. 😀

  6. @Ashley

    I’m an egalitarian too…always have been. I agree with some things that Feminism says, but am disgusted by other parts. Same with the Men’s Rights Movement, which sometimes gets bogged down with perpetuating misogyny rather that actually tackling sexism against men.

    It’s a hard label to own at times. People will say that you’re a fence sitter, that you don’t really care about men/women if you agree with points made by “the enemy”, and you’ll probably get banned from various sites and forums for not saying what they want to hear. But if this is what you believe, then embrace it and remember to listen to ALL sides.

  7. I recall one of feminism’s primary complaints was about how they railed against the concept of having to be the ones that constantly had to be nurturing or smiling or whatnot when the man came home from a hard days work. The answer is simple. They didn’t have to, but by doing so, the rewards would present themselves. When women understand that it’s not their job, career or intellect.. but rather how you present yourself as a woman and how you make a man feel like a man when around you, that is what makes a man want to stay committed to you. It’s not your accolades, it’s how you make him feel that matters.


  8. Guess it’s a good thing I’m a nurse! 😉

  9. What I LOVE about you M3, is your ability to see past the failings of women and give credit where credit is due.

    It’s a great quality. Keep it up!

    (And now I brace myself for the ‘winter’, lol).


  10. […] I recall one of feminism’s primary complaints was about how they railed against the concept of hav… […]

  11. @ Ashley

    Great to see you around and still reading me! I always knew you had great potential 😉

    As i’ve oft stated, i’m not looking to repress women, everyone is free to make their choices so long as they understand all the ramifications of said choices on themselves, and those around them directly and indirectly and on society overall.

    There were indeed many things that feminism stood for that were necessary in the day, but at least for the west, it accomplished all it set out to do. Now it exists only seek more justification for being required, and many women are wising up to the fact that today’s feminism is simply nit picking, female supremest, playing the victim and treating women as defacto children to be given rights without responsibilities.

    Egalitarian is a good way to go. I’m not a ‘masculist’ or a ‘patriarch’.. but i do follow the creedo of ‘the masculine attracts the feminine and vice versa’ and believe in evo.psych, gender roles, sexual dimorphism and the ‘game’. You don’t have to believe in what i do, but most observers will admit it transformed my life immeasurably for the better in a little under 2 years, where the preceding 17 years living under blue pill haze nearly ended me and had me living a lie.

    Anyways, good to see you back! And i doubt you’ll be as annoying. Never feel like you have to hold back. Let us know what’s on your mind – because you know we will without hesitation 😉 We’re all here to learn. Cheers luv.

  12. @ Tarnished

    “I think if some other manosphere bloggers had a bit of this from time to time, then the general public would be more accepting of the MRM.”

    Luv, i’ve had 2 years to fix myself and have my catharsis. To accept female nature instead of hating it. To drop the past, the anger and look towards a future im in control of. I’ve had my healing journey.

    Most men entering the sphere are finding it on what could be arguably the worst day of their life and desperate google search for ‘how to stop a divorce’. And some are so hopelessly wounded, they will forever stay in that dark place because it’s easier to feed the anger than it is to step into the terrifying unknown of changing yourself.

    Hell, even Matt Forney, the ‘devil’ of the sphere.. has written good things about women. It’s just hard to find them because most of these guys are focusing their blogs on actual game development and drilling into their readership the required notion that most women in the SMP are broken due to westernization/feminism, and what their male readers need to know what to look for and how to avoid.

    I on the otherhand, i simply tell stories for the most part. About things that happen in my life and how i view them now with my eyes open, and contrast it with how i would have viewed it back in the day. It doesn’t hurt that i’m predisposed to beta leanings and in a current relationship to make me more amenable to stories of NAWALT.

  13. @ Liz

    Oh those healin’ hands.. LOWWWD HAVE MUH-SAYYYY

  14. Glad to see yo Spacetraveller!

    It’s always good to point our where and when femininity works as nature intended.

  15. @M3

    In a way, I understand this. A man gets hurt by a callous, heartless ex-wife or girlfriend…yes, he is justified in being (at least temporarily) suspicious of other women. This feeling will probably last longer if he finds the manosphere, and hears stories of others going through the same thing.

    But the same could be said for a female rape victim, who looks for answers and finds a bunch of feminist sites, some of which are quite radical. She is also justified in being (again, temporarily) suspicious of other men.

    But both of these people are being irrational, in that one believes “All Men Are Like That” and the other believes “All Women Are Like That”. At some point, it would seem there is a conscious choice made by this hypothetical man/woman…a choice to *truly* believe AMALT/AWALT…despite daily evidence to the contrary.

    You say that it’s easier to feed the anger than to step into the unknown of changing oneself. This is most likely true for some people of both sexes…what I’m curious to know is why. Why can some female rape victims go on to realize that NOT all men are cruel and have a meaningful sexual relationship with a man, but another will either stay single or become a lesbian who also hates men? Why can some horribly divorced men move through their anger and resentment to an acknowledgment that NOT all women are narcissistic and go on to have a new trustworthy relationship, but another will either stay single or simply use women for pump & dumps?

    What makes one person able to look beyond the stereotypes to the individual within, when others cannot?

  16. @ Tarnished

    Multiple reasons why.

    1. Group amplification. I once likened it to the same syndrome cops might face when they work day in and day out seeing the worst of humanity every day. They are surrounded by death, suicide, lawlessness, etc.. It can burn you out if you don’t tell yourself everyday that there is another world out there outside of the one you see.

    2. There is an element of truth to AWALT. Hypergamy is in every female. It’s in you. Now.. you it may be so unimportant to you or you are the evolutionary anomaly where it doesn’t affect you because of how you identify AND because our society is structured in such a way where you are truly free from needing hypergamy to achieve your ultimate end, but it does affect a majority of women. It’s unconscious. It’s in female nature to look for better at all times even when you have good enough. As opposed to rape NOT being in man’s nature, most men have a revulsion to rape (the overpowering and forceful sexual access against a woman). Most men will run to aid women in forfeit of their own life out of biological hardwiring. The 2 cannot be equated. A woman who has been raped can certainly remain suspicious for a long time, understandably. However the chances of her being assaulted again in life are almost nil. The chances of a man remarrying and getting destroyed in divorce has a 66%+ chance each and every time he tries.

    3. The cat is out of the bag. With so many studies showing the same data, men are within their rights to be angry or suspicious that most/all women are like that. OKCupid’s study showing women view 80% of men as unattractive, Japanese women completely shunning men because they find relationships and accompanying ‘drama’ too much inconvenience on their shopping and freedom. They have voted with their feet that they don’t want relationships or sex with most men. Gratned, Japan is an odd culture full of taboo but still, it’s not hard to take Japanese women’s attitudes and overlay over the OKCupid data and realize a majority of marriages in North America are just women settling with men they don’t care for and are divorce time bombs waiting for eat pray love. Am i exaggerating? With 50% of marriages ending in divorce within 5 years, i don’t think so.

    I’ve come to recognize all woman are not like that. You and many girls that have come through this blog have shown me that. My own girlfriend is proof of both AWALT and NAWALT. She exhibits much of the traits and has done things that put her in the AWALT category, but has shown great ability to both introspect, listen to logic and reason, and control her own nature and recognize and curtail behaviors preemptively. And then there are women like my ex.

    Every woman has within her the default starting position of AWALT. A smaller minority prove NAWALT, usually coinciding with learned or innate redpill understanding either through lived experience or being told unceremoniously by angry men at some point in her life.

  17. Thanks for the reply, M3.

    1. I fully accept this one. Group amplification, and the confirmation bias that goes with it, is probably a big part of it. I often wonder if the sex-selective hate I see in certain feminist/manospherian blogs and articles is really just them stuck in a feedback loop with new readers/commenters. If they live somewhere that has a very young, inexperience population (college towns, beachfront getaways, spring break crowds, etc) they may be confronted with immature people more often. It’s certainly something to ponder. I think you had a post about this already, but I’ve come to realize that reading too many sex/gender blogs can be toxic to your mental health.

    2. I’m honestly still on the fence about this one. I’ve met women who portray hypergamy, and are very upfront about their beliefs that “a man should take care of me”. I’ve also met tradcon women who are more subtle…they say they enjoy working and have jobs, but as soon as they get pregnant/their husband loses his job…it becomes quite clear that they really *didn’t* want to add to the household income. Both of these situations are revolting to me.

    Then there’s women like me who, like some men, find they don’t require a partner in their lives. (Yes, I “blame” Western society for giving us the ability to do this.) Personally, I think seeking a mate solely because he has money is disgusting…If I want something “better”, I am fully capable of putting aside a little money every week til I can afford it. I also live alone, have a fairly local job, and no dependents (other than my pets)…why would I *need* a fancy car, big house, lots of “stuff” to clutter my home? Whether it’s due to my being raised by my grandmothers during my early life, my odd personal identity, the fact I’m an INTJ, or just my unacceptance of the “Me Generation”, I’ve never experienced this hypergamy personally. There is only 1 other woman I’ve met who is like this, but at least that means there are others like us.

    I’d agree that it’s folly for a burned man to believe NAWALT until it’s proven by the woman in question though. Perhaps he could pretend to have forgotten his wallet on the first date…if she says she’s for equality but throws a tantrum or gets pissy, she was obviously lying. If she cheerfully says “not to worry, I’ve got this”, then she was being honest (and is a potential keeper).

    3. I’ve heard of the OKCupid survey, hadn’t yet heard about Japan. I’d thought most Japanese young men were becoming “grass eaters”/MGTOW. Which came first, and which is a reaction to the other?

    I’m not the marrying type, and only have observations to go on…but honestly, why the hell would you wed someone you’re not at least somewhat attracted to? It boggles the mind. If there’s no physical attraction whatsoever, then there’s less sex. If there’s less sex (and you’re not both asexual), there’s no intimacy in the relationship. If there’s no intimacy, then how are you not just two people sharing a house…you might as well be opposite sex roommates. Ugh, it’s all a clusterfuck.

    I’ve read so many manosphere forums and blogs where the writers say that AWALT…no exceptions…that I’d actually want to meet some of them. Not to prove them wrong necessarily, just to show them the delight I see from my FwB every time we go to dinner or I buy him a nice gift just because. I believe that every man, with very few exceptions, deserves to have at least one date where he can be pampered. He choses where to eat, what to do, how to dress, can talk about anything that’s burdening him…and pays for none of it. I only wish our schedules weren’t so busy/conflicted, and I could do this for my FwB more than once a week. 😉

  18. […] i mentioned to Tarnished Sophia in my previous post here, a majority of the anger in the sphere comes from men who are freshly introduced into the sphere on […]

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