Where Anger Leads

December 2, 2013

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I hear this quite a lot:

“There is so much anger in the sphere. This anger works against you and just makes you look like a bunch of angry bitter misogynists who hate women.”

I won’t deny there are many angry men in the sphere.

As i mentioned to Tarnished Sophia in my previous post here, a majority of the anger in the sphere comes from men who are freshly introduced into the sphere on what could arguably be the worst day of their life. The day their marriage ends, the day they get frivorced, the day they get cheated on by their soul mate, the day their kids are taken from them, the day they end up going to jail for a false rape, or not being able to keep up with outrageous sums of child support.

And they stay angry for a while, as everything they grew up believing about concepts of love, romance, chivalry, men and women comes crashing to the floor like a porcelain plate.  Much of the anger is justifiable, because it’s men who wake up to the fact they’ve been lied to their whole life and are now faced with the difficult task of having to accept a new reality and discard everything they thought they knew in order to digest and accept the new truths of the sphere.

It would be as if you worked hard for 35 years and investing wisely by handing over your money to Uncle Joe who everyone said was good with moeny, only to suddenly be told by Joe that it was all a lie, he wasn’t investing, he gambled it on coin slots.. all the money was gone, and you had to start again from square one learning about the realities of investing from real investors instead of listening to people who don’t know a thing about investing.

In Obsidian’s post about Ratchet women here, Off The Cuff left a very good remark that encapsulates what i have been blabbing about above:

There are two components of the sphere: getting men to first *understand* reality and get over their preconceived notions of how things should work, and then, processing the implications of it through discussion.

The former drives the latter.

I thought i knew how i was supposed to attract women. Be nice. Have a job. Be their friend and get to know everything about them before opening up your romantic intentions. You don’t want to come off as just being after sex now and add to the stereotype that all men are after is only sex. Yadda Yadda.

Once i swallowed the redpill and read every aspect of the sphere, no amount of me crying in my milk was going to change the reality of the game. Either i accepted how things actually work, or i would repeat failure. I wanted sex. I wanted a relationship. I wanted the comfort of a wonderful woman. That drove me to accept the redpill, dump all my blue pill mentality in the trash and get to the hard work of implementing the change required.

It didn’t happen overnight. There was a lot of anger along the way. A lot of anger to get out of my system. But eventually my keystrokes became less about leaving comments about all women being bitches and more about how my changes were netting positive gains in The Real World.

And this my friends, is why i get a little peeved every time i have to justify the latent anger the simmers just beneath the surface of the sphere. It’s because with the exception of a few keyboard warriors who continually enjoy leaving comments of blaming everything on women and living in their misery (because it’s easier to stay there rather than move forward and accept the new reality).. most men reach a point where they accept the new found reality and get to the hard task of slogging through their pain and anger, getting past those preconceived notions of how things should work, and start to internalize how things ACTUALLY work, and process how they themselves will work to take the best advantage possible within that framework.

From working within reality.

Now i want you to juxtapose the above, with the anger you will find on places like Jizzabel and Femifisting and any other den of culturally accepted feminism. Again, look at what Off The Cuff wrote and tell me, in all seriousness.. can you imagine any one of those vapid cunts of the kitten commando squad doing ONE DAMN THING to get over their preconceived notions of how things SHOULD work and then processing the implication?

And that anger, the anger of feminism and all it’s attempts to attain power from men for retribution, not equality. They want to make dinosaurs off the shoulders genius’s without questioning whether they should. All the power, none of the responsibility. To make things work they way they think things should work, not how reality actually works. Through social engineering, manipulation of statistics, lobbying for new draconian laws that pervert justice.. and appealing directly to man’s innate evolved mechanism to protect females in order to manipulate men into the mangina role of helping them further their agenda.. well that anger is always on the surface for all to see.

There is no introspection. All their bitterness from failed relationships.. men’s fault. All their rage and inability to separate equal opportunity from equal outcomes.. men’s fault. No science, all feelings, all the time. No digging deep, no questioning their own actions or what men desire or expect of women. Never anything to change the way women operate, always about how to convince men to change, or to have society shun him if he does not.

They don’t see reality. They see what they want to see. Gender constructs. Woman sees flower, says it’s beautiful. Looks to man. Since we are the same except for genitals he should agree right? Of course he does, but not because he thinks it’s beautiful, but because it’s the quickest path into her vagina. You’d think after years of bitching about how guys like movies where shit blows up and people get dismembered they’d stop with the gender construct bullshit. It happens naturally, no one need pull strings.

If a man took the traditional path, worked hard and saved, got the rock, went down on bended knee, listened to his father about ‘happy wife, happy life’, listened to his mother to ‘just be yourself’, listened to all the gossip columns and girlfriends who advocated more and more supplicating, and then finally listened to his marriage counselor to double down on that supplication.. you could reasonably expect him to be angry when he finds the sphere and realizes he’d been lied to.. BY EVERYBODY. You can understand he’ll be even angrier when he gets constant feedback from other successful men telling him to discard all he’s ever known, told to sack up, learn what it means to be ‘attractive’, learn that hypergamy doesn’t care, learn about female nature, attraction triggers, the science.

He learns that for him to succeed, he cannot ask the world to bend for him, he must bend for the world he wants. He realizes that he has to work if he wants results, or walk away entirely. He learns that the status quo is simply not possible anymore. It may take a while, he may bitch and moan for quite some time about the state of how we got to this point from the good old days, but eventually he will either accept it and work to be attractive to women and seek out a relationship, short or long term, on his own terms. Or he will accept that it is beyond him to try and he will go his own way. But realizing fundamental truths of the sphere, and of women in general will help him accept women for what they are, stop blaming them for their evolved nature, and how that nature works in a world where all constraints have been removed from that nature.

That is what the angry men have to deal with once they discover the sphere. I don’t begrudge them one bit for being angry. It usually leads to the Golden Path.


Let us see what happens to the equivalent for a woman, who is burned by a man, scorned by a lover, left by their man after years of marriage, cheated on, etc..

She discovers Jizzabel, Femcuntfisting or any other site dedicated to educating the modern empowered young woman. Do you think that she will find a raging internal debate amongst women as to what those problems are, what their role in it is that adds to the problem, what it is that men might actually want or desire, any thought of historical, biological, evolutionary reasons for why things play out the way they do?


There is only anger. Pure anger. And no ownership of that rage. It is simply redirected towards men. All men’s fault. All the time. AMALT. Patriarchy!

When a woman gets cheated on and she comes to the femesphere to find answers, she will get none. She will only get emotional consoling, support and validation of her butthurt. No introspection on whether her dating an alpha with options, closing off the sexual access in attempt to extort packmule utility, entitled princess mentality,  past whorish behavior  or ignoring, emasculating and disrespecting her man played a role. The rage bots will all assuage her feelings, wipe away any guilt and absolve her of any indiscretions that may have played a role. He’s simply an animal that should be castrated.

When a woman asks why she can’t lock down a man for commitment, she is told all manner of fairy tales about men. They are all dogs. All they want is sex. They’re commitmentphoebes. She needs to put out faster. Men are just scared of strong, intelligent women, they prefer bimbos. What she isn’t told is that it’s her slutty past, her mannish attitude, her careerism and independence are telegraphing that she doesn’t view commitment as a priority in life. She isn’t told that the alpha’s she seek have no interest in locking down, or that the invisible beta’s she ignores and repulsed by are 100% ready to answer the call.

If you were to tell any woman how to fix their girl game problems to work in ‘reality’, like men men are told how to fix their game in our sphere, suddenly they go into hyper rage.

You cannot tell women in the feminist sphere about the truth of male nature, female nature, hypergamy, or even simple advice on how to be attractive to a man. Because it assaults their hamster and they lose their shit!


Look at the recent dust up with Tuthmosis over at RoK. No matter what your personal stance on eating disorders (i happen to be firmly in this camp with Vox, an eating disorder is like saying the need to smoke is a disorder. It’s not, it’s a choice.).. his post did point out one drastic thing (along with all other fat shaming, pro femininity campaigns that come out of the sphere that raise a shit storm with the feminista cat claw brigade) .. tell women the truth about male nature and watch the shitstorm come upon you like a pyroclastic flow from an ugly and obese volcano. Big red anyone?

It points out that a majority of women are unable to do what men do. Objectively sit down, own their problems, and work to fix them within the confines of reality. Men don’t look for society to legislate away their problems.. they look to fix them on their own. Once you force the red pill down his throat, and have given him all the knowledge he accepts that either he changes to see results, or he withdraws from the game entirely and goes his own way. You don’t expect him to sit there and pout saying “Why can’t she just find me attractive!”.

Tell men that hypergamy doesn’t care.. and after a shitload of cursing.. they get it! Then they work within the confines of reality to either adapt to satiate that hypergamy.. or avoid it. But they accept it’s part of female nature, accept their former beta selves were integral parts to why they failed to satiate it, own their failings and work to overcome it eyes wide open.

Tell women that men don’t like fat women and they lose their shit. Tell them men want feminine and submissive ladies and women lose their shit. Tell them they want complimentary and not combative partners and women lose their shit. They are already teeming with anger, and pointing out empirical truths based in reality only brings the bloodlust out even deeper in these women.

Kind of makes you want to write a national column asking “Where Have All the Good Women Gone?”

There is no ownership of responsibility to the part they played.

There is no will to change or correct their own behavior.

There is no acceptance of empirical truth or reality.

It’s men’s fault. Men need to change. Men have to accept their rules. I reject your reality and substitute it with my own patriarchal conspiracy.

Implicit in all that is ‘I have the pussy therefore i make the rules’.. silently acknowledging the double standard at play. Women have a resource men want and better conform to to get it. We don’t want to change, so you better accept my sorry fat entitled bitchsnark ass if you want some. Sorry Crisco princess, it ain’t worth that much now.

Men have every right to be angry when they come into the sphere for the first time. They have a right to process that rage and anger after discovering they’ve been spoon fed bullshit all their lives and have to pick up the pieces and start from square one. It’s a difficult and painful place to start a journey from. I know.

I was there.

But where the sphere’s anger differs is that over time, after enough training and knowing what the rules of the game are, thus being able to play the game on an equal footing.. that anger dissipates. We men understand that in order to be taken seriously, we have to undertake the changes required on our own shoulders, own the parts we played in our ignorance of the rules, and rebuild. There may be a lot of bitching in between, but it’s just a part of the journey.

The Sphere is angry, but from that anger is a thousand points of change. The Jezzies are angry, but zero willingness to change it enters a perpetual bitch fest of saturated fatty tears in a desperate attempt to have everyone accept mediocrity in hopes that misery loves company and you’ll have nothing to choose from because all options will be shit. The Sphere’s anger is constructive, powerful, raw and liberating. Jezzie anger is pitiful, amusing and sad. It’s a bunch of unhappy troglodytes passing time waiting to die, bewildered at how unconvinced they were with their own lies.

I guess i could have summed up this long post with 2 lines:

  1. Men get angry – then solve the problem
  2. Women get angry – and never shut the fuck up about their problems (The sole reason Jizzabel exists)

And with the exception of TheRedPillWomen on reddit and a few ladies in our sphere, this is a journey you will not find on the opposite side of the aisle. There you will only find women, bitching, moaning and complaining about things they will never be able to socially engineer out of men, universal and natural truths they will never be able to circumvent. And the anger will never stop. Because there is no will to do what men do…

They can never get women to first *understand* reality and get over their preconceived notions of how things should work.

You cannot step out onto the Golden Path if you’re unwilling to entertain the idea you might be on the wrong path to begin with.


  1. no one, and I mean no one, is more filled with more mouth-foaming irrational hatred and anger than feminists.

    but of course, their anger is invisible next to the tiny number of temporarily embittered men who have been burned one too many times.

  2. Great post M3! Some people try to say the sphere and feminists are just the same but on opposite sides–angry extremists. That’s obviously false. First of all, in spite of sometimes focusing on the negative too much or exaggerating certain stats (such as claiming 50% of people that marry will divorce–actually it’s closer to 40%), the sphere is much closer to the truth of things than feminists ever will be. And the sphere is willing to learn and refine its views (generally speaking; probably some portion that aren’t).

    So, in deconstructing the false argument that the sphere and feminists are the same kind of things, just on opposite sides, your post points out an important difference: constructive anger versus wallowing anger.

  3. @M3

    I’m grateful to have met you, dear fellow blogger. You explain things in such a deliberate way, that only the most thick headed or unfeeling of people could misjudge what you’re saying. We may not always agree on certain topics, but I’m happy to know that you want discussion, not vitriolic banter.

    I’m just sorry you had to go through what you did to get where you are today. You truly are a survivor.

  4. The article you link to makes some good points, and some bad ones. All in all, it boils down to this; Don’t get a useless degree that will only make you a Starbucks cashier after you graduate. Higher education should improve your earnings and/or knowledge…not give you an ego boost while asking “do you want fries with that”.

    A certain Avenue Q song comes to mind here.

  5. You got that right – A

  6. Once again, well written. – A

  7. Good point. I think angry feminists raging against reality are more close to certain angry MRAs than RedPillers. The MRAs I’m talking about are those who want everything to be equal and not MRAs who simply want to make laws fair again.

    Hopefully these MRAs are not the majority, but I’ve seen plenty of people in the MRA part of the manosphere raging against reality just as much as Jezebel commenters.

  8. Canucklehead-

    the bitterness will get you nowhere. the SMP is as it is. my brother, the best thing you can do is see the reality for what it is and concentrate on fixing YOU. make yourself a stone. a monolith that no fouled woman can break.

    may take weeks, may take years. doesn’t matter; every mans journey is different.

    the red pill is about seeing things for what they are and making a man into a better man. let the harpies rot, let the sluts burn out, let the white knite’s hang.

    be a better you. you’ve already made a HUGE improvement. just finish the journey.

    stay up.

  9. If you want to see a great example of testosterone induced anger directed at Jizzabell-like-women…


    I’m just sorry you had to go through what you did to get where you are today. You truly are a survivor.

    I think you’re missing the bigger picture Tarnished.

    M3’s experience is by no means unique to M3. I would wager every single one of the commenters on any manosphere blog has gone through the exact same mental process that M3 did, me included. That’s a tragedy that you’re not processing mentally yet, you’re not seeing just how many men have been living as slaves to a lie.

  10. As another former slave to the lie – and a willing, well-meaning slave at that – I can vouch for all of this. Well said, sir.

  11. I find it telling – we live in such a feminized times, we feel the need to justify our anger.

    There is a reason the story of Jesus driving out money lenders out of the temple got into biblical canon. After forfeiting Righteous Indignation the only device men got left is turning the other cheek (like in the video from Argentina Jeremy posted). But this won’t give us our civilization and our rightful place in it back.

    Albert Einstein said once: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. We gave in, turned the other cheek, afraid someone might label us angry and aggressive and we don’t want that… right?

    Speak what your heart and mind tells you, if you come as aggressive, let it be, if you insult someone undeservedly, they will understand and you will have chance to clear it with them. If not, forget about them, they are not worth it. But be truthful, integrous and honorable.

    To use Matthew’s gospel again
    “But let your communication be , Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.”

    Ahh… the wisdom of yore.

  12. @Jeremy

    I’m sorry if you feel left out. Obviously, this was directed at M3 becaue it is his blog. I have had only male friends since I was 13, and am sensitive to their plight, as well as that of other men I’ve yet to meet…or tomen such as yourself, whom I will never meet

    Please, don’t assume that just because I say X to one person, that I think *only* that person is worthy of X. I’m aware and saddened by the amount of men online and in my own life who have been harmed in cruel ways…and my heart and respect goes out to each of you.

    Including you, dear Jeremy.

  13. a request for you M3:

    over time i’ve noticed that some men refuse to unplug. among these, i would separate them into two subsets:
    -manginas to whom the truth is so offensive and attacks their ego-investment in the Construct that they’ve no choice but to lash back in anger and double-down their commitment to their feminist overlords… and,
    -happy betas who work 40+ hours a week and have a wife, kids, house in the ‘burbs and toe the party line and don’t want to rock the boat. some know that their wife is the boss… others delude themselves into thinking they are partners (usually from their fortress of solitude in a basement or garage)

    having gone through (and continuing to go through) our own evolution, what can we do for these men? what ought we do for these men?

    i have many great bros in the second category that i long to unplug… should i? can i? how would i?

    fraternal love.

  14. Reblogged this on Iconic Men and commented:
    Not much to say, other than to check this link out. Always appreciate good work from other individuals.

  15. Any man of the red pill would know that: (1) a woman cannot meet a man any intellectually closer than what Tarnished appears to be doing, and (2) it would be silly to expect a woman to meet a man even halfway to reality. Expecting more understanding from Tarnished, trying to get more empathy–it makes neither realistic sense nor red-pill sense. Masculinity=independent. Femininity=dependent. It is lonely at the top of your life, as the king of your life, but that is what masculine confidence is fundamentally for, and women at large are the perfect judges of that. Gentlemen, when you are in public, talk to women as a sexually self-realized man who is not needy or intimidated. Once you get comfortable with women by NOT hidding your sexuality, you will have the mental (emotional+intellectual) foundation for exploring refinement as a man, in mental places women cannot go, and you will know the difference. Hell, most men can’t relate. If you want companionship, be a sheeple. As for me, you know, Sir Patrick Henry nailed it. Now look past the women because women are NOT the ultimate societal authority. They simple follow the ultimate social authority, and your mission is to be the ultimate authority in your life, not to be ‘appreciated’ the way women need to be appreciated. We were raised on female nature emotionally. Everything about social norms is based on female nature. Red-pill is NOT binary. It is a spectrum with intermediate shades between full red and full blue. It is many spectrums over many dimensions: romance, friendship, citizenship…. It’s a process and a journey to be taking the red pill, or you are refusing to work through the ramifications. Apply the Socratic method in the privacy and authority of your own mind and you will figure it out. I mean to be helpful, and I believe only the truth embraced can be helpful to men of civilized potential. Women need quality husbandry for the most part, which includes room to breathe both in and out of reality.

  16. @ Tarnished

    I’m sorry if you feel left out.

    This isn’t about victimization. This is about injustice. They are very different things.

    When you called M3 a survivor, you were using the language of victims. You were implying that he had somehow overcome evil deliberately sent his way, and survived it. And that he should be praised for surviving it. You were implying he was “strong and independent” for breaking past his evil oppressors.

    I don’t mean to speak for M3, but I would wager he and other men would never consider themselves so low as to be just a cog in a machine that was directed and obeyed commands to self-destruct, just another no agency lump that was beaten down by those on high. Men would never consider themselves victims, because that which is masculine believes in it’s own inherent ability to make decisions and accept consequences for those decisions.

    This is about the injustice of deception. A slave knows what keeps them a slave, their chains and the whips of their masters. In that knowledge, there is actually some comfort because you can conceive of your own salvation by breaking your chains and running away. In contrast, a man who has been deceived as thoroughly as modern beta men are deceived is literally bashing his head against a wall, and cannot understand why he’s in so much pain because his decisions all make sense based on what he knows. A man who is so deceived is slowly going insane; He and his own friends and family are the very agents of that destruction. So you see, there’s a large difference. A slave is victimized by his master, a man living the blue-pill lie has been turned into the very source of his own destruction against his will, by the people who care about him the most.

    Many people look on the manosphere with the sunglasses of victimhood, but the inhabitants thereof would never consider themselves victims. Rather, we are men who were defrauded. That carries with it it’s own evil insanity, but it is not victimization.

  17. Good post. Like many…I was more angry about the lie about women, than the actual nature of women. I was more angry with myself in believing something so far fetched.

    But I never take anger as just an emotion to feel…I use it as motivation to get better.

  18. @protagonist,

    Brother, you can NOT unplug any man not yourself. You will only hurt yourself. There is a seen from Matrix which explains it:

    With enough retaliation, you will not wish to talk so openly about painful truth the challenges the mass produced self-identity virtues that are lies pleasantly hidding the fears their lives are centered around, that they never truly escape but from which they take vacations knowing they must come back.

    HL also covers this:


    The full dimensions of the blue-pill control grid he explores here:


    You are Alice who can never entirely know the full extents of the rabbit hole. It is that vast and interconnected. The system is elegant as much as it is selfishly destructive.

    By learning Game in the field, by practising to read people, you can learn to read when someone might be loosely plugged and nudge in a direction. Sheeple like to believe they are in self-control, to assuage the fear that is their core self-identity, so they like to find the plug themselves. Pulling the plug takes courage, maybe after some serindipity of success consistent with red-pill heresy. All you can do is nudge by playing sheeple instincts and let time do whatever it will do. You can always try and see for yourself. I would not do it at work or with family, however. Not without some serious seduction skills to know what the hell you are doing.

  19. “you will have the mental (emotional+intellectual) foundation for exploring refinement as a man, in mental places women cannot go, and you will know the difference.”

    Doug, you’re starting to sound like Paul Paul Atreides. 😉

    One thing i must admit i have fun doing is now when i go out somewhere, especially with my girlfriend, i am unapologetic when speaking to her or any other person in public within earshot about my views. To be sure it ruffles a lot of feathers.. but i only end up smiling harder. It makes my girl tingle when i’m bombast, especially when i back it up with logic.

  20. @Jeremy You are talking about injustice without borders. There is no injustice in an amoral environment, so you must be assuming some morality that authoritatively judges the injustice you speak of. Morality is another control subsystem of a matrix. If you do not choose your morality, you do not exercise independent agency. I think you presume a universalism of morality, and of teamwork. Universalism is a very dangerous assumption. I am not Christian, but for those who must insist on its theology, whatever it is exactly, there is the idea of Christianity corrupted by universal salvation and other universalism called ‘Churchianity’, but fiat money is contantly abusing vocabulary for gain, so my idea not my wording is the point I am trying to make.

    Aurini expresses the point I am trying to make better than I can:



    That video is one of his best, classic, imo.

  21. Even if women could process their anger into real personal improvement, it wouldn’t do them much good. Few men want to marry a reformed slut with a couple of kids, even if she slims down, learns to cook, and has her tattoos burned off.

    Freedom gives us all the power to seriously fuck up our own lives, but males get second and third chances. Females don’t, so they fare better when they submit to their fathers and husbands.

  22. @Jeremy

    Not necessarily. One doesn’t have to have deliberate “evil” directed towards them to be a victim. One can be a victim of a natural disaster (flood victims, hurricane victims), or of an unfair system in which they have little to no say (victims of slavery, victims of sexism). This is what I was talking about…rising above what has traumatized/harmed you aka successfully surviving it. Or if you prefer, letting it pass through you, like the quote at the top of this page.

    Being a victim of something, whether it is consciously perpetrated or not, does not require one to adopt a persona of eternal victimhood. If I may, I was sexually abused from age 10-17. It was horrible, traumatic, and I’ve still got a ways to go before I could be considered “fixed”. But it doesn’t define who I am…I survived that just as you, M3, and others in the manosphere survived something else.

    Do you understand now?

  23. You are talking about injustice without borders… There is no injustice in an amoral environment…

    Misrepresenting reality to agents within that same universe is an attempt to supplant that universe with your own inputs. Such a presumption of power leads to the conclusion that one intends on creating a new “universe” in which to have someone else live. If you are deceiving someone, you are “weaving a web” of lies as they say. In order to preserve the untruth of the first lie, the perception of the universe must change to accommodate your deception. Such behavior presumes intelligence beyond what someone of equal awareness is capable of. It literally presumes the liar to be godlike. Morality or religion need not enter the picture here. All deliberate lies are a form of presuming inequality between free agents where none exists, and hence they are vanity.

    Do you understand now?

    Yes, I understand I’m not being listened to.

  24. Funny how anger is a bad thing in the Manosphere, but it seems just fine and dandy for all things Feminist, whether on a blog or taught in university. Part of the huge double-standard the Left engages in which does much to keep the lies going.

    Quoting Jeremy:

    “In that knowledge, there is actually some comfort because you can conceive of your own salvation by breaking your chains and running away. In contrast, a man who has been deceived as thoroughly as modern beta men are deceived is literally bashing his head against a wall, and cannot understand why he’s in so much pain because his decisions all make sense based on what he knows. A man who is so deceived is slowly going insane; He and his own friends and family are the very agents of that destruction.”

    Reminds me of the movie Gaslight in which the villains attempt to mess with a woman’s mind, making her think she’s insane. They do things to make her doubt her senses, screwing with her reality without her knowing.

    As Jeremy points out, what makes the latter so horrible, is the vile insidiousness of it. Slap physical chains on someone, they can feel them, there is not doubt of why he is miserable.

    Craft them so they are invisible to sight and touch, and the person remains a slave without knowing it. They assume they are miserable because of something to do with them.

    Even if they DO sense the chains, how does one lick a lock one can’t see or feel?

    I took the Red Pill a few years ago, and despite the thousands of words I have read, the hundreds of blog entries and books I have read, and a basic intellectual understanding of it, I am STILL bumping around in a cage I can sense but not really feel or see. The worst part is although I may not have built it around myself, I think I actively (if subconsciously) maintain it.

    THAT realization that your mind has brain has been washed to such an extent, that you have been manipulated and altered at a core level, is where a lot of the anger comes from. It’s a violation.

  25. @Jeremy

    I’m sorry for any miscommunication then. I don’t enjoy discussions where it seems people are either not listening or are talking down to me. I honestly am not attempting to do this to you…I appreciate real conversation and learning others point of view/life experiences.

    It would seem we are talking past each other though…do you want to try to continue our discussion, or would you prefer to drop it? Either is fine with me, as I want you to be comfortable. If our talk is causing you distress, then it is not accomplishing anything. I’d like to be on the same page, but not if it causes you mental pain.

  26. […] Now I want you to juxtapose the above, with the anger you will find on places like Jizzabel and Femi… […]

  27. The inability of many women to acknowledge reality, even when it is starring them in the face, never ceases to amuse me. I was at a “Babyboomer’s Singles” dance (I’m 50+) with my girlfriend one weekend and a woman next to us was whining that “No man is asking me to dance”. I pointed out that she was in jeans and sneakers whereas most of the women dancing were in dresses/skirts and heels. Her response was that she dressed to be comfortable and men had to accept that. I noted that she had a rather hostile look on her face while the women who were dancing were smiling. She started complaining about her ex-husband. My girlfriend then randomly pointed out several men there and asked Whiney Woman what she thought of them and did she want my girlfriend to introduce her. She couldn’t think of one decent comment about any of them. In fact her final response was something like “None of them are good enough for me”. I said that’s why you’re alone.

  28. @Seraph

    “THAT realization that your mind has brain has been washed to such an extent, that you have been manipulated and altered at a core level, is where a lot of the anger comes from. It’s a violation.”

    Okay, *this* I can understand and completely sympathize with. People who deliberately do this deserve to rot in hell.

  29. @Jeremy The cattle farmer is ‘godlike’ to the cattle. I don’t know that the propagandic conspirators are acting in hubris of authority rather than the sheeple are acting in hubris of irresponsibility. For you and me, both groups are corrupt because we don’t want the tiny benefits for the huge costs. They do, living for the bubble of localized benefits where hubris seems to live. I think you are feeling and primarily expressing moral indignation.

    If the web of lies is wrong, it has yet to be proven wrong by the fact of what is according to the judgment of live, thus far. Men must be men. We were made for conflict and systemizing. That’s just what we are made to do. Women were made to make web of lies as we were made to make webs of society. Lying with obliviousness has served women well because that is how evolution judged people. Mortals are always judged day by day. That is how virtue and progress comes from evolution and life itself.

    @ All The Men There is no moralilty without fellowship. There is no fellowship with the agents of the system of our demise, unless you submit as grist for their mills. There is no spoon. What I want men to feel is amoral indignation and to long for a new fellowship with a morality and culture that derives from and suits himself and like-minded others as civilized men who prefer civilized freedom, and may the best patriarchy or patriarchies win (whatever jurisdictions, its a big enough earth for a federation of nations still).

  30. @M3 Love the leading graphic of this post. Most people are afraid to really look.

  31. […] Where Anger Leads, though separated by a year’s timespan from Confessions, is in ways an Epilogue to that post.  Whereas Confessions was a memoir, Where Anger Leads is an analysis of the process of experiencing a life-altering paradigm shift: […]

  32. […] The learning will lead to anger, and the anger will lead to change. […]

  33. You had me at “saturated fatty tears”: great fucking line!

  34. @M3

    I have a question for you, because I know you’ll answer me truthfully and you know what I’m generally like. I seem to be miscommunicating/butting heads with some commenters on your last 2 posts at an amount I’ve never encountered before on your blog. It’s odd to me, as I usually get along well with others here.

    I’d like to prevent this from happening again, and would like your input on how to make this a reality. What am I doing wrong in this case? Should I be less civil? More blunt? Are my words coming off as passive aggressive instead of honest? Am I writing in such a way that people are “justified” when they read between lines I’ve not created?

    If you’d shine some light on this, I’d be much obliged. I want to talk to people, not piss them off or upset them…

  35. @ Tarnished

    I think you’re reading too much into it. I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong, you’ve engaged thoughtfully and openly. None of them will get upset or pissed off. If anyone claims you’re not listening, politely ask for clarification of what they are trying to say if the original point makes no sense to you. . You’re in the manzone, full of evolving red pill wisdom and lived male experience you cannot relate to.. and they’re going to flex their alpha logic. Personally i think they’re just trying to aplha roll you until you submit hehe. That is their overarching premise, that women submit to men. All women.

    If they read something between the lines that you haven’t inferred, call them on it. If they haven’t convinced you, keep asking more questions. It’s a debate, not a lecture. At the end of the day, you are all free to disagree. As long as ideas are challenged, aired and viewed by others, then the purpose of the post is satisfied. Remember, you don’t have to agree. All you have to do is listen and answer.

    Don’t take it personally. You don’t have to get along with everyone. This isn’t a feminist utopia after all 😉

  36. @ AverageMarried

    hehe, truth be told.. i might have stolen that line off Heartiste. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s used that before.

  37. @M3

    You are probably right about everything. Too bad I’m immune to alpha-ness, lol. I understand that when I comment on a redpill site, I’m throwing myself in the fire. And I do understand that the men here are angry with valid, justifiable reasons. Heck, I don’t like the way Western society is now either! But since I have trouble allowing myself to feel negative emotions, I am unable to understand unbridled anger/resentment against an entire sex. That’s where they lose me each time…it’s just such a foreign concept. (Not to say it isn’t a necessary part of the redpill process!)

    “…lived male experience you cannot relate to.” You have no idea just how much I wish I *could* live it. I tried hard in middle and early high school. Damn tits and hips. 😡

  38. As a big Dune fan*:

    The Golden Path was the deliberate attempt by Leto II to slow and dumb down a whole empire in order to allow for a scattering of the people who could not bear it anymore.

    Insofar our society is on the golden path and the manosphere is the scattering.

    Think of the internet as the Ixian navigation device making the Guild (the MSM ?) obsolete.

    *the original Herbert novels, as far as I am concerned the sequels dont exist.

  39. Meaning, you dont get ON the Golden Path, you get OFF it, rapido.

    As fast as your No-Ship will take you.

  40. It all comes down to whether you want:

    – solutions to your problems
    – comfort and good feehwingz

  41. Outstanding post, and very insightful and intelligent comments—comments that prove your premise that red pill men for the most part, are getting on with bettering themsleves, and leaving victimhood behind.

    And now for some comedy brainwashing from Yahoo. Some excellent Blue Pill advice in an article called “4 Things that Men (Really) Want in a Woman” (http://ca.shine.yahoo.com/blogs/love-sex/4-things-men-really-want-woman-231600310.html):

    “We all know the stereotype that all men want is sex. But really, they’re looking for pretty much the same things that you are.”

    “Intelligence is sexy, and men are captivated by smart women. You don’t need an MBA from Harvard Business School to be considered smart (if you do have one, kudos to you). Instead, you should be aware of what’s going on in the world-read the news, watch CNN, and be in the know. Men are intrigued by women who challenge them and bring something to the table.”

    “Men like women who are fit and in good shape, but they also love curves.”

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Note the hyperbole —CAPTIVATED by smart women—INTRIGUED by women who challenge them. And we all know what CURVES means. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I used to really believe this stuff!

  42. Bozhe Moi. Butthurt women, yes – I have been thinking it odd that women accuse men of being butthurt, yet seem to get butthurt way faster than men do. In my experience they flip out way faster too – and many seem to be looking for an excuse, deliberately taking things in the worst possible manner.

    @dannyfrom504 – everyone’s road is different, some feel interminable as you walk down them.

  43. Very impressed with the writing in this article. I’ve often thought about what makes the gents in the sphere different from our female counterparts. I’ve often asked myself “aren’t we just the same thing as feminists except with penises and without all the political power and handouts?”

    You narrowed it down. We use our anger to get better, the women use it to perpetuate drama and victimhood, not for self-growth. On the manosphere forums I visit, nearly every topic is riddled with some tough love and reality checks for the posters. Feelings are not spared, and men are usually told outright to man up and throw away everything they THINK they know about women, and re-evaluate them with a critical eye. I’ve yet to see anything like this on female sites like Jizzabel, Manboobs or any one of the thousands of gynocentric sites out there.

    I challenge anyone to point the way to a female-centered website where women commiserate about their relational struggles and demonstrate ANY level of accountability or ownership of the negative outcomes they’re experiencing.

    You’ve done a great job your perspective on this HUGE difference. Thanks!

  44. […] Where Anger Leads by M3. And here it is, the FIRST #1 post of my weekly countdown, and one of the reasons I started this top 10 in the first place. M3 never pulls punches. He can dig so deep into his experiences that I feel like I am re-living them when I read his articles. This man deserves as much exposure as he can get because he is JUST THAT GOOD. In this post he addresses a common criticism of the manosphere – that it’s “angry”, and digs deep to the roots of that anger in both women and men, and what they both do about it. Just go and read it already!!!! Oh and when you’re done, check out the incredible discussion about it at the Red Pill Subreddit.  […]

  45. Bravo. Well said. I’ve said this to you before, and I’ll say it again with this post: You speak for me.

  46. […] Then if you have to, re-read Where Anger Leads. […]

  47. Clap clap clap clap

    A standing ovation, good Sir.

  48. Idk if you will see my comment, but this has been my experiance, when I first started, it was rage and rage, but its been over a year now, and its like, I got the anger out. I see things for what they are.

  49. […] are all familiar with the “angry” side of the manosphere (and if you haven’t read M3′s excellent piece on the topic – do it now). We are all familiar with the “foaming at the mouth with rage” […]

  50. I came to the ‘sphere last year in my late 50’s. Too late for me, but not too late for my son. I spent the better part of my life being a self-defeating, cringe-worthy, beta white knight. Unfortunately that is the man my son saw in his formative years. I am trying to introduce him to the ‘sphere so he knows how things really are and try to undo some of the damage I unwittingly inflicted. I know it is extremely difficult for earnest, decent, blue-pill men out there these days: not just from women but from society in general.

    That being said, there are loyal, caring women out there. But they are few in number and have to be gamed as well.

  51. […] and love. Now, we are all familiar with the angry side of the manosphere (and if you haven’t read M3’s excellent piece on the topic, do it now), and we are all familiar with the foaming-at-the-mouth-with-rage feminists that oppose […]

  52. Red pill woman here. Spoke to many a red pill man on the start of my red pill journey to make sense of what happened to me. Here’s something that doesn’t get talked about as much: beta bitches are out there destroying red pill women. Lesson learned: everyone has to choose to take the red pill themselves. But yes, there is anger, and it’s righteous and justified for anyone who has been on the receiving end of toxic femininity. Remember that toxic femininity can also manifest in men–it’s just a mindset. A mindset that promotes self-destruction and the cult of victimhood. A mindset that is so backwards and evil that it would cause a man to abuse and kill a woman for being red pill. A beta bitch who hasn’t taken the red pill sees a red pill woman as evil, because she respects men and honors masculinity and he hates himself.

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