Let the Free Market Decide – No Subsidies

July 17, 2013

Toronto. We’re all melting here. I fucking hate heat waves.

The sun is out, it’s sweltering, you head into the convenience store and open the mini freezer to pick out an ice cream bar. Two items catch your eye. They both look identical.


Both sell for $3.99 (damn rippoff if you ask me).

So on the surface we see two delectable items that have the same investment cost, but we drill down a little deeper.

One is sold by Haagendaz, a company well renowned by connoisseurs of the sweet stuff. Known for their rich and creamy goods being of only the finest quality, even if fattening.. it’s the indulgence factor. Just ask Lindy West. We know what we’re getting here by the ingredients. Pure cream, sugar, caramel, chocolate coating and a sprinkle of nuts.

The other is sold by the Acme Biohazard Disposal Company. It comes in a plain plastic wrapper with a biohazard logo on it. It lists as it’s main ingredients seagull shit, diarrhea, aged semen and fever blister pus sprinkled with assorted abscess particles.

Seriously… at what point are you even going to entertain spending your money on a donkey diarrhea bar?

From the outside they both look quite similar, almost delicious even.. but you know damn well you would never plunk down the coin to dare unwrap the second delicacy crafted by the loving hands of one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse!

So why would you entertain that idea when it comes to a woman?

See, it came to me as an epiphany when i was debating a feminist one day in person. As i spoke and looked her up and down, even tho she looked somewhat pleasant to the eyes (rare for a feminist i know) i realized that this is a woman who was so deeply ugly on the inside i could never be with her. At that very moment i couldn’t even imagine fucking her, she became that ugly to me. Knowing someone is so ideologically opposed to critical thinking is such a turn off. I’m sure i would appear the same way to her as well, so all’s well that ends well i guess. I would have no problem telling her we were never meant to be and walk away, since the Power of the V holds no sway over me.

I have told all my friends and coworkers i would rather masturbate with a cheese grater than be with anyone who shares feminist thought/ideology.

So why would i wait to find that out when first meeting someone who will not normally present this until well after too much time has been vested in the discovery phase? Why would i wait until 3 or 4 dates in before she would say something stupid like “Patriarchy blah blah blah”.. and realize i’ve actually been granting orgasms to a braindead zombie?

The zombies from the Walking Dead had more ability to think critically, and were thinner too..

The first (and possibly last) words out of a guys mouth each and every time he meets a new woman he’s interested in should be these 4 little words.

“Are you a feminist?”

See, for far too long, men of all kinds, those with options, those with none, and all in between.. have sacked some of their dignity in an effort to either appease, game or seek to sleep with woman of any kind. The goal was just to get laid, even if it meant becoming a doormat and losing all semblance of being a man or having dignity. And then there’s the PUA bootcamp test where they dare you to Game and pump & dump a feminist as a challenge. What they’re actually doing is subsidizing the market with bullshit and making these wretches believe they are in demand, if even simply for a pump and dump.

Dare i say, feminism would die out in less than a month if every redpill guy, every attractive guy with options, every other guy with less to no options desperate to win and curry favor with a female, would just summon a little dignity and nuclear NEXT these sacks right at the opening bell.

Without reservation. Without fear. Without hesitation.

If enough wimynz get slammed at the opening bell before they have any chance to do the rejecting, and it happens often enough, in rapid succession, by the very men they wish to bed.. their attitude will change.

Men have to stop accepting shit on a stick as their only choice. You have to hit the corporation in the face with a hammer and vote with their wallet in order to get them to give what the market demands, not what they THINK the market should eat.

Just ask Microsoft.

And if the market demands redpill thinking women, and the warehouses fill to the ceiling with unmovable, unsellable product that can’t be sold even when marked down 90% (and it’s pretty hard to move something as big as Lindy West without a forklift) then you’re going to see attitudes change rather quickly.

This would produce an immediate effect.

It would drill home to the feminists that the only men they are going to be landing are those who agree with their worldview.

And it will leave the redpill women with a freer selection of guys to win over. Strong, proud women who do not view their gender as weak and oppressed, or femininity as a disease and a hindrance. Women who view embracing their feminine natures instead of aping masculinity, who compliment men rather than compete with men, women who know they will be extremely happy overall vs. being in the bracket of declining happiness chasing the stupid lofty and highly unreachable dream of having it all (unless you’re the CEO of Yahoo, don’t kid yerself).

Women like this.

My girlfriend is exquisitely happy. She is so happy with our current arrangement of me being a man and her being the woman, so much so that it’s not even funny.

Note* Every feminist i’ve ever argued with who explodes with rage when i say “Be feminine, be a woman!” will come at my throat barking like a frothing dog saying “And how exactly does one behave at ‘being a woman’???”.. as if daring me to enumerate a checklist of qualities so as to call me a male chauvinist, sexist, patriarchal misogynist. I just grin and don’t say a word.

If i have to explain that to you, i suggest you stock up now..

What is funny is that i get to enjoy a haughty laugh internally every time i see a raging feminist who is so deeply broken and angry inside and will never know the happiness my girlfriend has right now. The happiness that virtually every redpill woman has is something no feminist will ever know. That is the ultimate victory. They can scream, shriek and call me every name under the sun and i will just sit back and laugh.. as will my girlfriend.

She hates feminism with a passion. She is not weak. She chooses not to be a victim. She understands the nature of men. She understands biological realities and navigates it instead of trying to circumvent or belittle it. And when the hamster kicks in she expects me to knock it back down with reasoning and logic. Lovingly, gently, with compassion, but knock that hamster i will.

And she’s not the only one.

Feminism does not speak for all women. Dare i say, it speaks for no woman. It speaks for the dysfunctional ones who loathe being women and wish they were born with a penis. They are the true misogynists.

Each and every time you placate a feminist for even 5 minutes of conversation, you are subsidizing her delusion that she is desirable in some form. You validate her ideological hatred. You foster a continual environment of irrational stupidity. You reward solipsism. You encourage her to continue droning on about bullshit she thinks is important. You embolden her to continue using made up statistics and bullshit crafted in women’s studies classes to reinforce her worldview, to think that you actually care every time she opens her mouth.

You are enabling her to believe that she is worth spending time on DESPITE of her feminism. You should just


and drop the femtard right on the spot IN SPITE because of her feminism.

Show her that her product is NOT wanted by desirable men.

By uttering “Are you a feminist?” at the start in order to reject, you are setting in motion a great many things:

  • you save yourself precious time to go look for a smarter, more capable woman
  • you deny her any ability to reject you and rationalize that it was her choice to dump a hot guy like you. uhuh.. she was rejected by a hot guy for being who she was
  • you will become part of a great sea change in women, who are not capable of dealing with rejection like men, and will quickly mold their persona’s and thinking in order to be able to fit into the social structure
  • the shifting to a more red pill attitude amongst women will increase the overall amount of attractive women in the dating pool, since red pill women generally are more keen to keep fit and maintain a feminine appearance.

They will get pissed. They will get upset. They may even try to use the same line back on you, that you’re not what they’re looking for either. But in your heart of heart, you’ll know better..

I know i’m not going to get through to every guy out there. Some will still find the challenge of pumping and dumping stupid feminists as a noble goal or great weekend fun for shits and giggles. Some very attractive men with options will continue to help delude feminists into thinking they are the shit, whether a PUA pump n dump scam or a hot guy turned Beta/Mangina by his feminist mother.

But i am imploring with many of you to begin voting with your wallets. You know what is being sold on the market, and you are the consumer. The competing products have been out on the market for over 40+ years, you’ve read all the Consumer Reports, you’ve got word of mouth, you’ve read about it in the media.

There is no excuse for putting the diarrhea popsicle in your mouth.

Today’s women are just like those popsicles.. except they don’t come in wrappers, so you can’t tell which one is which, they both look fairly similar on the outside. It’s your job and your responsibility to ask at the counter which brand is being sold to you at the counter before you even reach for your wallet.

Then, maybe… just maybe they’ll stop trying to feed you shit…


..on a stick. Leave that for the mangina’s and male feminists.

Have some dignity.

Grow some balls.

Be a man.

Do the right thing.

Ask “Are you a feminist?” right out of the gate.

Do not reward a yes. Do not subsidize the ugly. Do not buy the irrational.

Do not choose evil.

Choose good, wholesome and natural ingredients!



  1. Interesting way of putting it. It’s true though…you can’t tell how someone is from how they look. After all, the cheerleaders in my high school were incredibly pretty while they were stealing my books and tripping me down the stairs.

    I especially like the idea that there’s some magical checklist of what you could tell someone a “real woman” is. Given who you’re talking to, the same set of traits could either be perfect or horrible. Really…isn’t the best trait just simply to be a good person? 🙂

  2. Just one problem: many women don’t think they are feminists, but feminism seeped into their minds through their culture. I think Dalrock or someone else had a list of questions you can ask a woman, which should find if she was very influenced, or not. Questions like “Would you change your last name after marriage?” I hope someone can find the list, ad I can’t remember where exactly I have seen it.

  3. @ Emma

    You gotta cut down the long grass before you get down on your knees to pluck out the weeds. Always a good place to start..

    I’ll dig up the list, i do recall what you speak of.

  4. Fucking bravo, M3 – brilliant manifesto

  5. I’d love to see such a list, but Dalrock’s blog is not a place I’m inclined to visit. Maybe it could be reposted here?

  6. @ Tarnished

    “the cheerleaders in my high school were incredibly pretty while they were stealing my books and tripping me down the stairs. ”

    I feel you pain. I felt the cold cruel steel of the lockers many times, and my books tasted the carnuba wax of glistening hallway floors many times in high school. Jocks can be merciless.

    Being a good person is good, but subjective. I’m sure feminists believe they are good people, crusading for a higher purpose for all womankind, without even thinking about how their actions affect ‘teh menz’. Good people take everyone’s issues to account. Equality. Egalitarianism. Empathy.

    Things many feminists sorely lack.

  7. Reprinting this from Dalrock

    Below are the specific questions that you want the answers to, organized by category. Ideally many (most?) of these you will already know the answer to. For those issues you have already discussed, you don’t need to bring them up again but this should serve as a mental checklist.

    Does she take marriage seriously? Are her expectations in line with yours?

    What is the best part of marriage? Is she more interested in the wedding itself or the ring than being your wife?
    Will she take your name? I can’t personally think of a convincing reason to marry a woman who wouldn’t or who struggled with this question.
    What does marriage mean to her? She’s asking you to sign on the dotted line. What’s in this contract?
    What is the role of a husband? What are the obligations of a husband? You want to be on the same page here, but this is also a setup for the next question. If she has a long list for you and a short one for her, that is very telling. Likewise if she rattles off the list for you but struggles to form the list for herself, you’ve just learned something.
    What is the role of a wife? What are the obligations of a wife? The specifics are important here, but her overall attitude to the idea of having obligations is critical as well. Does the idea of having a role to conform to or duties make her bristle? This is also your best opportunity to frame the roles the way you would expect them to be.
    What if you are “in the mood” and she isn’t (aka “wifely duty”)? I hesitated to include this, but I feel it really should be there. Part of what this will show is her general willingness to consider your needs over her own feelings (altruism) and her tendency to look for opportunities for compromise. This will also give you a hint about her perception of male sexuality. You also want to smoke out a potential to use denial of sex for power purposes. Lastly, for men sex in marriage really is love. How would you feel about a man who decided not to hug or kiss his wife, or refused to tell her he loved her?

    What is her attitude about casual sex? Does she have a history of following her ‘tingle’?

    What does she think about the double standard regarding promiscuity? Frame this with sympathy to the feminist perspective. This is a bit of a trick question. The right answer is disgust with promiscuity across the board. The wrong answer is an instinct to shelter sluts from judgment for their actions. This question has the bonus of drawing out a feminist vibe she might be concealing, although in the scheme of things a little feminism in a young woman isn’t the end of the world. But you should know what you are getting into.
    Why does she think so many women have to date “bad boys” before they learn to look for good guys? Again, a bit of a trick question and should be framed non judgmentally. Ideally she should have disgust with those girls who chased alphas while she looked for something different. A convincing story about why she made this transition isn’t what you want to hear from a potential wife, but you should frame this question in such a way so this seems like a perfectly acceptable answer.

    Does she see divorce as failure? Is she willing to make judgments about others who divorce?

    What are acceptable reasons for divorce? This should be a short list of no nonsense answers. I’m thinking infidelity, real and persistent abuse, persistent gambling and/or addiction, etc. Scary answers include the standard “just not happy”, “falling out of love”, “growing apart”, etc. These mean she will dump you the second things get tough or something or someone more interesting comes along.
    What would she tell your children about divorce? My wife and I were at a Thanksgiving celebration where our then 4 year old daughter met a boy who called his dad by his first name. When she asked him why, he told her about his mom’s divorce and remarriage. He explained that sometimes “mommies and daddies just stop loving each other”. She was distraught for over a week before she came to us. She was terrified we would just stop loving each other like the other kid’s parents. We told her “He’s wrong, his mommy was a brat!”. And we also told her not to say this to the boy or other kids in the same situation or she would hurt their feelings. After this she was fine. Tell her this story and see what her reaction is. Is she more protective of the frightened child, or the mommy who wanted to start a new life?
    Will she judge other women who divorce frivolously? Unfortunately it should be easy to come up with an example of this, so mention it in conversation and see what her reaction is. How would she feel about attending the second (or third) wedding of this woman?

  8. Oh, yes. Male and female jocks alike are the bane of nerd/geek existence…I’m probably going to write a post about this soon.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your definition of “good person” though. As I’ve said in the past…true equality is for everyone, not just those who are more equal than others.

  9. Again, very interesting. Thanks for reposting it here, M3!

    Too bad that it basically pertains to marriage minded folks…No interest in that here! 😉 I think I’ll search around for a test in regards to single men/women, and post the link here if I find anything.

  10. I hate to sound like a prejudicial asshole, but usually there’s an inverse relationship between beauty and amount of feminist thinking in a person. Unless you’re going after Most moderately attractive women are flexible enough that they’ll say no because they expect that’s what you want to hear.
    –> Most ugly women will stand up for feminism because they don’t have much to lose.
    –> Pretty women who are feminist are usually extremely obvious, because they’ll treat most men with obvious disdain as a result of all the attention they get.

    —> Pretty women who are red pill can be even easier to spot, they’ll make eye contact and smile when they greet you. Their social graces will generally be as obvious as their boobs.

  11. […] whoism3.wordpress.com […]

  12. .Most feminists are blown out of the gate because they are unattractive physically. They have bio-hazard wrappers in plain sight. Angry, fat, tatted up women doesn’t cause any of my body to become hard.

    And the ones I’ve been attracted to…it doesn’t take long for their hatred for men to come out. Right around the time you make any command. You can smell the diarrhea pretty quick.

    Besides…I stopped asking questions to women because I was tired of being lied to. I became a better detective.

  13. @ Earl

    Agreed about most feminists being visually repulsive (at least the ones that crawl within the light of day on Jizzabel and other feminist sites, even with all the makeup and objectifying gender role makeup and earrings that Feminist Frequency twat Anita Sarkeesian, for all her efforts in beautifying.. once i hear her speaking about tropes and shit, she becomes vastly unfuckable in my opinion)


    The point of my exercise is to brutally reinforce the idea to these women that they (and their ideology) are not welcome. The more confident, attractive men that nuclear NEXT them is what will create a shift in attitudes that will either spur on a resurgence of feminine women OR create island enclaves of fat feminists gone lesbian. Take your pick.

    Where men being the chasers and have to learn how to handle rejections day in and day out deal with it, women who are choosers are not accustomed to dealing with flat out rejections of being ‘mate’ worthy. GWW did an awesome video that handled that aspect of human sexuality in that Women rejecting Men is natural because they bear the 9 months vulnerability cost for accepting 10 minutes and an injection of protein while a Woman BEING rejected by a Man is the ultimate insult because he doesn’t consider spending the requisite 10 minutes inside her hole to put her in the position of vulnerability to begin with.

    More on that here:

    Rejection of a Woman as a mate over, and over, and over again.. by men she WANTS to mate with.. needs to be done OVERTLY and with much fanfare to drive the point home to her, and everyone within earshot.

    And let them go home to their beta’s to be miserable while they let their hamsters gorge and become fat.

  14. Well then in that case…I did have some good parts of my former beta self.

    If an unattractive female came up to me (most likely a feminist) for sex or relationship…I flat out said now. I wasn’t hard up for any female attention…just attractive female attention.

  15. *no…not now

  16. Good post M3. When it comes to shit on a stick, just say NO!

    Also, over at HUS we were debating about how much effect feminism has and that only a small % of women identify as feminists and I made the point that so much of feminism has seeped into the mindset of self-identifying egalitarians that it doesn’t even matter.

    Look at how many egalitarian women and men buy into the wage-gap nonsense, the war on women, that all men are dogs and getting laid like tile, that 1/4 of women will be raped by the end of college (hint, not even close).

    Feminism has been so successful that the masses buy into a lot of the (watered-down) false tropes that it’s irrelevant if they self-identify as feminists or not.

  17. Excellent point Han. This falls in line with Rollo’s argument that there is a feminine imperative. As long as the blue pill masses continue to adhere to feminist propaganda, they don’t have to actually call themselves feminists to be helping achieve the same end.. a society that promotes the gynocentric worldview where everything revolves around and only the female.

    It’s unbelievable how hard the wage gap myth and all the others refuses to die.

  18. Not that conservatives never BS but it seems that liberals are especially good at avoiding any reference to actual facts. They’re highly Orwellian, all the while claiming they’re the reasonable and intellectual ones. I call utter bullshit. They won’t debate. They won’t answer questions. It’s just more and more of the same lies.

    And that’s how they perpetuate the wage gap and rape myths. They rile ’em up emotionally by lying about how oppressed they are. Hell, I’d be mad too if I believed all that. The problem is that these fem-libs are so brainwashed they never think to examine whether any of it’s really true or fair.

  19. Feminists always pull the “you can’t handle an intelligent woman” card with me.

    My line of thinking:

    Intelligent people *know* they’re intelligent.

    Average people feel the need to *prove* they’re intelligent, which is why they think a University Degree validates it, and they’re quick to trumpet their academic achievements.

    Considering the average IQ of a Uni Student in 1988 was only 115, (or one standard deviation or 15 points) above average, and this has been lowered in the years since due to social justice tampering and worthless feminist degrees that require an absence of critical thought, and that women’s IQ has a lower spread of extreme highs and lows of intelligence, then your average university-educated feminist is , at a guestimate, outranked in intelligence by 40% of the population, the top 2% being overwhelmingly male.

    On top of that, since communication starts becoming problematic at only one Standard Deviation, and breaks down entirely at two, (since people then can’t even comprehend the concepts and thought processes the higher intellect can deal with the result they only hear nonsense and insanity), odds are, as an intelligent man, trying to talk to your average feminist is, at best, like trying to converse with a child.

    If, like me, you’re 140 or above, then effective communication becomes impossible. The two standard deviation gap becomes like the difference from an average person to what we consider mental-retardation. This works both ways. The rubbish the average feminist spouts is, in all honestly, absolutely retarded to my intellect.

    Trust me on this, the louder she screams that she’s smart, and tries to use it as a shaming tool, the less likelihood she actually is smart. I’m only higher successful with women by running a higher level of game where they think i’m a big, dumb, bad boy biker, and play into their natural intellectual laziness of – *social justice gasp* – ‘judging a book by its cover’. This leads to the stoic, uncommunicative frame that turns women on, because it simply isn’t worth trying to converse with them on my natural level.

  20. I don’t have to tell you this as you already understand it, but you got it. The understanding of how women work and just what makes them happy. Masculinity leads and Femininity follows. Masculinity is the action, Femininity is the natural REACTION. Women push only so that men can (and should) push back and so many men these days don’t understand this dynamic.

    I didn’t years ago and it cost me dearly.

    It wasn’t after I stood up and realized this truth that my relationship with my wife changed. I stopped being the smiling doormat and started being a man using just the littlest bit of game that things seemed to change for the better.

    Religion demands that women submit to men, but the reality is that submission from women isn’t given…it’s EARNED. It’s earned by not giving in to their whimsical wishes and providing the strength that only masculinity can provide. This isn’t a joke, you’re doing this very thing with your girlfriend at this very moment.

    Women are hard wired to seek out strong and masculine men. What so many more men need to realize is that femininity can’t simply be demanded, it HAS to be earned.

  21. Thankfully I am the only one in the manosphere that loves high-testosterone females with no kids on the way to the wall after success in male professions. No sarcasm, seriously.

    I try to drop “I am the cure for feminism” into conversations, the usual response is something to the effect of “Feminism isn’t a disease!” “I didn’t say it was, I just said I’m the cure”. After the bang, they understand. When you break their feminism, it really breaks hard. Is it worth it? I think so, but then again, I think Big Red is kind of hot.

  22. isnt that what japanese herbivores do? They skip the sex and the girlfriends to avoid the high maintenance & high expectations of japanese girls.
    I think society is headed on that direction too.

  23. @Bro: “I’m only higher successful with women by running a higher level of game where they think i’m a big, dumb, bad boy biker, and play into their natural intellectual laziness of – *social justice gasp* – ‘judging a book by its cover’. This leads to the stoic, uncommunicative frame that turns women on, because it simply isn’t worth trying to converse with them on my natural level.”

    Wow, if dressing and acting like a dumb biker gets you pussy, imagine what randomly drooling from the side of your mouth might do for you.

  24. “I think Big Red is kind of hot.”

    I think you need to be a contestant on Fear Factor or something…

  25. The Japanese herbivore men are doing it because they’re sick of living lives that really boils down to a life of servitude without reward. And North American men are starting to wake up to the same conclusion.

    There is no reward to marriage. It can be snapped at a whim.
    There is no reward in being a father. You’re a buffoon who couldn’t mother a chia pet.
    There is no reward to working 80 hrs a week to provide, they’ll always want more for the kids or keeping up with the jone’s, or a bigger walk in closet for their stuff.

    The women of Japan have made life so miserable for the men, they finally snapped and said I’m not a fucking robot, i have a life i want to live for myself. So they’ve cast off all aspersions of fulfilling their ‘duty’ to society, family, entitled expectation.

    So where men look to technology for companionship to fill the void, the women who created the void look to placate their time with Alpha’s.. in an almost prostitution type of relationship really.

    So hey hey hey.. you can now throw that shit back in a feminists face when you tell her you’re looking for a woman to have a sexual relationship with and they callously say “If you want sex.. get a prostitute”. Now you can say “If you want a relationship.. go rent a boyfriend”

    And now they can 🙂 http://www.japantoday.com/category/lifestyle/view/rent-a-boyfriend-dispatch-service-because-japanese-women-get-lonely-too

  26. @ Liz

    heheh. oh behave 😉

    He’s obviously targeting the stereotypical ‘dumb blonde’ at the bars. Acting like a dumb biker gets you pussy.. emotionally insecure, zero self worth and low self esteem and self respect women who are not mother/LTR material. If slaying pussy is your goal in life, then yes.. hitting up the clubs and going after the broken daddies issue girls by randomly drooling from the side of your mouth will take you places. If that’s your thing, i say have at it.

    But if you’re more of a Frasier Crane type of connoisseur such as myself who demands a little more from his women besides just a hole to ejaculate into while listening to her drone on about Toddlers in Tiaras or some other reality Tv shit she saw.. then you’ll need to bring a little more to the table than the Hell’s Angels schtick.

    One must craft a strategy for the type of lifestyle they wish to engage in. I’m sure the drooling biker gag would not work on you luv… but it must be said, you’ll always find women hanging out at the biker bars.

  27. @ Omnipitron

    “What so many more men need to realize is that femininity can’t simply be demanded, it HAS to be earned.”


  28. @Omnipitron

    “Religion demands that women submit to men…”

    My religion certainly does not. Wiccan does not require either sex to “submit” to the other. Women and men are equal in the eyes of the Lord and the Lady. I believe you meant to say that ABRAHAMIC religion demands that.

    Just pointing it out, friend. 😉

  29. “My religion certainly does not. Wiccan does not require either sex to “submit” to the other. Women and men are equal in the eyes of the Lord and the Lady. I believe you meant to say that ABRAHAMIC religion demands that.”

    I’m not religious but the reasoning behind my point was to illuminate how even religion realized that a good portion of women need to be lead. It has nothing to do with who is equal in whomever’s eyes but sadly a true fact of life which has been forgotten over the years. Are their exceptions out there? You know it, however Game Blogs and even happily married men on the Manosphere will all attest that the Man = Captain, Woman = First Officer dynamic works very well.

    Just one reason why the Manosphere is in existence; that men being the head of their household HAS become the exception, and so has happy marriages apparently.

  30. @Omnipitron

    The problem I have with the Husband/Captain, Wife/Officer model is that the Captain goes down with the ship in most cases. Now, I fully realize that I’m not a typical woman…in fact, I don’t think of myself as female usually…so I have no idea how a real woman thinks. But if I was to take a wife, I’d want her to be egalitarian like myself. Equal duties, equal education, equal acknowledgment of each other as adults with flaws as well as good traits.

    I should note that I have no dog in this fight. I’m 29, never married, never pregnant, and no inclination to go beyond my current FwB “relationship”. But I care about my friends and lover, and want to eliminate the misandry they experience…and get rid of sexism in general. I truly believe that the only way to do this is to endorse equality and all the responsibility it brings, not continue to treat one sex as Leader and the other as Follower.

  31. @ Tarnished

    Wiccan? Hehe… Now I’m picturing you as the girl from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (nerd girl what’shername)

  32. @M3

    Never watched that show, it always seemed aimed at teen girls. The actress that played Willow *is* quite pretty though…but I have have blonde hair, not red. 😛

    Also, I thought she was a witch? Was her character meant to be Wiccan instead?

  33. “But if I was to take a wife, I’d want her to be egalitarian like myself. Equal duties, equal education, equal acknowledgment of each other as adults with flaws as well as good traits.”

    The issue is that most women want to look up to their men. They want those men to be their superiors in education, experience, and capability, heck even height. If you look past the typical media propaganda, you will see this to be true yourself. Maybe not in your case, but you agreed that you where the exception, look at most women who make up the rule and their preferences will tell the tale itself. Even if said women don’t wish this to be true and try to buck their natural tendencies. Dalrock explains this very well on his blog if you doubt me. Take a read up on his site as he has stats to back up his assertions.

    “I truly believe that the only way to do this is to endorse equality and all the responsibility it brings, not continue to treat one sex as Leader and the other as Follower.”

    And THAT is the problem…right…there as it is the very same goal Feminism has strived for with disastrous results. There can be equity between men and women, but equality will never occur. The issue is that we are too different. Read enough on the Manosphere and you will realize that women do not want to lead in the very same capacities that men usually seek or are capable of. At best they wish to pick and choose where it is they want to be responsible and leave the rest, typically this then falls on men who aren’t permitted to be so choosy with said responsibilities. It isn’t about treating one as a leader and the other as a follower. It’s about realizing that one needs to lead because the other wants to be lead. This is the whole Nature vs. Nurture argument, which has mired us into this current issue with Feminism in the first place.

    Are you a follower of the Manosphere? If you are then you will see many posts and articles, which blow the crap out of the contemporary Nurture argument pretty much on a daily basis. Women by and large don’t wish to lead, full stop. They look to leaders, full stop. They want the leadership of worthy men and will test them to gauge said worthiness, full stop. It’s trying to overcome nature, which is causing even more tension and issues in contemporary society at the moment despite there being ample evidence that Mother Nature can’t be overruled by and large.

    One such example is the shortage of Medical Doctors in the United Kingdom. Men take careers to support their familes and male medical Doctors are no exception. They will get their license and then work until retirement providing a well needed service to the community. However female medical Drs apparently have been practicing until they have their first child then scale back so they can manage their children. Since there are so many Female Drs, this has negatively affected service availability for many in the U.K. So, are male and female Doctors the same? In theory yes, in practice, not so much and ignoring facts like this has led to this issue in the first place.

    I say this as a man who at one point in time believed exactly as you did. This is what I meant about my first comment on this thread. It wasn’t until I Read up on the whole Captain/First Officer dynamic that my marriage began to work better. This is precisely what I meant; I tried to overrule nature and was miserable. I worked with it and things improved.

    True ‘equality’ is an impossibility; men and women seek out differing things by and large. We can either work within that framework and maximize our results, or try buck natural trends and watch things burn to the ground as they have been over the last 40 years when Feminism really became mainstream.

  34. I am the exception because I have Gender Dysphoria, which I’ve written about in my posts “An Androgynous Woman” and “Wrong Body, Right Mind” if you want to learn more. As such, I will reiterate that I don’t know how a real woman thinks…and as I have no female friends, it is difficult to judge such things. In my personal experience with customers and acquaintances, I’ve found it to be about 75% true that women want their men to be superior in some way. I do not like Dalrock or SSM, and cannot visit their sites without experiencing ill effects, so no. Besides, a not insubstantial amount of what they write about is from a Biblical perspective.

    I’ve been reading the Manosphere and its opposite for about 2 years now. I remain staunchly neutral, as I’m egalitarian. For every blog that says that women prefer to be housewives there’s a corresponding one that details a woman’s fight to be seen as a worker by her family/parents. It’s all about the bias of whichever ‘sphere you’re reading, and like most situations I believe Truth is somewhere in between. If woman A, B, C and D want to be led, so be it. Just don’t force woman Z to be if she truly wants a career and is willing to sacrifice for it as a man would. Same for men who truly don’t want to lead.

    In the argument for Nature vs Nuture, I feel it is 60:40. Does ones biological makeup play a majority part? Yes. But the environment of ones childhood and adolescence cannot be discounted so easily, especially in regards to identity and ethics.

    I’ve heard of this issue with the doctors in the UK. I would propose creating contracts that would require the holder of a license to work for a minimum of X years, or have to pay a fine.

    I’m glad that things have worked out better for you and yours with the help of what you’ve learned. I simply want there to be as much equality as is possible, rather than forcing individuals of either sex into lives they will detest.

  35. Toronto. We’re all melting here. I fucking hate heat waves.

    See, that’s your problem right there. GTFO of Toronto:


  36. I think feminism is just getting started; I turned on ESPN today for about 5 min and they were interviewing the Arkansas head football coach, what were the questions?

    -How did you meet you’re wife?
    -Did you get to keep any of you’re old stuff when she moved in?
    -What is the best thing you’re wife let you keep?
    -Where do you keep you’re stuff? (Answer: I have a small closet I keep some stuff in)

    Keep in mind they are talking to a multi-millionaire that could get just about any woman. His wife looked fine but was no big deal; she clearly got the better deal.

    Good for you straight up asking if someone is a feminist (probably weeds out some extremists) but I think this weird insidious feminism is much more of a problem. Great blog by the way; you should check ESPN’s strange feminist push (Currently trying to glorify the incredible struggle of female reporters in male locker rooms) to get an idea of the social programming going on.

  37. […] Don’t subsidize the feminists in the SMP. […]

  38. @M3 and others

    You might like to check out my new post about a recent study that shows what we all know, that hotter men are having more sex partners than less-hot men. Interestingly enough, the female N slightly declines with increasing attractiveness.

    What does this all mean? Well, for one, it means that the average women are getting some of their N from the hotter guys.

    Plus there was the interesting delusion of many of the women that they they thought they were in an exclusive relationship while the men thought it was sex only.

    Not surprisingly, the hottest men were the most likely to consider themselves in sex-only relationships and some of these women come from the less-attractive-than-the-men categories.


  39. @M3 and others

    Try again. I guess it doesn’t like me posting links.

    You might like to check out my new post (see the link in my username) about a recent study that shows what we all know, that hotter men are having more sex partners than less-hot men. Interestingly enough, the female N slightly declines with increasing attractiveness.

    What does this all mean? Well, for one, it means that the average women are getting some of their N from the hotter guys.

    Plus there was the interesting delusion of many of the women that they they thought they were in an exclusive relationship while the men thought it was sex only.

    Not surprisingly, the hottest men were the most likely to consider themselves in sex-only relationships and some of these women come from the less-attractive-than-the-men categories.

  40. @HanSolo
    sounds just like the idea that the hottest women can get more men to commit (financially, etc) to them, and most of those men are what would be considered below them in the SMV scale. More grist for the mill that shows that the Stud/Slut comparison is flawed.

  41. Looks like Roosh read my post hehehehe!


  42. This may have already been addressed in the comments somewhere, but although i’ll never go too far with a feminist, I will change the mind of a feminist and then go there.

    I understand the whole “you’re wasting your breath” and “don’t validate them” concepts. Yet I’ll never validate their feminism. I think it’s crap and they know it, but I’m so damn smooth in how I get my points across that they’ll find themselves inclined to let go of their deeply held views to please me.

    It doesn’t always work, and I have more patience for a feminist 8 than a 5, but for me it’s fun. They don’t really even believe their own crap, and it cracks me up to prove it to them.

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  44. […] It’s all about choice and what you want in a partner. […]

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