Good Girl

October 22, 2013


I was thinking about writing a quick post for a while now about something i came to realize with my girlfriend, something so stark and profound..

and then i ran across this post on reddit which pretty much confirmed my thinking and insights on it.


I believe there are two types of women in this world. Those who carry a chip on their shoulder for having been born female and hate themselves for it (the self hating misogynists they are), and those who relish in it and their femininity, and to figure out who you end up with is relatively easy.

Just ask her to do something for you you’re pretty sure of that she will acquiesce to your request. And when she does simply smile and say

Good girl.

That’s it. The reaction will tell you whether you have a keeper, or should drop the bird and keep looking.

I noticed this fairly early on. Whenever she does something nice for me, or responds to something i request of her i tell her ‘Good girl’. Not in a condescending way, not in a baby voice, just with an appreciative smile, in my regular voice. An affirmation, a validation.

And when i say this.. her cheeks swell up as her smile catches up to those cheeks. Or she’ll grab my arm extra tight. Or she’ll cuddle and nuzzle into me harder.

Good girl.

I first noticed  this behavior in my ex-wife. When she was first fawning over me and totally heads over heels for me (when i was still riding a high of faux alpha pheromones due to my stripper banging success without actually having known what i was doing right, without having actualized my potential) i was very much able to use the ‘Good girl’ utterance and recieve smiles of adoration, affection and the joy of being claimed. Whenever i said ‘Good girl’ it was not in a patronizing, condescending or any fashion of juxtoposition to her being that of a real human child. It was simply my way of saying she had done something that pleased me.

When she would suffer through massive headaches trying to prove she was a tough girl, or hated being dependent on medicine.. i would tell her she was only proving she would rather suffer and be miserable rather than be productive and alleviate unnecessary hardship. “Here, take this Advil with this water. It’s for your own good…” gulp “Good girl” And with that she smiled knowing i was taking care of her and was watchful and mindful of her health. A beta trait wrapped in the authority of the alpha she loved.

Then i went all beta and it all went to pieces.

But the same thing now applies with my current girl. When she woke up with a fever one day, i commanded her to stay in bed and take some Advil to break the fever and to get some rest. She was resisting with as much token resistance as i could stand for and i simply stood in her way, glass in one hand pill in the other. She relented, took it, i tucked her in.

Good girl.

She smiled, kissed me and drifted off.

So too with many other facets of our routine. We go out shopping. She knows what clothes, boots, etc.. i like for her to wear. I told her from the onset i will never TELL her what to wear. But she always is mindful of what i stare at or what i point out. She will sometimes play and tease and pick the most ugly flats or garish clothes just to get a rise from me (Uggs and Croks anyone?). But at the end of the day she always vets her choices past me for my opinion. And when she buys closer to my favor and the things i enjoy seeing on her..

Good girl.

When she remembers not to smash my car door closed..

Good girl.

When she actively reminds me of something i asked her to make note of for me..

Good girl.

When if i’m stuck doing something or actively involved with something and i ask anything of her that she does without batting an eyelash, putting up a fuss or excuse..

Good girl.

By saying this i am rewarding her with the knowledge that the things she does pleases me and keeps my interest in her claimed. This ‘alpha’ of her eyes is pleased with her and claims her. That is what she wants and i affirm it every time i say it.

After i’ve given her a rightous hip smashing session and gotten her off (my lady always cums first is me motto arrr) she will throw me onto my back and go to town on me. Tho she rarely ever says much (and i must begin to encourage her into dirty talk territory) she has on occasion after bringing me to a mighty release said to me.. in a very husky, sultry manner

Good boy.

Why might you ask, is she saying that? Well let us definitely say what she is not saying with that. She is not calling me ‘a boy’ in the literal sense. She only likes confident, dominant, ‘patriarchal’ type, plaid shirts, jeans, lumberjack type men! She doesn’t fuck ‘boys’ so there’s no condescension towards me with that remark or any way to misconstrue it as to literally be her saying i’m a boy/child.

No.. she says Good boy because i pleased her.

“WHAAAA? How can you say you pleased her??? She got you off and gave you an orgasm!!! She pleased and pleasured you! It should be you thanking her you misogynist asshole!”

Heheh.. well yes and no.

Reciprocity, it goes both ways. Altho i do thank her for getting me off, i really did please her. You see, a man’s orgasm is the highest form of sexual validation (with his getting a boner a close second). When she coaxes out a massive load from your testicles, she is getting affirmation that she is an arousing, intoxicating, sexual creature. You have validated that “she’s still got it where it counts” and is 100% confirmed and confident about her abilities to seduce and please the alpha of her eye.

This is why so many women are terrified there is something wrong with them when you don’t come. A conversation i had with my ex-wife, and also with my current girlfriend. Because i am no longer the one minute man of my teenage youth, and only enjoy having orgasms that feel like the creation of our universe.. i don’t feel the need to orgasm during every act of coitus i engage in. And i make it very well known in advance if i don’t feel like ejaculating so no ones ego is bruised.

So when i finally am pent up beyond the point of no return and i give her the all clear to go for the gold, and she see’s how her ministrations on my meat affect me.. it brings her unending joy/pleasure/validation as a woman.

And as i’m drifting back and forth between bliss and consciousness, and hearing the sound of my heart pounding in my ears, and my breath slowly coming down from a heavy heave.. i hear very faintly off in the distance, as tho an echo through the ages…

Good boy.

So the next time you’re talking with a woman and you want to gauge both her interest level in you AND her disposition towards accepting validation, go ahead and politely ask her to do something for you. Get her to grab you a drink. Any simple request should suffice. Upon completion, tell her Good girl. Her reaction shall dictate your next move.

Look for a woman who looks forward to you telling her she’s a good girl.

And run from those who would give you grief for it.

It’s all about choice and what you want in a partner.


  1. Hmm, this is pretty interesting. The fact that both your ex and your current girlfriend responded positively to the “good girl” treatment (and yourself to the “good boy” treatment) is very telling. It’s a great thing, really…the fact that neither of you use it in a childish or condescending way, and that both of you like being given affirmation of your actions is awesome. :)

    For me and my lover, we don’t say these sorts of things, since neither of us are fond of pet names and the like. I naturally try to do things I know he enjoys, like buying him a favorite dinner/snack, a present just because, etc…he has far less disposable income, but he makes up for it in other ways that make me happy in return. It’s enough to see each other smile and laugh (or yes, cum). No verbal affirmation needed for us, but it sounds like it’s cute when you and your girlfriend do it. :)

  2. When I was young, there were 4 things I wish I knew about women:

    1) This – good girl. I use “good girl” a lot – esp with cute girls in public – especially if I don’t know them.
    2) Pulling hair
    3) Spanking
    4) Women are dirty – way more so than men.

    Fortunately, I have a teen age son – who, altho he doesn’t believe me now, will

  3. @TJ

    #4 is only true of non prudish ones.
    Hopefully you only do #s 2 and 3 to women you know *very* well.
    #1 is tricky. I’ve gotten extremely pissed at men/women who use this on me in a derogatory or condescending way, but if it seems like they’re just teasing I’ll say “good boy/good girl” right back at them. So long as you’re not making people angry for no reason, go for it!

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  7. Narcissist

  8. M3 is not a narcissist.
    Why would you think that?

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