Gauntlet Cast. You Throw Down. Now back your shit up.

July 31, 2013

Picture 12

Got called a misogynist at work yesterday.. bit my fucking tongue really hard in an effort not to lose my job. Got called that by someone who knows my views regarding evo.psych, my philosophy of MGTOW, my hatred of feminism and everything it teaches women, from being irresponsible little children with no agency, to blaming all men for the worlds ill because of white privilege and holding women back, and for enabling a generation of women to ignore basic human biological reality and gorge like little piggies at the trough of sluttiny.

Because i have an opinion that actions have consequences and repercussions AND that men have the right to act in their own best interests rather than societies (read gynocrosity).. this equates that i have a deep hatred, mistrust and dislike of all women solely because they have a vagina.

Yes, i had an urge to kill yesterday. I had an urge to kill, not because she was a woman.. but because she showed such stupidity on an epic scale it boggles the mind.

And i have a serious skin allergy to stupid.

But i’m glad i held back. Instead of letting someone’s pure fucking ignorance and retardation set me off, i plan to use this to prove something concrete.

And i’m going to use this blog as a starting point.

To any and all fucking lurkers who pass by and think that i am a misogynist and wish to voice your concerns.. this is your chance. Have at it. Leave me a comment down below, this is your moment, and here’s the kicker.


Why am i misogynist?

Prove that i hate all women.

Prove that i hate women because they are women.

Prove that i want to oppress women and put them back in the kitchen.

Prove that i wish to take away their rights and access to abortion.

Prove that i sincerely hate my girlfriend.

My mother.

My best friends 6 year old daughter.

Stingray. Carolina. Judgey Bitch. SSM. TarnishedSophia. And all the other redpill women of the sphere.

Hell, even try proving i hate my ex wife simply for the fact that she’s a woman.

Misogyny /mɪˈsɒɪni/ is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women.


Show me i dislike women or girls. I love them. I HATE stupid fucking feminists.

Show me i discriminate sexually? I discriminate against stupid fucking feminists.

Show me where i denigrate women for being women? I denigrate stupid actions by stupid people where actions have consequences.

Show me where i condone violence against women? I condone violence against NO PERSON. I DO CONDONE a right to self defense, by either gender in the case of immediate assault.

You might get me on this last one of sexual objectification.. but even then i call BS. I have always treated the women i am with with the utmost respect. But let’s not blow sunshine up anyones ass. Objectification happens against both sexes equally. It’s just the objectification of men is socially acceptable in the current culture. Objectify him as a 6 pack hard bodied cock to use for a 1 night stand. Objectify him for his earning potential or status. Objectify him for what he can build for you or be a utility for you. Fuck.. if objectification is the sole marker for being classed as a Misogynist.. then gorramit, all men are guilty. But then all women become equally Misandrist so it all equals out in the end.

I so hate stupid people it’s not even funny.

This is now my GO-TO response to any and all miscreants, vermin and stupid troglodyte shit for brains who reflexively call me a misogynist because i openly identify as a man who rejects feminism, finds feminist ideology hateful, bigoted, perpetually victimizing, self absorbed, female superior, male problems irrelevant, all problems of the world are man created, female agency removing, reducing women to status of infants, it’s all patriarchy and simply intellectually incapable of speaking honestly for ALL women. It speaks for the broken ones that live outside the realm of “normal”.

And that’s the worst part. They PRESUME to speak for all women. These fucking oddball miscreants that even the ‘odd’ kids consider odd. These outliers who are so outside the bounds of normal, trying to impose their extreme minority views on the majority.. such insecurity on display.

Embracing an ideology can be construed as hate, but not in rejecting one. Hating an ideology is not hating an entire gender. It’s hating the stupid people behind that ideology. Last time i checked, there were Mangina’s in the feminist movement too. Does that mean i hate all men as well?

If a i call a feminist a stupid cunt.. is that because i have a deep seeded hatred of all women?

No, it’s because she actually IS a stupid cunt. I would reserve stupid dick for a man, because i, unlike feminist gendertards, DO SEE GENDER separately, as male and female, with differences both physically and mentally.

Lord help me those stupid Swedes… oh wait.. i’m Atheist. Gorramit those retarded Swedes.

And let me help you out before hand. Calling me a misogynist because i rail against sluts means that every woman that has railed against PUA’s is a raving, man hating misandrist.

You ever generalize and say ‘all men are assholes’.. you’re man hating scum.

You ever tell a guy to man up.. you’re a fucking oppressive bitch.

You say me telling men to learn game so they can ‘trick’ women into bed equals misogyny.. fine.. every woman who tricked a guy into marriage by promising he was her soulmate and they’d be together forever is a fucking man hating whore who tricked him into putting a ring on her finger and entering into a contract she had no intention of keeping. They got something they wanted without any intention of holding up their end of the agreement.

You say because i espouse a view that i think my friends daughter can aspire to do better than being an easy slut to be passed around makes me a hater of women? Because i shame sluts does not mean a shame women’s sexuality you stupid shit. I shame their gluttony of partners, not their ability to enjoy sex. Do you shame men who stay home and smoke weed all day in their moms basement? Do you shame the PUA community for teaching men how to get laid by not following the femcentric script? You might be a misandrist man hating fuck.

If i’m a misogynist for holding opinions on how women should behave and act in a proper society, then the entire femisphere of bloggers who hold even one iota of thoughts or ideals that deviate from mine must LOGICALLY mean that they hate ALL men because they disagree with me.


I really shouldn’t get this riled up as i am. I should have better frame control. But you know what.. i don’t like being mischaracterized as something i’m not, especially in an environment where my job could end up on the line and i get put in a defensive position from which i’m guilty until proven innocent. I have no intention of playing a game of enumerating all my reasons why i am not a misogynist.

I don’t…

I don’t want to have to talk about how i grew up watching my dad (being controlled by his evil mother) behave like the stereotypical patriarch towards my mother, thus instilling in me a wish to protect my mom (and all women by proxy) and never inflict that life of inequality upon a woman.

I don’t want to have to talk about how i grew up putting my hand down voluntarily so the girls could have a crack at answering the math questions, or how i was supposed to cheer super loud when Suzy got to 1st base but my hitting a homerun onto the roof of the school was old hat.

I don’t want to have to talk about how i routinely defended women’s stupid choices and absolved them of being idiots for sticking it out with the badboys they fucked.

I don’t want to have to talk about the women i consoled and comforted when they were assaulted, or kicked out of their house, or just broke up with their boyfriend, or how badly they were treated by that stranger they hooked up with last night.

I don’t want to have to talk about how i was a white knight stepping up and telling my game aware friends that their negs and barbs and unwarranted and unwanted advances were not welcome by the ‘lady’.. who eventually went home to sleep with him.

I don’t want to talk about how i always put the feelings of women, friend and stranger alike.. over my own in every instance, even when it was against my own interest.

I don’t want to have to talk about how i treated my marriage, in a completely equal and egalitarian fashion where i did more of the housework cleaning chores than the wife, while working at a job, just so she could concentrate on creating her work from home business website.

I don’t want to talk about how when my wife became physically ill waking up to take our puppy out to go potty, i ended up taking over the ‘nightly’ duties of caring for the dog, even tho she was unemployed and i still had to get up at 7am. Her health mattered more to me than inconvenience.

I don’t want to talk about how she endured chronic debilitating lower back pain 3 times during our time together, and i was there dutifully and carefully helping load and unload her into the car to doctors visits and getting her whatever she needed no matter how inconvenient to me. A courtesy she did not return in kind when i ended up on my back for over a week after a massive lower back strain injury. She thought i was faking it for attention.

I don’t want to talk about how i put her career over mine by paying off her student loans and helping pay for her HR courses instead of taking classes myself to upgrade my skills.

I don’t want to talk about how i did not keep a leash on my wife, stalk her, be jealous or keep tabs on her, get mad at her, lay a hand on her, throw things at her, scream or yell at her. Even when she started straying from home to stay out to drink with her friends or visits and talks with my neighbor until 1am while i fell asleep in an empty bed.

I don’t want to talk about how following feminism’s “IDEAL” of how to treat ALL women wrt to equality, consent and support ended my marriage with her telling me she needed to be with someone who could “Put her in her place”.


I intend to play the game where the onus is on the person hurling the accusation that i am one to prove their claim and back up their bullshit they’re trying to cash.

So go for it internet. Step right up and swing for the fences. Tell me why i’m a misogynist.

I’m all ears.



  1. Here’s how I look at it: If I’m having a debate/discussion/ argument with someone and they start throwing out personal attacks, I just tell them some version of “Well look at that, an ad hominem attack. You Lose. Have a nice day.” It’s even better if they don’t know what “Ad Hominem” means. But hey, if this bitch keeps it up, then try to use the whole “Hostile Work Environment” thing against her (or wait, as a man, that might not work).

  2. If you don’t love everything any woman does, you’re a misogynist, if you dare criticize anything gays do, you’re a homophobe, if you notice crime trends, you’re a racist. It’s 80% of the progressive playlist.
    Based on their definition of misogynist, you are one. When 90% of the population is “misogynist” it won’t have meaning anymore. Progressives always kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

  3. It was on a different issue, but I confronted a black co-worker during a break a couple of weeks ago when he was spewing mininformation about Trayvon Martin. I was polite and respectful but would not back down.

    I recognized that I stood a decent chance of being called the “R” word, but I’ve decided I no longer care. My defense was going to be that if they want to ban political discussion during breaks, fine. But until they institute such a ban, if somebody says something I disagree with, I’m calling them on it. And I’d just love to see somebody try to prove I’m a racist.

    We lose the culture wars because they can insult us and have nothing to fear, whereas measured responses by us can cause us irreparable harm. I’m risking my job, but I’m not playing their games anymore. I won’t volunteer my views unless somebody else brings the subject up, but if I hear BS being spread, I’m opposing it.

    Your strategy would work better than your girlfriend’s. A firm, “You just insulted me. Back it up with facts or apologize.” will work far better than getting emotional.

    Don’t get mad. Win.

  4. put her on report?

    it probably won’t result in anything, but at least there might be a record that she is being disruptive to a positive work environment.

  5. It is the equivalent of calling a female co-worker a cunt, and should be dealt with the same way by management. Of course she’ll shamelessly lie (“I called him a misogynist because he grabbed my buttocks, and showed me 70 pictures of little girls being raped by horses”)

  6. The funny thing is i see women excuse REAL misogyny all the time..

    .. provided they are interested in fucking him.

    As for me, i’m just sick of having to defend myself for holding an opinion.

    I got sick of being called an Anti-semite whenever i brought up Israel’s ignoring of UN resolutions against it, it’s spying on the US, or ignoring what the US wanted and insulting US taxpayers who front their massive foreign aid bill.

    I got sick of being called Anti american for bringing facts to the table showing the Bush admin was racing to go to war without evidence because they were dead set about implementing the Project for a New American Century.

    And now this.

    I don’t care if you really really really disagree with my opinion.. but don’t lie about me or mischaracterize who i am in an attempt to silence me or shut me up. Debate me.

    Simply calling me a misogynist now is just fuel for my fire. It rolls off my back like water on a duck. And there will be a price to be paid for telling me i have a deep seeded hatred of women because i don’t believe a fucking word feminism has to say or agree with their made up theories and bullshit made up statistics.

  7. You are victim of your own intelligence

  8. I like the homerun’s on the school roof…that is badass.

  9. Thanks M3 that was entertaining. I for called names like that the other day too for daring to espouse Crazy(tm) ideas like that too. Mind you I got called a racist fr suggesting mass immigration from culturally incompatible groups was a bad idea too.

  10. @ M3

    Speaking of anti-Semitism, I think the late Joe Sobran said it best: An anti-semite used to mean someone who hated Jews, now it means someone hated by Jews.

    I’d say the same thing with misogyny. While there are genuine misogynists out there, most “misogynists” are simply those that women and feminists don’t like or disagree with.

  11. If women don’t want to be sexually objectified, they should turn into butterflies.

    I’m serious. Men will objectify something sexually, it is inherent to the species. It is a GOOD aspect of the species. It is what makes men capable of fertilizing women during their short fertility windows. If you take away male sexual objectification of females, you will reduce the fertility of the human race.

    So if you are a woman, and you don’t like being sexually objectified, either grow old so you’re not pretty anymore, or go turn into a butterfly.

    But be warned, there are probably some men out there who would sexually objectify a butterfly… but not an old woman.

  12. It’s just shaming language to get an uppity slave back in line. You bristle under the lash so they have to open the book of tricks and go to try to shame you into silence. It’s really nothing more than that, slave starts talking sense and rebellion other alaves might start listening and all of a sudden have a slave revolt on their hands. Why there hss to be a slur and a shame against any truth, to get the weak slaves in line by publicly wipping the slave who know the score.

    Now i doubt the average peraon who engorces the system knows this consciously as i doubt most people are conscious but its a natural response when resources are in jeopardy of being taken away.

  13. Nailed. Absolutely nailed. You’re angry as hell, but you focused that anger into a hard-hitting post that’s packed with actual concrete examples from life. You’re clearly not a misogynist.

    I’ve been there too, though thankfully I wasn’t called a misogynist or a woman hater at work– It was a female colleague who said it. She was a former neighbor. We’d hang out and have a few drinks. Once of twice, after I’d laid down some Red Pill stuff about Western dating culture, she wondered if I was perhaps a misogynist. I just looked at her. A second passed, and I said something like, “If I hated women, I wouldn’t be talking to you. I love women. It’s idiotic women who pull EPL crap that I can’t stand. It’s women who hook up with jerkoffs and then call men assholes. So no, I don’t hate you.” She relented and said, “You’re right. I know you don’t hate women. It’s just some of the things you say…but yes, you don’t hate them.” Well, yes. Of course I don’t hate women. I just dislike stupid people of any sex or gender.

    Good luck at work. As the Koreans say, FIGHTING!

  14. I am not a feminist, and I won’t label you a misogynist. Underneath the vitriol and cursing, your grievances are completely valid and defensible. But you sound so angry, I would be afraid to be around you. As in I would be looking for another job because I value my life more than a paycheck.

    If you REALLY love women who are not feminists and who respect men, and you REALLY love yourself, you will make an honest assessment of your anger level. It could be that you are just exaggerating some of the near hysteria to make for a more interesting post…But if this was all you, with no extra drama thrown in, my opinion is you should be concerned. I hate stupid people, too, but you will hurt yourself more than you will them by such out-of-control hatred. Legally, it matters that you controlled yourself, but those kind of emotions are not healthy and not always predictable.

    Totally off topic from that: when the Boston bombing occurred earlier this year, I was moved by one of the videos that showed all the bystanders and emergency personnel rushing in to help. They were almost all men. And I thought, how terribly bland and boring and scary the world would be without men. (I am not including Middle Eastern ones in this love fest; they can go straight to hell, those misogynistic bastards…).

    Good luck with the witch at work. Document your exchanges (but not like this!) and watch your back. And go to a small Baptist church with strong male leadership. It doesn’t matter if you’re a non-believer. You just need to find an alternate environment for a contrast to your work life. There. That’s all my advice. Done. Oh. One more thing. Don’t be a woman about this. Don’t complain and then pull the old “I just want you to listen to my rant, not try to FIX my problem!” Men are right to try and fix problems. And YOU have a problem, but a fixable one.

  15. Good post…this is the first step to maturity.

    Speak the truth…it might be insulting to others because you are calling them out. That gives you no right to engage in insults they throw back at you.

    Be a wall. A wall is strong against backlash and a shelter for those that don’t want the backlash.

  16. Hi Senorasilvermouse. Cute name 🙂

    Thank you for your comment. I have made an honest assessment of my anger. I’ll fess up.. i embellish a little for effect on this blog. Let me for the record state that i never have or ever would strike a woman for something this minor. As i stated, only in matters of self defense or imminent assault.

    In my life i have been in 1 fight. Grand total. It was in high school. I’m not a violent individual. I simply learned how to speak and craft words to create emotionally charged rhetoric to drive points home.

    Normally i’m a happy, smiley, funny, cheery guy 99% of the time and you would love to hang around me. I’d make your day, i promise. But she crossed the 1% by accusing me of something i find deporable. I have seen real misogyny, and i don’t like it. So to be accused of being someone who is 100% the opposite of, she might as well have casually stated that i was a rapist. Or a pedophile.

    Yes there was anger. And yes i did walk away to process it instead of verbally eviscerating her. She may very well have intentioned it as a joke and dead panned, but knowing her ideological bent, i cannot presume that. My male coworkers call me a misogynist all the time. They do that in jest and i know 100% they are joking about it. With her, there was no joke. It appeared deadly serious.

    No ones life is in danger if that puts your mind to ease, i’m not a violent individual. But i’d ask what emotions would run through your mind if you were working with someone you knew did not see eye to eye with you on anything relating to sex/relationships/reality.. and then one day they called you a child molester. In front of your co-workers. Loudly for all to hear. And continues by saying yes, you hate small children. You enjoy violating their innocence.

    Everyone is staring. What would you do?

    but those kind of emotions are not healthy and not always predictable.

    I agree.. but only if it’s a constant state. If you live in constant anger and hatred then it’s most certainly not healthy. Explains the laydees of Jizzabel i suppose.

    Thank you for pointing out the Boston bombing. I will give credit where credit is due. I saw a lot of females help out too. Caring, supporting, nurturing and comforting. Maybe there where a lot of nurses at the marathon. I dunno. But the point you make is valid. I recall seeing images on CNN after the garment factory building collapsed in India. Picture after picture was of men, standing on structurally unsound and dangerous debris and rubble, digging by hand, forming human lines of men, trying everything to reach the mostly women inside. Look up the pictures and video for yourself. I found it truly selfless that those guys would risk more building collapse on them trying to look for and dig out survivors.

    And LOL. Are you actually trying to cajole me to join the Baptist faith? Ohhhhh Lawwwd have mersaaaay.

    Be a woman about it? I shant think my GF would be too thrilled to learn she was dating woman 😛

    Thanks again for stopping by!

  17. Misogynist (old meaning): a man who hates women.
    Misogynist (21st century meaning): a man whom feminists hate.

  18. We are living in crazy times. “Tolerance” is now a one-way street when it’s supposed to work both ways. The poison of political correctness affects the masses who drink it like it was the last sip of water in the desert. Homophobic, racist, misogynist, extremist. All are labels that the media and the mediocre-minded human herds love to throw at people who dare to THINK and see things the way they really are.

    Feminists are nothing but zombies. They are the victims of a well-planned brain-washing system that is destroying society.

  19. How about you respond by saying something like “I’m not a misogynist (or whatever other -ist you are called) I’m a stupidist.”

  20. You know what’s really funny?

    I asked this of my readership (knowing that i was linked to the BluePill subreddit).

    So go for it internet. Step right up and swing for the fences. Tell me why i’m a misogynist.

    And here is the result of the Poll as of this morning at 9:37am.


    2 Things jump out.

    1. 4 cowards came by to say I’m a misogynist without leaving a comment as to why i am one or to debate me. It’s easy to click a button, pat yourself on the back and say ‘Yaaa he’s a mushojinizt’.. it’s entirely another to back it up in a debate. 4 complete cowards.

    2. 8 people want to fuck me. I have more secret sexual admirers than the BluePill subreddit has users with higher brain functions beyond breathing, blinking and involuntarily urinating.

  21. The “misogynist” slur has long been one of my bugbears too: it’s thrown around cheaply and haphazardly, like confetti.

    Feminists really need to invest in some fucking dictionaries.

  22. Why would they give up a word like misogyny? It is the feminist equivalent of “racist”. People have to some degree been successfully conditioned to link this name calling with all that is necessary to shut down and argument.

    M3 asked for feminists to demonstrate why he is a misoginist but it is a futile request. This is like asking a race hustler to defend an accusation of racist. The point is for the a causation to end the conversation not start one. Fortunately people are waking up to this name. Along and recognising it for the vapid drivel it is. Not fast enough obviously but inroads are beig made. One good thing to come out of the disastrous mess of Obama’s presidency is the recognition that racist is used like that. It is used as a substitute for a reasoned argument. If there is a leftist woman president misoginist will be used it the same way. Heck it was here in Oz with the worthless cunt PM we had.

  23. […] For those of you who enjoyed Unleash The Beef should surely appreciate M3. Gauntlet Cast. You Throw Down. Now back your shit up. | M3 […]

  24. This is a really old blog post, and I wish I had come across it sooner. I used to be a feminist until my guy BFF red-pilled me, and a “friend” called me a misogynist because I pointed out some workplace perks that female office workers get. I now have zero tolerance for anything that even vaguely suggests or might potentially lead to a vague suggestion that men are better off than women.

    I also agree the statement that there are two biological sexes, but it is absolutely possible to have a conflicting set of gender traits. Sure, it might be a developmental disorder, but I do know such people, and they’re not all batshit insane SJWs. Just because we don’t understand how it works, doesn’t mean it’s made up. Homosexuality was once perceived the same way, but we accept it as fact now.

    Forcing people to behave a certain way (like Sweden is doing) is definitely NOT progress. Nor is it rational to bash all people who are uncomfortable with their biological sex simply because a number of them are loud morons who got infected with modern feminism. Cheers!

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