Ladies.. if you’re aiming for a husband..

January 23, 2013

For my female audience…

Bag him when he’s a clear shot and you got ammo to spare…


… instead of waiting until he’s out of range, and you’re praying for a miracle with your last rounds.

I simply cannot state it any clearer than this. This is the difference between getting who you want vs. ‘settling‘. Ignore at your own peril and don’t blame the man you end up with when you’re dreaming about an Eat, Pray, Love excursion. It’s all on you for having your priorities all ass backwards.

And remember.. the younger girls you compete with.. they’ve got their hand cannons loaded and bringing them to bear. And while they’re picking off their targets with ease, you get stuck with ‘Mr. Right’

Mr. Right

The alternate title of this post was “Everything i said in my Last post summed up in 2 pictures…

Another alternate title: Priorities… you’re doing it wrong.

I see a future spinster here..

I see a future spinster here..

From my comment on 3MM:

“What about change of mind or wanting life experience”
-these can’t be done with a long time boyfriend or engagement partner? if marriage and children are supposed to be a woman’s top priority in life, she needs to treat it as such. if women want to travel, have fun, ride the carousel or just jump from boyfriend to boyfriend while building a career.. then that is the priority in their life, not marriage/kids.

If going to a reputable school was your priority in life to get an education, you spend your time getting a job and socking away tuition. Sure you can let loose every now and then, but you want to be able to afford Harvard right? You can live your life with the priority of making it into that school. You can’t spend your years blowing all your money on booze and parties every friday night (and not studying to boot) and then wake upone day and say ‘ok time to apply to harvard’ and expect to get in with shit marks and $0 in you bank account.

Seriously… don’t take my word for it.. check out who’s looking at Mr. 36 year old M3 right now… (and remember that *I* am looking to romance women 7-10 years my jr.)

Ladies please.. you should be looking for men older than you..

Ladies please.. you should be looking for men just a touch older than you..


  1. The “ammo” you have pictured has already been fired. They are empty casings.

  2. DOH!

  3. It’s ok. I don’t expect Canadians to be gun experts. You have crafted quite a good analogy though.

  4. As an analogy it works. As a metaphor, it’s a tad violent and disgusting.

    [M3: only took me half a day but i finally clued in to what you’re driving at. Aka DV ]

    /OCD-impaired, pedantic, anal,…you get the drift.

  5. As a metaphor it’s painfully true.. women are competing against one another in an inter-sexual competition to bring down the prize buck. (commitment)

    Usually the one with the biggest gun wins. Tho if the dearth of good men continues, the hunters will start killing rival hunters…


  6. Wow, that’s the quality of women in the 35-40 range? Ugh, glad I met/married reasonably young (22/25), took the red pill before it was too late and don’t have to deal with this type of carousel riding dame trying to catch the train at the last minute. Totally see why you’re looking for those in the early/mid 20’s that aren’t yet destroyed. They’re names are hilarious: Sexy_JoJo69 and I_justwannabeloved_1977. Screams desperation! Some poor beta shlub is going to marry these broads (at least for awhile).

  7. Heheh, my boyfriend was exactly 32 when I met him, but I get your idea. I guess some 32 year old woman is now missing a man, but they had their chance! Fortunately, some men act like this deer:

    They just stand there and give you chances. If you fail so spectacularly, who can be blamed?

  8. Just wanna be loved. Geez, does something scream “I’m an emotional failure” more?

  9. One of those lasses uses the name baybeeblues? Interesting…

  10. They’re not empty casings, they’re blanks.

    Because most women will only scare us away.

  11. “For my female audience…”

    I think your female audience is already aware of this.

    Maybe for flyby female lurkers…..

  12. Boom!

  13. Next you should do the same metaphor for ladies with normal body weight and ladies with overweight issues.

  14. Men should date women for who they are now and what kind of mother they’ll be.

    Women should date men for their later potential years down the road

    Its this knowledge that feminists destroyed. Now women only are dating men for who they are now, not realizing that when 30’s come around men will date for who they are now too…. the 20 year old edition

  15. Thanks for the linkage.

  16. Question… does anyone know what it could mean, if men your age don’t seem interested, but older guys are? This chart you made is the opposite of what has been happening with me.

  17. Emma, your observations are normal. 32 isn’t an age where everything is lost.

    Kate Beckinsale is forty. Do you think she gave everything up eight years ago and no one here would give her the time of day? It’s fantasy.

  18. Are most women Kate Beckinsale?

    *rolls eyes towards the sky while whistling and slowly walking away*

  19. No, but it is equally ridiculous to claim no one is even close and 32 is the virtual end of the proverbial line.

    Especially with the competition out there. 80 percent are obese. A well preserved 32 is phenomenal in comparison to the average 28 year old.

  20. @ Liz,

    Yes, but i was operating from an ‘all things being equal’ perspective.

    I agree, i have seen some knockout women 30+ and some bloated sea-mules at 18. This does not invalidate the 2 main premises of my post tho.

    1. knockout 18 yr old vs. knockout 32 = no contest
    2. no desire (for me) to wife up/knock up a woman as a last chance attempt.

    long courtship should be a requirement before children that too many people fail to do. and long courtships do not work well for those whose fertility is on the wane.

    These are just observations in nature. Hate’m, ignore’m.. does not disturb me in the slightest. I’ll sleep with an older lady, even get to like her, but no rings/no diapers.

  21. Glad you agree that 32 isn’t a hard limit.

    Thanks for the perspective. I’m sure only a chosen very lucky few get to sample your royal jelly.

    I haven’t had children with anyone over 32 myself.

  22. “I’m sure only a chosen very lucky few get to sample your royal jelly. ”

    LOL. I prefer to think of myself as a Jam stuffed with real fruit to be enjoyed by the lucky chosen ones. The rest of the masses may eat Jelly. heh.

    “I haven’t had children with anyone over 32 myself.”

    You have already had children with a man under 32 or haven’t had any children yet and refuse to with a man over 32. I iz konfooozed.

  23. Oops, I think I misunderstood. The ages refer to the age of the WOMAN, right? I thought the pictures were supposed to mean that a 32 year old man is much harder to catch than a 22 year old one (which actually seems like a reasonable assumption… but for me it was the opposite! lol)

  24. I agree with M3’s basic premises: women hunting for good men must do so early and be clever about it. Women over 35 or so, including divorcees, and those with children, are wasting their time. Very, very few will find who they’re looking for. They will need to focus on Plan B or C: career or steady job, or as single mothers. The bright side? Life as a single can and should be just fine.

  25. @ Emma

    Yup. the ages on the pics were with respect to the ladies age. (youth=easier to get a husband)

    And yes, reasonable assumption since a man’s status/power/wealth etc… do generally become greater over time which is the driver of hypergamy in women.

  26. M3, I’m 38 and I get lots of 35-45 year olds checking out my profile as well. Thankfully, those in the 25-30 range also do. This second group isn’t thinking marriage and neither am I, so it’s a much better match. The 35+ crowd is so astonishingly harsh,angry, and bitter -at least here in DC.

  27. “You have already had children with a man under 32 or haven’t had any children yet and refuse to with a man over 32. I iz konfooozed.”

    I had children with a man under 32. I was younger than he at the time. I have been married since age 19. I don’t really have an issue with this topic, but my response was to Emma (not knowing her age). Many women look very good at 32. They probably aren’t the ones who are going to post their photos on a singles site looking for companionship though.

    And I agree with the last poster that most women over 35 are jaded and bitter, harsh, et al. Most men over 35 are too.

  28. Just to add, I meant harsh if they are single after 35.

  29. “Most men over 35 are too.”

    *raises hand*

    I been there.. but i’m much better now 😀

  30. Some 35+ men may indeed be bitter, but given that their SMV generally goes up in their 30s (if handsome, employed, red pill, wiser, etc) it may be less likely.

    Personally, I think I was bitter when I was shy and “nice” from age 18-25.. I’m reasonably happily single now.

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  32. I could never do online dating. My game works with reacting to what a woman gives me to work with. It’s improv. I need to read body language and facial expressions.

    And most women on online faulting have ego’s 10000 times more inflated than they’re actually worth. Danny Inc ain’t hiring dem grrrrls.

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  34. Baybeeblues74 ahahaha “mutton dressed as lamb” personified.

  35. Fat chicks don’t get laid and any man who marries them has some kind of bizarre fetish or is a bit of a whack himself. Just sayin’.

  36. To be fair, there’s a sweet spot. When I went husband-hunting @ 19 (yeah, I was precocious, lol), 30-something-year-old guys were perfectly happy to (try to) sleep with me, not so excited about formally dating me and introducing me to their friends/families. Maybe it’s an upper middle class thing, but it’s considered in bad taste to date a 19-year-old. I’m guessing cunty same age friends of both genders make such a guy’s life miserable.

    Ended up marrying a 23-year-old with his shit remarkably together when I was 20, so I guess it all worked out.

  37. I never went husband hunting, never thought I’d marry at all (at least not before 30!).
    He definitely wasn’t on the market for marriage. Just happened, fell in love.

  38. @ Liz

    Then i have a curious hypothetical question for you to ponder.

    Knowing what you are hearing and seeing today, from the sphere, from the news and magazines, from any of your friends or work colleagues..

    are you happy that you ‘fell in love’ and married early even if it wasn’t what you planned on back then and that you do not have to deal with trying to get married now?

    Or do you think that if you never married your husband when you did.. that you might be able to find someone like him now if you were still single and if so how much more difficult it would be if any?

  39. I’m beyond ecstatic that I married young, “seeing and hearing” the pulse of the public these days. It’s rough. And very depressing. At the time though, we were about the only ones that thought it was a good idea. Took a big leap of faith on our part.

    If I’d never married him….well, I’ve never known anyone like him, so I am sure I wouldn’t now or ever.

  40. So glad I don’t need a husband– never have, never will 😉

  41. We’re all happier for that revelation Morgaine.

  42. Eats, Pray, Cats…Morgaine?

  43. I had children with a man under 32. I was younger than he at the time.
    by Liz January 24, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    If you were younger than he was at the time, you probably still are. 😉

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  45. But most Americans marry closer to 32 than 22, don’t they?

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