Wrong Conclusions Corrected

May 23, 2013

How to improve female fertility: avoid selfish men DON’T BE A FUCKING MANLY AGGRESSIVE UNFEMININE BITCH

There… fixed it for you ya Guardian editors!

I’ll be back to more regular shit soon (there’s a fibre joke for ya) 🙂


[edit NOW]

I had to come back to this and add a few points

Moreover, when are we, as a society, going to address a painful truth: that where timing is concerned, female fertility is not, as is often supposed, controlled exclusively by women, but also very much in the power of the men they are with?

Yes.. painful to know that men should have a say in when they become fathers.

Fucking misandrist fucktards.

However, GBF taps into the culture of misogyny surrounding female fertility. It feeds the urban myth of women “refusing” to have children because of careers, partying, or holding out for Leonardo DiCaprio.

This is an urban myth? GTFO! I thought it was feminist mantra to go after career first and that anything less was a “WASTE OF YOUR LIFE”…

Even not finding the right man often turns out to be a euphemism for: “I met him, I spent years with him, but ultimately, he wouldn’t have children.” Put bluntly, many of these women at their fertile peak didn’t refuse anything, their men did.

Yes. I’m sure the fact that you were such horrible wife/mother material played no role in these men refusing to put their arse on the divorce/alimony/child support firing line…

Like it or not, this is how men influence female fertility and, ultimately, female infertility. The mere thought is enough to inspire feminist panic: women, not men, should control their fertility. Who could disagree?

(raises hand) … ME.

Such men may feel that the relationship isn’t right, or don’t want their freedom curtailed, or other reasons, all as valid as a woman making similar decisions.

Ok.. now you’re starting to sound smart…

It only becomes unfair, verging on selfish, when men keep such insights to themselves for too long. These are the time-wasters, what I’d term the fertility-drifters, who think nothing of keeping women dangling for years on end.

Or perhaps the women deluded themselves into thinking the alpha’s found them worthy of mating with? Are you trying to say these women didn’t have a plethora of other men to choose from, since biologically speaking.. women are the ones that allow sex to happen. Are you removing agency from these women and calling them simpleton children unable to figure out for themselves whether a situation is not moving forward to their liking?

It’s not that these women are pathetic wimps, rather that often they can’t win: if they push, they’re pushy (humiliating); if they don’t push, if they’re respectful and patient, they’ll waste even more time.

Yup. Denying agency, making excuses and treating like children. Check. Check. Check.

No one shows a man mercy when he marries a gold digger who spends him into oblivion and then leaves him for another man and seeks alimony on top of it. They always say “Shoulda chose better” or “You were only thinking with your dick” etc…

If you waste your fertility chasing bad boys or diplomas.. or you were an overly aggressive and unfeminine beast.. and you don’t end up marrying, having a family during your fertile years.. it’s your own damn fault and not any mans.

Aim early when you’re at the top of your game.


  1. Women infertile in their 30’s, Mens fault! The inability for women to take responsibility for their actions shouldn’t surprise me by now but it does.

  2. Perfect. And kudos to you for having the patience to read the whole thing!

  3. Man. Way to plumb the depths of feminist depravity in their writing. I between you and judgybitch I dont have to lower myself to digging through huff po, guardian, or jezebel. I thank you for that

  4. “taps into the culture of misogyny surrounding female fertility. It feeds the urban myth of women “refusing” to have children because of careers, partying, or holding out for Leonardo DiCaprio.”

    Ha. But this is EXACTLY what is going on. This, and:

    1. Women wanting to keep their options open until they are absolutely sure they have secured the absolute best man/men she can.

    2. Women honestly believing they have all the time in the world to have a child(ren), in spite of mountains of medical and scientific evidence to the contrary.

  5. Excellent retorts.

  6. Society promises women the sun and the moon when they’re growing up — you can have a good education, a good career, an active and fun sex life in your teens-early 20s, and then the perfect husband and beautiful family too! It’s what you deserve, never settle!

    But real life doesn’t work that way. Real life involves compromises and trade-offs, and very few people are going to get everything they want.

    Telling women that they not only can have it all, but that they deserve it all and should never settle for less than 100% of what they want, is a terrible message that all but guarantees that the women who take it seriously will never be happy with their position in life.

  7. This BS sounds just like what the “Race Baiters/protectors” do; Find another source of adversity/ bigotry in the bad choices of their “protectees”. It just shows that no matter what additional “rights” women get, there will Always be someone out there blowing smoke up their asses about how they are being wronged (even if that wrong is brought on by their Own teachings).

  8. k. you have convinced me. I would make a terrible mother and even more horrific wife.


    But genes. I have them. Good ones., Yes. I am “unstable”. Having had a background/degree in epi/public health/psych I have created a genealogy table to ascertain if my “being all over the place” is based in nurture or nature. The results; conclusively nature.

    Passing on genetic flaws – negative
    Passing on genius – affirmative (yah I know you think I am lying but within my immediate – second cousin fam there are like Rhodes scholars, top 100 NYC docs etc)
    Genetic disease – Nil
    Large Breasts – check
    Blue eyes – check
    Child bearing hips – check
    Women who gave birth to healthy offspring with no fertility treatments well into their early 40’s – check
    Twins – check

    So, I am a 30 year old single alpha widow with the ultimate procreating physique, stacked with a “you got lucky to have had those genes”…. (just saying those words disqualifies anything negative about my genetics since every women on both sides of my family did not give birth to their first child until the age of 30 for 2-3 generations back) body.

    I have wanted children since I was born, decided, I needed to learn to cook like my mom so I can provide for my family like she does at 10 years old. I am an excellent cook.

    Yah, my timeline is not in sync with yours. Get over it. Life is imperfect. People are imperfect…. my tits. perfect 🙂

    Seriously 3M, I luv ya but you don’t wanna have kids, I really, really, do and reading this stuff; it stabs in the gut like a serrated knife.

    I am at the mercy of you lot to take this 34-26-36 perfect blue eyed gal w no history of genetic malformation chic and throw her away bc she needed a little more time (like 3 years) to fucking wanna become the best of herself and be able to give the best of herself to her husband.

    oops too late he flew the coop.

    thanks for that overtly generalized, demoralizing soul sucking post.

    I’m gunna go get my tubes tied and have those injections that prevent sexual arousal so I save the next gen of my horrific genes and save myself the shame of being a stinky skank for all eternity.

    – j

  9. @ Leap of a Beta / driversuz

    Thank you. We wrestle with the pigs in the shit to make sure all you ever taste is the delicious bacon! 😀 It’s a labor of love seasoned with anger at pure misandric bullshit.

  10. @ Audi (-j)

    You are a funny one 😛

    There’s nothing i can say to console the fact that life is what it is. *YOU* are not out of the game yet, but you have to accept a new reality that you MIGHT not get everything feminism promised.. ‘having it all’. You might have to make either greater concessions in your mate selection process, or opt out and enjoy life without children. Or you might hit the bullseye that a rare few women can achieve – land that alpha who will give you kids, and want to settle down because you’ve shown him the *value* of it. And if he has a really huge cock.. bonus. I know you have a thing for the mighty polski kelbasa 😉

    As to the terrible mother/horrific wife. Wasn’t specifically aimed at you. You may be having an emotional reaction based on the fact a majority of U.K. women (and stories from the Guardian etc) are in actuality or heavily portrayed (self admittedly) as being single minded misandric trolls who view men as wallets, sperm doning cattle to be used up and chewed up by the system to satisfy their feminist ingrained tropes. Aside from Australia.. i don’t know of a place that’s more male-hostile than jolly ol’England. The legion of foul mouthed testosterone infused ladies (and i use the term losely) who show their quality on a daily basis in the news is where most of my invective was directed.

    That said, we all ultimately have to pay the bill when it comes due, regardless of whether or not it was a good decision to buy at the time. I had 12 years of listening to bullshit. I paid for it. I moved on and did the best i could with the time left realizing i wasn’t going to ‘have it all’, so i went for a winning hand. I got it. You’ll have to do the same.

    I have to ask, if having children was you’re priority.. you certainly didn’t appear to make it so? With all your genetic wonder and splendor (and yummy tits that you have alluded to) i cannot phathom how you couldn’t find a great guy who would start a family with you. Unless you passed him up for BillyRockstarDrummerAlphaMcLongCock? Then yes the father of your children probably get swept away by another woman during that time.

    On a final note.. “bc she needed a little more time (like 3 years) to fucking wanna become the best of herself and be able to give the best of herself to her husband.”.. do you think this was impossible for you to attain while in a relationship with a man? I really am stumped and perplexed by this notion that people need to be completely out on their own, learning on their own, growing on their own and fucking around on their own to become WHOLE people ready to marry up only after XYZ criteria have been achieved independently.

    What ever happened to growing up together and facing life as a team? Welcome to your feminist world.

    Verbal sparring aside, you have a luxury i don’t. You might still be able to pull it off. You might still land McAlpha and have your kids, by hard work, or sheer luck. Take your pick. You might still get the pass. I have no such luxury. I lost 12 yrs. It killed my desire to care about the world or society at large. It helped prepare me to be the beta my ex wife would leave, further cementing my belief in the retardation of marriage in todays society. I will never be a father, or have that white picket fence house. I lacked the drive to succeed to become a financial provider to a family because no women took interest enough in me *when it mattered most* so instead of becoming a pillar of the community, family man, taxpayer and builder of society.. i am the awesome unmarried, minimalist apartment, financial prudent, low responsibility ‘enjoy the decline’ person you see before you today! 😀

    On the whole, i think you have the better odds of making something of it if you accept the redpill into your life Audi.

    It’s bitter.. but it’s good medicine. Take it.

  11. I think I may have taken too many pills. I believe you. All of it. And because of it I have lost hope, lost purpose, like the will to live. What’s the point?

    That healthy? You guys don’t care anyway – hence the “widow” part of alpha widow; a term of endearment for gals like me with no hint of mourning in spinning out that phrase as we hamsters spin in our lonely cages.
    Those years, “being behind”, I don’t what to say to get you to understand. I have been thinking about my friends lately. The solid group of good men and women who shielded me from the evils of the world so that when I opened the gates and moved to California had forgotten the ugliness out there. They are all (save 1-2) married or engaged. They are all between 28-32. I think, okay when did they start dating their sigs? How did they meet? What was different about THEIR lives, about THEM as people that they are living the life you all say is the “right path”. And I have come up with some interesting observations.
    1. They all had stability in their lives. What does this mean? A job/career. A set path in their careers. Those who met the sig later, 25-27 rather than the others who met at 23-25, they were either in school getting higher degrees or had switched paths and were settling into that place.

     SNAP once they had their lives in place. Lived in places they knew were home. We’re not searching for their lifestyle they BECAME OPEN to letting someone in.

    2. How did they meet? Aside from ONE. Through mutual friends, at work or in school (aka people with similar values, morals, intellect – generally got along already – no street pick ups which is like worse than a crap shoot, its failure almost at its most basic level. From what I see, random people don’t come with “references”. They are more likely to be able to scam you for 6 months, a year even two; get you to marry them THEN reveal their true soul sucking nature. Mutual friends – you know that people YOU like and value don’t have real people in their lives that are not the same. They are trustworthy from get.

     Me. Did not have a stable job until I was 27. I did not have a place to call home until 27. I can hypothesize why this place a huge role in “being open to letting someone in” (which I did by the way, just the wrong person). Many examples of traits younger women have floating about the Manosphere provide reasons why being stable in life is an indicator of being good wife and mother material. I moved to a city 3000 miles away from any “referrals” and began dating, for all intents and purposes” a street pick-up who, a year later is revealing his true sociopathic self. Never would have happened if I’d “known” him before becoming emotionally attached.

    Why did it take me those 5 extra years? Why did it take you 14 years? We just didn’t have confidence. We didn’t believe in ourselves, I hadn’t “gotten there yet”. That’s it. It wasn’t selfishness, or any feminist ideal, it was just … me. It was just me not being confident and secure. If one of the men I dated (not FUCKED) had been someone we both felt were a good match then wonderful. It didn’t happen. It wasn’t because we weren’t good ENOUGH for one another, just not good together (this does exist.. why is this never acknowledged). I know this because we tell each other this. I like them and they like me as people, we just didn’t have the same … the thing that makes people stay together, interested and in love for a long time, through all the REALLY rough times that marriage and having a family include.

    Does that make sense? Does it matter? Like you said, a lot of it is luck; some of it is my willingness to force myself to be attracted to any available man I find…?

  12. Hey Audi.. i’ve read most of your comment and will respond later on when i get home from work, but with a busy weekend i might not get around to it quick enough.

    i know you emailed me in the past, but i can’t find it. Can you get in touch with me again. Let ol’M3 make you feel better as only he can!

    Also are you still inbound to Toronto?

  13. if a woman says the sky is blue, you better go outside and check because something amazing just happened.

  14. “Telling women that they not only can have it all, but that they deserve it all and should never settle for less than 100% of what they want, is a terrible message that all but guarantees that the women who take it seriously will never be happy with their position in life.” -Retrenched.

    I agree.

    But I want to add that women are retarded when it comes to men.

    Women don’t want to settle for anything less than 100% of what they want from a man and relationship, but what women want isn’t even possible, because that’s not the way hetero men are.

    What women want is another woman who happens to have a cock and a much better paying job.

    -Women want a man to be their BFF they can gossip with, get mani/pedis with, share every moment with.

    -Women want a sensitive man who can immediately read their emotions to gently console them if they had a bad day.

    -Women want a man who is “in touch” with his own emotions and freely shares them. (But, the man also must be strong and manly and not show his emotions too much, ’cause that would be pussyman—a total turn-off.)

    -Women want a man who works his ass off, but will totally take that for granted, and be shocked should he express anger at the way he’s being used up.

    There’s a reality show revolving around a man who is building a home for his family with his own two hands. His wife flits in with her interior decorator to decide to change things as if that were nothing to do. “Oh, can you move the stove here, and the fridge there?” or “I want the living room moved over to this side of the house.” This after the electrical, plumbing, etc. is in place. Sure, let him essentially build two houses.

    At one point, she made the husband build a huge stage prop for her ballet class after he had worked a 16 hour day on her house.

    And women wonder why men don’t want to marry them…..

  15. Women blaming men for womens personal decisions.. yet again! You think even the ‘blue pill’ men would start to see the pattern by now.

  16. Of course it’s the man’s fault. He doesn’t want to get ditched or used as second best when the hypergamy kicks in after she’s had her kids and sees him as no more than a means of paying for her promiscuous lifestyle. Don’t these men have any shame. Good grief they even want to shame sluts for their habit of being liberal with their affections. As Dalrock would say, men should man up and marry those sluts.

  17. […] M3~ Wrong Conclusions Corrected […]

  18. While not strictly about the alpha/beta dynamic, a recent article in the NY Times by Laura Silverman, “What’s Alikeness Got to Do with It?” details her relationship with an Indian man while she lived in India for a couple of years. She is so self-absorbed, she never bothers to name her boyfriend, or at least provide a pseudonym. She just refers to him using pronouns “he” “his” or simply “my boyfriend.”

    What is telling, to me, is that he tried to adjust his old-world thinking to modern times to suit her needs. He was ready to commit to a long-term relationship with her very quickly, and get on with the business of life. Silverman was taken by surprise, still raised with the idea that it is better to break up courtship into distinct stages, and discuss those stages to death.

    Rather than get married, and have to deal with the intrusiveness of an Indian family, the boyfriend agreed to just living together, which is still uncommon in India. He was even willing to forgo having children, since she was 40. All he wanted was to make a life with her.

    But that was not enough for her. She wrote,

    “In India, at least for my new boyfriend, love didn’t lead to commitment; love was commitment. It was a leap of faith made by two people to stick it out no matter what.”

    “When I went back to New York for a visit and realized that all of my friends, even the relatively recent ones, understood me better than my boyfriend, I knew there was a problem. But every time I broached the issues in our relationship, he wouldn’t hear it. In his mind, we had made our choice, we had made a commitment to each other, and he wasn’t going to let my shallow Western desire for a shared sense of humor or common way of seeing the world tear that apart.”

    “We started to fight a lot, and each time it came down to the same thing: Did we have enough in common? (That would be me.) Did it matter? (That would be him.) ”

    “Did I ever love my Indian boyfriend? I don’t know. I do know that I was smitten with his love for me. ”

    She loved the attention, but it seems she would have preferred that attention come in the form of a different man.


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