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Aspire to better than who you are

June 18, 2012

One more notch on the self improvement checklist, this morning i went into my orthodontist office and i got grilled!

An adventure 20 years in the making, i’m finally doing something that i have so many regrets over not having done a lifetime ago. Straightening out my big book of British Smiles.

In my earlier post on Why You Should Work Out, i lamented that my body image was a great factor in my lack of confidence and self respect. So too can i say about my smile.

Ever since i was 15 when i first noticed shifting, i have learned every which way to conceal the contortions in my mouth. I never smiled, only smirked from one side of my mouth. I’ve never had a bellowing to the sky tilting your head back laugh in public. I always followed peoples eyes to see if they noticed something out of place. I learned how to position my head when speaking to people to always give them the best angle possible to not see anything i didn’t want them to see.

I had the chance to get braces right from the beginning. My mother had the insurance to cover it and told me i should do it.

“But no girl will want to kiss me with braces on.”

The stupidity of that comment and the irony of it have haunted me to this day.

I spent the next 15 years having to endure the same thought in my head, except i wasn’t wearing braces. The comment morphed into no girl will want to kiss/be around/fuck/etc.. with me with wildly crooked teeth.

Yes, we men now face the oppression of objectification as well. This is what women want.

not this

Just for the record, that’s not me in the second pic.

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