False Accusers Should Dragged Into The Street and Publicly Beaten

October 18, 2013

Update: The police have made a statement saying Rachel Cassidy was falsely identified, no word yet on the real name of the false accuser. Will be waiting with bated breath for that.


[And i’m back. I apologize for my absence. I had what i’ll call a “Murphy Week” in late Aug / early Sept where everything that could go wrong was going wrong. That was compounded by me having a ‘medical emergency’ dealing with my ticker, of which might be nothing or everything, depending on my test results with my cardiologist next Wednesday. Suffice to say, i didn’t feel like writing and wanted to stay away from the sphere as far as possible. No need reading about how horrible and shitty N.A. women are day in and out and writing shit about it either. Life felt too short so i wanted to disappear. I was going to write a sort of farewell post after my results came in, stating my absence and the fact that demands in my life are eating up my time and blogging seriously took a hit. Would i give up blogging altogether? Perhaps.. or just post extremely rarely and go back to being a commenter. As far as i was concerned, my catharsis was complete, i set out on my blog journey and came out exactly as i desired to be. A redpill man who shared his experiences on the way there and got the outcome he wanted, with a big fuck you to feminism to boot. There wasn’t much left for me to say that others couldn’t say better than me. So i was prepared to leave. That changed today when i read the following event on my Facebook feed. I simply lost it. Just to let you all know, my prior misery stemmed from things like my brothers absence, the loss of my dog, etc.. emotional things. As to how i conduct my life, i am still very happy in that regard. My relationship with my girl is better than ever so no concerns there either. Now, onto my rage rant.]

A Question for You.

2 people stand in front of you. 1 man. 1 woman. The woman says ‘He stole my umbrella!’. The man says ‘No i did not.’.. you look a the man and you see he is holding an umbrella behind his back. Is he guilty?

Perhaps. You clearly see the umbrella so you know the claim may have merit. So what do you do? Lock him up?

No, you ask him if he has a receipt or proof of ownership. If he produces it, you go back to the woman and ask if she can do the same. If she cannot, she is lying. Switch who has the receipt and she was honest and he is a criminal.

We call this investigation. We call it due process. And we do not arbitrarily remove the mans liberty simply based on the word of a person.

It is the cornerstone of justice.

Now imagine the same situation, but you do not see the man holding an umbrella at all. No other information is present. She says he stole it. He says he didn’t.

If the base assumption is that no one ever lies or risks putting themselves into a position to be scrutinized or challenged, then you have a dilemma on your hands if you have to start with ‘The accuser is always telling the truth, the accused is always guilty’ don’t you?

And i saw too much of that kind of mental midgetry today.

I’ve had enough. Enough of the bullshit.

I don’t care if this pisses off anyone, i just have to finally come out and say enough is enough. I don’t care if this goes viral. I want this front page, and i don’t care if Jizzabel, Femcuntfisting or the FatManwithBoobs comes after me. Let them.

I’ve had enough with a world that try’s to remove the essence of justice. That attempts to install a totalitarian way of thinking, that removes rights and liberties and treats the innocent as guilty, a world that operates on belief and not evidence.

Every bit of my Atheistic core is driven to rage because i’m seeing a carbon copy of what Christopher Hitchens derided religion for acting out before me with the Ohio ‘rape’ scandal and the woman being eaten out in public view.

And i cannot tolerate it any longer.

The assumption that no woman lies. That no woman would subject herself to that. That we must remove critical thinking and act without evidence or in contravenance to the evidence before us. That we must simply take it on faith that 100% of accusations of rape are real, with no evidence required and the need for trial a formality. He has been accused, it is enough to simply put him in the stockade, trial be damned.

FUCK YOU! To quote the Hitch “HOW DARE YOU!”

No i won’t tolerate it anymore.

That a woman like this:

is clearly enjoying the spectacle she is a part of whether drunk or not, is not capable of understanding or being responsible for what she is doing is a travesty. A COMPLETE AND UTTER FUCKING JOKE it would be to insinuate that she is being raped. Unless they find a tank of laughing gas in his jacket, this is a no brainer. Campus jock goads her into becoming sexually promiscuous in plain view of bystanders, probably with the lure of some fratboy reward, and she does it with a smile and pleasure.

The ‘she was drunk’ crowd is already coming up with every possible contingency to alleviate her of the burden, no, the mantle of her own responsibility in this affair. It truly is sickening to watch them twist everything to fit their narrative of HE’S A RAPIST and coming up with pure bunk, un-scientific hogwash and bullshit reasoning claiming she can be blackout drunk and still smiling and holding herself up and everything required to balance on the ledge to allow him to eat her muff. Really, you can read it all here in this thread http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=697963&page=1

Some commenters accurately echo the idea that feminist discourse about consent seems to be incompatible with the reality of actual romance and spontaneity, further cementing the idea that most feminists do not actual have ‘sex’.. but rather have robotic intercourse. Their world and their manner of approach to human sexual interactions is so far removed from the majority of how people have sex on this planet one wonders if all the sex articles on feminist websites are just for show. They want sex prescribed one, and only one way.. their way, the LegalZoom.com Long Fuck Form way.

Clearly she is the victim.


Drunk, sober, doesn’t matter… she’s no victim. Why? I’ll tell you why.. true story time.

MONTREAL, February 2003

I used to work for a Healthcare Recruiting company that would bring in Hospital recruiters from all over North America to try and lure Canada’s nurses to their respective hospitals. Fun times (Protip – DO NOT MARRY or ATTEMPT to form a serious relationship with recruiters.. they’re whores that cheat on their husbands and looking for a good time when out on the road. If you are hitched with one, RUN, don’t walk.)

I was about  10 years into my involuntary celibacy streak, beta as fuck, and a piss poor drinker. We drank up a storm in the hospitality suite. Everyone had departed so i embraced the cold Montreal air and looked for a late night coffee. Ran into some prostitutes at the local Cafe and they buttered me up, played up my ego, called me slim shady, and got me back to their motel room. They kept offering me more services and jacking up the price.

2 trips to the ATM and i was $800 in the hole (because 2 broads) and what lasted 10 minutes was less than stellar. I went back to my hotel room confused. What the fuck just happened? I woke up very ashamed and angry at myself.

That’s not a story i’m proud of. It goes to show you how low i had fallen. I didn’t even consider it real sex which is why i kept the ‘incel’ moniker for myself right up until i banged those strippers pro-bono. Sex for money isn’t voluntarily giving and submitting of ones own accord, so in my book, my streak was still alive.

But according to feminist doctrine i have to ask:

  1. Was i extorted?
  2. Was i robbed?
  3. Was i raped?

Feminist doctrine screams that in my inebriated and vulnerable state, my actions are not my responsibility. Feminist doctrine states that when they buttered me up and convinced me back to their motel, they were taking advantage of my vulnerability as both an incel with deep seated longing for physicality and self esteem issues. Feminist doctrine states that when i handed over my money, i was not of right mind or sobriety to enter into such a contract and that they were in effect robbing me. Feminist doctrine states that even tho i had an erection, was able to perform (ever so briefly) and achieve orgasm, since i had an extreme amount of alcohol in my system and was too inebriated to make proper consent.. those two fucking whores must have raped me no? Should i have walked into the local police station the next day and summoned up my best KEE-BECK-QWAH french Canadian accent and reported these ‘crimes’ to the local boys in blue?

You be the judge. I already came to my own conclusion.

I WAS A MORON AND LEARNED A PAINFUL AND COSTLY LESSON! It’s on me. I owned it. As much as i hated them for preying upon me as only a good prostitute could… the day after i only had myself to blame and took it upon myself to never again drink so much and go into ‘seedy’ areas.

Today i can look back upon it and laugh. Back then, i was furious. But i NEVER for one second downloaded my responsibility onto those whores sex-workers, nor did not accept the consequences of my own poor choices. Losing almost 1 grand of cash for 10 minutes of piss poor sex sucked ass, and given my condition you could very much say i was preyed upon perfectly.. BUT IT WAS MY OWN DAMN FUCKING FAULT and i took it as such.

Rachel Cassidy Some Evil Woman is making a MOCKERY of every woman who has ever been truly raped. And she is attempting to destroy a man who convinced her to do something stupid in public. And there is a world of fucking idiots out there ready to absolve her and cattle brand rapist on him, knowing full well whatever the judicial outcome.. he’ll have that mark forever. And we are constantly reminded that women who make a charge must always be taken at their word, no investigation, no evidence required, and even when the evidence is clear, as in VIDEO evidence (NSFW LINK – http://www.sadistic.pl/rachel-cassidy-przebiegla-kurwa-vt237612.htm).. we must still treat him as the villain and her as the innocent flower.



False Rape accusers should be taken out into the public square and BEATEN before being thrown in jail for a minimum 10 year sentence! And you know who should hand out the beating?

A crowd of women.. rape survivors. Women that went to court and lost because evidence could not prevail over trivial doubt.

Every woman that has ever been held down, against her will, forcefully penetrated against her kicking and screaming, scratching and clawing, and futile attempt to end the violation inflicted upon them… each one of these women should look the false accuser in the eye and see in them, the face of the enemy. Every woman who was penetrated while completely unconscious, and had to find out they were raped while they slept, and weren’t believed afterwords.. will look down at Rachel this Evil Woman and see who helped plant the seed of doubt. And then start swinging!

I NEVER see feminism EVER try to deal with the issue of false accusations. They gloss it over. I’m sure women who lose their legitimate case might take issue with that AND wish to rectify it. But feminism will NEVER tackle it, never accept the truth that too many of us already know.

When it comes to reasons for why a woman might lie about being raped there are many and they are all chronicled so as to put to bed the idea that women would not lie about it.


Christopher Hitchens was a vocal hero of mine for being a staunch Atheist and condemning the idea that we take it on blind faith a belief in something for which there is no substantial empirical evidence, that we accept living in a system where critical though is abandoned and all there is left is the tyrannical and totalitarian belief that must be accepted without scrutiny or questioning. That any matters be left simply to a matter of faith. Faith in women not lying. Faith that all men rape. Faith in a system that classifies drunk sex as rape, making most every one of us a rapist at some point in our life. A system that removes any value from the word ‘RAPE’ and defines it so vaguely and used so judiciously for the most trivial that it removes all meaning. A system where a woman who is extremely drunk and jumps on the cock of a man can claim no responsibility for the action and retroactively claim her aggressive actions towards attaining sex by being in a state of intoxication which would allow her to act uninhibited and claim zero responsibility (and moreso download that responsibility onto any man, even if they are equally drunk).. but would convict her if she drove a car into loaded schoolbus of kids..


I don’t want to live in that system.


A system that would presume me guilty and force me to prove my innocence. A system that would deny me the right to challenge my accuser. A system that no matter the outcome, leaves the stain of ‘guilty’ attached to me wherever i go. A system that would for all intents and purposes have me tried, convicted and executed right after the words ‘RAPE’ are uttered. Who cares if i’m innocent and didn’t do a fucking thing.. we have TEH WYMMINZ TO SAVE™ (from themselves apparently, poor frail things incapable of being around alcohol) Gee, i should try that one. Get blasted at a bar and go sleep with a woman.. then when my GF finds out, i’ll say i was too drunk to consent and the woman raped me. I’m sure that’ll wash well with both her and the police. Or rather i’d be dumped and laughed at right quick eh’.. wonderful system. Women as fucking children.

A system that denies me the right to question, to ask questions, to weigh evidence, to seek out truth and answers no matter where the evidence takes me. A system that convicts me of thought crime, of pre-crime, and labels me a rapist in wait, a rape apologist for simply daring to question, and uses the full weight of the system to crush me, my voice, my descent. A system where i have to abandon the risk of thinking for myself and choosing to follow the facts.. and accept a system that tells me i must accept only a certain way of thinking, or be banished as a social pariah or worse, have my freedom taken away.

I would never live in that system and i make a vow that any person who would come up to me and tell me tripes about ‘man feelz‘ or ‘false rape doesn’t happen‘ or ‘if it protects all women, it’s worth a few men being falsly convicted‘. If you tell me that’s the world you want to live in, i would beat you down with the first object i’d find.

You don’t belong in my world. You are a poison to it.

An abject abomination to freedom and liberty. An unthinking clot to be removed. Your existence is a danger to mine and i shant allow you to waste the precious oxygen of my world spewing the totalitarian and freedom destroying garbage of yours.

A public beating and mandatory jail time for all proven false rape accusers would do well, act as a harbinger towards any future women who want to seek out revenge, or face saving measures before sending an innocent man up the river. Perhaps then, and only then, we could really start removing all doubts.

[EDIT: ANd yes i realize now that i have just done the same thing as i charge feminists with by implying this girl wasn’t raped. On the OFF chance she was drugged with a pharmaceutical, psychotropic or some Voodoo powder, then yes, he raped her and should have the damn book thrown at him for living up to the stereotypical jock. Believe you me i will keep my eyes close on this case all the way and if i am wrong.. will eat my words and retract my invective against her. But if it’s just a drunken debauchery gone wrong.. too bad. She owns it as i did.]


The ever classy JudgyBitch!


  1. Righteously said.

  2. Glad that you’re back. I hope your medical tests turn out alright.

  3. It’s not punishing the false rape accusers that will harm genuine rape victims, it is the false accusers that cause the harm.

    Of course feminishits will never grasp that.

    A false accuser needs to serve at least a full rape sentence.

  4. M3! You’re back!

    First, I am so sorry to hear about you losing your dog. I know she meant as much to you as my cockatiel did to me. Of course, you know you always have my condolences about your brother as well. Hope your heart issues are something unserious and/or easily treatable, and happy to find out that your girlfriend is still wonderful and pleasant.

    As for the post…I’m unsure if I’d call it rape, but you were certainly preyed upon/taken advantage of. And yes, I believe false rape accusers should be sent to prison for the amount of time their “rapist” would have been. Even if only 8% (the most quoted number) of reported rapes are false, that is still FAR too many. It should be ZERO, and the fact that it’s not makes me boil with rage, much like when I read about false childhood sexual abuse claims.

    Glad to see you’re back!

  5. Feminism is legalized misandry…period.

    Even if it is the woman’s fault…they have such hatred of men…it’s his fault.

  6. Thank you very much Jennifer. Glad to see you as well 🙂

  7. @ finndistan

    I will never understand how the notion of prosecuting proven false accusers would prevent real victims from coming forward or make people lose faith in the system. It would strengthen peoples faith in it by showing it holds people to account, and more real victims would come forward (and i stress the term ‘real’) and they would be faced with less doubt and more openness due to the precipitous drop in frivolous claims.

    Mini Rant

    Due to the nature of rape, being (most often) a PRIVATE sexual act that has a myriad of ways the act itself can be interpreted depending on who is doing the interpreting, and all of sex’s non verbal cues, biological guides and actions, and the degree to which intoxication can play a role.. it is VITAL that it be investigated completely and ALL possibilities considered, including the one of a false claim….

    I’m SORRY that we live in a shitty world where people murder each other. I’m SORRY we live in a world where people steal things from one another. Despite humanities innate capacity to care for one another and help each other (as the species would not have gotton here without that ability).. there will always be the few that DO NOT CARE, the psychopath, the unempathetic, the soulless criminal. There is no way to TALK or TEACH these people out of being criminals. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. So i am SORRY that there are a (in the grand scheme of things) HANDFUL of men out of the greater sum total that rape women (as there are a handful of women who rape men). I truly am. But it is the world we live in and it’s not going to change. I’m SORRY that being asked questions and examined by hospital staff will be uncomfortable. I’m SORRY that having to argue your case in court and provide evidence and tell your side of the story may be difficult, indeed traumatic. BUT YOU MUST ENDURE IT just as much as parents who lose children under suspicious circumstances must account for their actions leading up to that loss.

    You must endure it to ensure justice is done, and that no innocent man is robbed of his liberty and freedom on the whim of a cruel and vindictive lying sack of shit in what amounts to, at it’s very core.. a he said/she said most often with NO WITNESSES.

    And treating ALL men as guilty and having to prove their innocence is abomination to law, civil society, liberty and freedom.

    /Mini Rant

  8. “Being taken advantage of” is practically how society functions. Most meanness, nastiness, wrongness is not criminal, and falsely equating it with crime to “force people to be good” makes a joke of the law and undermines morality.

  9. Thank you dear Tarnished!

    Firstly.. i worded that poorly. My dog did not die, only that my ex packed up and flew across the pond to merry ol’England and we weren’t going to share joint custody of the dog with an ocean between us. Since she was the one who originally wanted a dog, i didn’t contest it. Tho what led up to it is what i consider one of the 3 most beta regrets of my life (which ill chronicle one day)

    Well, let me just affirm to you that i am absolutely positive i was not robbed or raped in Montreal. People love to use alcohol to absolve themselves of personal responsibility all the time. Doesn’t fly with me. If i was piss drunk, took my clothes off, streaked downtown to Dundas Square naked, and had my photo taken with women shoving ben-wah balls up my ass and i had a huge smile on my face… did they take advantage of my stupidity? Yes. Is that sexual assault? No. I gave up my right to complain by being a drunken idiot. I would get no sympathy, and eviscerated in the media for being the fool.. and rightly so.

    This is turning into a classic regret profile. Unless they come back with a toxicology kit on her that says she was on LSD or some drug other than alcohol, i can’t take her ‘rape’ at face value, especially considering the debaucherous nature of that Ohio campus.

    Tho at least people are starting to wake up to the nonsense. The commenters on this obvious feminist site are not letting her get away with her callous assertions:

    Everyone is in agreement this was a crime of public lewdness, nothing more.

  10. Good article, I am with you bro. I can’t tolerate this fucking shit any longer, when it has become BLATANTLY FUCKING OBVIOUS that a bitch is making a FALSE RAPE ACCUSATION against a man.

    Full details on this Rachel Cassidy bitch here


  11. I am starting to reduce all contact I have with women. I’m tired of their bullshit and I’m tired of the white knights letting them get away with murder (in some cases, literal murder).

    after the collapse, I might give the ladies a chance again.

  12. […] […]

  13. Let’s not forget it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. Before, during, after, real, imagined, all the time, anytime.

    Of course when her school takes issue with the video and the potential for shame rears it’s ugly head… she is now a victim. Time to apply that prerogative.

    It is so good to know that feminists have a system in place that defends all their sisters foolish actions, get out of jail cards with no end constantly available to them 24/7. Consequences…. what are those? They don’t apply to women you silly boys, we got Grrl Power!

    I too am tired of women and all their treachery and deceit. Their propensity for evil rivals only the dark lord Satan himself. It has never surprised me that Satan didn’t even waste time trying to tempt Adam, he KNEW that he could get Eve to sin.

    Women hate men so much in our culture they will do anything to destroy them, nothing is ruled out. It is not unlike the atrocities of war that are committed.

    I am officially MGTOW, I don’t want them and I don’t need them.

  14. First off, I hope your health issues get resolved. You’ve put so much effort into improving your body, to be hampered by some internal matters would be unfair. But that is the way the universe works, I suppose. You work to improve yourself, and then life starts throwing fastballs at your head.

    Your tale of an awful night in Montreal is further proof I need that I do not want to go the pro route just yet. It is far too likely that I have the word “Sap” tattooed on my forehead, and might wind up in a similar predicament. That you told us this tale shows guts.

    Now, I shared the same initial reaction to this that you did. Now, I am willing to wait for an investigation to take place, and see if her drink was spiked. But if what you have her are two drunk college students, then it would appear that you have a case where neither man nor woman can give consent, and have engaged in an act that they will come to regret. But, for some feminists, that is enough to warrant a rape charge.

    Just this past week, in Slate’s Dear Prudie column, columnist Emily Yoffe gave what is probably the most common sense advice a mom can give to her kids as they head off to college. Watch how much you drink, because the binge-drinking culture on some campuses invites trouble, and some of that trouble can be rape. From the response of some feminists and their mangina allies, you would think that she was advising her daughters to wear a burkha. At no point did she let rapists off the hook, but just as you lock your doors and windows at night to lessen the chances of a break-in, so you should not put yourself in a mental state that impairs your judgement or lowers your defenses. This is now considered outrageous advice.

    Thankfully, there were as many people defending Yoffe as there were criticizing her. I recounted my own story of how I was stuck in a city overnight due to a missed connection. Myself and 4 other passengers complained to the airline that they should give us free hotel rooms due to their handling of the connection. The supervisor on duty obliged.

    To unwind, we met in the hotel bar. One of the women was very good looking. Athletic, yet voluptuous at the same time. Really voluptuous, not fat. She was a regular marathon runner. Deadly curves on this woman who was over a decade younger than me. She was rubbing my legs and inner thigh under the table. Considering I was (and still am) a virgin, this should be the night I throw caution to the wind. And with a woman who was a solid 9.

    Then I counted how many drinks she had – 3 empty shot glasses, plus one over-sized beer that she was still working on – all in under 2 hours. She was fun and outgoing, But, I thought it was too risky. A woman I just met 3 hours earlier, who drank too much. So, I didn’t do it.

    It was not an easy choice. I still look back at that night, and think of how amazing it would have been to witness her get undressed. But, my 40 years on this earth have already taught me that throwing caution to the wind is for others, not for me. I have suffered too any consequences from living my run of the mill lifestyle. I can only hazard to guess what such a night would yield.

  15. Thank you Ted, i will be getting my results this week and i’ll cross that bridge when i get there, tho i have not stopped working out. I’ve just modified and cut myself short of anything over strenuous at this time. I still get a good workout, but i wouldn’t survive a session of CrossFit lol.

    I think i linked to Yoffee’s Slate article (and the subsequent femfuck attack through the Daily Mail article with links). Feminism has never been about coming up with solutions, helping or protecting women. It’s always about screaming at people that women should be allowed to do X Y Z with zero responsibility for themselves. Give women real practical advise like don’t drink yourself stupid? Shrill feminist harpies cannot suffer women actually being proactive. Women are children that must be protected from their own actions at all costs.

    It’s too bad you didn’t take up the chance with the 9. If you folks were all just stuck and sharing a hotel for one night, good chance none of you would have ever seen each other again. Tho my chance to philander is behind me now that i’m Mr. Dutiful boyfriend, were i able to go back in time with my new body/attitude/mentality, i would love to have another run at hooking up with those loose ladies of the recruitment trade. Just make sure you got a video camera hiding on the dresser recording all the ‘enthusiastic consent’. Nothing ruins a false rape charge like lively video…

    Which brings me to Rachel.. i finally saw the full unedited version of the video (including her putting her hand on the back of his head and pulling his head to her pussy, and her bracing against the ledge to do pelvic thrusts towards his mouth as i know so well from being MuffManMike pussy eater extraordinaire.. along with gyrating hips and a teasing almost kiss and a firm acknowledgement of the crowd around her). I can firmly state that this was absolutely 100% not a rape, sexual assault or any act of violation. She was there as an active participant. If she was drunk it certainly was not of the blackout, unresponsive, groggy, tipsy, not in control kind. She appeared quite lucid and very engaged.

    If this is rape… that word has lost any meaning or relevance. Fuck her. Apparently now she’s walking it back and claiming it’s not even her in the video. Funny that huh.. first she’s raped, then it’s not her. How odd….

  16. i think Allie Erwin’s words in this piece are what set me off to write this post more than anything. Listen to the words she chooses to use when articulating this ‘alleged’ assault:

    @ 1:30 mark

    “Our first instinct was not to help this woman or intervene”…”make a mockery of what must be the most traumatic experience of her life”

    So of course she’s operating from the HE’S GUILTY model and there is nothing he can do to prove his innocence in her eyes. She spits on the whole community about not intervening when you can clearly tell.. there was nothing to intervene for. She wasn’t being held against her will, she was clearly enjoying it, participating in it and posing for photos directly after the event. These actions do not wash with “most traumatic experience of her life”.

    Allie Erwin’s bias is clearly out on display and shows that it is people who think like her that are a danger to our system, so i’m going to add her to my “list” along with false accusers for clearly believing in denying males due process or the right to innocence until proven guilty. She’s a totalitarian thug and should be treated as such.

    More on that detestable cunt here:

  17. And it just keeps getting better and better:

    Now one of the witnesses have stepped forward. Not only did she enjoy what was going on, but the guy got beaten up by 2 other guys for doing what he did. The kicker?

    Even after he got beat up, she still stayed by his side and went back to his place with him! I guess so she could continue the “rape” in a more private setting? LOL.

    That’s it. Game Over. If this goes to trial.. i hope they have video camera’s in the court.

  18. @M3

    Oh no, you misunderstand, sir. You see, it’s *obvious* that this perp is a very skilled and sexually depraved hypnotist. 😉

    Seriously though…at this point there IS NO CASE AGAINST HIM. People who are illiterate, blind, deaf, and dumb would be able to come to this conclusion, it’s so in your face.

  19. “You see, it’s *obvious* that this perp is a very skilled and sexually depraved hypnotist. ;)”


    More truth.

  20. You know this is not going to blow over once Roosh starts turning this into a meme…


  21. @M3

    Believe me, I replay that night and feel equal parts regret at not hitting that, but relief that I dodged a bullet of a false assault charge. I do not normally hang out with women like her, so I did not have any sort insight into what signals she might have been sending. The women I have tried to date in the past tend to be bookish, introverted sorts.

    Over the weekend, on MSNBC, talk show host Melissa Harris-Perry, sadly, also went on about the “epidemic” of rape culture. When diagnosing most social science maladies, such as single-motherhood, it is usually important to back it up with numbers. Rape Culture need not be proven. Much like the old notion that the sun revolves around the earth, it is to be accepted as face value.

    If you really want to find rape culture, visit a prison. Government, or increasingly, private run, institutions where violent men are given an abundance of weak men who will either submit, or face horrendous acts of violence – all under the nose of prison guards. A non-violent offender, such as a car thief or con artist, sharing space with murderers, and not a peep out of women, or many “religious” organizations.

    If, the primary victims of rape culture are men in prison, where is the outrage about that? Secondly, with the expansion of DNA evidence, we are learning how our justice system is railroading men into prison. How many of men have lost decades of their lives, being the victim of prison rape, with nary a word? Well, they were just men, probably poor and from groups we don’t care about.

    But daddy’s little girl at college, all drunk on a sidewalk, letting a guy go down on her with cameras taking pictures? Well, that’s gotta be rape. We have not come that far from the years of Emmitt Till, a young black boy accused of whistling at a white woman, and was hanged for it. Even in cases of actual rape, like the Central Park Jogger, the justice system is so screwed up that it locked up a bunch of innocent boys. As Principal Skinner said, “Ah, there’s no justice like angry mob justice.”

  22. Hey man, glad you are back. I have been writing TONS lately on the MGTOW movement, and I thought you were gone, given you had a girl and went MIA. I talked a lot about you being a mgtow predecessor of mine. Glad you are back

  23. Thunderf00t makes awesome arguments here, arguments i have made in the past as well (crossing the street, right of way, telling people to look both ways before crossing street is victim blaming, end vehicular manslaughter culture). Guess great minds think alike.

  24. Still MGTOW myself. I have softened up in that im ok with being in an egalitarian and reciprocal relationship with a girl who is very much on the mental level with me. Im open to letting this relationship flourish, but i will still dictate my needs and wants and how i expect things to happen. Nothing out of obligation, everything earned. For every sacrifice that would be asked of me, i ask in kind for one in return. I like my current minimalist job/apartment setup, but a time may come when cohabiting will occur. But i will always dictate what i am comfortable with and what will go beyond my means and she has to choose whether that is something she can accept or not. I won’t turn into a mule or beast of burden. I won’t accept more stress for more pay, longer commutes just for a bigger cheque. Part of my personality, the calm, cool and enjoyable person to be around is in large part due to my MGTOW lifestyle. I’m not looking to abandon it and become a slave to the system any time soon.. by which i mean never.

    She goes my way, and i reward her along the way for putting faith in me. That’s the difference between obligation/entitlement vs. earned/voluntary.

  25. @M3

    That sounds like an awesome relationship. I’m still dedicated to staying single myself, but if I had to, I’d do much the same as you. Live life for yourself, and let others come along for the ride…but NEVER let someone else dictate what’s “good enough” for your happiness. That’s not to say that small compromises are bad, but make sure those are the ONLY things you compromise!

  26. Welcome back. Great post.

    It’s like pouring gas on a fire, but on a related note, this feminist propaganda, hate article against men and boys just appeared in the Toronto Star last weekend:


    Be warned. It will make you rage. It’s got everything:

    -Rape Culture
    -1 in 4
    -Women ALWAYS the victim no matter what
    -Women’s claims of sexual assault must NEVER be questioned, even by law enforcement
    -Boys and men ALWAYS at fault for rape or rapiness no matter what the situation
    -Boys and men must ALWAYS take responsibility for both themselves and the girl’s comfort and safety, no matter what
    -Gender as social construct: Boys and men raised to be too dominant, and not sensitive enough so as to call their peers out on their misogyny (Men responsible for policing themsleves and other men.)
    -Prevalence of ‘rape culture’ blamed on inadequate sex education in schools
    -No means no, but the woman never has to say “No” and be firm and clear about it–the boy or man, no matter what the circumstance, must ALWAYS interpret anything but “YES, F**K me now!” as ‘no’.
    -Men and boys using social media perpetuates ‘Rape Culture’ e.g., peer pressure and passing around initmate images: no mention of female ‘self-shooters’.

    Fathers lock up your sons before one misstep in the femisphere sends them to jail or tarnishes them as rapists for the rest of their lives. I see lots of Red Pill conversations with my boys in the future. It will be the only way to protect them.

  27. M3, just wanted to say it’s good to see you blogging again. Couldn’t agree more with your thoughts here.

  28. The Toronto Star.. bastion and last refuge of the damned mentally challenged.

    You’d think they’d have some journalistic integrity above and beyond ABC…

  29. Thank you Jimmy. It’s good to see you as well. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing your thoughts in some time.

    Coming from you i really appreciate it, since i always admired your insights and way of debating over at HUS. Is it still closed to comments there? Where else have you been surfing/lurking?


  30. I spend most of my time at Just Four Guys, but still try to make the rounds at other blogs when I get a chance.

    As far as HUS, it’s back up, but most of the old gang has been banned. Not really sure if I was or not, but I don’t really have the desire to find out… Seems to resemble a blue pill echo chamber of combative women now.

    But enough of the negative… glad to see your’re blogging regularly again. Definitely looking forward to reading and discussing stuff here more often.

  31. Nice exposé of poison man. I haven’t bothered to blog it myself, there’s been enough furor going on in the Manosphere anyways.

    Just one thing: “journalistic integrity”. Surely you jest? Bad News™ sells – and by extension lies and distortions sell better yet, especially when dragged out over days/weeks/months.

    Nice to see you back, time to catch up on your writing.

  32. […] ENTHUSIASTICALLY! No coercion, no drugs, no rape. By now most of you have already read about my not so great moments in M3 history in MONTREAL, February 2003. There are past moment where i paid. None of my incel post related stories fit into that […]

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