Feminist Hysteria Over Rape Will Lead To This Future

August 23, 2013

Just a little over one year ago today i made a comment on Carolina’s blog post A Sexual Contract where i made the following observation:

“…During it i concluded that we were well on our way as a society where we would all be initialing pages and paragraphs and line items of the ‘Long Form Fuck Contract” in order to spell out what would happen and who would take what responsibility…

…I even concluded we’ll get to a point where we will have ‘apps’ on our phones to instant legal docs and advice, Legal Zoom style quick contracts…”

Well i just found a great parody video to share with you depicting that future.

(H/T to One Man’s Perspective)

Feminists have been fucking up intimate sexual relations since the birth of their movement, trying to prescribe one size fits all nonsense, ignoring hard science regarding attraction mechanisms, avoiding talking about token resistance and blurring the legal lines of what rape was always intended to define.. violent and aggressive sexual behaviors performed on or being forced to perform against ones will.. with the utter vagueness and nonsense they spew from their poisonous maws about regret rape, tipsy rape, he cheated on me and i would never have had sex with him if i knew so that’s retroactive removal of consent so he therefore raped me rape..

I swear…

..if we ever get to a point where couples become required to fill shit like this out..

…to protect our own asses..

…and it becomes a legal mandate..

…my girlfriend will buy a gun and go on a FUCKING FEMINIST MURDERING RAMPAGE* for taking the FUCKING FUN OUT OF SEX AND SEDUCTION!


* satirical comment

Sep 30th, 2014

Someone will owe me royalties on this idea!


  1. Man M3

  2. Ha, wordpress autoshipped that^

    anyway, back in college is pissed me off SO FUCKING BAD with this endless ‘oh I was raped’. I am talking like 80% or more of the girls there admitted to ‘being raped’. At first I was marginally sympathetic, but then when I would see ‘oh I got raped at the frats this weekend’ and then the very next weekend ‘oh I got raped…’

    It was eye opening seeing the delusion, and the stupidity.

  3. I think this really ties into the oft-unspoken problem of the ‘its sexual harassment if she doesnt like you its flirting if she does’.

    A huge problem we face.

  4. I should have shared that video earlier I guess. I found it late myself, so I just presumed everyone in the Manosphere had seen it.

  5. Here is a link to an article regarding a recent case of military-related “sexual assault”. Thought I’d share.

    Notice that the name of the ostensible victim was withheld but not the accused (so much for presumption of innocence and all that). Also note the ostensible rape did not stop her from having consensual sex with someone that same morning and shortly after finding out that two other guys had sex with her too (she had had sex with one of them before as well). She pieced together the events she was too drunk to remember via facebook, and other social networking mediums, all rumor but, whatever, it’s enough for any politically motivated prosecution to stand.


  6. […] Some commenters accurately echo the idea that feminist discourse about consent seems to be incompatible with the reality of actual romance and spontaneity, further cementing the idea that most feminists do not actual have ‘sex’.. but rather have robotic intercourse. Their world and their manner of approach to human sexual interactions is so far removed from the majority of how people have sex on this planet one wonders if all the sex articles on feminist websites are just for show. They want sex prescribed one, and only one way.. their way, the LegalZoom.com Long Fuck Form way. […]

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