Parody cuts through the BS

November 19, 2012

I’m on a video kick. Here is the manospheres #1 lesson aimed at women.

Be more feminine.

This parody of the PS3 vs. the Nintendo Wii is a parody in and of itself the old Mac vs. PC ads.

But i find this parody so much more entertaining because it superimposes much of what we men of the sphere have been saying for some time, what science has been busy proving, and what feminists have been throwing themselves off bridges for.

You can’t reverse engineer the man out of MAN. And no amount of describing everything ELSE a woman has to offer will over-ride the primary biological effort of a man, much to the mouth frothings of rabid Mizz PS3 Femmes.

Considering all the buzz it’s been getting lately i just can’t help but say “Hey.. it’s our hypergamy. You can’t hate us for it, it’s in us for evolutionary reasons šŸ˜‰

40+ years of trying to brainwash and reprogram us to abandon our nature, to shame us for desiring what naturally attracts us.

Anyways.. enjoy the video!


  1. I’ve seen that before. How easily humor reveals truths.

  2. Nintendo >>>>>>>>>>>> ALL


  3. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

    Funny and sad at the same time…

  4. lulz.

  5. It’s funny how they put they masculine fatty up against the feminine giddy girl.

    Anything with a dick is well decided on what’s more attractive to us. Frumpy is NOT fuckable.

  6. Did you have a virtual boy? šŸ˜‰




    Apologies. I’ve been holding that in for over fifteen years.

    Feels good.

  8. Danny, your misogyny is showing hehe

  9. I don’t see why it’s considered misogynistic when a man doesn’t want to have sexy with an unsexy female.

  10. […] Parody cuts through the BS Ā« M3 […]

  11. “It’s shallow. It’s immature. You should love them for who they are.”

    Not unlike gay men are shamed for being attracted to their own gender by religious conservatives, straight men are shamed for being attracted to sexy women. It is a sin against feminism.

  12. Going along with the be more feminine idea, what is this usually talking about? Women who dress frumpy and don’t take care of their looks?

  13. Rewatch the video. Look at the ps3. She’s wearing men’s clothes. Pants take away feminine curves and traits away (not to mention hiding legs n skin). Look at her hair. Cut short. Very few women can pull off short hair n remain sexy. Look at her attitude. “large n in charge, overconfident, multilayered look at me I’m so smart ill make your life a miserable challenge”. Guys don’t want to date men, unless they’re gay. Guys want to date women acting, dressing and behaving like men even less.

    Wear clothes that accentuate your curves, if you got great legs, ZZTop.. know how to use’m. Be flirty n fun, not bossy, bitchy domineering ‘i wear the pants’ bs. Be smart but don’t try to out compete for the sake of competition.

    There’s more, but I’m on my phone getting winters put on :#

  14. I see. So men don’t like it when women act like men, because it causes them lose attraction to them, and sometimes it even causes them feel like competition. That is understandable. I just think a lot of women are uncomfortable being girly girls, so they act the way they feel is nature to them. I’m sure the ps3 woman can find a man who would be with her despite her being unfeminine.

  15. Correct on the competition. We compete enough with others in all facets of life. The last person we want to compete with is our sig.other.

    Women who don’t want to be ‘girly girls’ are in effect the mirror of effeminate beta men, and we all know how attractive they are to women who can’t get enough of 50 shades.

    Here’s the kicker. I’m sure the ps3 will find a man to be with her. One with zero options. Do you think she will come to respect such a man?

    If you have any doubt, i suggest you take a trip to Walmart and find the rounded masses waddling through the store, beta husbands in tow and just watch how they interact. 9 times out of 10 she will be yelling at him, deriding him, denigrating him and just walking all over him, jowels and kankles in tow. And the reason she can despite her grotesquery is because she knows this is the best that he can do, and as such a mirror, is a dark reflection of her own low status as well.

    He meekly accepts that he can do no better.
    She is furious that this is the best she can do.

  16. I hate to say that you are right. My last couple of roommates were exactly this way. She was a slightly overweight and overpowering woman. I used to be friends with her until we become roommates and I got to know her. She was awful and he was a decent guy. A little weird, but he could do better and I told him so, but he didn’t believe me. I asked him why he put up with all her dumb shit and he point blank told me he didn’t think he could get anyone else. Sad.

  17. psh I’m not freaking old. Virtual Boy wtf is that.

  18. The fat woman on the left has ruined all fat women for me forever.

    She is the stereotypical corporate femicunt. Really the only option for this woman is to stay away at all costs.

    In the past, when I saw what people what deem losers I would actually try to befriend to try to make their lifes better. I was a fucking moron.

    When I saw that fat femicunt type I tried to be nice since she was she-beast that must hate her very existence. Well what I should have figured out that acting ‘nice’ to these bitches signals weakness unless you have high status in the corporate office. I do not fit in because I’m not a yuppie and refuse to be liberal ‘Chad’ that speaks in PC nonsense. These fat bitches were the worst man. Always flipping out over this or that. Trying to push their authority. It’s like they failed as women so they will try to succeed as men.

    I also tried to do the same thing with nerds and mousey loner types. All they do is suck you into their horrible frame and you are the one that is worse for wear.

    Now I only try to help people that I believe can be helped and I avoid the unhappy and the unlucky because odds are they did it to themselves.

    Just found this blog. Pretty fucking cool man.

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