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Parody cuts through the BS

November 19, 2012

I’m on a video kick. Here is the manospheres #1 lesson aimed at women.

Be more feminine.

This parody of the PS3 vs. the Nintendo Wii is a parody in and of itself the old Mac vs. PC ads.

But i find this parody so much more entertaining because it superimposes much of what we men of the sphere have been saying for some time, what science has been busy proving, and what feminists have been throwing themselves off bridges for.

You can’t reverse engineer the man out of MAN. And no amount of describing everything ELSE a woman has to offer will over-ride the primary biological effort of a man, much to the mouth frothings of rabid Mizz PS3 Femmes.

Considering all the buzz it’s been getting lately i just can’t help but say “Hey.. it’s our hypergamy. You can’t hate us for it, it’s in us for evolutionary reasons 😉

40+ years of trying to brainwash and reprogram us to abandon our nature, to shame us for desiring what naturally attracts us.

Anyways.. enjoy the video!