If you view male sexual needs vs. female relationship needs a barter system

June 18, 2012

… then you will see that there is something inherently wrong the amounts of goods being traded in relation to value.

What makes this image even worse is that for a man, to simply get those two items from a woman without her railing about her place not being in a kitchen or that all you think of and want from her is sex is nigh impossible from today’s independent strong empowered feminist minded woman.

It would be easier to go out into a thunderstorm and dodge rain!

It would be easier to walk barefoot and not touch the ground!

It would be easier to pick fly shit out of pepper… while wearing boxing gloves!



  1. […] her want to be around me even more and reciprocate in the appropriate need categories. ie. sex. It’s all about the barter system. PUA’s and Alphas might say this is too weak or Beta and to do fuck all, but that’s not […]

  2. […] [UPDATED with a Legend:] [you = me] [CEO/boss = my LJBF/almost FWB] [the 'company' = an relationship as a sexual couple] [bag lady = one night stand] [female cashier = fwb] [leggy stewardess = hunky alpha boyfriend] [paycheck = reciprocal reparation of male needs for fulfilling female needs as prescribed by the imperative] […]

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