I don’t think women care that much about mens concerns

June 18, 2012

A fellow coworker of mine solidified that observation for me with this response regarding my posting up on Facebook the Double Standards‘ image from a previous post.

So true.

I believe this is an actual meme now.

I’ve been a tad bitter as of late for a multitude of reasons, most notably for having to come to terms with having been led on, manipulated and then rejected by an old ‘friend’ and then having to eviscerate a second attempt to put me back into the dreaded LJBF box. It’s left a sour taste in my mouth with regards to the thought process of women and how their interests must be served at all times to the exclusion of whats in our best interests.

Gimme all your relationship caring, emotional support, platonic friendship, but don’t even think of me sexually or i will punch you in the dick.

So it was with that frame of mind where I sort of lost it over at Hooking Up Smart when i decided to chime in on backing up the protestations of some guys that singing the platitudes of fathers will not exactly ingratiate single men to put the blinders back on and accept the obvious pitfalls and perils of what is modern marriage.

I had a quick spat with Susan over at HUS due to my foul mood, and while my tone certainly didn’t have to carry over to an ‘i hate all you fucking women‘ bent.. i wasn’t going to back down from my primary point. Aside from whatever world the viewers of HUS live in, it’s clear to me at least that they live in a tightly knit digital gated community. All of them, each and every one, may be sympathetic and champion the cause of men. But they would be the exception – not the rule.

A strange time we live in where you call the internet the Path to Truth and the real outside world the Matrix. These two planes of existence coexist in the same reality but are not connected to each other. What happens in here does not have a causal effect in the real world. Not yet anyways. Not when it comes to men’s issues.

If this were about women’s issues, you could be sure Oprah would be running specials on her new tv channel night and day to get it actioned on.

Prostate health.. what’s that?

In a close knit community where everyone speaks the same language, it’s quite easy to believe that your community is representative of the larger whole. We also call this way of thinking a delusion if it’s simply accepted without looking at the evidence to the contrary.

Even if every woman at HUS took up the mantle and started to fight for men alongside men, this is one case where ALL women still would not be able to coalesce around an issue because with the exception of the outliers, this is not an issue that affects women! Only the byproduct does, and that’s when we see the majority of women doing their group mind thing.. by writing articles in magazine and in comment sections across mass media sites, blogs, and tv talk shows berating men for not manning up, not growing up, peter panning, losers in the basement playing video games unable to get laid. Get to work you bums, society needs it’s workforce damnit! Who else is gonna clean up our shit?

To be fair there are some in the mainstream who do see it for what it is and raise the hackles, but i’ve yet to see major marches, demonstrations, protests or media appearances by women en masse to change the 600lb gorilla in the room, the ease of no-fault divorce and the devastating repercussions that follow, especially if you have children involved. Men have caught on, and men will do what men will do. They will keep educating other men.

If women everywhere put the same energy and backing into ending easy/on demand divorce and all the bullshit alimony, child separation and support awards, 50/50 asset division nonsense with the same vigor and gusto that you see when a bunch of harpies gets pissed of at a Toronto police officer for having the gall to tell women the unfortunate reality of the world they live in is that sometimes you will have to head words of caution no matter how unfair it is to have to heed it at all, well then i would imagine that the growing issue of a possible marriage strike and lack of commitment minded guys would start to dry up. (even commitment starved Beta’s are wising up to their sacrificial lamb status at the moment. i know. i was one.) If you can rally around something that most likely will never affect you, then surely you can rally around a cause that affects millions of families across the continent, like ending super easy family destroying divorce law.

But i just don’t see it happening. Because sexual assault is a woman’s issue. No-fault divorce? You take him to the cleaners girlfriend!

Every woman i talk to in THE REAL WORLD, if i risk bringing it up, will let me know there is a problem with me, for having this attitude. For not taking the woman’s position as the starting position, the female imperative. For not agreeing with long dead feminist talking points. Game tells me that disagreeing with women and standing firm makes their panties moist.. they obviously haven’t seen a man talk to a woman about the right of a woman to abort without question or keep it and lock a man into indentured servitude against his will for 18 years. The right for the mother to avoid responsibility by choice, the right to shackle a man to responsibility by force.

And it’s not just me, even my male co-workers know when to tow the party line and leave me to be the sole person to take the combined assault whenever i dare bring up an issue of inequality for men. Even tho they most likely agree with me, they know better to just let sleeping dogs lie, nod their heads and say yes (H/T Bill Maher) rather than deal with the repercussions of having that debate. It’s like men are terrified of sticking up for men because you might make the little misses irate explaining that men are human beings too perish the thought.

Most every woman in THE REAL WORLD supports the position of a woman’s right to choose, and they will all unanimously agree that the man should have no choice in his reproductive rights.

It takes 2 to tango right? Man knocks her up, own up, be a man, own your responsibility. Raise that child. Who gives a fuck if it’s inconvenient and will screw up the rest of your life.

But when a conservative in the US tries to enact a law to take abortion off the table which effectively states:

It takes 2 to tango right? Woman gets knocked up, own up, be a woman, own your responsibility. Pop out that kid. Who gives a fuck if it’s inconvenient and will screw up the rest of your life.

When confronted with the worst double standard possible, women reflexively defend the indefensible as a matter of gender protectionism and group association. Bill Maher had to deal with this exact issue too [starts at 1:11]:

And don’t even get me started on the group mind mentality regarding sexual battery of a man. Male sexual assault is funny haven’t you heard? When you look into the audience of the VIEW when every woman joins in at the hearty laugh of a man having his sexual organ removed by a crazy vindictive bitch, the group mind takes hold and you see the reality for what it is. In a gated community of outliers it’s easy to yell NAWALT. In THE REAL WORLD you see how the majority really are. If the roles were reversed, women would be marching on the lawn of the White House and MEN would be right there with them to validate their concerns. So where are our women?

Now i’ve gone off track but you get my point.

When real world discussions end in 90% outright dismissals of the discussion and outright calling me a misogynist prick, and 10% ending in genuine self reflection, followed by  a 50/50 split of that 10% who will come to agree. The other half will simply agree to disagree saying they respect my opinion but disagree nonetheless.

The Look

And it’s really about the look. The look they give me as if to say why the fuck do you care, it’s not personally affecting you! As if i need it to affect me to not see that injustice and inequality shouldn’t be tolerated. The loss of shark populations due to crazy customs for shark fin soup do not affect my life one bit, yet i champion it being outlawed. I’m sure someone said that to the early feminists who tried to get the right to vote, to work and be paid equally, to have more legal protections. And some of it’s already affected me. My marriage deep six’d to unhaaaapyness, my betaization and feminist indoctrination in my youth fucking up my ability to deal with women appropriately at a younger age. I WISH there was someone fighting for me back in the day to have avoided all this shit. Well, there was my brother.. i should have listened to him.

And what really boils my choad is that women love to infer that it’s men’s fault.. for allowing feminism to drive us so far off the cliff. Weak BETA men (in a position of power) listened to feminists, helped enact these unjust rules and laws. So men should be the ones to fix it? Well yes, men are trying to fix it, they’re just not getting the support of women in THE REAL WORLD. We’re getting shot down and scolded. If you want a mirror like reversal, we now need the equivalent of those weak beta’s on the female side to help usher in change. So far, no ladies in positions of power have stepped up to the plate to give mainstream credence to our plight eh’

And to compound the issue, it shouldn’t be up to the buyer to fix the issue, it should be the one selling. It is women SELLING the idea of marriage. It is women DEMANDING for men to marry them. It is women who are asking men to COMMIT to them in marriage. It’s women who want to wear the white dress, have the ceremony, have the reception, and all that other shit. Watch this guys commencement speech, it’s hilarious in it’s truthiness! I can’t recall the last reality TV show that was called Say Yes to the Tuxedo. Please please tell me who the primary viewership of a websites like this can possibly be?

If men are being asked to buy into a system, they want to make sure it’s not a fucking lemon before they plunk down, and it’s not up to them to do the heavy lifting and fork over to cover the cost of the repair.

It gets 40 mpg highway, runs like new. No need to test drive it, it’s certified! Warranty? Trust me you’ll love it.

Most men (read Beta) would love marriage to a trusting committed monogamous partner for life, myself included. This is why I love Susan’s ideal for everyone to hook up towards the goal of the white picket fence and grow old together, assortive mating, and bring civilization back to order. I have too much beta in me and can’t put it back in the bottle, so instead i keep it in the closet along with my gimp to let out on occasion. I didn’t get married because i wanted tax breaks or a big fucking ceremony.. i wanted to share my life with a committed partner in crime whom i loved and would love me for better or WORSE. It’s always easy when life is shit’s and giggles. You see a persons true character when you’re swimming in shit.

21st century North American living has proved to me (bias yeah) beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s not men’s commitment or loyalty in question that keeps fucking up marriages (hypergamous much?), but they do have to carry the overbearing brunt of it’s dissolution. Women are taught from a young age that marriage is the end goal and the big hurrah.. not that it is the BEGINNING of something that is supposed to last and be worked on, maintained and cultivated. They don’t see anything beyond the honeymoon, and only then, when it’s back to doing the laundry and haggling over finances does the hammer of reality comes crashing down. In my experience, it is the men who want to tough it out and fix things, women simply throw up their hands and say ‘we made a mistake’. Excuse me? WE? Who is this WE you speak of. You mean YOU don’t you. Projection at it’s finest.

2/3rds of all divorce initiated by woman and an unknown percentage of the remaining 1/3rd are men who are simply picking the lesser of 2 evils, stay in a marriage that the woman wants no part of and makes your life unbearable or go find a lawyer and end it because she’s unwilling.

You see, when you’re pissed off at having been led on by a woman.. your anger tends to not let you sugar coat the reality of a given situation. And right now im pissed. I really like Susan Walsh very much (she gave me really good advice actually and i should have listened), and i really would like to see her mission to succeed. But i cannot in good conscience let men make uninformed decisions that might take them to the brink of suicide when it goes horribly wrong by entertaining the current legal arrangement of today’s marriage. And i won’t stop pulling back the curtains on why men should not trust that women care enough about them UNTIL they step up to the plate and fight just as hard for these issues on the main stage of THE REAL WORLD rather than writing condescending articles on why men are losers for not wanting to gamble on a system still running that crappy buggy sack of shit operating system software marriage 2.0 millenium edition.

Because not enough of them in THE REAL WORLD have one fuck to give about our problems. For Susan’s mission sake, they need to work on purchasing new software before i can endorse it.

No amount of defragging and virus scans can save this piece of shit. If women outside of the internet don’t care about my concerns, why should i listen to them about anything?

I’d rather suffer this on my computer than contemplate marriage again.

>format marriage: /X /A:NTFS
Are you sure you want to format drive MARRIAGE? WARNING. All information will be lost. Y / N


  1. M3:

    The women at HUS, with the possible exception of a vocal few, are outliers. They say (SAY) they want dads and marriages. In my view, HUS is about making the best of the screwed up SMP and that means doing the best they can for women.

    I think youre right that the vast majority of women in real life don’t care about mens’ concerns. Not only do they not care, they don’t know nor understand enough about them to care.

  2. […] Smart. I like to follow along to see what the female side of the equation thinks. In my hopes that my previous dust up and rebuttal might be a lone one-off, i always keep my fingers crossed that women will come together with men to […]

  3. Susan doesn’t believe that her mission of marriage will suffer for it. Time will tell. I can only see exponential growth for the message men are telling other men regarding our lot. Without women in the real world standing up against feminists and the mangina’s of power they control, nothing will change. The canary in the coal mine is dead. I’ve already started running out of the mine.. others can’t be far behind.

    If this is the uphill battle women want to take to protect marriage, more power to them. Personally i think it’s easier for women in this case to treat the cause instead of addressing the symptoms with gauze and tape.

  4. The dearth of commitment and marriage-minded men is the price women pay for their hypergamous utopia. A price that most women seem willing to pay, really, despite what they may say.

  5. As i noted to deti, if women are unwilling to deal with the cause and only bother with treating the symptoms.. then men will end this once and for all and eradicate the disease by killing the patient. If that’s an outcome women can accept, why all the shaming articles in the lamestream?

    I can accept there are a current crop of women who relish their hypergamy, apex predators they are and in no need to settle down ever, even when they hit the wall. But i’m not seeing much effort on the part of those who want to save marriage to change these misandrist and inequitable laws.

    There may yet come a day when we see a group of women march against feminists in counter protest. If i had to bet, it would be the conservative southern bible belt of the US where it begins. But i’m not holding my breath waiting.

  6. I love how every time the subject of men having a choice in parenting, women flip to two arguments to reframe. The first is what you noted – the ‘it takes two to tango’ idea. Enough’s already been said there about the imbalance of power and rights.

    The second is that they immediately jump to a man’s ability to do so meaning that they mean they’re going to force the woman to have/not to have an abortion. Talk about reframing the debate! And even on Politically Incorrect they let them get away with it. Men just want to be able to have the ability to not commit resources (time/money) to a kid they don’t want to have. If we weren’t legally obligated to care for it, we could care less on whether she decided to exercise rights over her body to have a kid and raise it herself. As long as she’s not sucking a man dry for something he didn’t agree to, why not?

    Though that’s probably done on the instinctual level where they know they couldn’t raise a kid without a man’s resources. No surprise in response there.

  7. I’m simply repulsed at the evasion of the injustice due to biology. Women bear children, fuck you guy, you don’t carry one.

    Skin tone used to be a biological reason for denying some people from riding with other people. Tough shit huh.

    Well, guess rape’s ok too, that’s what men would have done in the stone age when they were horny. Biology right? Yeah it’s not fair and all that a man physically overpowered you with brute strength due to biology but hey, dem’s the breaks kiddo.

    I don’t think i can look at that place in a good light seeing her arguments in the light. At least some of the girls over there gave me hope that some women will see the inequality and help fight to correct it. Huge uphill climb tho.

  8. Eh. I doubt most will do more to ‘fight to correct it’ than simply intelligently looking for a beta that satisfies enough of their hypergamous needs. Some might do more to rearrange their attraction triggers, but not many. And I doubt any will speak up about any of the issues, such as divorce, unless prompted by a voting issue or law change that infringes upon themselves.

    Its our issue to deal with. Beta men put the laws there, smarter beta’s will have to change them.

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  10. […] I don’t think women care that much about mens concerns […]

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