Time to use the “L” Word?

May 31, 2013

I’m leaving.. on a jet place.. don’t know whe…

actually by car. And i’ll be back soon. But wanted to leave you with this little touching post until i come back, and i think i’m going to write a post about NAWALT.. because lately i have seen the good that many women do and are capable of.

When one stews in the bowels of the sphere long enough, you could be forgiven for actually turning into a misogynist. I strive to make this place one where women of decent character, insight and critical thinking to speak, to show that we don’t hate people because of their gender.. we only hate stupidity and stupid people. (I Hate mangina’s.. does that make me a misandrist too?)

Anyhow, i wish to leave you with this little exchange i had with my beautiful, athletic, kind, thoughtful, considerate, feminine, critical thinking, introspective, health conscious and workout woman on instant message. I think i may be falling in luh… luhhh… luhhhhhhffffffuh..



2:38pm – My Girl: My company is organizing a day on [date]. We should go. Sans kids.
2:38pm – M3: Lots of sunblock
2:38pm – My Girl: And a big hat.
2:38pm – M3: Lemme check my sched
2:41pm – M3: Looks good
2:42pm – My Girl: πŸ™‚ I’ll let you know once we’ve booked it officially.
2:43pm – My Girl: FYI. I might need to help out for a bit, in the morning, to take attendance.
3:00pm – M3: That’s cool, I’ll just stand around and flap my arms like a vulture while making turkey gobble noises. If anyone asks I’ll say I’m your mate πŸ˜€
3:03pm – My Girl: πŸ˜› Hahahaha. You wouldn’t, would you?! Lol.
3:13pm – M3: Ever watch Ave Ventura?
3:15pm – My Girl: Yep. I did. It’s the first thing I thought of.
3:15pm – M3: I should get his shirt 😐
3:16pm – My Girl: Okay. Will it be for indoor use? Like as a PJ? :p
3:17pm – M3: Hells no! It will be my formal shirt!
3:18pm – My Girl: If you wear that, I’m going to wear a Lululemon outfit.
3:18pm – M3: Mmmm lululemon
3:19pm – My Girl: It’s supposed to embarrass you!
3:20pm – My Girl: I’ll dress like Lady Gaga!
3:21pm – M3: Like those creatures from Silent Hill? Awesome!
3:22pm – My Girl: Ugh. I can’t embarrass you at all! Lol.
3:22pm – My Girl: What if I dressed like a corporate schmuck? Will that embarrass you?
3:22pm – My Girl: Clown outfit?
3:22pm – My Girl: Teletubbie?
3:24pm – M3: Wear a shirt that says “this is what a feminist looks like”.. That’ll do it
3:25pm – My Girl: πŸ˜€
3:25pm – My Girl: I’m sooooo not a feminist. I’m what feminists can’t stand.
3:36pm – M3: πŸ™‚ as I said,Β  that shirt would make me turtle.. Or force me to wear a shirt that says “I’m with stupid” o_O
3:38pm – My Girl: That’s a mean shirt. I would never do that to you. That would be grounds for a break up$
3:39pm – M3: \(^_^)/
3:39pm – M3: You’re getting an extra helping of cuddles this weekend
3:40pm – My Girl: πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I am ze locksmith of love, no?

Have a great weekend everyone!

How appropriate… child like mentality and emotionality.


  1. Haha, totally stealing that. extra helping of cuddles and orgasms. Great line.

  2. “I strive to make this place one where women of decent character, insight and critical thinking to speak, to show that we don’t hate people because of their gender.. we only hate stupidity and stupid people.”

    That’s nice to hear.

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  4. You guys sound like a good match. She’s a lucky girl.

  5. “I think i may be falling in luh… luhhh… luhhhhhhffffffuh..”

    Do you think you’re in love but it makes you kinda nervous to say so?

  6. it’s a trick. get an axe.

  7. Daaaaaaaaw.

    Best to you bro.

  8. Lucky lass πŸ™‚ have fun. And thanks for still being one of “the good ones”.

  9. @ Nightskyradio

    I wouldn’t be so worried about saying it if it wasn’t for the fact that i find the word meaningless to a degree. I said i love my ex when we were married, and yet, i barely knew who she really was even after 15 years. So i’m loathe to say it now about someone i know barely over a month.


    for the very little time we know each other, we have had such an open communication structure and simply relate to each other so well (i do not placate her or appease just to enjoy being around her, and she genuinely has all the interests i do, there is no doppelganger syndrome here, no one is bending to conform, yet we fit into each others frame perfectly).

    So i leave it more to actions rather than words. She can pretty much tell she means a lot based on how i treat her, and i can tell vice versa. So the word has basically become irrelevant. To actually say it might cheapen what we have, as it will become expectant to be said. Nothing ruins genuine love more that waiting for the word expectantly or feeling you have to say it in a timely fashion out of obligation.

    I’d rather show my love and feelings for her through a wry smile, a twinkle in my eye or giving her 3 orgasms in an all night marathon with morning sex before coffee!

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