Please give to the PDSA and help rescue an injured animal

January 17, 2013

Some guys take ‘nice‘ overboard and deserve to be shamed… I’m doing my part!

Each donation of your time and resources at the Pumped & Dumped Sluts of America goes towards saving another entitled woman from her poor choices and keeping her afloat long enough to tire of your generosity and look towards entering another ‘game playing’ relationship. Your donation of White Knight chivalry is desperately needed to keep another ‘tired of the games’ woman from finally learning a valuable lesson. Please give generously of your Mangina selves so that the “Good Girls” of dating sites, the ones entitled to relationships, sex and Alpha men can live a somewhat normal (if not dull, agonizing, basic survival) life with your supplicating validating ass until ‘the one’ arrives to replace you.

Every day, more and more young sluts are played for their sexual wares.. left to cry about their 5 minutes of alpha. Only you, with your self sacrificing donation of time, attention, resources and support can keep them from doing the valuable introspection required to break the cycle. How can you look into the eyes of a slut and not be moved to tears? What would you give to shield them from reality and to keep them from learning about the consequences of their hypergamous actions?

Do your part today!




auburn234 : looking for someone special

auburn234 i like women whos tired of the games and read


Rescue This!


Not This!



Someone please find this auburn234 guy, tackle him and shove the RedPill up his ass! Part of me thinks he can’t possibly exist and he’s a sphere ‘trap’.


  1. I read auburn234’s profile and serial killer alarm bells went off in the back of my head. Surely no guy is actually like that, and instead he is a socially awkward serial killer (who struggles to write correctly) looking for a new victim!

  2. Tonight’s the night.

    And it’s going to happen again, and again…

  3. If that profile makes my insides want to vomit and I’m a man…I’d hate to think what a woman would feel.

  4. Lol. Sorry, M3.
    I already give to my local SPCA and the Wounded Warrior Project. Cute dog, though.

  5. The guy is doing the classic “Beta Game” basically trying to frame himself as a guy who doesn’t just want some “a$$” but he does. The funny part is this profile will work……..with fat chicks

    One thing I learned when I use to be on POF is that women on POF say one thing but do another. Most of them say they want a guy like him but they don’t these women (80%) of them are whores who wanna be fucced 50 shades of grey style

  6. Hey, is that Sandra Fluke on the bottom?

  7. Plenty of Fish? More like Plenty of Fatties.

    I’m with Sollie. I’m betting this is a ploy by the dude.

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