Fat Acceptance. I didn’t get it.. so why should you?

July 5, 2012

Funny how it goes.

When i was fat and out of shape.. all the girls didn’t pay any attention to me, nor did they care. It wasn’t acceptable then. (Nor did it matter when i was skinny with no muscles, or when i was too beta.. but those are for another day)

Now that Game has flipped the script, and MGTOW won’t tolerate women who don’t bother to keep a healthy weight or appearance… we have the fad of ‘Fat Acceptance’ springing up like Krispy Kreme outlets in the early 2000’s.

Where was the love from my fellow womenfolk when i had a gut? Where was NAAFA?

I’m one of the last people to harp on others for the way they look. My motto is ‘do no harm’. People go through enough crap in their lives.. i don’t need to pile on to it. But i do preach to people to change what they can, fuck the rest. I don’t ask people to get cosmetic surgery to look beautiful. But controlling your weight isn’t rocket science. It’s simple discipline and self control, and a little movement here and there.

Yet.. you are asking me to ACCEPT a very backwards idea.

You are asking me to accept that you simply do not want to put in the effort to get healthy and shed weight. And by effort i don’t mean choosing a low-fat dressing to go on your KFC chicken salad or chewing on ‘flax seed’ bars or having a diet cola with your Big Mac.

You’re asking me to accept that you wish to remain in an unhealthy state that will cost everyone else down the road.

If you want to remain that way and then by all means eat another McDonald’s OREO pie, be my guest. I won’t make fun of you for being obese. I was there once, and ridiculed for it mercilessly (by women i might add) so my humility becomes me.

Yes folks.. that’s not a type-o. OREO baked pies.

But i won’t be attracted to you either. Most other folk wont too. And you can’t expect them to get over that. Attraction goes beyond ‘what’s on the inside’. Initial attraction is SKIN DEEP. Don’t tell me i’m shallow for not wanting to to be intimate with an overweight woman.

And while we’re at it, if you’re not willing to put in the effort required to get healthy then:
[updated list with links]

To round out this post, i just want to link to a comment from over at HUS that the great Obsidian pointed to in regards to hard truths women have been denied because no one will discuss it to them. The lies of feminism telling both boys and girls to ‘be yourself, accept your body, love who you are and someone will love you too’ was immolated by this comment from a female who sees the lies for what they were. You can read the comment here.

Fat doesn’t have to be mocked, there’s no reason to make a persons life harder. But it doesn’t have to be accepted either. I don’t have to make fun of you, but don’t sit there and expect me be attracted to something i can’t get it up for. That’s not a design flaw in me.

Shit like this doesn’t help:

“Once you go BIG, you never go twig”

Wow. Just wow. Wow. Excuse me, i have something i need to take care of…

Goodbye world.. you’re too fucked up for me.

Nor this. A blogger who calls herself ‘the Fat Mom’. In this post she has the audacity to tear into a bunch of guys for being ‘unattractive’ and ‘creepy’. Did i miss something here? What’s that old saying about the pot, the kettle, something black? Like she’s in a position to be hurling insults at other people? And she’s ENCOURAGING people to be happy being unhealthy and desired by a select few? How unholy can this get?!?!?!

Feminism. What hasn’t it fucked up? Everything it teaches is abdication of personal responsibility.

I’m not the only one writing about this, it’s been a big topic in the last few weeks. I’m late to the party as usual. But fashionably as always… abdication of action/reaction, cause and effect. It teaches instant gratification and self indulgence over prolonged waiting and withholding. In all manners of sex, food, attitude, finance… live it up now and don’t worry, someone else will cover the check. Life doesn’t work that way.

Go ahead and dress sexually provocatively and get blackout drunk at a party full of high T guys from Alpha Beta Kapa Fucka. You might be crying rape the next day.
Go ahead and get that wonderful liberal arts degree that has no bearing on your future job. That debt can be erased by bankruptcy or getting a beta to pay it for you through marriage/divorce.
Go ahead and bray like a man about your accomplishments and career, how you don’t need a man, the kitchen isn’t your place. Then write articles about why men won’t man up and marry you after a decade of riding the horses.
And go ahead and stuff your face full of pizza and Häagen-Dazs® because it tastes good and feels good *right now*. Just don’t expect me to take anything you say about your genes or metabolism seriously afterwards.

You KNOW it’s going to end up as fat on your body. Just because it feels good in the moment doesn’t mean you should do it (life lesson anyone?).. and putting shit in your mouth you know you’re not willing to burn off later is denying your personal responsibility to your body. You’re taking the easy way out, instead of doing the hard but wise thing of putting the bag of chips and dip aside. So the question is, are you going to start being responsible or are you going to continue passing the buck and blaming others for not accepting you at a physical level because you lack the wherewithal to control your impulses?

As i wrote before.. everyone, EVERYONE has within them the capacity to change. I truly believe that. You just need to actually do it.

To those who can’t be bothered to try.. i won’t go out of my way to ridicule you..

but i can’t be bothered to accept it either.

As are many of my fellow manosphere writers-

D&P- Fat Acceptance: The Time Is Now

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  1. I read somewhere today that 40% of Americans are fat, but 30% of that number aren’t aware they are. That’s astonishing to me! We are deluded about what we eat AND what we look like. Great post.

  2. Good post man. I think men actually have some blame to share here. (Not any of the men who read this blog) But as long as a 200lb chick can post a picture of herself on Facebook and get 100 “likes” or the dozens of emails she gets each day from guys responding to her Match or POF profile……As long as they keep getting attention from men, they’ll never change.

  3. Great article and thanks kindly for the linkage!

  4. Fat people need our acceptance like drunk beggars need our spare change.

    I was always fit and trim until 20+ years of drinking while sitting at my desk all day took its toll. I’m here to encourage even the old men that they can get back to their fighting weight. Not coincidentally, now suddenly I have a hawtie who runs triathlons. She would not have looked twice at the old me…

  5. What I think is funny is that “fat acceptance” really means “fat WOMEN acceptance”.

    Women demand that men accept fat women.

    But I don’t see women out there accepting (or liking, or loving, or sleeping with) fat men.

  6. Yup. Exactly my point regarding ‘the Fat Mom’ blogger. Accept her and all her feminine beauty, but those “bald 40 yr old creepy virgins”.. not so much.

  7. Triathlons.. Bravo sir!


  8. I love spreading the link love!

  9. Oh men definitely should be held to account for inflating the ego’s of women who don’t deserve it. It’s revolting, but for most guys still stuck in the matrix, they think it’s what they have to do in order to get some.

  10. You are quite right. Too many think they just have ‘a few pounds’ to shed. Most are in disbelief when the doc tells them they are morbidly obese and are now diabetic or 1 cheeseburger away from a heart attack. I personally think ‘fat free’ foods are a leading cause. People are too dumb and think ‘well its fat free’ so they scarf it all down thinking its healthy.. but they don’t account for the calories, carbs, sugars and sodium thats in that whole pack.

    Processed cheap food. Theres so much of it but it’s ALL bad. As the Merovingian would say, there is no choice, it is the illusion of choice. The only real power you have is to choose not to eat it.

  11. We are lied to when it comes to food and what’s healthy. Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes is a great, if dry, read. I eat very, very clean and have never felt better! When you eat the right foods, and that includes good fats, you don’t feel hungry or crave crap. Nothing processed. Rarely fruit, it’s not plentiful all over the world and we survived as a species and it’s still high sugar. Salmon is a wonder food, especially if its not farmed. I don’t eat gluten (no rye, wheat, barely), no sugar and I don’t eat dairy. Essentially a primal diet. It’s tough to disassociate with the messages we get in our society regarding celebrations and food, but it’s soooo worth doing. Note for men: Dr. Oz says for every 35 pounds you lose you gain an inch of penis. A very good reason to lose weight. (course size doesn’t matter…cough cough).

  12. Well, i went from a high of 190lbs to 160… 5 more to go and i get my extra inch. WHOOT!

    Seriously tho, you’re on point. The only obstacle i see is that cheap shitty processed food costs so much less than good food. Buying from the ‘value’ menu at a fast food place will feed your family quickly and cheaply if you’re low income. It’s a trap in poor areas. There should be a tax levied on crap and subsidies for good food. But if you have the means to afford good food, you have no excuse. And everyone can exercise. It’s just avoiding excuses to keep you from starting.

  13. A lot you can do with an extra inch! (sorry shameless flirt). I am not a total conspiracy theorist but trust me grain and dairy industries are huge pushers of their own agendas. If we cut out processed foods and fast food establishments they’d lose billions. There is no benefit seen by the powers that be in getting economically poor people healthy – dying off early keeps the population under control. Okay that might be farfetched but still there’s not real work being done in education for proper nutrition for the masses. Middle class and upper have access to information and good food and make informed choices. It’s all part of the class system. I work with marginalized people and have pushed nutrition in residential settings and do you know how much buy in I get? Ummmmm none and that includes those funding the service.

  14. Actually, your comment refreshes for me another pretty lie that died horribly on the operating table. Growing up i was taught that ‘women aren’t as shallow as men’ and that once they matured ‘they would seek out the good men’ even if they carried some extra weight because looks weren’t as important to them as honesty, caring, supportive, blah blah blah.

    Yes.. for short term stability and resources. Then?

    Think they wouldn’t hit David Beckham if the chance came up behind closed doors?

  15. yep. right man, right time, right circumstances, low detection risk = cheating.

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