This is what EQUALITY looks like

June 23, 2012

The name Bernardo ring a bell? Canadian serial killers?

The charge. Murder and sexual assault.

The justice system immediately accepts Karla as a victim and gives her a plea deal to testify against Paul.

Then the video evidence of her involvement comes out. The rest is history.

Now he’s waiting to die in prison.

She’s the proud mother of 3 carrying on a new life in a new country.

Isn’t equality grand!

From the Vancouver SUN

Karla Homolka is interviewed by Radio-Canada in Montreal, Monday, July 4, 2005, hours following her release from jail following a twelve-year term for the deaths of two teenage girls in Ontario. A new ebook says Homolka is now a mother of three living in the Caribbean.


  1. Yes, standard operation procedure in a lot of situations. Apparently (in the US) there are very few women charged with drug possession because typically the police use them to rat out male users who then get sent to jail. It’s something like 10 to 1, and pure sexism.

  2. If you want to really get pissed, read about Jasmine Richardson. She’s all done paying her debt to society for arranging the deaths of her whole family (except for her little brother, who she killed herself) all of whose lives are apparently only worth 3 years. She’s prob changed her name (poor thing, is an orphan!) and is attending to University in Alberta somewhere.

  3. Why am i NOT surprised…

  4. You know, after all that, im surprised the feminists didn’t want the 23 yr old to be charged with statutory rape of the girlfriend.


    Tho not an excuse, a 12 yr old girl has the mentality of a pet rock. Homolka was an adult and avoided her fate because she was a woman, and due to the fuckbag lawyer who hid the tapes.

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